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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot (1)

    • June 26, 2000
    • Showtime

    Carlos trains for a boxing match, securing his position as challenger in a championship title match. Victoria catches Jaime with another female and results in Jaime striking Victoria. Carlos takes matters into his own hands and quickly makes an enemy out of Jaime, whose retaliation affects Carlos' boxing career. Paralegal Yolanda grows fond of Peter at the law firm. Alex begins dating a classmate, Nicole.

  • S01E02 Pilot (2)

    • June 26, 2000
    • Showtime

    Once Alex realizes that Carlos will not be able to continue his boxing career, he drops out of school and steps into the ring to prove himself as a professional boxer and to help support the family. Suspecting that Jamie was responsible for Carlos' injuries, Victoria hopes to coerce a confession from Jaime and meets him on a bridge. He discovers her scheme and disrespects her. After she flees, Ruben emerges from the shadows and throws Jaime off the bridge.

  • S01E03 Sueños

    • July 3, 2000
    • Showtime

    Alex begins his training as a professional boxer, with Roberto taking care of business affairs as well as oversight of his training. Yolanda applies for law school. Carlos endures the reality of his boxing career and grows distant with the family and Carmen. Victoria receives a visit from the police who are investigating Jaime's death. Roberto learns the extent of her involvement in the incident.

  • S01E04 El Baile

    • July 10, 2000
    • Showtime

    Eddie approaches Alex and courts him as a prospective promoter. Carlos grows more distant with Carmen, who escapes to a club and becomes intoxicated. Vicki confides to Ruben while Bibi helps Yolanda prepare for a romantic evening with Peter. Carlos ties up some loose ends.

  • S01E05 El Regreso de Paco

    • July 17, 2000
    • Showtime

    Bibi's ex-husband, Paco, returns on parole, legitimately employed as a chef's apprentice. Jack Mornet takes a professional interest in Alex. Yolanda is accepted into law school and makes plans to celebrate the occasion with Peter. Alex endures racial epithets upon meeting with Nicole at the park. She is stunned over his reaction and friction results between them. The Santiago family is reunited with Paco, but Roberto maintains his reservations about him. Paco insists on treating the family out to a dinner celebration in Yolanda's honor. Roberto seeks Peter's assessment on contractual matters much to Yolanda's displeasure.

  • S01E06 Negro y Moreno

    • July 24, 2000
    • Showtime

    Not appreciating of the treatment of the kitchen workers, Paco finds himself in a physical confrontation with the manager, and is promptly fired. Desperate to avoid returning to prison for violating his parole, he enlists the help of Yolanda. Roberto agrees to have Jack Mornet represent Alex, who promptly arranges his first prolific match. Yolanda and Peter face a difficult decision. Carlos physically defends the honor of a woman at a strip club, only to find out later that the man he scuffled with is a cop.

  • S01E07 Dos Padres

    • July 31, 2000
    • Showtime

    Bibi and Paco grow closer even as he intensifies his search for a new job. Miguel arranges press coverage for Alex. Roberto notices Cynthia behind the counter at the panaderia (bakery), who receives a troubling telephone call. He offers a sympathetic ear. Bibi becomes aware of Paco's indiscretion. Paco turns to the liquor bottle for solace. Despite Carlos' best efforts to dissuade him at a bar, Paco's intoxicated belligerence sends him into the night and straight to Bibi and Tommy.

  • S01E08 Luchando

    • August 7, 2000
    • Showtime

    Bibi arrives home early from the beauty shop and discovers Tommy smoking marijuana with a friend. An illegal immigrant, Salvador, is found sleeping at the gym by Miguel and Alex and they offer him a maintenance position. Roberto's interest in Cynthia strengthens with his daily visits to the panaderia (bakery). In an effort to promote Alex, Miguel schedules a photo shoot for him against Roberto's wishes and Jack's approval. Yolanda is assigned to client Aaron Cross, who shows a more personal interest in her. Cynthia's unexpected visit during dinner peaks the family's curiosity. Carlos attempts to outmaneuver Eric.

