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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • January 23, 2005
    • CBS

    To help capture a serial rapist-turned-killer, FBI Special Agent Don Eppes recruits his genius brother Charlie, who uses a mathematical equation to identify the killer's point of origin by working back from the crime scene locations.

  • S01E02 Uncertainty Principle

    • January 28, 2005
    • CBS

    Charlie accurately predicts where a band of bank robbers will strike next. But when Don and his team confront them, a massive shoot-out occurs leaving four people, including an officer, dead. The outcome disturbs Charlie and he retreats into the family garage to work out an unsolvable math problem that he also plunged into after his mother became ill a year earlier. But Don needs his brother's help and tries to get Charlie to return to the case.

  • S01E03 Vector

    • February 4, 2005
    • CBS

    Various people in the L.A. area with seemingly nothing in common start to become extremely sick and die on the same day. Don fears bioterrorists may have released a deadly virus into the environment. While he tries to discover whether anyone is behind the outbreak, Charlie tries to locate the point of origin.

  • S01E04 Structural Corruption

    • February 11, 2005
    • CBS

    After an engineering student at CalSci is found dead from an apparent suicide, Charlie convinces Don to launch an investigation after he reads the student's thesis that asserted that the architecturally magnificent Cole Center in Los Angeles is structurally unstable. Although reluctant at first, Don and his FBI agents discover that the student's findings were correct and uncover a dangerous and surprising conspiracy. Meanwhile, Alan prepares for a first date and convinces Don and Terry to join them, hoping they might rekindle their old romance.

  • S01E05 Prime Suspect

    • February 18, 2005
    • CBS

    When a five-year-old girl is kidnapped from her birthday party, Don and Terry lead the investigation, but must rely on Charlie's help because the girl's father, Ethan, is also a mathematician. Charlie realizes the kidnapper's motive when Ethan reveals he is close to solving Riemann's Hypothesis, a difficult math problem. If solved, the solution could not only earn him $1 million, but could break the code for internet security and unlock the world's biggest financial secret.

  • S01E06 Sabotage

    • February 25, 2005
    • CBS

    While consulting with the NTSB at the scene of the wreck, Don learns that this tragedy is one of a series of recreated accidents involving railroad negligence. As is the pattern with the previous train wrecks, an undecipherable numerical code is left at the site, which Don recruits Charlie to solve. By breaking the code, Charlie is able to establish that this accident was a recreation of a deadly wreck that left only one survivor several years ago. Don's investigation leads him and his team to a dangerous standoff with their suspect, who has surprising ties to the railway system.

  • S01E07 Counterfeit Reality

    • March 11, 2005
    • CBS

    Don learns that counterfeiters are at work producing small-denomination bills, and that they have taken an artist hostage to draw the images for the fake money. If the missing woman isn't located soon, Don fears that she will be killed when her work is finished on the phony cash. The counterfeiters have already murdered at least five people, two of whom stole money from them. The case is made more difficult for Don when his former lover, now a Secret Service agent, is assigned to it.

  • S01E08 Identity Crisis

    • April 1, 2005
    • CBS

    A man wanted for stock fraud is found garroted in his apartment, and the crime is eerily similar to a murder committed a year earlier, a case in which Don closed when an ex-con confessed. Now, Don must re-investigate the old case to determine if he put an innocent man in jail. He asks Charlie to go over the evidence to see if he missed anything the first time around.

  • S01E09 Sniper Zero

    • April 15, 2005
    • CBS

    The city is in a panic as a sniper goes on a shooting spree and randomly kills several people, including a postal worker. The investigation reveals that more than one shooter is at work. As Charlie works the case, he's frustrated by a sniper expert Don brings in to help out.

  • S01E10 Dirty Bomb

    • April 22, 2005
    • CBS

    A truck carrying radioactive material is stolen, and the thieves threaten to set off a dirty bomb in L.A. in 12 hours if they aren't paid $20 million. While Don attempts to track down the truck, Charlie tries to come up with the most likely location where the bomb may be detonated to inflict the most damage to the population.

  • S01E11 Sacrifice

    • April 29, 2005
    • CBS

    A senior computer-science researcher working on a classified government project is found murdered in his Hollywood Hills home and data has been stolen from his computer. The investigation reveals the victim was going through a bitter divorce and was trying to keep his wife from getting his money. Charlie also learns the project on which the man was working might have involved baseball.

