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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x9 The Making of Babylon 5

    • January 15, 1994
    • Syndication

    Walter Koenig hosts a behind-the-scenes look at Babylon 5. This special aired prior to the original series premiering in January 1994.

  • S01E01 The Gathering

    • February 22, 1993
    • Syndication

    The Vorlon ambassador is nearly killed by an assassin shortly after arriving at the station, and Commander Sinclair is the prime suspect.

  • S01E02 Midnight on the Firing Line

    • January 26, 1994
    • Syndication

    When the Narn attack a Centauri colony, Londo and G'Kar nearly come to blows. Meanwhile, raiders are attacking transport ships near the station.

  • S01E03 Soul Hunter

    • February 2, 1994
    • Syndication

    A badly damaged ship is brought into the station and the strange alien inside is identified as a soul hunter - an immortal race who can sense death and supposedly steal someone's soul.

  • S01E04 Born to the Purple

    • February 9, 1994
    • Syndication

    Londo unknowingly falls for a beautiful slave, whose owner wants her to steal sensitive information. Garibaldi discovers that someone is using a restricted communications channel.

  • S01E05 Infection

    • February 16, 1994
    • Syndication

    Dr. Franklin gets a visit from an old friend and former mentor, xenoarchaeologist Dr. Vance Hendricks who wants Franklin's help to analyze some organic artifacts he found on a dead world. But the artifacts seem to have a will of their own and start to manipulate Hendricks' assistant.

  • S01E06 The Parliament of Dreams

    • February 23, 1994
    • Syndication

    Sinclair's old flame, Catherine Sakai, arrives during a week-long festival when humans and aliens demonstrate their dominate religious beliefs. An old enemy sends an assassin to kill G'Kar.

  • S01E07 Mind War

    • March 2, 1994
    • Syndication

    The Psi-Cops arrive at the station to capture a rogue telepath, Talia's old Psi Corps instructor. Catherine Sakai is warned not to survey Sigma 957 by G'Kar.

  • S01E08 The War Prayer

    • March 9, 1994
    • Syndication

    A racist group is terrorizing non-humans on Babylon 5. Meanwhile Londo has trouble with two young Centauri who want to break with tradition by ignoring their arranged marriages, and instead marry for love.

  • S01E09 And the Sky Full of Stars

    • March 16, 1994
    • Syndication

    Sinclair is kidnapped and interrogated by two men determined to prove he betrayed earth during the Battle of the Line.

  • S01E10 Deathwalker

    • April 20, 1994
    • Syndication

    Na'Toth attacks an alien woman that has just arrived on the station, claiming that she is the Dilgar war criminal Jha'dur - known as Deathwalker. Meanwhile, Talia is hired by Kosh to oversee some rather strange negotiations.

  • S01E11 Believers

    • April 27, 1994
    • Syndication

    An alien couple comes to Dr. Franklin with their fatally ill son. The child could be cured by a simple operation, but the parents' religion specifically forbids it. Meanwhile, Ivanova escorts a damaged star liner through raider territory.

  • S01E12 Survivors

    • May 4, 1994
    • Syndication

    There is an explosion in one of the fighter bays just days before the president is to visit Babylon 5. A dying man implicates Garibaldi, which is just what the head of presidential security wants to hear, as she blames him for her father's death.

  • S01E13 Signs and Portents

    • May 18, 1994
    • Syndication

    A Centauri noble comes to Babylon 5 to transport an important relic in Londo's possession back to the homeworld. And a mysterious man visits all the alien ambassadors asking them an unusual question.

  • S01E14 By Any Means Necessary

    • May 11, 1994
    • Syndication

    The station's dock workers stage an illegal strike after an accident in the docking bays. G'Kar tries to take part in a Narn religious ceremony, but must find a replacement G'Quan-Eth plant that was destroyed in the accident.

  • S01E15 The Quality of Mercy

    • August 17, 1994
    • Syndication

    Dr. Franklin investigates an unlicensed medical practitioner in Downbelow, while Londo takes Lennier for a tour of Babylon 5's seedier locales. And in the brig, a convicted murderer waits for his sentence to be carried out - the death of personality.

