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The Karate Kid Franchise

The Karate Kid is an American martial arts drama franchise created by Robert Mark Kamen. The series follows the journey of various coming-of-age teenagers who are taught in the ways of martial arts by an experienced mentor in order to stand up for themselves after being bullied, or assert their dominance towards others.

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The Karate Kid


In September 1984, 17-year-old Daniel LaRusso moves with his mother Lucille from Newark, New Jersey to Reseda, Los Angeles, California. Their apartment's handyman is an eccentric but kindly and humble Okinawa Prefecture immigrant named Keisuke Miyagi.

The Karate Kid, Part II


Shortly after the All-Valley Karate Tournament, sensei John Kreese becomes furious and attacks Johnny in the parking lot. Miyagi confronts Kreese and passively immobilizes him. Miyagi threatens to strike a deadly blow but instead comically tweaks Kreese's nose and walks away.

The Karate Kid Part III


Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese is now broke and destitute after losing all of his students. He visits his Vietnam War comrade, Terry Silver, a wealthy businessman who founded the Cobra Kai and now owns a toxic-waste disposal business. Silver vows to personally help him get revenge on Daniel and Mr. Miyagi and re-establish the Cobra Kai, sending Kreese on vacation to Tahiti to rest and recuperate.

The Karate Kid


Based on "The Karate Kid" films, this 1989 animated series featured Daniel LaRusso (voiced by Joey Dedio) and his mentor Keisuke Miyagi (voiced by Robert Ito) abandoning the karate tournament motif for an adventure/quest setting. A miniature shrine with magic powers has been taken from its resting place on Okinawa, and it's up to Miyagi and Daniel to recover it. Together with an Okinawan girl, Taki Tamurai (voiced by Janice Kawaye), the karatekas search the globe and, naturally, encounter several opportunities to chop and kick their way out of trouble.

The Next Karate Kid


Mr. Miyagi travels to Boston to attend a commendation for Japanese-American soldiers, who fought in the 442nd Infantry Regiment (United States) during World War II. He meets Louisa Pierce, the widow of his commanding officer, Lieutenant Jack Pierce. At Pierce's home, they catch up on old times and war stories.

Cobra Kai


Decades after the tournament that changed their lives, the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel reignites in this sequel to the "Karate Kid" films. More than 30 years ago, one of them took second place. This time, he wants to win — and he's got nothing left to lose.