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Season 1

  • S01E01 All The Kings Men

    • June 10, 1991
    • ITV1

    Company ""A"" of the Kings Fusiliers have returned from a tour of duty in Northern Ireland, all except Sergeant Bramley who was killed by a snipers bullet just before they left. Soldiers of every rank in the Company have to come to terms with returning home and the loss of their collegue but some find it more difficult than others.

  • S01E02 Fun And Games

    • June 17, 1991
    • ITV1

    Major Cadman has a fight on his hands with his counterpart, Major Bird of ""D"" Company, not only in the patrol competition, but for the affections of his wife. Bird loses both and Cadman and Laura decide to make a go of their marriage.

  • S01E03 Dirty Work

    • June 24, 1991
    • ITV1

    Company ""A"" are involved in helping with refuse collection from hospitals and schools during the refuse workers strike. None of the mare happy, least of all Company Sergeant Major Henwood, whose brother is one of the strikers. Tucker gets blood-poisoning and his wife, who is bored with army llife, is finally found having a night out in an out of bounds club.

  • S01E04 Fighting Spirit

    • July 1, 1991
    • ITV1

    When Corporal Tony Wilton, the Kings Fusiliers top boxer, is knocked out of the team, Garvey and Tucker plan a betting coup. Their scheme is wrecked,however, when in a shock development Wilton is recalled. Meanwhile the wives and Nancy find an acrobatic way of witnessing the men - only the climatic final.

  • S01E05 Battlefields

    • July 8, 1991
    • ITV1

    Veteran explosives expert Sergeant Lewis supervises specialist battle training for ""A"" Company and their visitors from the Territorial Army. Meanwhile, his oldest friend Chick Henwood is falling in love with Lewis's estranged wife. During the training weekend, Lewis shows disturbing signs of strain...

  • S01E06 Loyal to the Corps

    • July 15, 1991
    • ITV1

    In a fit of jealous rage, Fusilier Dave Tucker attacks an NCO and is court-martialled. Will he be discharged from the army, the only family he knows? Tucker's defending officer, Lieutenant Nick Pasco is forced to choose between the army and the woman he loves.

  • S01E07 Flying Colours

    • July 22, 1991
    • ITV1

    In the final episode of this series of Soldier, Soldier, a black cloud hangs over ""A"" Company when a large scale theft is discovered from the military stores. Color Seargeant Ian Anderson hears he has won commision into the Intelligence Corps, but his good news is overshadowed when he discovered a large amount of equipment in his care is missing. the theft puts a big question mark not only over Ian's chances of becoming an officer but also over his future with the army.

Season 2

  • S02E01 A Man's Life

    • September 21, 1992
    • ITV1

    The Kings Fusiliers embark on a grueling rock climbing exerise in Snowdonia. For newcomer Second Lieutenent Kate Butler it is her first chance to prove herself as a leader. When Colonel Fortune's helicopter crashes, the exerise is abondoned and a desperate rescue attempt is mounted.

  • S02E02 Something Old, Something New

    • September 28, 1992
    • ITV1

    On the eve of the regimentary departure to Hong Kong, Paddy Garvey and Nancy Thorpe decide to get married. But as the wedding approaches, Nancy has second thoughts when she suspects Paddy of being an army bully.

  • S02E03 A Touch Of The Sun

    • October 5, 1992
    • ITV1

    The Kings Fusiliers arrive in Hong Kong but its not all sunshine as the men and their families settle in. Joy Wilton's convinced baby Matthew is really sick and becomes jealous when her live-in maid seems to have more success in calming him down. Meanwhile her husband gets off to a bad start with his new Platoon Commander.

  • S02E04 Lifelines

    • October 12, 1992
    • ITV1

    Tucker is over the moon when he finds out he's going to be a dad, but his joy is short-lived. Donna is terrified at the prospect of motherhood and when the men go off on manoevers she feels completely isolated with her fears. Tucker is devistated when Donna decides to have an abortion.