  • S01E16 Grail

    • July 6, 1994
    • Syndication

    A man comes to Babylon 5 asking the alien ambassadors for information that can help him with his quest to find the Holy Grail, while a Downbelow gangster gives security problems by mind-wiping all who oppose him.

  • S01E17 Eyes

    • July 13, 1994
    • Syndication

    Sinclair's decisions the last year catch up with him, when an internal affairs investigator arrives to test the crew's loyalty to Earth Force with the help of a telepath. And Lennier shows great interest in Garibaldi's attempt at assembling a 1990's motorcycle.

  • S01E18 TKO

    • May 25, 1994
    • Syndication

    Garibaldi is surprised when an old friend comes to Babylon 5 to fight in the "Mutai" - a savage alien fighting arena. Meanwhile, Ivanova has trouble dealing with her father's death.

  • S01E19 A Voice in the Wilderness (1)

    • July 27, 1994
    • Syndication

    Strange signals start coming from Epsilon 3, the planet below Babylon 5. A science ship is sent to investigate, but is fired upon by a defense system on the planet. Meanwhile Garibaldi worries about a lover he left back on Mars, when fighting breaks out there.

  • S01E20 A Voice in the Wilderness (2)

    • August 3, 1994
    • Syndication

    The situation heats up when an Earth Force heavy cruiser arrives to "protect Earth's interests", and the fusion reactors on Epsilon 3 start going out of control, and may blow up the planet and Babylon 5.

  • S01E21 Babylon Squared

    • August 10, 1994
    • Syndication

    Babylon 4 reappears at the same place it disappeared four years before, and Sinclair and Garibaldi lead an expedition to evacuate its crew. Meanwhile Delenn is summoned by the Grey council. They inform her that they have selected a new leader...

  • S01E22 Legacies

    • July 20, 1994
    • Syndication

    A Minbari war cruiser comes to Babylon 5 to display the body of a recently dead Minbari leader, while Ivanova and Talia battle for the fate of a young girl with newly discovered telepathic powers.

  • S01E23 Chrysalis

    • October 26, 1994
    • Syndication

    The Centauri are about to withdraw from a quadrant of space because the Narn are harassing them, when Londo gets an offer to take care of the problem. Meanwhile, Garibaldi tries to find out what his informant stumbled upon that got him killed.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Points of Departure

    • November 2, 1994
    • Syndication

    Sheridan arrives at Babylon 5 to replace Sinclair and deal with a renegade Minbari Cruiser.

  • S02E02 Revelations

    • November 9, 1994
    • Syndication

    Sheridan's sister comes to visit him at his new command, G'Kar returns with grave tidings from the rim of known space, Dr. Franklin tries to wake Gribaldi from the coma with the alien healing device obtained from Dr. Rosen, and something is happening in Delenn's quarters.

  • S02E03 The Geometry of Shadows

    • November 16, 1994
    • Syndication

    A mysterious group known as ""techno-mages"" take up temporary residence at Babylon 5 and Londo is very eager to get an audience with them. Meanwhile the Drazi cause problems for the newly promoted Commander Ivanova with their rather unusual election process.

  • S02E04 A Distant Star

    • November 23, 1994
    • Syndication

    A giant explorer class ship comes to Babylon 5 for re-supply - it's captain an old friend of Sheridan. Dr. Franklin gets on the command staffs nerves when he starts handing out "food plans".

  • S02E05 The Long Dark

    • November 30, 1994
    • Syndication

    A 100-year-old space exploration ship appears near Babylon 5 with two passengers - a woman in cryogenic sleep, the corpse of her husband... and something sinister that has unfinished business with a half mad lurker.

  • S02E06 Spider in the Web

    • December 7, 1994
    • Syndication

    A friend of Talia comes to Babylon 5 to negotiate a deal to help Mars become more self-sufficient, when a man calling out "Free Mars!" electrocutes him.

  • S02E07 A Race Through Dark Places

    • January 26, 1995
    • Syndication

    Bester returns to Babylon 5 to shut down an underground organization that smuggles rogue telepaths out of the PSI Corps reach. Meanwhile Sheridan has some disagreements with Earthforce over the rent of his quarters.

