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Season 1

  • S01E01 Killer (Pilot)

    • September 6, 1983
    • STV (UK)

    A series of young blonde women are found strangled and left near water. Maryhill CID launch an investigation to find the person responsible for the murders. DCI Jim Taggart is asked to head up the investigation, alongside newly graduated sergeant Peter Livingstone. Despite their differences, they must uncover the killer's identity before he strikes again.

  • S01E02 Dead Ringer

    • July 2, 1985
    • STV (UK)

    The skeletal remains of a dismembered body are discovered beneath the floorboards of a house in Glasgow. The drama takes an unexpected twist when a nine-month-old toddler is kidnapped from a multi-storey car park, followed by a ransom demand of £50,000.

  • S01E03 Murder in Season

    • July 23, 1985
    • STV (UK)

    Glamorous opera singer, Eleanor Samson, returns to Glasgow, her home town, to sing with Scottish Opera. She hopes to bring about a reconciliation with her estranged husband, John, but she is furious to discover that there is a new woman in John's life - blonde, attractive Kirsty King. When Kirsty's body is found in the burnt out shell of John's boat, Eleanor Samson is the prime suspect. Jim Taggart, tough Glasgow detective and his smooth assistant, Peter Livingstone, fall out over the case. Livingstone believes that Eleanor is guilty; Taggart cannot believe that a woman like Eleanor could be a murderess. Is Taggart allowing his judgement to be clouded by Eleanor's fame and beauty?

Season 2

  • S02E01 Knife-Edge

    • February 24, 1986
    • STV (UK)

    Taggart and Livingston investigate after the discovery of a woman's severed leg. However as the body parts build up Taggart finds himself no closer to the cases solution. The investigation leads them to a butcher George Bryce who Taggart and Livingston are convinced is the killer. When he turns up dead, killed with the same gun that the dismembered corpse it appears to be another dead end. However with a little further digging links start appearing and Taggart realises he's closer to cracking the case than he thought.

  • S02E02 Death Call

    • September 2, 1986
    • STV (UK)

    Taggart and his partner Peter Livingstone are called in to investigate the macabre killing of the wife of a wealthy landowner whose body is found strangled and weighed down with luggage in a reservoir. The husband was last seen preparing to go to Switzerland with a large sum of money in a holdall.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Killing Philosophy

    • April 15, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Taggart investigates a failed rape attempt by a masked attacker. However, his job is complicated when the victim commits suicide and the criminal strikes again, and his attacks soon turn to murder.

  • S03E02 Funeral Rites

    • September 9, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    The discovery of a charred corpse in a disused railway tunnel sets Taggart on the gruesome hunt for a ruthless killer in an investigation with sinister undertones of black magic and voodoo. The wife of an arthritic dentist narrowly escapes a series of murder attempts, adding to a complex case for Taggart and his team.

  • S03E03 Cold Blood

    • December 31, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    A woman shoots her husband dead after discovering that he has been having an affair. DCI Taggart thinks he has the easiest case of his career, however it soon becomes the complete opposite when the post mortem reveals that he was already dead before he was shot, and that his wife could not be responsible.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Dead Giveaway

    • September 7, 1988
    • STV (UK)

    A young boy staggers home from a youth club after boxing practice, only to fall into a creek and drown. The grieving father is called in to identify the body and when he is driven home the police find his wife slumped in the hallway. Dr. Stephen Andrews discovers both victims died of rat poisoning and suspicion immediately falls on the husband.

  • S04E02 Root Of Evil

    • September 28, 1988
    • STV (UK)

    Taggart and Jardine investigate when someone starts bumping off Glasgow's loan sharks.

  • S04E03 Double Jeopardy

    • December 30, 1988
    • STV (UK)

    Feature-length single episode. When the body of Rowena Bain is discovered in a wood, the forensic evidence suggests that Bain committed suicide, just as she was due to move to Germany with her family. DCI Taggart is suspicious, and he soon discovers that the victim's sister thinks that Rowena's husband, Maurice, is responsible for her murder.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Flesh and Blood

    • September 5, 1989
    • STV (UK)

    DCI Taggart attends the wedding of social worker Jane Ross and former bank robber Charlie Forbes. Janie is later found murdered, having been crushed to death by a car. Meanwhile, a criminal hijacking a truck discovers more than he bargained for when he discovers a cache of explosives, and a chain of seemingly unrelated events begins.

  • S05E02 Love Knot

    • January 1, 1990
    • STV (UK)

    A body is dredged up from the bottom of the Clyde, setting Taggart and Jardine off on an investigation which takes them beyond Glasgow into the Scottish Highlands.

