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John Orchard



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Remington Steele Sting of Steele April 5, 1983 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Captain's Outrageous December 10, 1979 Guest Star
Baretta Hot Horse January 4, 1978 Guest Star
Switch The Pirates of Tin Pan Alley September 21, 1976 Guest Star
Cannon Kelly's Song September 11, 1974 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O Murder With A Golden Touch January 29, 1974 Guest Star
Search The Packagers April 11, 1973 Guest Star
Ironside Shadow Soldiers December 21, 1972 Guest Star
Columbo Dagger of the Mind November 26, 1972 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Sarah October 16, 1972 Guest Star
The Persuaders! The Man in the Middle December 17, 1971 Guest Star
The Young Rebels Stalemate November 22, 1970 Guest Star
Ironside Return to Fiji February 12, 1970 Guest Star
Mannix All Around the Money Tree February 22, 1969 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes My Favorite Prisoner January 25, 1969 Guest Star
Get Smart Run, Robot, Run March 2, 1968 Guest Star
Daniel Boone The King's Shilling October 19, 1967 Guest Star
Mission: Impossible The Widow September 10, 1967 Guest Star
The Time Tunnel The Revenge of Robin Hood December 30, 1966 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes Klink's Rocket December 16, 1966 Guest Star
Jericho Four O'Clock Bomb to London December 1, 1966 Guest Star
The Big Valley Barbary Red February 16, 1966 Guest Star
I Spy Affair in T'Sien Cha December 29, 1965 Guest Star
Daniel Boone The Perilous Journey December 16, 1965 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes The Prisoner's Prisoner October 22, 1965 Guest Star
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Gazebo in the Maze Affair April 5, 1965 Guest Star
Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre The War and Eric Kurtz March 5, 1965 Guest Star
The Rogues The Laughing Lady of Luxor February 21, 1965 Guest Star
The Rogues House of Cards October 11, 1964 Guest Star
Combat! What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (1) March 3, 1964 Guest Star