  • S01E12 Noisy Edge

    • May 6, 2005
    • CBS

    Don and Agent Weston of the NTSB investigate eyewitness accounts of a mysterious unidentified object flying dangerously close to downtown Los Angeles that has raised concern of a terrorist attack. After Charlie is recruited to help with the investigation, it is discovered that the flying object is part of a new technology that could revolutionize air travel. But the investigation takes a turn when they learn that the lead engineer is found murdered.

  • S01E13 Man Hunt

    • May 13, 2005
    • CBS

    A dangerous felon escapes when a prison bus crashes and the FBI has reason to fear he's intent on revenge against the witness whose testimony put him in jail. However, finding the elusive killer proves to be a complicated challenge. Don teams up with Agent Billy Cooper, his former partner from the FBI's Fugitive Recovery Division, and Alan worries that Don's going to return to a more dark and obsessive time in his career.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Judgment Call

    • September 23, 2005
    • CBS

    Don and Charlie investigate the murder of a judge's wife who was shot in her garage. It's unclear whether she was the intended target or her husband, who was hearing a death penalty case involving a gang leader. As the investigation continues, Don reconnects with a prosecutor whose life may also be in danger.

  • S02E02 Better or Worse

    • September 30, 2005
    • CBS

    Don and his team are called in when a woman attempting to rob a jewelry store in Beverly Hills is shot by a security guard. Charlie assists the FBI by using the keyless remote from the woman's car to help identify her and locate the store owner's kidnapped wife and daughter.

  • S02E03 Obsession

    • October 7, 2005
    • CBS

    The FBI becomes involved in the stalking of a popular singer after she is threatened by an intruder in her house and reveals a series of threatening letters she's received through the mail. Charlie determines the letters are from two different people after analyzing the handwriting. When a photographer is found dead near the singer's house, Don believes the photographer was murdered and his death is somehow related to the stalking case.

  • S02E04 Calculated Risk

    • October 14, 2005
    • CBS

    Don and Megan are called to the murder scene when the CFO of a powerful energy company - who was about to testify against her fellow executives - is murdered at her home and her son is the only witness. Knowing there could be thousands of disgruntled ex-employees, Don asks Charlie to narrow the list.

  • S02E05 Assassin

    • October 21, 2005
    • CBS

    Don uncovers a secret code that begins the hunt for a skilled and trained assassin, and the efforts by the FBI to save the life of a Colombian exile living in Los Angeles.

  • S02E06 Soft Target

    • November 4, 2005
    • CBS

    Don and his team are summoned to locate the person who released potentially lethal gas in the city's subway system.

  • S02E07 Convergence

    • November 11, 2005
    • CBS

    When a father is killed in a home invasion, Don and his team investigate the connection between the murder and a rash of robberies in the upscale community.

  • S02E08 In Plain Sight

    • November 18, 2005
    • CBS

    Megan feels responsible for an agent's death following an explosion at a meth house the FBI had targeted for a bust. When the kingpin eludes capture, it's discovered he may also be involved in child pornography when one of the photographs on his computer turns out to be a young girl in a sexually explicit position. The picture sends Charlie on a crusade of his own, as he remembers a girl he knew as a young child that he suspected was being abused, and he's determined to save the little girl in the picture.

  • S02E09 Toxin

    • November 25, 2005
    • CBS

    After four people nearly die from poisoning, Don learns someone is tampering with nonprescription drugs. When the perpetrator publishes a manifesto in a local paper, Don is led to believe the person may be a former employee of the drug company that manufactured the drug.

  • S02E10 Bones of Contention

    • December 9, 2005
    • CBS

    When a researcher who specializes in Native American antiquities is killed at the museum where she works, the FBI is called in because the museum is on federal land.

  • S02E11 Scorched

    • December 16, 2005
    • CBS

    An arsonist sets a fire at a car dealership that kills a sales person. The name of an extremist environmental group is spray-painted on the scene, but the group denies involvement. It becomes Don's task to determine whether the group or someone else is responsible. Charlie is called in to help figure out if there is a pattern to the fires that would help provide a profile of the arsonist.

  • S02E12 The O.G.

    • January 6, 2006
    • CBS

    When Don and his team are called to the scene of the murder of a Los Angeles gang member, they learn they are investigating the murder of another agent who had been working undercover.