  • S02E08 Soul Mates

    • December 14, 1994
    • Syndication

    Londo summons his three wives to Babylon 5 so he can divorce two of them, Talia gets a visit from her obnoxious ex-husband - the only man ever to leave the PSI Corps... and Delenn has her first bad hair day.

  • S02E09 The Coming of Shadows

    • February 2, 1995
    • Syndication

    The aging Centauri emperor travels to Babylon 5 despite his failing health. Refa sees this as an opportunity to have Londo publicly embarrass the emperor, while G'Kar prepares to assassinate him.

  • S02E10 GROPOS

    • February 9, 1995
    • Syndication

    Babylon 5 gets considerable space problems when 25,000 Earthforce soldiers arrive. Led by General Richard Franklin, Stephen Franklin's father, they are to use Babylon 5 as a staging point for a risky military operation.

  • S02E11 All Alone in the Night

    • February 16, 1995
    • Syndication

    While leading a Starfury squadron to investigate the disappearance of several ships, Sheridan is captured by an alien vessel. Meanwhile Delenn is summoned to appear before the Grey Council to discuss her recent change in appearance.

  • S02E12 Acts of Sacrifice

    • February 23, 1995
    • Syndication

    G'Kar struggles to control the Narns on Babylon 5 as he asks the different ambassadors for help in the war against the Centauri. Ivanova shows a representative from a new species around the station, so he may decide if humans are worthy of their presence.

  • S02E13 Hunter, Prey

    • March 2, 1995
    • Syndication

    The president's physician comes to Babylon 5 on the run from Earthforce special intelligence. They say he has classified information he plans to sell to alien governments, though Sheridan soon learns otherwise.

  • S02E14 And Now for a Word

    • May 4, 1995
    • Syndication

    We see life on Babylon 5 through the eyes of ISN, supplemented by interviews, statistics and even a few commercials.

  • S02E15 There All the Honor Lies

    • April 27, 1995
    • Syndication

    Sheridan is assaulted by the Minbari Lovell, and is forced to kill him in self-defense. But a Minbari who witnessed the incident claims Sheridan assaulted Lovell - and everybody knows Minbari do not lie.

  • S02E16 Knives

    • May 18, 1995
    • Syndication

    Londo gets a visit from an old friend who seeks his help after being called a traitor by the Centarum. Sheridan starts hallucinating after being attacked by a dead alien.

  • S02E17 In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum

    • May 11, 1995
    • Syndication

    Sheridan is shocked to learn that one of the crew of the Icarus, a science ship that exploded with his wife aboard, is alive - namely Mr. Morden. A representative of the Ministry of Peace comes to the station to recruit personnel to the Nightwatch.

  • S02E18 Confessions and Lamentations

    • May 25, 1995
    • Syndication

    A 100% fatal and 100% contagious plague is killing the Markabs. Dr. Franklin tries to find a cure, but is being opposed by the Markabs themselves, who believe the plague only affect the immoral.

  • S02E19 The Long, Twilight Struggle

    • October 19, 1995
    • Syndication

    Draal reveals himself for Sheridan, while Refa and Londo set a plan in motion that will lead to the final defeat of the Narns.

  • S02E20 Divided Loyalties

    • October 12, 1995
    • Syndication

    Lyta Alexander returns to Babylon 5 with a message from the telepath resistance - one of the command staff is a mole for PSI Corps.

  • S02E21 Comes the Inquisitor

    • October 26, 1995
    • Syndication

    Kosh summons an inquisitor to test Delenn's motives, and G'Kar tries to maintain his position as leader of Babylon 5's Narn population while organizing an underground resistance.

  • S02E22 The Fall of Night

    • November 2, 1995
    • Syndication

    Two officials from the Ministry of Peace come to Babylon 5; one to deal with the Centauri's continued expansion, and the other to check on the local Nightwatch. Meanwhile a Narn heavy cruiser seeks sanctuary while they make repairs, and Keffer continues his search for proof that Shadow ships exist.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Matters of Honor

    • November 9, 1995
    • Syndication

    An Earthforce investigator comes to B5 with Lt. Keffer's last recording, asking the ambassadors if they recognize the ship in it. Meanwhile Londo takes steps to remove himself from the Shadows, and Sheridan takes the White Star out for its first mission.

