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Bruce Boxleitner




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
When Calls the Heart Hope is With the Heart May 19, 2019 Guest Star
Supergirl Ahimsa November 4, 2018 Guest Star
Supergirl Fallout October 21, 2018 Guest Star
Hallmark Countdown to Valentines So You Said Yes February 7, 2015 Guest Star
GCB Sex is Divine April 8, 2012 Guest Star
GCB A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing March 25, 2012 Guest Star
NCIS Broken Arrow November 9, 2010 Guest Star
Heroes Acceptance October 5, 2009 Guest Star
Chuck Chuck Versus the Sensei December 1, 2008 Guest Star
Cold Case The Good-Bye Room March 4, 2007 Guest Star
Mystery Woman Wild West Mystery March 18, 2006 Guest Star
Commander In Chief First Choice October 4, 2005 Guest Star
Crossing Jordan Family Affair January 30, 2005 Guest Star
She Spies Off with Her Head November 17, 2003 Guest Star
She Spies Rane of Terror September 22, 2003 Guest Star
The Outer Limits (1995) Decompression June 30, 2000 Guest Star
Touched by an Angel The Peacemaker November 22, 1998 Guest Star
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp: Return To Tombstone July 1, 1994 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice February 10, 1994 Guest Star
Tales from the Crypt Top Billing June 26, 1991 Guest Star
Battle of the Network Stars Battle of the Network Stars XIII October 1, 1982 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O The Capsule Kidnapping February 12, 1976 Guest Star
Baretta The Left Hand of the Devil January 7, 1976 Guest Star
Police Woman Paradise Mall September 26, 1975 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The Sharecroppers March 31, 1975 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O And The Horse Jumped Over The Moon February 18, 1975 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O We Hang Our Own October 22, 1974 Guest Star
The Mary Tyler Moore Show I Gave at the Office December 8, 1973 Guest Star