  • S02E05 Saving Face

    • October 19, 1992
    • ITV1

    A diplomatic scandal threatens to break when Major Cochrane is charged with the attempted rape of a well-connected Chinese girl. Colonel Dan tries to intervene and contain the situation within Army ranks, but the young girls father is determined to let the Chinese Authorities deal with the matter.

  • S02E06 Lost and Found

    • October 26, 1992
    • ITV1

    After a trip to a Hong Kong Brothel, the lads of the Kings Own Fusiliers bring back to camp more than fond memories of a good night out. Military Policewoman Nancy is brought in to investigate the outbreak of VD and soon discovers that her Husband, Paddy Garvey, and his mates are at the top of the list. Tucker is terrified that Donna will discover that he has a 'dose of the clap' and decides to take the matter in to his own hands - with disastrous results. Meanwhile, pregnant Donna is convinced Tucker has gone off her because he keeps giving her the cold shoulder in bed.

  • S02E07 The Last Post

    • November 2, 1992
    • ITV1

    A Bunch of Marines are no match for The Kings Own Fusiliers during Jungle training but when a bush fire breaks out their rivalry is forgotten and it's all hands to the pumps. Meanwhile Colonel Fortune is worried that his men will be thrown on the scrap heap if the Kings Own Fusiliers are to be merged with another Regiment. His mood isn't helping his wife Rachel, who is preoccupied with setting up her office as a freelance journalist. In her enthusiasm to get a new fax and mobile phone, she fails to notice her Husband's growing fears.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Shifting Sands

    • September 7, 1993
    • ITV1

    "A" Company of the King's Fusiliers are on exercise in New Zealand. Sergeant Tony Wilton, Corporal Paddy Garvey, and Lance Corporal Dave Tucker share their experience with newcomer fusilier Vinny Bowles. But what starts out as a friendly rivalry with the Kiwis threatens to get out of hand – as does Wilton's private life. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Nancy Garvey, Donna Tucker and the young Sheena Bowles have a surprise in store for their husbands.

  • S03E02 Live Fire

    • September 14, 1993
    • ITV1

    Excitement mounts for the men of "A" Company and especially for Fusilier Vinny Bowles as the day of exercise with live ammunition draws near. Still on holiday in New Zealand with Donna and Sheena, Nancy tries to discuss her future with Paddy, but an unforeseen disaster intervenes

  • S03E03 Base Details

    • September 21, 1993
    • ITV1

    The officers are faced with the difficult task of rebuilding the morale of "A" Company as the regiment prepares for the amalgamation and transfer to Germany. But for Nancy and Paddy there is an even more pressing matter to be dealt with. Meanwhile in London, Lt Col Osbourne fights for the future of the King's Fusiliers and is forced to make a critical personal decision.

  • S03E04 Fall out

    • September 28, 1993
    • ITV1

    The King's Own Fusiliers have taken up their new posting in Germany and there is inevitable rivalry between the men of the two amalgamated regiments. However, the arrival of Lt Col Nick Hammond, their new hard-hitting commanding officer, shakes up the officers and the men alike. Meanwhile, Sgt Wilton faces a more personal crisis.

  • S03E05 Disintegration

    • October 5, 1993
    • ITV1

    The wives of the men of the King's Own Fusiliers need a nursery and it is Marsha Stubbs who takes control of the situation. Paddy Garvey, still missing Nancy desperately, is trying to cope with life as a bachelor. When he meets Christina Meissner things start to look up. But not for long, as in the space of one evening his entire military career threatens to collapse around him.

  • S03E06 Hide and Seek

    • October 12, 1993
    • ITV1

    Bernie Roberts is faced with a crisis and her husband must be brought back from exercise. However the object of the 'escape and evasion' is to remain hidden for three days and Roberts is determined to stay the course. Meanwhile Major Tim Radley's wife Sandra meet a face from her past.

  • S03E07 Trouble and Strife

    • October 19, 1993
    • ITV1

    An accusation could tear the Stubbs family apart.