  • S03E02 Convictions

    • November 16, 1995
    • Syndication

    A bomber is loose on Babylon 5; setting of bombs with seemingly no pattern. G'Kar blames the Centauri, Londo blames the Narn - and in it all, Lennier is critically injured. At the same time a group of monks request permission to live on the station.

  • S03E03 A Day in the Strife

    • November 23, 1995
    • Syndication

    The new Centauri appointed Narn government send a replacement for G'Kar while an alien probe threatens to destroy Babylon 5 unless it gets the answers for a series of complicated scientific questions.

  • S03E04 Passing Through Gethsemane

    • November 30, 1995
    • Syndication

    One of the monks starts having disturbing visions and realizes that his past may not be how he remembers it. Meanwhile Lyta causes a bit of commotion when she returns from the Vorlon homeworld.

  • S03E05 Voices of Authority

    • February 1, 1996
    • Syndication

    Delenn decides its time to try to contact some of the first ones and enlists the help of Draal, while Babylon 5 is assigned a political officer.

  • S03E06 Dust to Dust

    • February 8, 1996
    • Syndication

    Bester comes to the station to track down a dealer of Dust - an illegal drug that gives normal people temporary telepathic powers. G'Kar is also interested in the drug. He sees it as a potential weapon against the Centauri, but first he has to test it...

  • S03E07 Exogenesis

    • February 15, 1996
    • Syndication

    Marcus starts snooping around Downbelow when some of his contacts start behaving unusually and a lurker is found dead with a strange creature bonded to his spine. Ivanova investigates Corwin's loyalties when he receives a promotion.

  • S03E08 Messages from Earth

    • February 22, 1996
    • Syndication

    An archeologist is brought Babylon 5 with a grave massage - a dormant Shadow ship has been found on Ganymede. It must be destroyed before it falls into the hands of President Clark.

  • S03E09 Point of No Return

    • February 29, 1996
    • Syndication

    Clark has just declared marshal law, and while Nightwatch prepare to take control of the station, Zack has to decide whose side he's on. In an exercise of bad timing, the prophetic widow of emperor Turhan finally comes to the station, granting Londo the visit he's been begging her for for a long time.

  • S03E10 Severed Dreams

    • April 4, 1996
    • Syndication

    The renegade destroyer ""Alexander"" arrives at Babylon 5 and Sheridan is forced to announce the station's secession from the Earth Alliance, and prepare for an attack by Clark's forces. Meanwhile Delenn is forced to go to Minbar when the Grey Council refuses to act upon increased Shadow activity.

  • S03E11 Ceremonies of Light and Dark

    • April 11, 1996
    • Syndication

    Delenn prepares for a ceremony of rebirth, the station's computer goes through an interesting change, Londo "encourages" Refa to stop associating with the Shadows, and the remains of the Nightwatch on Babylon 5 plan to strike at Sheridan through Delenn.

  • S03E12 Sic Transit Vir

    • April 18, 1996
    • Syndication

    Vir returns to Babylon 5 to find that he now has a wife and that two Narns are out for his blood. Meanwhile Ivanova investigates the activities of the mysterious Centauri Abrahamo Linconi.

  • S03E13 A Late Delivery from Avalon

    • April 25, 1996
    • Syndication

    A mysterious man comes to Babylon 5 dressed in chainmail and armed with a sword. His name? King Arthur - Son of Uther Pendragon, come to help when he is needed most.

  • S03E14 Ship of Tears

    • May 2, 1996
    • Syndication

    Bester comes to Babylon 5, this time seeking help against a common enemy - the Shadows. Meanwhile G'Kar demands to be included in the War Council.

  • S03E15 Interludes and Examinations

    • May 9, 1996
    • Syndication

    Morden returns to secure Londo's cooperation again, Garibaldi confronts Franklin about the stims and Kosh gives Sheridan a victory against the Shadows - but at a price.

