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Stephen E. Miller




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Dead Zone The Siege August 11, 2002 Guest Star
Da Vinci's Inquest Gather Up All The Little People January 21, 2002 Writer
So Weird The Muse April 6, 2001 Guest Star
First Wave Still At Large October 18, 2000 Guest Star
Hollywood Off Ramp The Ultimate Question August 14, 2000 Guest Star
First Wave Joshua November 4, 1998 Guest Star
Welcome To Paradox The Winner August 31, 1998 Guest Star
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Honey, They Call Me the Space Cowboy November 22, 1997 Guest Star
Millennium Pilot October 25, 1996 Guest Star
The X-Files Piper Maru (1) February 9, 1996 Guest Star
Two Leap of Faith January 16, 1996 Guest Star
The Commish Who Do You Trust? October 22, 1994 Guest Star
The X-Files Duane Barry (1) October 14, 1994 Guest Star
The Commish Bank Job February 26, 1994 Guest Star
The X-Files Pilot September 10, 1993 Guest Star
Highlander: The Series Deadly Medicine November 21, 1992 Guest Star
Street Justice Bashing November 30, 1991 Guest Star
Bordertown The Heart of Adventure June 1, 1990 Guest Star
Booker Crazy April 15, 1990 Guest Star
Booker The Life and Death of Chick Sterling February 11, 1990 Guest Star
Danger Bay Harry's Ark October 31, 1988 Guest Star
MacGyver The Endangered May 2, 1988 Guest Star
Madison The Girl Most Likely Guest Star