  • S01E09 Cholitas

    • August 14, 2000
    • Showtime

    Bibi learns from Tommy's school counselor that he has been offered an internship in Boston and Tommy is torn over his decision. Yolanda continues to be pursued by Aaron Cross, who lavishes the Santiago household with his personal staff. Carlos decides to train for a comeback, much to the family's displeasure. After discussing their age difference, Roberto agrees to go out on a date with Cynthia, and he comes to realize a few things. Victoria scuffles in school with a girl who aspires to join an all girl gang, ready to endure a physical beating to herald her membership. Victoria comes to her defense, only to be involved in a police seizure.

  • S01E10 Mascaras

    • August 21, 2000
    • Showtime

    Yolanda bails Victoria out of jail although Victoria remains concerned about Sookie. Victoria attempts to support her situation and invites her over for dinner. Yolanda warns Victoria that girls like Sookie are troublesome and compares Victoria's actions to their mother. While Yolanda concedes to visiting their mother's grave every Saturday, Victoria admits that she has not since her funeral. Yolanda maintains hope that Peter will return. Alex catches the eye of a female interviewer, Toni, who takes a more personal interest in him outside of the ring.

  • S01E11 Hermanos

    • August 28, 2000
    • Showtime

    This episode is dedicated to all the American casualties of war, both living and deceased. Ruben receives a letter from Charles Adams, an army soldier he served with in Vietnam. He is dying and Ruben immediately leaves to spend the last days of his life with him at the veterans hospital. At his insistence, Miguel allows Salvador to repair the steam room at the gym and later extends a dinner invitation as a gesture of appreciation. Alex continues to intimately indulge with Toni, neglecting to notify the family of his whereabouts. Carlos continues to train for his return to the boxing ring, much to Roberto's discouragement. At dinner, Roberto rudely objects to Salvador's presence and the family soon becomes aware of Ruben's absence. Roberto appreciates Salvador's and Bibi's involvement in the exhaustive and emotionally passionate search for Ruben.

  • S01E12 Aniversario

    • September 4, 2000
    • Showtime

    The family prepares for the first anniversary of Teresa's death. Although Yolanda and Bibi plan a party to celebrate her life, Roberto is vehemently against the idea and lashes out at Bibi. Through Yolanda's intervention, Roberto apologizes to Bibi and they spend the day reminiscing about Teresa. Carlos postures with rival boxer Joey Rock, who helps him see the reality of his professional boxing career. Jack presents Alex with a new car and Roberto later expresses his displeasure of the gift with Miguel. Alex tells Miguel that he is considering moving out. Alex draws the line with Toni after she coordinates an intimate idea. Victoria endures the process of dealing with the death of her mother.

  • S01E13 Comenzando De Nuevo

    • September 11, 2000
    • Showtime

    Alex clashes with Roberto over training issues and his discipline, prompting him to consider his options. Bibi confides to Yolanda about the beauty shop's degree of business and how she misses Tommy, but assures her that she will be fine. Miguel is reminded by both Carlos and Alex of his shortcomings. Carlos secures a boxing match in Tijuana, and endures the consequences to his actions.

  • S01E14 Revelaciones

    • December 4, 2000
    • Showtime

    Carlos recovers in the hospital and the family maintains their supporting presence. Victoria blames herself for Carlos' physical condition. Yolanda believes to have discovered a procedural error at the firm and attempts to rectify the situation. Alex secures an apartment and Salvador inadvertently reminds him of the bond between father and son. Victoria deals with the situation between Ramón and herself.

  • S01E15 Las Manos de Piedra

    • December 11, 2000
    • Showtime

    Carlos decides on surgery, and the family continues to support him. Roberto decides to use Alex's boxing assets as collateral for a loan to pay for the operation, and learns about Jack's management strategies in the process. Yolanda learns the scope of her inquisitiveness at the firm, and its price. Salvador's status catches up with him.

  • S01E16 No Te Muevas

    • December 18, 2000
    • Showtime

    Carlos becomes intrigued by Sulinda, after she assists him at the hospital. Roberto becomes bartender at the Cantina Minerva after a chance observation and learns from Julia that Cynthia frequents the establishment. Alex finds himself in a legal bind and turns to Yolanda for help. Bibi informs Roberto of her parents' intent to visit.