  • S03E16 War Without End (1)

    • May 16, 1996
    • Syndication

    Ivanova gets a distress call from herself pleading for help as the Shadows destroy Babylon 5. It is dated eight days into the future. At the same time, on Minbar, Sinclair is given a nine-hundred-year-old letter from Valen, telling him that a drastic action must be taken to prevent that future.

  • S03E17 War Without End (2)

    • May 23, 1996
    • Syndication

    While Sheridan is unstuck in time, seeing a glimpse of a future Centauri Prime in ruins, the others continue with their plan to take Babylon 4 back in time.

  • S03E18 Walkabout

    • October 3, 1996
    • Syndication

    The new Vorlon ambassador arrives, Sheridan decides it's time to test just how effective telepaths are against the Shadow ships, and Franklin is on walkabout in Downbelow and falls in love with a singer.

  • S03E19 Grey 17 Is Missing

    • October 10, 1996
    • Syndication

    Garibaldi investigates an area where a maintenance worker disappeared and finds a whole floor that was forgotten after construction, including its rather strange inhabitants. Meanwhile Delenn is about to take on the role of Ranger One, but Neroon swears to stop her.

  • S03E20 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

    • October 17, 1996
    • Syndication

    Londo forces Vir to participate in a plan to kill G'Kar. Sheridan struggles with figuring out the Shadows' tactics.

  • S03E21 Shadow Dancing

    • October 24, 1996
    • Syndication

    With the Shadows next target known, a massive counterattack is prepared. Ivanova and Marcus scout ahead in the White Star, while the fleet stands by in hyperspace. At the same time, Franklin finally has to face his problems as he lies fatally wounded in Downbelow.

  • S03E22 Z'ha'dum

    • October 31, 1996
    • Syndication

    After he has recovered from the shock of seeing her, Anna gives Sheridan an ultimatum - come to Z'ha'dum with her, or never know what happened to her there.

Season 4

  • S04E01 The Hour of the Wolf

    • November 7, 1996
    • Syndication

    In the aftermath of the explosion on Z'ha'dum, Sheridan is presumed dead and Garibaldi is missing. Delenn struggles to keep the alliance against the Shadows together, and Londo takes up his new position on Centauri Prime as security advisor to the emperor.

  • S04E02 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

    • November 14, 1996
    • Syndication

    On Z'ha'dum, Sheridan floats somewhere in-between life and death. Meanwhile G'Kar risks imprisonment to try to find Garibaldi.

  • S04E03 The Summoning

    • November 21, 1996
    • Syndication

    Ivanova and Marcus take a White Star out to search for more first ones to aid in the war, while Londo tries to convince G'Kar to swallow his pride so Cartagia will find him entertaining. A mysterious spacecraft makes its way towards Babylon 5.

  • S04E04 Falling Toward Apotheosis

    • November 28, 1996
    • Syndication

    With the Vorlons destroying whole worlds, Babylon 5 is struggling to cope with the refugees. And with one Vorlon aboard, they cannot make a move without them knowing about it. So Sheridan decides to kill him. On Centauri Prime, Cartagia explains to Londo how he will become a god when the Vorlons destroy the planet.

  • S04E05 The Long Night

    • January 30, 1997
    • Syndication

    As reports that the Shadows are destroying planets too start to come in, Sheridan prepares for one final showdown with the Shadows and the Vorlons. Meanwhile on Narn, Londo makes everything ready - G'Kar's chains have been weakened...

  • S04E06 Into the Fire

    • February 6, 1997
    • Syndication

    In the hours before the Shadows and the Vorlons meet Sheridan's alliance at Corriana 6, Ivanova and Lorien search for the last of the First Ones, and Londo races back to Centauri Prime in hope of removing all Shadow influence before the Vorlon planetkiller arrives.

  • S04E07 Epiphanies

    • February 13, 1997
    • Syndication

    Bester comes to Babylon 5 with information about President Clark's plans to discredit the station. But it has a price tag attached - he wants them to go to Z'ha'dum to look for any leftover technology that might help revive his lover. Garibaldi resigns his position as security chief.

  • S04E08 The Illusion of Truth

    • February 20, 1997
    • Syndication

    A team of ISN reporters arrives at the station wanting to do a story about Babylon 5. Sheridan refuses at first, but finally agrees on the theory that at least a small part of their side of the conflict will be shown.