  • S03E08 Hard Knocks

    • October 26, 1993
    • ITV1

    Lieutenant Kate Butler, as the only woman in the King's Own Fusiliers, is anxious to prove herself a good officer. A visiting general keeps her on her toes, but life gets difficult when romance blossoms with an officer from another unit who proves to be less of a bachelor than he at first appeared to be. Meanwhile, Luke Roberts faces problems in the boxing ring.

  • S03E09 Camouflage

    • November 2, 1993
    • ITV1

    Hammond invites a commanding officer's daughter out; the Tuckers are broke again.

  • S03E10 Staying Together

    • November 9, 1993
    • ITV1
  • S03E11 Dutch Courage

    • November 16, 1993
    • ITV1
  • S03E12 Stand By me

    • November 23, 1993
    • ITV1

    Rumors are rife about a new posting for the men of the King's Own.

  • S03E13 Leaving

    • November 30, 1993
    • ITV1

    Paddy says farewell to the Fusiliers, re-marrying ex-wife Nancy and setting off for a new posting in the Middle East. The controversial issue of gays in the armed forces also rears its head : and Phillip's handling of the situation only serves to jeopardise his own relationship with Captain Williams

Season 4

  • S04E01 Stormy Weather

    • September 20, 1994
    • ITV1

    Wilton is disappointed to discover that he has been passed over for promotion.

  • S04E02 Away Games

    • September 27, 1994
    • ITV1

    The lads arrive in Cyprus; Kelly finds romance with Nicos.

  • S04E03 Damage

    • October 4, 1994
    • ITV1

    Tucker is nearly drowned in a beach landing exercise; Donna puts an end to Kelly's affair with Nicos.

  • S04E04 Second Sight

    • October 11, 1994
    • ITV1

    Garvey is still in the hospital; Wilton is arrested on suspicion of smuggling.

  • S04E05 Over the Top

    • October 18, 1994
    • ITV1

    The regiment's tour in Germany is cut short.

  • S04E06 Proud Man

    • October 25, 1994
    • ITV1
  • S04E07 Further Education

    • November 1, 1994
    • ITV1

    The battalion is back in the UK and preparing for the first guard duty at Windsor Castle and D-Day commemoration organized by Jennings.

  • S04E08 Baby Love

    • November 8, 1994
    • ITV1

    Nelson is having problems with his girlfriend; Garvey meets a new woman; Joy brings her new baby home from the hospital.

  • S04E09 Band of Gold

    • November 15, 1994
    • ITV1

    Voce and Butler are coping with the final stages of the preparations for their wedding; Donna is starting an affair with her tutor.

  • S04E10 Going Back

    • November 22, 1994
    • ITV1

    Garvey received his medal at Buckingham Palace; McCudden is approached with a request by a former girlfriend.

  • S04E11 Poles Apart

    • November 29, 1994
    • ITV1

    An Nuclear Biological Chemical exercise is underway; Joy is not pleased; Kate Butler fears for her job.

  • S04E12 Bombshell

    • December 6, 1994
    • ITV1

    The boys are on exercise at an Army training ground; Tucker is depressed.

  • S04E13 Changing the Guard

    • December 13, 1994
    • ITV1

    The soldiers assembles at the church for Wilton's funeral; Donna decides to move out.

Season 5

  • S05E01 For Better For Worse

    • September 5, 1995
    • ITV1

    Tempers flare when Donna spills the beans to Dave about Macaulay.

  • S05E02 Second Chances

    • September 12, 1995
    • ITV1
  • S05E03 Love Not Money

    • September 19, 1995
    • ITV1

    Farrell is the favourite in a boxing match

  • S05E04 Bushed

    • September 26, 1995
    • ITV1

    Company B have an accident in Australia

  • S05E05 Far Away

    • October 3, 1995
    • ITV1

    Stubbs realises he needs to change his priorities when his wife is rushed into hospital

  • S05E06 Ill Wind

    • October 10, 1995
    • ITV1

    The lads receive an emergency call while on jungle manoeuvres Down Under, and rush off to Hope Bay, the village adjacent to their camp, which has just been devastated by a cyclone. Lovelorn Major Taylor manfully puts affairs of the heart on hold to supervise rescue operations : but unfortunately, not everyone can be saved.