  • S01E17 Lagrimas en el Cielo

    • January 1, 2001
    • Showtime

    Yolanda moves on in her personal life and encounters Joseph at Cantina Minerva. Carlos spends quality time with Adam, and learns the true meaning of responsibility. Alex deals with a situation gone wrong, which Jack holds Miguel responsible.

  • S01E18 La Visita

    • January 8, 2001
    • Showtime

    Bibi's business is in financial difficulty and she faces the reality of losing the shop. Bibi's parents make a surprise visit which evokes varied reactions from everyone. Rosa's adulation and comparisons between Teresa and Bibi is more than Bibi can stand.

  • S01E19 Un Pacto con el Diablo

    • January 15, 2001
    • Showtime

    Jack offers Alex a championship title fight. Bibi enlists Paulie's aid in straightening her finances, and he attempts to take advantage of the situation. Yolanda finds herself in a financial predicament and seeks consoling with Joseph. Karen offers Yolanda an ultimatum. Alex and Carlos begin to learn about Jack's strategies and Jack does some maneuvering of his own.

  • S01E20 Juntos

    • January 22, 2001
    • Showtime

    In the first-season finale, Alex nervously prepares for his big championship fight and finally confronts Jack Mornay, which leads to an unexpected turn of events. Paulie informs Bibi that she must close her troubled business - ""Bibi's Beauty Boutique"" - because her building has been sold. Miguel returns back home. Alex loses his chance to win a championship title.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Arriba y Abajo

    • June 26, 2001
    • Showtime

    Carlos finally recovers from his gunshot wound that he received nearly a year ago. The former middleweight championship contender is officially back and a force to be reckoned with. His love affair with Sulinda Serrano finishes when her husband returns back home wanting a reconciliation. Determined to finally make his own way, Miguel secures a promoter's license and enlists Carlos and Joey Rock as his first clients. Joey leaves him no answer. Yolanda enters law school and meets a young man who is a classmate named Luke Bonner. Bibi loses her beauty salon business and is forced to make ends meet by cutting hair from her home. In the process of seeking her deposit money for the property, she meets real estate entrepeneur Lawrence Hill whom she becomes involved with. Alex returns home after being robbed of the championship title. Disillusioned and ashamed, he runs afoul of the law by drinking too much of alchocol. Victoria, who now wants a car of her own, takes Roberto's suggestion and ge

  • S02E02 La Agonia y el Extasis

    • July 3, 2001
    • Showtime

    Alex spends the night in jail recovering from a hangover and makes bail. Victoria starts her new job at a Beverly Hills Boutique and is shown the ropes of not only the job but of the nightlife on the West Side of town. Miguel tells Yolanda about Lukes's past and forbids her to date him. At law school, Luke and Yolanda are paired in a class assignment. Bibi finds herself being wined and dined by Lawrence Hill, who seems to be smitten with her. Sulinda's husband approaches Carlos wanting him to step out of their life so he can be a part of Sulinda's and Adam's lives once again. Carlos, seeing them happy together, reluctantly does the right thing and leaves Sulinda. Jake Mornay, Jack's son, and his thugs, lie in wait for Miguel outside the gym at night and beat him savagely.

  • S02E03 Diez y Ocho

    • July 10, 2001
    • Showtime

    Miguel reveals to the family that he was badly beaten by Mornay's thugs. He does not wants to have any problems so he asks that Carlos, Roberto and Alex not retaliate for fear of harm coming to Victoria and Yolanda. Lawrence destroys Bibi's dream but gives her another. He asks her to manage his Latin music night club. Alex goes to public defender Nano Cruz for help on his arrest on assault and battery on a police officer charge. Carlos continues his rigourous training. Mornay is putting obstacles in the way of the Santiagos. Luke tells Yolanda about his past. Victoria falls for Jorge Martinez, a young handsome record producer she meets at the Club Soul. At a surprise party for Victoria, Luke gets to meet the family and confides to Alex that he knows about the arrest. Victoria never comes homes to her surprise party. She picks up Jorge at the Club Soul and they go to his place for a night of passionate lovemaking that initiates her into womanhood.