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Thirdspace

    • July 19, 1998
    • Syndication

    The crew of Babylon 5 discover a mysterious artifact of unknown origin. The artifact influences the minds of people aboard the station and endangers the lives of everyone aboard.

  • S04E09 Atonement

    • February 27, 1997
    • Syndication

    When her clan has doubts about her reason for taking Sheridan as a mate, Delenn is required to go to Minbar to attend "the Dreaming". Sheridan sends Marcus and Franklin to Mars to make contact with the resistance there.

  • S04E10 Racing Mars

    • April 24, 1997
    • Syndication

    Marcus and Franklin meet their liaison to the Mars resistance, but are greeted at gunpoint by the resistance itself. Meanwhile Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his attitude.

  • S04E11 Lines of Communication

    • May 1, 1997
    • Syndication

    Delenn investigates attacks on ships of races allied with the Minbari, and encounters the Drakh for the first time. On Mars, Franklin rallies the resistance leaders to Sheridan's cause.

  • S04E12 Conflicts of Interest

    • May 8, 1997
    • Syndication

    Garibaldi gets his first assignment from his new employer - helping someone getting on and off the station without having to pass through customs. He is quite surprised at who this person is. Meanwhile Ivanova makes preparations for the first broadcast of "The Voice of the Resistance".

  • S04E13 Rumors, Bargains and Lies

    • May 15, 1997
    • Syndication

    Sheridan hatches an eccentric plan to convince the League to accept White Star patrols on their borders, while Delenn seeks help from Neroon to end the civil war that has broken out on Minbar.

  • S04E14 Moments of Transition

    • May 22, 1997
    • Syndication

    The warrior caste has surrounded the religious caste's stand in the capital city on Minbar, and demand they surrender or be destroyed. Meanwhile Bester makes Lyta an offer for her body.

  • S04E15 No Surrender, No Retreat

    • May 29, 1997
    • Syndication

    With Clark having killed 10,000 unarmed refugees, Sheridan once again mobilizes for war. The first target is Proxima 3, which is being bombed into submission. At the same time, Londo tries to get G'Kar to partake in a joint Centauri/Narn statement in support of the war against Clark.

  • S04E16 The Exercise of Vital Powers

    • June 5, 1997
    • Syndication

    As Sheridan's forces continue towards Earth, Garibaldi is finally allowed to meet his employer, William Edgars, face to face on Mars, and is after telepath assisted interrogation finally told what he must do to gain Edgars' complete trust. Meanwhile Dr. Franklin discovers that Lyta can influence the Shadow modified telepaths.

  • S04E17 The Face of the Enemy

    • June 12, 1997
    • Syndication

    Sheridan's father is arrested. When Garibaldi gives his former commander the news, he urges him to come to Mars to arrange a rescue operation...

  • S04E18 Intersections in Real Time

    • June 19, 1997
    • Syndication

    In a bleak room, an interrogator tries to force Sheridan to admit he was under alien influence and worked to undermine Earth.

  • S04E19 Between the Darkness and the Light

    • October 9, 1997
    • Syndication

    Garibaldi is barely able to convince Lyta and Franklin that his recent behavior was caused by Bester, and they organize a rescue for Sheridan. Meanwhile, Ivanova gets word that a trap has been set at the fleets' next rendezvous point, by a group of completely new advanced-technology destroyers.

  • S04E20 Endgame

    • October 16, 1997
    • Syndication

    The only obstacle remaining between Sheridan and Earth is a fleet near Mars. With the help of the resistance, Sheridan plans to smuggle Shadow modified telepaths onto the fleet, hopefully disabling it long enough for him to take Earth. Meanwhile, Marcus is determined to find a way to help Ivanova.

  • S04E21 Rising Star

    • October 23, 1997
    • Syndication

    Clark is dead and the civil war is over, but several issues are unresolved. Ivanova is grief struck and Lise is missing. And Sheridan must now face the consequences of his actions. He did the right thing - but in the inconvenient way.

  • S04E22 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

    • November 30, 1997
    • Syndication

    Far into the future, someone is archiving video clips pertaining to the fate of Earth and the Interstellar Alliance.