  • S02E13 Double Down

    • January 13, 2006
    • CBS

    A murder investigation at a Los Angeles card club leads the FBI to a complicated card-counting scheme involving college students.

  • S02E14 Harvest

    • January 27, 2006
    • CBS

    When an Asian teenager is found in the basement of an old downtown hotel where she was apparently being tortured, the investigation soon reveals the girl and three other missing women, are victims of a black market organ-harvesting scheme. Amita assists the FBI by communicating with the girl, who is from the same part of India where Amita's family once lived.

  • S02E15 The Running Man

    • February 3, 2006
    • CBS

    When a DNA synthesizer with the capability of customizing diseases is stolen from the campus where Charlie teaches, Don fears the thieves may be terrorists out to start or advance a bio-warfare program and also believes the theft was an inside job.

  • S02E16 Protest

    • March 3, 2006
    • CBS

    Don and his team investigate an anti-war bombing outside an Army recruiting center that resembles the work of a 1970s anti-war activist who disappeared 30 years earlier after being accused of planting a bomb that killed two people. Retired Agent Thomas Larson, who tried to solve the case 30 years ago, returns to help but questions Don's loyalty when it is revealed Alan knew the radical activist and participated in demonstrations with him, thus causing tension within the family.

  • S02E17 Mind Games

    • March 10, 2006
    • CBS

    Don and his agents are asked to investigate when a search team finds three dead women in the wilderness who were apparently murdered under bizarre circumstances. The case becomes more suspicious when Don learns the search team was led to the crime scene by a psychic. When the psychic offers to help the FBI in solving the crime, Charlie is determined to prove the psychic is a fraud.

  • S02E18 All's Fair

    • March 31, 2006
    • CBS

    In an effort to find the murderer of an Iraqi woman who had been making a documentary that promoted the rights of Muslim women, Don enlists the help of the victim's cousin. Through her cousin, Don uncovers a connection to Saddam Hussein. Back at home, Charlie rekindles a romantic relationship with a former girlfriend when she visits him while on a book signing tour.

  • S02E19 Dark Matter

    • April 7, 2006
    • CBS

    Don and his team investigate a school shooting. He learns two students could have a strong motive, so Charlie uses the school's radio frequency identification system to track the shooters' movements through the school's hallways. When Charlie detects an abnormal pattern, the agents take a look at the evidence and discover a third participant no one had suspected earlier.

  • S02E20 Guns and Roses

    • April 21, 2006
    • CBS

    When an ATF agent is found dead under unusual circumstances, Don wants to take the case, which revolves around an elaborate bank robbery, after he learns the victim was his former girlfriend. He then becomes quite introspective as he realizes the impact his career has had on his personal life and decides to turn his attention toward a new woman.

  • S02E21 Rampage

    • April 28, 2006
    • CBS

    When an assailant opens fire in the FBI offices, Don and his team must determine his motive and possible connection to a dangerous arms dealer who is on trial. After nearly getting shot, Charlie is shaken and reluctant to return to the offices, which hinders his contribution to the case.

  • S02E22 Backscatter

    • May 5, 2006
    • CBS

    An FBI investigation into a computer hacking scam that taps into a bank's system to gain access to the identities and financial assets of its customers becomes personal for Don and the Eppes family.

  • S02E23 Undercurrents

    • May 12, 2006
    • CBS

    The FBI becomes involved when the bodies of young Asian girls are washed up on the beach. The situation becomes more critical when it is discovered one girl has avian flu. As the investigation continues, Don and his team discover a connection between the girls and the sex trade industry. Meanwhile, Amita considers a transfer to Harvard University, which causes Charlie to re-evaluate his feelings for her.

  • S02E24 Hot Shot

    • May 19, 2006
    • CBS

    Don investigates the murders of two young women found in their cars outside their homes. Their deaths were made to look like drug overdoses, but Don realizes a serial killer is responsible. Meanwhile, Charlie is having bizarre dreams about his parents. In one dream, his deceased mother appears and tells him he has a question to ask her, but he can't imagine what it could be.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Spree (1)

    • September 22, 2006
    • CBS

    Don has a problem. Crystal Hoyle and her boyfriend Buck are going on a robbery and killing spree. Their terror is spread over seven states, and Charlie is called in to help. However, problems between Alan and Charlie may hinder Charlie's concentration.