  • S02E04 Secretos, Mentiras, y Expectativas

    • July 17, 2001
    • Showtime

    A young man, Joe Rubalcaba, is accused of murder, when a weapon with his prints is found in his car during a routine stop. Yolanda is asked to help Karen, her supervisor at the law firm with the Rubalcaba case. An unguarded comment said by Luke to Yolanda becomes the key to Rubalcaba's release, causing a rift in their relationship. Lawrence talks Bibi into taking the position of general manager of his Salsa music nightclub. After a few weeks of bliss, Jorge dismisses Victoria. In the gym, Alex lashes out at Carlos's seemingly easy success. and later gets into a vicious argument with Victoria when she arrives home late after partying.

  • S02E05 Los Guardias

    • July 24, 2001
    • Showtime

    Tio Ruben helps little children at a dangerous intersection in desperate need of a school crossing guard. Ruben makes himself a makeshift school guard outfit and helps the children cross the street safely until parents and the school's principal ask him to stop. He is forcibly removed by the police when the principal of the school asks him to leave and Ruben doesn't. Victoria is distraught over her relationship with a Jorge, the record producer. Bibi makes preparations with Lawrence for the opening of the club Mascaras. Roberto invites Cynthia parent's over to the Santiago home for dinner. Everything seemingly goes wrong during dinner when Roberto tries to impress Cynthia 's parents who are younger than him.

  • S02E06 Sangre de la Mano

    • July 31, 2001
    • Showtime

    A restless night for the Santiagos on the eve of a title bout for Carlos and Joey. If Carlos loses this fight, his career is over. Roberto faces his own prejudice when he objects to Bibi dating Lawrence because he is African-American. Alex is sent to a retirement home to serve his sentence of community service where he is forced to wash floors, clean toilets and prepare meals. Carlos and Joey Rock win their respective title bouts and Jack Mornay loses face at the fight arena that almost results in a violent confrontation. Joey is happy when he gets his first payments, and it's a lot of money. Jake Mornay and his thugs wait for Miguel and Joey outside and drag them into a car. When they come to some unknowned place Jake Mornay takes a hammer and slams Joey's hand.

  • S02E07 Con Cuidado

    • August 7, 2001
    • Showtime

    Joey Rock's shattered hand shatters Miguel's emotional state over his kidnapping and assault by Jake Mornay. Joey's hand is permanently damaged and he will never box again. Miguel confides to his family about what happend with Joey and tells them the reason why he did not called the police - Jake Mornay threated him to kill his sister if he goes to police. Bibi and Lawrence have a grand opening of their nightclub. Jane tells to Bibi that they have no band to play, so singer Joy Enriguez makes a last minute appearance in the club.Victoria passes out in the bathroom of the club from an overdose of drugs and booze but is rescued by the quick thinking of Cynthia with help from Alex. At a romantic harbor restaurant, Bibi and Lawrence are surprised by Paco who is now the chef of the upscale eatery.

  • S02E08 Mano a Mano

    • August 14, 2001
    • Showtime

    Lawrence asks Bibi to go to New York with him but after much thought she tells him that she does not love him. Bibi is reunited with Paco whom she still loves, but he tells her he must go it alone for now on his road to recovery. Luke and Yolanda declare their love. Joey Rock without telling Miguel, abducts Jack Mornay and takes him to an isolated ranch. Miguel tries to calm Joey down and save Jack. Joey calms down, but shoots Jack in the hand as pay back for what was done to his hand.

  • S02E09 El Que Necesita

    • August 21, 2001
    • Showtime

    Miguel suffers recurring nightmares over the trauma of abduction and the shooting of Jack Mornay by Joey Rock. Jake Mornay questions Miguel at gunpoint over his involvement in the shooting. Luke's police partner leaves him defenseless during a shoot out with a robbery suspect. Alex helps Mrs. De La Vega, a widowed but attractive older woman. Luke confides in Yolanda and they make love. Jorge visits Victoria at the boutigue and later at home in an effort to win her back.

  • S02E10 Partida

    • August 28, 2001
    • Showtime

    Roberto assaults Jorge when he brings Victoria home at 5:30 in the morning. Ritter proposes a fight for Carlos but Miguel and Roberto turn him down. Cynthia wants to have a baby with Roberto but Roberto says he has had enough children. Luke confronts his partner over the veracity of the shooting report. Ritter tells Carlos about the fight his brother and father turned down and Carlos becomes incensed. Roberto meets Cynthia's friends at Bibi's club and the generation gap becomes most apparent and he feels out of place. Victoria leaves her house when her father tells her she can't live there unless she obeys the rules. She gathers her things and runs to Jorge's apartment.