Season 5

  • SPECIAL 0x2 In the Beginning

    • January 4, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    The Earth military encounters an alien race called the Minbari. Through a series of accidents and misunderstandings, a war breaks out that nearly results in the death of every human on Earth. The war and its aftermath provide the background for the TV series "Babylon 5."

  • S05E01 No Compromises

    • January 21, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Lochley takes command of Babylon 5 and Byron petitions her for asylum aboard the station. An assassin pledges to kill Sheridan at his inauguration.

  • S05E02 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

    • January 28, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Londo collapses from a heart attack, and must battle with his guilt in a dream state. Delenn learns that Lennier is planing to leave Babylon 5 to join the Rangers.

  • S05E03 The Paragon of Animals

    • February 4, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    A small world plagued by raiders begs the alliance for help. Garibaldi tries forming an intelligence unit of telepaths.

  • S05E04 A View from the Gallery

    • February 11, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    We see the action from the viewpoint of two maintenance workers as a race of savage aliens attacks the station.

  • S05E05 Learning Curve

    • February 18, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Four rangers come from Minbar with a status report to Delenn, while a Downbelow racketeer decides it's time to get rid of Zack.

  • S05E06 Strange Relations

    • February 25, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Bester arrives at the station to arrest the Downbelow telepaths, and Londo barely escapes an assassination attempt when the ship he was to be aboard explodes.

  • S05E07 Secrets of the Soul

    • March 4, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    As more telepaths arrive at the station, the denizens of Downbelow start taking notice. Tensions build until one of the telepaths is assaulted, and the others decide to take revenge - against Byron's wishes. Meanwhile, Franklin tries to find out why the Hyach are hiding part of their medical history.

  • S05E08 Day of the Dead

    • March 11, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    The Brakiri buy a part of Babylon 5 for a religious ceremony where the dead are supposed to return. Comedians Rebo and Zooty arrive to do a show on the station.

  • S05E09 In the Kingdom of the Blind

    • March 18, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Londo starts to suspect that all is not right on Centauri Prime, when a good friend is murdered. On Babylon 5, Byron tries to force the council to give him and his telepaths a homeworld of their own.

  • S05E10 A Tragedy of Telepaths

    • March 25, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    The telepaths have barred themselves inside an area of Downbelow, and their telepathic tricks force Lochley to ask Bester for help. G'Kar finds an old friend locked in a cell in the Centauri palace.

  • S05E11 Phoenix Rising

    • April 1, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    More bloodhound units arrive and the fight with the violent faction of Byron's followers intensifies... until the rogues seize medlab - with Garibaldi and Franklin in it.

  • S05E12 The Ragged Edge

    • April 8, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    It looks like the Alliance will get a break in the investigation of the recent shipping line attacks, when a possible witness may have survived the latest attack and taken refuge on the Drazi homeworld. Garibaldi is sent to find him, but Intelligence Chief's alcohol problem complicates the mission. G'Kar returns to Babylon 5 to discover that his book has been published, and he is now a revered religious figure.

  • S05E13 The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father

    • April 15, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    A telepath murders his roommate and escapes on a ship bound for Babylon 5. Bester is given the job of capturing him, and brings along two PSI Cop interns to show them how he works.

  • S05E14 Meditations on the Abyss

    • May 27, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Delenn reassigns Lennier to a Ranger training mission on the border of Centauri space, hoping he can find some proof regarding the Centauri involvement in the shipping line attacks. Vir undergoes some dramatic changes when he learns that he is the new Centauri ambassador to Babylon 5.

  • S05E15 Darkness Ascending

    • June 3, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Lennier investigates Centauri signals that may be connected to the attacks. Lyta tries to continue Byron's dream of finding a homeworld for telepaths. Lise visits Garibaldi only to discover he's drinking again.

  • S05E16 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

    • June 10, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    The evidence collected against the Centauri is presented to the council of the Interstellar Alliance, and a boycott against the Centauri is issued. In reaction, the Centauri withdrawal from the Alliance and making it clear that they will circumvent the blockade by force if necessary.