  • S03E02 Two Daughters (2)

    • September 29, 2006
    • CBS

    David tries to get information from one of Crystal's old boyfriends, but he isn't helping. Things get personal for the team when Crystal kidnaps one of them.

  • S03E03 Provenance

    • October 6, 2006
    • CBS

    Don and the rest of the team find themselves in the midst of a confusing case. The investigation into a missing painting turns grim as a murder plot surfaces. Add Nazis to the mix, and things take an even more interesting turn!

  • S03E04 The Mole

    • October 13, 2006
    • CBS

    Don and the team attempt to figure out what happened when a Chinese interpreter turns up dead.

  • S03E05 Traffic

    • October 20, 2006
    • CBS

    Don and the rest of the team investigate several attacks occurring on LA highways that may be connected.

  • S03E06 Longshot

    • October 27, 2006
    • CBS

    Don and the team investigate a suspicious death at a horse track. When Charlie starts looking into the crime, he uncovers something that will send the investigation into an entirely different direction.

  • S03E07 Blackout

    • November 3, 2006
    • CBS

    Blackouts leave Los Angeles in the dark. Don must work with his entire team to figure out if the power outages are a catastrophic accident or the sinister plot of terrorists.

  • S03E08 Hardball

    • November 10, 2006
    • CBS

    The case of a dead minor league baseball player leaves Don and the team with more questions than answers. When Charlie discovers that someone has come up with a statistical analysis that can identify which of the players are on steriods, the case gets more leads...and a suspect.

  • S03E09 Waste Not

    • November 17, 2006
    • CBS

    The problem of the disposal of toxic waste becomes real to Don, Charlie and the team when several children are injured after a sinkhole collapses underneath a school playground. Charlie attempts to help with the case, but faces opposition from his new boss.

  • S03E10 Brutus

    • November 24, 2006
    • CBS

    A California State Senator and a psychiatrist--neither have much in common with the other except for one thing...they both turn up dead on Don's watch. While the circumstances of their deaths are different, Don thinks the two murders are related, and tries to prove his hunch right. What he finds may bring to light a deep secret the government has been hiding for years.

  • S03E11 Killer Chat

    • December 15, 2006
    • CBS

    Don and Charlie track a killer who has murdered several sex predators. The predators took advantage of teenage girls they met in chat rooms. Meanwhile, Larry is ready to begin an adventure with NASA.

  • S03E12 Nine Wives

    • January 5, 2007
    • CBS

    Don, Charlie, and the team search for a polygamist who is on the run. The man is on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List for rape and murder.

  • S03E13 Finders Keepers

    • January 12, 2007
    • CBS

    After an extremely expensive yacht sinks in the middle of a race, Charlie is put between a rock and a hard place when Don and the NSA need his help on the case.

  • S03E14 Take Out

    • February 2, 2007
    • CBS

    When two police officers are killed while eating dinner out, Charlie tries to figure out where the killers will strike next. Don's superiors make him see the department shrink.

  • S03E15 End Of Watch

    • February 9, 2007
    • CBS

    Don and the team reopen a cold case when a LAPD badge turns up at a construction site. When Charlie joins the investigation, they attempt to track down the owner of the badge, an officer who has been missing 17 years. Meanwhile, Alan is informed that he's being sued.

  • S03E16 Contenders

    • February 16, 2007
    • CBS

    One of David's closest friends is called into question after a man dies while boxing with him. When it turns out this is not the first time such an event has happened, things look even worse. Charlie is busy practicing what little he knows about poker, so he can take Larry's spot in a tournament.

  • S03E17 One Hour

    • February 23, 2007
    • CBS

    Don talks to his therapist again, and while he's gone, the team races to find an eleven year-old boy being held on a $3 million ransom, and time is running out...

  • S03E18 Democracy

    • March 9, 2007
    • CBS

    Several area murders seem to be tied to voter fraud. Don, Charlie, and the team must find the killers before they strike again.

  • S03E19 Pandora's Box

    • March 30, 2007
    • CBS

    When a jet crashes in the middle of a forest, Charlie suspects that there is more to the crash than what meets the eye.

  • S03E20 Burn Rate

    • April 6, 2007
    • CBS

    When Don investigates a series of bombings, he calls in Charlie to help pinpoint the bomber. But the two disagree over who the culprit is. Is it a new terrorist, or an old enemy?