  • S02E11 Mi Padre

    • September 4, 2001
    • Showtime

    Miguel and Roberto make a deal with Ritter for a boxing match for Carlos. Luke and Yolanda make love. Yolanda decides to go with Luke to Sacarmento to visit his foster father Bob Norales. Bibi offers Kayla, a waitress at Mascaras, a place to stay, when she finds out that she has been living out of her car. Jorge doesn't know if rooming with Victoria is going to work out.

  • S02E12 El Mejor Amigo del Hombre

    • September 11, 2001
    • Showtime

    Roberto is worried and tells Miguel that they should cancel the fight. Carlos daydreams of his opponent and the championship. An ailing Bob asks Luke if he loves Yolanda. Bob does not want Luke to stay , but despite some protests Luke decides to saty and help his foster father Bob get through this debilitating illness. Miguel finds a dog and brings it home but the dog growls at Roberto who wants the dog out of the house. Miguel takes the dog to the pound and is about to leave him when he meets Olivia, a woman who works there and changes his mind. He is taken in by the beautiful Olivia and he asks her out for a date. Alex saves the life of Guy during an emergency at the Mascaras nightclub. Carlos takes on a championship fight with Bryant and is almost about to lose when at the last minute he wins the fight.

  • S02E13 La Nina Perdida

    • September 18, 2001
    • Showtime

    Bibi's old friend Adele, who is now a social worker, comes by for lunch and asks Bibi to take in an abandoned baby for a few days. Adele brings a baby girl to Bibi and Bibi later gets along with baby. Bibi asks Miguel and Ruben to take care of the baby while she takes care of some club business. Adele comes over and tells Bibi that the baby girl may go on the fast track adoption list. Roberto tries to convince Bibi not to adopt the baby, but Bibi is convinced to do that. She's dissapointed when Adele returns back and tells her that the baby's mother wants her baby back. Victoria tells her boyfriend Jorge that living in his apartment is not working out and that she is returning home. Bibi tells the baby that she'll always love her but has to give her back to her mother. Roberto welcomes Victoria home. Alex tries to reapply for Medical school but has to wait until next semester.

  • S02E14 Lito

    • September 25, 2001
    • Showtime

    Rosa and Enrique come to visit Bibi and confide to Roberto that Enrique is dying of Prostate cancer and heart disease. Roberto is prompted to tell Bibi who resents the fact that Roberto did not tell her right away and more so that her mother Rosa did not tell her. It is decided to hold a 49th wedding anniversdary party for Rosa and Enrique. Bibi Volunteers her club. Rosa and Enrique have the time of their lives. Bibi and Rosa still have unresolved differences that they put on hold for now. Enrique sucumbs to his illness overnight and Rosa and Bibi come to an understanding through their mutual loss.

  • S02E15 A Puro Dolor

    • October 2, 2001
    • Showtime

    Alex meets Ray's wife Tiffany. A beautiful woman Maria at Bibi's night club ""Mascaras"" fixates on Carlos whom he finds to his liking. Slowly she becomes obsessed and possessive of him to the point it turns into a fatal attraction. Guy Ross, the man who Alex saved his life, gets Alex a job at the warehouse office, but Alex decides to let that place to his friend with who he is working. Yolanda thinks that Luke is seeing someone else and after he catches him with another woman talking she leaves him, not even knowing that woman that was with Luke was really just a friends that brought him a rig for Yolanda - Luke wants to marry Yolanda.Carlos leaves Maria who later gets drunk and agry. She takes her gun and threatens to kill Carlos and Yolanda. After Carlos and Maria stay alone, Yolanda calls police. Maria tries to kill herself when police comes, but Carlos saves her in the write time.