  • S05E03 Hostile Witness

    • March 1, 1990
    • STV (UK)

    A far-right political party seeking the return of capital punishment are embroiled in a series of murders during a by-election campaign, in which both the candidate and her agent become victims of the killer. DCI Taggart is pressed for a quick result, with strong media interest in the case and Supt. McVitie strapped for manpower.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Evil Eye

    • September 4, 1990
    • STV (UK)

    The death of a policeman during an armed raid in London in which a number of diamond thieves managed to get away with a large haul, is traced back to Scotland as DCI Taggart and the team have to contend with a gypsy's curse. When the matriarch of a gypsy family is found murdered in her caravan, the case takes an unexpected twist.

  • S06E02 Death Comes Softly

    • December 3, 1990
    • STV (UK)

    When an elderly man is found brutally murdered in his home, DCI Taggart and DS Jardine suspect the daughter and her husband. Then another elderly person is murdered and the detectives struggle to find a connection. Eventually, a Post Office worker who also moonlights in a retirement home comes to their attention. WPC Jackie Reid joins the team.

  • S06E03 Rogues' Gallery

    • December 31, 1990
    • STV (UK)

    When a body is found in the boot of a car being crushed in a scrap metal yard, DCI Taggart and DS Jardine are called to investigate. The grisly details are repeated shortly after when a second body is found in the same scrapyard. Taggart and Jardine investigate a link between drugs and the art world.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Violent Delights

    • January 1, 1992
    • STV (UK)

    When a sixth form student who is spying on his French teacher becomes the prime witness to her husband's murder, DCI Taggart, newly promoted DC Jackie Reid and DS Jardine have no choice but to exhume an entire graveyard when the prime suspect - an undertaker - refuses to let on where he has buried the parts of his mutilated body. Unfortunately, one of the deceased includes Jean Taggart's Aunt Hettie (much despised by Jim) - who also passes away in the episode and inconveniently interred by the same undertaker.

  • S07E02 Nest of Vipers

    • January 9, 1992
    • STV (UK)

    The discovery of two skulls at the site for a new by-pass road leads the team to a pharmaceutical company. Someone doesn't want the skulls identified and will go to any length including murder.

  • S07E03 Double Exposure

    • January 30, 1992
    • STV (UK)

    Racial violence or something more sinister? The Taggart team are baffled by murders with no connection other than a possible racial link. Or is it something not so obvious to the all seeing eye?

Season 8

  • S08E01 The Hit Man

    • September 17, 1992
    • STV (UK)

    n old friend from Taggart's past gets out of prison and the bodies start piling up. But is there some fishy business going on that muddies the waters for the Taggart Team.

  • S08E02 Ring of Deceit

    • October 8, 1992
    • STV (UK)

    A research scientist is murdered by an unknown assailant but it soon becomes clear that she is another victim of a serial rapist - 'The Mechanic'.

  • S08E03 Fatal Inheritance

    • January 1, 1993
    • STV (UK)

    When Dr Janet Napier walks free from court on a "Not Proven" verdict, Taggart begins a more personal investigation. However as more murders are commited Taggart must admit that even he might have been wrong about the good doctors guilt.

Season 9

  • S09E01 Death Benefits

    • February 16, 1993
    • STV (UK)

    Julia Fraser, wife of a police sergeant, is brutally murdered whilst he is on duty. During a search of the house a list of names is found. It appears that the names on the list are rapidly meeting with a series of accidents - and yet the only connection between them is the list.

  • S09E02 Gingerbread

    • April 20, 1993
    • STV (UK)

    The murder of his father sets young Simon Barrow on a nightmare journey, and his dying words on Simon's answer-phone throw the police on a trail of confusion.

  • S09E03 Death Without Dishonour

    • May 11, 1993
    • STV (UK)

    The Taggart team are responsible for protecting witnesses involved in a "cab war" trial. It seems there may be a hidden agenda when the prosecuting barrister is found murdered.

Season 10

  • S10E01 Instruments of Justice

    • September 30, 1993
    • STV (UK)

    Sean Brady has turned Queen's evidence against crime boss McLintock. On the way to court, his car is ambushed and a policeman is left seriously injured. Brady escapes and flees, leaving the prosecutor with a hole in his case against McLintock. DCI Taggart falls under suspicion because he authorized the route and Internal Affairs takes a hard-edged line.

  • S10E02 Forbidden Fruit

    • January 1, 1994
    • STV (UK)

    Joan Matheson arrives in Glasgow to be with her daughter who is expecting her first child. However, she reacts very badly when she learns the baby has been conceived by donor insemination. Shortly after she is found murdered and suspicion falls on her son in law whom she blamed and humiliated at a family meeting.