  • S05E17 Movements of Fire and Shadow

    • June 17, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Sheridan finally authorizes the White Star fleet to participate in the war. Delenn travels to Minbar to start a Minbari/Earth joint project to build a prototype White Star destroyer class ship. And Vir hires Franklin and Lyta to investigate why the Drazi don't return the bodies from destroyed Centauri ships.

  • S05E18 The Fall of Centauri Prime

    • October 28, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    As Centauri Prime is being bombarded, the Drakh, the real masters behind the war, reveal themselves to Londo. They force him to go along with their plan to alienate the Centauri from the Alliance, and use what's left as their new home.

  • S05E19 The Wheel of Fire

    • November 4, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Earthforce orders the arrest of Lyta for financing terrorism against the PSI Corp. Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his drinking. G'Kar struggles with his growing mass of worshippers.

  • S05E20 Objects in Motion

    • November 11, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Tessa Holloran, former Number One of the Mars resistance, arrives with a warning for Lise and Michael - an assassin has been hired to kill them. Meanwhile, G'Kar gets ready to leave, though not everybody is happy about it.

  • S05E21 Objects at Rest

    • November 18, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    It is near the end of 2262, and many changes are abound. Londo, G'Kar and Garibaldi have already left, and Franklin will be taking up his new position on Earth shortly. Finally, Sheridan and Delenn leave for Minbar, where the Alliance's recently finished headquarters are located.

  • SPECIAL 0x4 The River of Souls

    • November 8, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Captain Lochley now has solid proof that Garibaldi is a disaster magnet: when he comes to the station to meet with one of his new company's subordinates, she's being sued by the owner of an illegal virtual reality "holo-brothel" and besieged by Soul Hunters looking for one of their soul vessels, this one containing the souls of the long-lost Ralga alien species.

  • S05E22 Sleeping in Light

    • November 25, 1998
    • TNT (US)

    Twenty years after his death and resurrection at Z'ha'dum, Sheridan feels his life force ebbing away, and invites some old friends for a final gathering.

  • SPECIAL 0x5 A Call to Arms

    • January 3, 1999

    A technomage named Galen predicts an imminent attack by the Drakh, the old allies of the Shadows. Through dreams, a thief, a captain, and a president are brought together to head them off. The president is John Sheridan. Because of his irrational behavior, Sheridan's friends begin to wonder about his sanity. It's up to all of them and two prototype battlecruisers, the Excalibur and the Victory, to stop the fleet and their planet-killer. But is there more to the Drakh's plan?

  • SPECIAL 0x6 The Legend of the Rangers

    • January 19, 2002

    After being punished for retreat from combat, Ranger David Martel is given command of the Liandra, a haunted 20-year old Minbari fighting ship. He's escorting ambassadors to a secret archaeological site, the oldest city on record and a clue to a dangerous ancient race. Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers takes place in 2264 after the wars are over and a new age of space exploration has begun. The Interstellar Alliance has been organized to establish and maintain peace among its member worlds, including Earth. The Rangers are an elite military force made up of hand-picked young, smart, dedicated human and alien members who combine the high-tech elements of space travel with the idealism and honor of the knights of old. They encounter a previously unknown alien race whose lethal power is far greater than any force previously known to Earth or any other world in the Interstellar Alliance.

  • SPECIAL 0x7 Voices in the Dark: Over Here (1)

    • July 31, 2007

    Col. Lochley asks a Catholic priest to come to Babylon 5 a few days before President Sheridan is to arrive for the Interstellar Alliance’s tenth anniversary celebration. A crew member who recently returned from a vacation on Earth had been complaining of hearing voices before finally barricading himself in a section of the station. The crewman, Burke, is now restrained within a security cell and claiming to be possessed by a demonic spirit...

  • SPECIAL 0x8 Voices in the Dark: Over There (2)

    • July 31, 2007

    En route to Babylon 5 for the anniversary celebration, Sheridan begrudgingly gives an interview to ISN. He mentions his regret that Londo will not be at the celebration to represent the Centauri, but that his ship will be picking up Prince Regent Vintari, third in line to the throne. The night before the rendezvous, Galen appears to Sheridan in a dream, and shows him a vision of the destruction of New York City...