  • S02E16 Saliendo

    • October 9, 2001
    • Showtime

    The whole Thanksgiving day beginns in Santiago house where Victoria, Yolanda and other family members make a big lunch. Bibi is nervous because her son Tommy is coming home from school in Boston. Luke asks Roberto for his blessing so he could ask Yolanda to marry him. Tommy finally comes back home with a schoolmate named Jeff. Bibi is suspicious about Tommy being gay when she catches him and Jeff in some unusual situations. Tommy finally reveals to his mother that he is gay. Paco is happy that he's son is back, but he gets furious when he finds out that Tommy is gay. Luke asks Yolanda to marry him and she answers him with a kiss. After a big fight on Thanksgiving day, Paco leaves the house furious because his son is gay. In the middle of all this family tumoil, Luke and Yolanda announce their engagment and everybody is happy for them.

  • S02E17 Bruja

    • October 16, 2001
    • Showtime

    A mysterious woman, Lupe Baca, shows up at the Santiago house claiming she has a mesasge from their dead mother, wife and sister Teresa. This woman's arrival affects Roberto and Victoria the most, who still have unresolved feelings about Teresa's passing. Cynthia leaves Roberto for she feels he will never let go of the spirit of his dead wife Teresa and there is no room in his heart for anyone else. In the course of finding out the truth of what this woman has to say, each family member discovers a little about themselves.

  • S02E18 Compadres

    • October 23, 2001
    • Showtime

    Roberto and Ruben check out their mail and Roberto finds out that his former high school buddy Armando Lamas is getting married a girl named Kelly Wilson. He decides to not go to the wedding, but later chages his mind and decides to throw a party at the Santiago house for Armando and all their school buddies. Father Mario Reyes, who comes first, tells him that throwing a party for everyone was not the best idea. Soon J. D. Obregon arrives in a flamboyant Lowrider automobile he has owned since high school, along with Paulie, who use to be Roberto's one-time promoter and Frankie Rojas. Armando, the guest of honor, now a successful businessman arrives dressed in a Armani suit and driving a BMW. They sattle back in the yard, start playing poker, laugh drenched in a beer, seep through long held secrets and bitter disappointments. Hector sends to the gang a girl dancer that later turns out to be a strip girl because he could not come. Alex comes by and discovers that the strip girl is really

  • S02E19 Ansiedad

    • October 30, 2001
    • Showtime

    Miguel comes to gym to tell Roberto some important news about Carlos's fight. Roberto happily announces that Carlos is fighting for the championship. He collapses from chest pains outside the gym and Miguel sees him and drives him to doctor. The doctors explain to Roberto how serious his condition is. Miguel watches Carlos spar in the gym but sees that he is not concentrating. Miguel tries to buy some time by sending the contracts back to the promoter on a technicality, what drives Roberto crazy. Bibi gives Kayla an opportunity for a new job with a publishing company as a writer in Atlanta. Kayla is mad at Bibi because she interferes in her life. Yolanda and her old school friend Sandra are busy making preparations for her marriage to Luke. Roberto gets surprised when he sees Yolanda trying on her mother's wedding dress. Nate Khane, the promoter, comes over to the house to meet the man who sent back the contract. Alex wants to have a good preparation for his entrance exam so he and som

  • S02E20 La Gran Pelea

    • November 6, 2001
    • Showtime

    In the beginning of 2nd season finale Carlos trains for his fig fight. Yolanda and Luke talk with father Mario Reyes about their wedding. Vivian calls Alex and gives him an sudgestion to study together in the same hotel room they studied couple days ago, because the test is very near. Later she tries to attract him by getting her blouse unbuttoned, but he sleeps and misses everything. Roberto is surprised to see Bobby Davis getting Carlos prepared for the fight. Later he gets into a fight with Bibi. Alex tells Vivian that he made big mistakes with women before and that he does not wants to make a new mistake with her. Yolanda has some second tphoughts about her upcoming wedding but Victoria insures her that it will all be just fine. As the big event starts, Ray Mancini and Tom Kelly give their comments for television and radio. The big fight starts and Johnny leads in first 2 rounds. Everyone is worried because Carlos does nothing to win. As the rounds go by, Carlos tries to tire Johnn

Season 3

  • S03E01 En un Momento

    • June 26, 2002
    • Showtime

    Carlos has great news of his own as he announces to his buddies that he is appearing on the ""Late Late Show"" with Craig Kilborn only to be embarrassed as he is pre-empted by an orangutan appearing on the show. Ezekiel ""Zeke"" Grant, an ex-con whom Roberto and Bobby Davis know from his days as a World Champ. Despite Bobby's suspicions, Roberto takes compassion on Zeke and offers the ex-champ a job. In the meantime, Bibi and Victoria are busy planning Yolanda's wedding shower and bachelorette party. Carlos, Miguel and Alex are similarly planning Luke's bachelor party. The bachelorette party is celebrated at Bibi's Mascaras Nightclub where Bibi surprises Yolanda by arranging a surprise appearance by Jose Feliciano.