  • S10E03 Secrets

    • October 6, 1994
    • STV (UK)

    Cameron Friel arrives in Glasgow to attend a literary award hosted by Prof Maggi McLeish. At the ceremony, Friel receives a bullet in an envelope, and Taggart investigates who the sender might be. Meanwhile, Jake Koslewski returns from a charity mission to Romania to discover his wife, an alcohol counselor, has left him for George Proctor, a previous client.

Season 11

  • S11E01 Hellfire

    • October 27, 1994
    • STV (UK)

    James Martin is murdered on Walpurgis night with a chainsaw that involves witch-craft and Satanism. Detective Scott investigates his last case, but is unsuccessful in catching the prime suspect. At his retirement party, he collapses and asks Taggart bring those responsible to justice. Reid, working undercover, becomes convinced of her target's innocence.

  • S11E02 Prayer for the Dead

    • January 11, 1995
    • STV (UK)

    Supt McVitie is taken to hospital with a heart attack after a heated argument with Taggart. His wife reacts very badly to Taggart's temporary promotion to Acting Superintendent, and takes it out on the whole team. Meanwhile, Reid and Jardine begin investigating the death of drug addict, Scott Graham, who fell from a balcony during a drug fueled party.

  • S11E03 Black Orchid

    • February 26, 1995
    • STV (UK)

    A young girl who attends a hypnotist's show is found drowned shortly afterwards, leaving the hypnotists' career in tatters. It appears to be an open and shut case, but was she secretly murdered? Meanwhile, DI Jardine and DS Reid investigate a series of killings that may have been carried out "to order". DC Stuart Fraser joins the team.

Season 12

  • S12E01 Legends

    • November 2, 1995
    • STV (UK)

    Jardine and Reid investigate a killing in a country house swimming pool. One of the victims is Rick Mulvey, former lead guitar of the 60's pop group, the Adders. Their vocalist died while on tour 25 years ago. Ian Garvey, Kate McCready's boyfriend is savagely beaten by two bouncers, and the following day, he is knocked down by DC Reid in her car.

  • S12E02 Devil's Advocate

    • January 4, 1996
    • STV (UK)

    When a clever lawyer gains an acquittal for his client on an apparently straightforward murder charge, the team are compelled to restart the investigation from scratch – but then the killing starts again. A petty thief tries to plea-bargain with some new evidence in the case, while Reid uncovers a blackmail scheme which may have led to murder.

  • S12E03 Angel Eyes

    • March 21, 1996
    • STV (UK)

    When a musician is savagely murdered, DI Jardine and the team find themselves embracing the culture of the gay community. When a second murder is committed with the same MO, Jardine is forced to face his deep seated prejudices to uncover the truth behind the murders. DC Fraser realises his secret is no longer safe and is 'outed' by a former lover.

Season 13

  • S13E01 Dead Man's Chest

    • September 19, 1996
    • STV (UK)

    A 15-year-old gold bullion robbery leads DI Jardine and the team on a race against time as one by one the robbers are murdered. With pirates, treasure chests and secret maps to buried treasure muddying the waters, will the team be able to solve the murders and find the lost treasure before the last robber is murdered and buried with his secrets?

  • S13E02 Apocalypse

    • January 16, 1997
    • STV (UK)

    A series of bizarre murders of opponents and ex-members of a religious cult have the team baffled. Each murder follows the Biblical plagues of Egypt, which according to the Book of Revelation will proceed Armageddon. There are more than fifty members of the cult, most of whom would kill if asked to do so by the cult leader, David Burns. Who is responsible for that?

  • S13E03 Babushka

    • September 4, 1997
    • STV (UK)

    The murder of a wealthy local businessman leads DI Jardine and the team to investigate an agency involved in supplying mail order brides and women to order. As Glasgow takes on somewhat of a 'Russian Flavour', Jardine, Reid and Fraser attempt to uncover the mystery involving the Anastasia Agency and who is responsible for the businessman's murder.

Season 14

  • S14E01 Berserker

    • January 1, 1998
    • STV (UK)

    Illegal body building drugs combined with mind bending additives cause a series of deaths around the muscle scene in Glasgow. In a race against time to find the source of the deadly drug the Maryhill team call on the help of a famous chemistry professor at the University. But is he helping or is he the source of the drug?

  • S14E02 Out of Bounds

    • March 1, 1998
    • STV (UK)

    When a sixty-year-old skeleton is found in the grounds of an exclusive boys school and is linked to the disappearance of a school master in 1939 Jardine's team suddenly find themselves not only investigating the pre-war case but the murder of the master's successor. The 'old boys' network closes ranks but when another master is murdered the team are faced with digging deep into the past to solve this one.