  • S03E21 The Art of Reckoning

    • April 27, 2007
    • CBS

    When a former mob hit man on death row suddenly has a change of heart and agrees to confess to his crimes, Don has an uneasy feeling about the whole affair.

  • S03E22 Under Pressure

    • May 4, 2007
    • CBS

    Don, Charlie, and the team take on unknown terrorists who may be using nerve gas to undermine Los Angeles' water supply.

  • S03E23 Money For Nothing

    • May 11, 2007
    • CBS

    $50 million dollars in medical relief is up for grabs after the shipment is stolen. But there's a catch--someone other than the FBI wants to recover the shipment. Don and the team find themselves pitted against blackmarketeers in a deadly race for the supplies.

  • S03E24 The Janus List

    • May 18, 2007
    • CBS

    In the midst of investigating a serious bomb threat, Don and Charlie uncover a secret that could change their lives and the lives of the team forever.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Trust Metric

    • September 28, 2007
    • CBS

    After the events of "The Janus List," Colby escapes from custody. Don and the team go after him, but everything may not be as it seems.

  • S04E02 Hollywood Homicide

    • October 5, 2007
    • CBS

    An actor on his way to stardom finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation when a young woman is murdered in his house.

  • S04E03 Velocity

    • October 12, 2007
    • CBS

    When a car crashes into a busy coffee shop, the team discovers the fatal act might not have been an accident.

  • S04E04 Thirteen

    • October 19, 2007
    • CBS

    Don, Charlie, and the team attempt to stop a serial killer who is seemingly obsessed with people resembling Biblical figures.

  • S04E05 Robin Hood

    • October 26, 2007
    • CBS

    Robberies the storybook hero would have been proud to claim plague Don and Charlie as they attempt to catch a do-good thief who is donating his spoils to charity.

  • S04E06 In Security

    • November 2, 2007
    • CBS

    Don feels responsible for a life lost. The victim was in the Witness Protection Program, but she wasn't the only one keeping secrets...what is Don hiding?

  • S04E07 Primacy

    • November 9, 2007
    • CBS

    When a man is found dead, the team enters the world of alternate reality gaming. However, their investigation leads to a danger for a loved one.

  • S04E08 Tabu

    • November 16, 2007
    • CBS

    When a wealthy heiress is kidnapped, Don and the team race against the clock in hopes to find her. However, the motivations behind her disappearance aren't what they seem.

  • S04E09 Graphic

    • November 23, 2007
    • CBS

    The team investigates the theft of a graphic comic book.

  • S04E10 Chinese Box

    • December 14, 2007
    • CBS

    Don and the team are left with little recourse when a former FBI subcontractor takes a team member hostage.

  • S04E11 Breaking Point

    • January 11, 2008
    • CBS

    Charlie's life is put in danger when Don brings him in on the case of a missing reporter.

  • S04E12 Power

    • January 18, 2008
    • CBS

    A bad case becomes worse when Don and the team must pursue a police officer believed to have committed unspeakable crimes.

  • S04E13 Black Swan

    • April 4, 2008
    • CBS

    Don and the team bust a meth lab, but when Don has a feeling there's more to the organization than just what's on the surface, his intuition is put to the test.

  • S04E14 Checkmate

    • April 11, 2008
    • CBS

    Don runs into Robin Brooks during an investigation concerning informants and a chess master.

  • S04E15 End Game

    • April 25, 2008
    • CBS

    Don and his team hunt for an ex-Marine wanted for murder. Things become confusing, however, when the Marine's family is kidnapped. Is there more to this case than meets the eye?

  • S04E16 Atomic No. 33

    • May 2, 2008
    • CBS

    Don and the team must investigate a religious cult after scores of followers are poisoned.

  • S04E17 Pay to Play

    • May 9, 2008
    • CBS

    When a musician is murdered, Don and his team must race to find the culprits. They need Charlie's help, but he is busy with Amita's parents coming for a visit.

  • S04E18 When Worlds Collide

    • May 16, 2008
    • CBS

    In the season finale, Don and Charlie work together on a case that ends up with them going head to head about their personal beliefs, and one team member will walk away forever.

Season 5

  • S05E01 High Exposure

    • October 3, 2008
    • CBS

    Two rock climbers in possession of a large stolen diamond are killed, and Don and the team hunt for the murderers; Charlie considers whether he should have his FBI clearance reinstated.