  • S03E02 Esperando Lagrimas

    • July 3, 2002
    • Showtime

    The family is concerned about Yolanda coping with Luke's murder. Meanwhile, Miguel has some concerns of his own, perplexed and confused by his girlfriend's withdrawn attitude. Olivia seems to be keeping something from him and it is affecting their relationship. Alex meets Dr. Roberta Pool at an ELA Clinic where he hopes to work. But, he has second thoughts about working there after he finds the environment not exactly to his liking. Zeke is now working at Roberto's gym and Bobby Davis adamantly distrusts him. Bibi and Miguel are shocked when they learn about Zeke's past. And Miguel is surprised as he learns what was bothering Olivia. Nearly firing his want-a-be PR person, Carlos agrees to give him one more chance only to be embarrassed by what was supposed to be a ""really big"" commercial gig. The entire Santiago family is stunned and embarrassed for him and no one is laughing. No one except…Yolanda.

  • S03E03 La Guerra de Bibi

    • July 10, 2002
    • Showtime

    Miguel is the happiest he has ever been after discovering he is a soon-to-be father, Bibi finds herself involved in a petty but nasty confrontation with her next-door neighbor Lupe.

  • S03E04 Un Miembro de la Familia

    • July 17, 2002
    • Showtime

    Carlos Santiago anticipates making his big move from his East L.A family home into his own Brentwood condominium, while change is also in store for Miguel who announces to Carlos, younger sister Victoria and younger brother Alex that his girlfriend is pregnant.

  • S03E05 Nino del Polvo

    • July 24, 2002
    • Showtime

    Carlos Santiago is proclaimed ""East L.A.'s Hometown Hero,"" but his fame goes sour after he proudly tells a reporter he is moving out of East L.A., while Bibi continues to deal with Paulie, who is trying to convince her to book some of his acts at her club.

  • S03E06 Las Tristesas de Zeke

    • July 31, 2002
    • Showtime

    Carlos Santiago is facing his first World Champ title defense match, while Victoria is convinced to go on a modeling audition, and Yolanda hears news about Luke's murderers.

  • S03E07 Justicia

    • August 7, 2002
    • Showtime

    Yolanda decides not to attend the trial of Luke's killers, Alex is told to train his replacement and Zeke makes a call that will change his life.

  • S03E08 Pararse

    • August 14, 2002
    • Showtime

    Bibi receives a special birthday surprise from her nephew Carlos, while Victoria becomes a school hero for her fight for student rights. In the meantime, tensions arise at a family picnic.

  • S03E09 El Gato, El Vato, La Cena y El Padre

    • August 21, 2002
    • Showtime

    Miguel and Olivia decide to get married, and enlist Roberto's help in getting everyone in the Santiago family to a family dinner planned for Olivia's parents who are in town that weekend.

  • S03E10 Engano

    • August 28, 2002
    • Showtime

    rift breaks out between Yolanda and Victoria over a political campaign, while Alex is alarmed at the consequences of a decision at the clinic and Carlos is paid a not-so-welcomed visit by Odell Mason, who is collecting on his debt.

  • S03E11 Un Amigo Viejo

    • September 4, 2002
    • Showtime

    Bibi bumps into an old family friend, John Ramos, while Alex feels guilty and helpless about Dr. Pool's dilemma with the law and Carlos is desperate for money as his gambling habit spirals out of control.

  • S03E12 Verguenza

    • September 11, 2002
    • Showtime

    Bibi tries to cope with her traumatic experience, while Carlos slacks off before his big fight, and Ruben befriends Martin, a homeless man who begins to take over the Santiago household.

  • S03E13 Resureccion

    • September 18, 2002
    • Showtime

    After telling Yolanda about the rape, Bibi decides to confront her attacker. Odell reminds Carlos of his debt.