  • S05E07 Sweet Revenge

    • October 17, 1995
    • ITV1

    Dave and Donna's marriage is on the rocks until Donna is taken hostage at gun point forcing Dave to rethink his priorities

  • S05E08 The Army Game

    • October 24, 1995
    • ITV1

    Sergeant Connor is devastated to learn he may be HIV positive, and the night before a talent contest makes a drunken pass at Marsha Stubbs. Joy Wilton discovers the joys of mixing work with pleasure

  • S05E09 Love and War

    • October 31, 1995
    • ITV1

    Jeremy is forced to face his fear of heights head-on, and Army widow Joy Wilton gets a second chance at happiness, while Michael and Marsha's marriage shows further signs of crumbling.

  • S05E10 Leaving

    • November 7, 1995
    • ITV1
  • S05E11 Hard Lessons

    • November 14, 1995
    • ITV1

    New recruit Andy Butcher is overjoyed to be going on a live-firing exercise almost straight away : but soon makes a devastating mistake. As Marsha's troubles deepen, she finds solace in a bottle and spurns all offers of help from her friends, while Williams and Phillips' relationship reaches a turning point.

  • S05E12 Stick Together

    • November 21, 1995
    • ITV1

    Colette is overjoyed to learn that the Fusiliers will shortly be leaving for South Africa, and tries to persuade Joe that it would be the ideal place to get married. What's more, she's not the only one with affairs of the heart in mind : Marsha learns that Michael has been having an affair and resolves to fight for him, no matter what it takes.

  • S05E13 Under the Sun

    • November 28, 1995
    • ITV1
  • S05E14 Baptism of Fire

    • December 5, 1995
    • ITV1
  • S05E15 Twist of Fate

    • December 12, 1995
    • ITV1

Season 6

  • S06E01 River Deep

    • September 3, 1996
    • ITV1
  • S06E02 Divided Loyalties

    • September 10, 1996
    • ITV1
  • S06E03 All for One

    • September 17, 1996
    • ITV1
  • S06E04 Walking on Air

    • September 24, 1996
    • ITV1

    Love is in the air for Lance Corporal Steve Evans when he begins a passionate relationship with a mystery woman.

  • S06E05 Under the Gooseberry Bush

    • October 1, 1996
    • ITV1
  • S06E06 Flash Point

    • October 8, 1996
    • ITV1

    The King's Own Fusiliers turn fire-fighters when the brigade go on strike.

  • S06E07 Money for Nothing

    • October 15, 1996
    • ITV1

    Deborah is pushed to take drastic steps when the bailiffs clear the house while he's away on exercise

  • S06E08 Dear Joe...

    • October 22, 1996
    • ITV1

    Farrell receives a letter from Colete

  • S06E09 Asking for It

    • October 29, 1996
    • ITV1

    Stacey tries out for the King's Own Fusiliers triathlon team.

  • S06E10 Delayed Action

    • November 5, 1996
    • ITV1

    A Second World War bomb is discovered, and the clock begins to tick for Cate's unborn child

  • S06E11 Beast

    • November 12, 1996
    • ITV1

    A new recruit becomes the victim of a vicious racist attack.

  • S06E12 Fall for Love

    • November 19, 1996
    • ITV1

    An old flame from Northern Ireland turns up on Sergeant McLeod's doorstep with his six-year-old son in tow : a development his wife isn't too pleased about. Jeremy has an embarrassing date with Melanie, and soon realises he has more in common with the girl's mother Sarah Eastwood : the only snag being that she's the wife of his commanding officer. Jonathan Guy Lewis, Fiona Bell and Ben Nealon star

  • S06E13 War Path

    • November 26, 1996
    • ITV1

    Captain Jeremy Forsythe jeopardizes his army career when he begins an affair with the commanding officer's wife.