  • S05E02 The Decoy Effect

    • October 10, 2008
    • CBS

    The team investigates an increase in ATM kidnappings when a woman who was abducted and forced to withdraw money is murdered; Charlie meets the investigator who will decide the fate of his FBI security clearance.

  • S05E03 Blowback

    • October 17, 2008
    • CBS

    When eight people, including two police officers, are gunned down in a coffee shop, Don and his team uncover a trail of blackmail, corruption and romance; McGowan expands his investigation of Charlie and Don.

  • S05E04 Jack of All Trades

    • October 24, 2008
    • CBS

    Don's team helps Agent Bloom, a veteran with the FBI, track down a con man who has eluded Bloom for years. Meanwhile, the final decision on Charlie's clearance is handed down, and it doesn't just affect Charlie. Don's job is on the line as well.

  • S05E05 Scan Man

    • October 31, 2008
    • CBS

    The team investigates a crew stealing high-end goods from a shipping service; Don questions his faith in the FBI when one of his men is killed on duty.

  • S05E06 Magic Show

    • November 7, 2008
    • CBS

    Don and the team investigate when a magician mysteriously vanishes during an illusion.

  • S05E07 Charlie Don't Surf

    • November 14, 2008
    • CBS

    One of Don and Charlie's friends dies in what is deemed an accident. Not convinced, the brothers investigate further and uncover something shocking.

  • S05E08 Thirty-Six Hours

    • November 21, 2008
    • CBS

    When a passenger train collides with a freight train David (Alimi Ballard), Don, and Colby are called in to help rescue survivors and to investigate the cause of the crash

  • S05E09 Conspiracy Theory

    • December 5, 2008
    • CBS

    The team sifts through various rumors about a controversial charity organization to find the guilty party after its office building is bombed.

  • S05E10 Frienemies

    • December 19, 2008
    • CBS

    Charlie is forced to turn to his arch rival for help when a vigilante group goes after a career criminal.

  • S05E11 Arrow of Time

    • January 9, 2009
    • CBS

    Don turns to his newly found religious beliefs when he is forced to deal with an escaped criminal who is bent on seeking revenge.

  • S05E12 Jacked

    • January 16, 2009
    • CBS

    Don and his team must race to save the hostages being held on a hijacked bus.

  • S05E13 Trouble in Chinatown

    • January 23, 2009
    • CBS

    A feud between Chinese gangs leads to the kidnapping of an undercover agent and the reappearance of Samuel Kraft.

  • S05E14 Sneakerhead

    • February 6, 2009
    • CBS

    The team searches for a pair of limited edition sneakers after they are stolen from a foreign ambassador.

  • S05E15 Guilt Trip

    • February 13, 2009
    • CBS

    When a case against a weapons smuggler falls apart, the team takes a closer look at the jury that heard the case, searching for signs of jury tampering.

  • S05E16 Cover Me

    • February 27, 2009
    • CBS

    Charlie puts together a plan to stop a dangerous drug from hitting the streets of LA. Will his plan work? Or will it cost the life of one of Don's agents?

  • S05E17 First Law

    • March 6, 2009
    • CBS

    The team's number one suspect in the death of a scientist is a super computer.

  • S05E18 12:01 AM

    • March 13, 2009
    • CBS

    The team gets a last minute tip that could exonerate a dangerous mob boss who is about to be executed; Charlie tries to help the CalSci basketball team break their losing streak.

  • S05E19 Animal Rites

    • April 10, 2009
    • CBS

    The investigation into a professor's death takes a dangerous turn when the team finds their lead suspect has ties to a radical animal rights group.

  • S05E20 The Fifth Man

    • April 24, 2009
    • CBS

    Don's life hangs in the balance after he is injured during a raid while investigating a series of home invasions.

  • S05E21 Disturbed

    • May 1, 2009
    • CBS

    Feeling guilty over the stabbing, Charlie puts his attention on finding a serial killer using math theories to help the team solve the case before another life is taken.

  • S05E22 Greatest Hits

    • May 8, 2009
    • CBS

    Don and the team are sent to look into a series of bank robberies and soon name former FBI Agent Roger Bloom as their lead suspect.