  • S06E14 Deliver us from Evil

    • December 3, 1996
    • ITV1

    A remote British-ruled island in the South Pacific is invaded and the King's Own Fusiliers find themselves part of the task force sent to retake it. Unfortunately, Corporal Hobbs is soon captured and tortured by enemy troops : and Colonel Eastwood's daring plan of attack has explosive consequences. Military drama, starring Ian Curtis and Jonathan Guy Lewis

  • S06E15 Hell and High Water

    • December 10, 1996
    • ITV1

    Butcher celebrates his forthcoming wedding to Stacey with a riotous stag party in France, but finds Continental hospitality losing its allure after a transport strike strands him on the wrong side of the Channel. While Steve Evans pulls out all the stops to get his friend to the church on time, Dr Sarah Eastwood faces an agonising romantic dilemma and Chris comes to a momentous decision

Season 7

  • S07E01 Divided We Fall

    • September 23, 1997
    • ITV1

    Forsythe finds his job under threat and Tony Rossi transfers to B Company.

  • S07E02 Things Can Only get Better

    • September 30, 1997
    • ITV1

    The arrival of strict new sergeant-major Alan Fitzpatrick causes quite a stir among the ranks, while memories of traumatic episode from Hobbs' past come flooding back during an exercise, threatening his chances of promotion. On a lighter note, the boys persuade a reluctant Butcher to invest in a greyhound and the wives reveal their competitive side while organising a charity auction.

  • S07E03 Line of Departure

    • October 7, 1997
    • ITV1

    Personal problems are high on the troops' agenda as Andy Butcher's mum throws his love life into disarray, Angela McCleod's house is broken into and Sergeant-Major Alan Fitzpatrick learns he can't treat his daughter like a private on parade.

  • S07E04 Under Fire

    • October 14, 1997
    • ITV1

    The troops pull out all the stops to save Drysdale from terrorists stalking him at a racing event, but he seems oblivious to danger. Meanwhile, Butcher tries to worm his way back into the CO's good books and Jacko unwittingly antagonises Julie by trying to find out whether she's seeing Rossi behind his back.

  • S07E05 Friends and Lovers

    • October 21, 1997
    • ITV1

    Hobbs gets the thumbs-up in his psychiatric report and rejoins the Fusiliers, determined to make a fresh start. Unfortunately, CSM Fitzpatrick isn't convinced he's up to the job and resolves to make life difficult for him : with disastrous consequences for Rossi and Jacko.

  • S07E06 How Was It for You?

    • October 28, 1997
    • ITV1

    Julie and Stacey come up with what seems to be a sure-fire way of making a profit out of Primrose, while Jessica threatens to resign. Butcher makes the mistake of turning to Rossi and Jacko for romantic advice : only to find himself forced to prove his manhood.

  • S07E07 The Road to Damascus

    • November 4, 1997
    • ITV1

    The CO has a lot on his mind after a civilian gets caught in the crossfire during a training exercise, causing an embittered Hobbs to fly off the handle. Julie has a surprise for Rossi and Jacko, but ends up learning a harsh lesson, while Karen's son Kevin wonders if he might be gay.

  • S07E08 Out

    • November 11, 1997
    • ITV1

    Fitzpatrick's domestic life is thrown into turmoil by a stunning revelation from Jacko, and Butcher ends up bearing the brunt of Hobbs' traumatic experiences of civilian life.

  • S07E09 Fit to Explode

    • November 18, 1997
    • ITV1

    Rossi tries to help Jacko forget Julie by taking him on a double date, while Jessica exposes corruption in high places. The McCleods hear the patter of tiny feet and recent events finally take their toll on Hobbs, who makes an inspection of the barracks go with something of a bang.

  • S07E10 Chain of Command

    • November 25, 1997
    • ITV1

    Drysdale decides to send the boys on an escort mission to Africa, but the jaunt proves to be a fiasco on every level : particularly for Forsythe, who first refuses to follow the CO's orders to the letter, then has a bitter reunion with ex-wife Lilian that sets the sparks flying. Hobbs also resurfaces, as a mercenary soldier fighting for the enemy and keen to gain revenge on his former King's Own colleagues.

  • S07E11 Sounds of War

    • December 2, 1997
    • ITV1
  • S07E12 No Pain, No Gain

    • December 9, 1997
    • ITV1