  • S05E23 Angels and Devils

    • May 15, 2009
    • CBS

    When Amita is abducted, Don and the team’s frantic search for her leads them to the delusional head of a cult, but it is up to a distraught Charlie to discover what the suspect’s bizarre plans for her are.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Hangman

    • September 25, 2009
    • CBS

    Don and his team are out to protect former radical Benjamin Polk from a determined sniper who wants him dead, and who is leading the FBI on a cat-and-mouse chase as he closes in on his prey.

  • S06E02 Friendly Fire

    • October 2, 2009
    • CBS

    When two FBI agents, part of a unit headed by Don's former mentor, are killed during a shootout with bank robbers, the team must investigate what exactly happened. Also, Charlie and Amita worry when Larry opts not to attend a conference in Geneva.

  • S06E03 7 Men Out

    • October 9, 2009
    • CBS

    Don and his team are called in to investigate who is behind a deadly gambling ring that is running a high-stakes Russian roulette tournament. Also, Don and Charlie become concerned about Alan's financial health.

  • S06E04 Where Credit's Due

    • October 16, 2009
    • CBS

    As Larry prepares to embark on his adventure, the team must investigate a string of murders. The case takes an interesting turn when it is discovered that the murders mimic scenes from a movie that hasn't even been released yet.

  • S06E05 Hydra

    • October 23, 2009
    • CBS

    The team attempts to find the daughter of a geneticist who they suspect was kidnapped by the unstable mother. However, they become concerned about the case when they find evidence that suggests the young girl was a clone. Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita discuss having kids and Liz reveals a dark secret.

  • S06E06 Dreamland

    • October 30, 2009
    • CBS

    The team investigates a decommissioned air base after a woman is found dead there, but their investigation is interrupted by paranormal happenings.

  • S06E07 Shadow Markets

    • November 6, 2009
    • CBS

    A shrewd computer hacker cuts the ground from up under an undercover sting operation to bag a cyber crime lord. His actions trigger a turf war putting his life in peril.

  • S06E08 Ultimatum

    • November 13, 2009
    • CBS

    While tracking down a felon running a heroin ring inside a prison, Agent Ian Edgerton becomes a murder suspect when the informant he meets with ends up dead, sending a desperate Edgerton over the edge when he takes a member of Don's team hostage.

  • S06E09 Con Job

    • November 20, 2009
    • CBS

    Charlie and Don reluctantly enlist the help of imprisoned con man John Buckley to help them catch a crook who's using Buckley's M.O. to rob the Diamond Exchange..

  • S06E10 Old Soldiers

    • December 4, 2009
    • CBS

    When the team foils a robbery of an armored car full of Federal Reserve money and recover bills that trace back to the infamous D.B. Cooper heist, they call on Agent Roger Bloom, who worked on the Cooper case, for help with the investigation. Henry Winkler returns as former FBI Agent Roger Bloom, and Michael Hogan, the uncle of the slain armored car driver and a key player in the investigation.

  • S06E11 Scratch

    • January 8, 2010
    • CBS

    Charlie meets his mathematical equivalent when LOTTERY AGENT JANE assists in the investigation into a complex scam that involves thefts of unsold lottery tickets.

  • S06E12 Arm in Arms

    • January 15, 2010
    • CBS

    The gang uses their math--and a reluctant gun merchant named RANDALL P. -- to track down a missing shipment of new, deadly but defective assault weapons which are hidden among the thousands of containers in one of L.A.'s busiest ports.

  • S06E13 Devil Girl

    • January 29, 2010
    • CBS

    The Numbers team tracks a serial killer who targets johns.

  • S06E14 And The Winner Is...

    • February 5, 2010
    • CBS

    The Numbers team hunts for a gang of criminals who targeted an unlikely scene of the crime: a televised entertainment awards show.

  • S06E15 Growin' Up

    • March 5, 2010
    • CBS

    The team investigates the deaths of two men who were part of a group of friends that had been sexually assaulted by a teacher when they were young boys. Also, Charlie and Amita get a fantastic job opportunity that could put a wrinkle in their wedding plans.

  • S06E16 Cause and Effect

    • March 12, 2010
    • CBS

    After Charlie and Amita get married and begin preparations for their London adventure, they put a slight hold on their wedded bliss when they assist the team in helping Don track down the whereabouts of his gun after it goes missing.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Unaired Pilot

    • January 1, 2005

    Unaired pilot of the series. Starring Gabriel Macht (Suits) as Don and Len Cariou (Blue Bloods) as Alan.