  • S14E03 Dead Reckoning

    • July 15, 1998
    • STV (UK)

    An 'escort agency' woman is found brutally murdered in a hotel carpark. At the same time the daughter of a well known ex-army colonel goes missing. Are the two linked or is it just coincidence? While Jardine and Fraser try to unravel the mystery surrounding the murder and the disappearance, Jackie goes undercover at 'Executive Adventures' to keep tabs on the main suspect. But has Jackie's cover been blown and is her life in danger from the real murderer?

Season 15

  • S15E01 A Few Bad Men

    • October 8, 1998
    • STV (UK)

    Last serialized episode. A soldier is murdered while doing his rounds at night. Jardine and Sergeant Tom Renshaw set out to solve the case. Renshaw is a rather unpleasant character who abuses his men rather than question them. Meanwhile, new DI Robbie Ross and Fraser are investigating counterfeiters at a race meeting, after a horse disappears. First appearance of DI Robbie Ross (John Michie)

  • S15E02 Long Time Dead

    • November 1, 1998
    • STV (UK)

    When a murder occurs at a hotel during a dinner for the police force, the hunt is on for the killer. When the husband of one of the hotel employees is also murdered the team begin to wonder what the killings have to do with something dark that is going on at the hospital?

Season 16

  • S16E01 Bloodlines

    • January 16, 1999
    • STV (UK)

    Susan Keller is released to howls of protest after serving a life sentence for the murder of an entire family when she was just a teenager. Forced into hiding she accepts an offer of a country retreat. Fearing that it may be a trap the Taggart team are assigned as protection. When members of Kellars are murdered one by one it is clear that someone is taking revenge. The team begin the hunt for the killer - is it Kellers annonymous benefactor or someone closer to home?

  • S16E02 A Fistful of Chips

    • September 7, 1999
    • STV (UK)

    A delivery van is hijacked and its contents stolen. But there's more going on than meets the eye, and meanwhile, someone's knocking off anyone who knows about the hijack, which doesn't include the police! Once again Robbie's past catches up with him and he comes close to crossing the line.

  • S16E03 Fearful Lightning

    • October 21, 1999
    • STV (UK)

    A string of people are murdered by electrocution. All of these people are in some way connected to with a local (and popular) spiritualist, who claims he can speak with the dead. When the Taggart team disbelieve the man's powers, the clairvoyant gives them frighteningly accurate messages from a man very dear to their hearts--Jim Taggart! Meanwhile, the murders begin to pile up, and Taggart team race to find the murderer, this time aided by Jim Taggart himself.

  • S16E04 For Their Sins

    • November 21, 1999
    • STV (UK)

    Jardine and the team investigate the murders of drug dealers in the Glasgow community.

Season 17

  • S17E01 Ghost Rider

    • February 16, 2000
    • STV (UK)

    A charred body is found in a car, leading the team into a web of police corruption and cover-ups. Jardine, Reid, Fraser and Ross investigate.

  • S17E02 Skin Deep

    • September 14, 2000
    • STV (UK)

    When a man is found bleeding to death in a health club and two of the female members claim to have had intimate relationships with him, Reid and Ross uncover a world of health-obsessed women with dark and dangerous secrets. Meanwhile, Robbie Ross becomes the suspect of a corruption inquiry, and Jardine is forced to face up to his own mortality. Will Jardine's team catch the killer before he strikes again?

  • S17E03 Wavelength

    • September 21, 2000
    • STV (UK)

    A therapist returns home after his late-night radio phone-in show to find his wife murdered. Jardine and the team investigate.

  • S17E04 Football Crazy

    • December 1, 2000
    • STV (UK)

    Jardine and the team investigate a series of murky going-ons at a football club whose lack of success on the pitch is matched by an unaccountably high death rate among its employees. Jardine and the team investigate.

  • S17E05 Falling in Love

    • January 10, 2001
    • STV (UK)

    Davie O'Connor is taking his first parachute jump with members from his local tango club. When the chute fails to open, he plummets to a grisly death. DCI Jardine discovers the line was cut, but also that the victim had terminal cancer. Suspicion immediately falls on Marie Doherty, his fiancée who now stands to inherit a lot of money.

Season 18

  • S18E01 Death Trap

    • January 4, 2002
    • STV (UK)

    The police are dealing with a bizarre case and as Michael Jardine seems to be one step ahead of his friends, it results in a tragedy that will affect everyone at the police department after they discover the truth.

  • S18E02 Fire, Burn

    • January 11, 2002
    • STV (UK)

    When a body is found in the basement of a burnt-out factory, Burke realises that his arson case has become much more interesting than originally thought and uses the case to test his officers. While Fraser attempts to identify the dead man, Burke and Ross pressurise their prime suspect - rival factory owner Scott Dewar

  • S18E03 Watertight

    • July 8, 2002
    • STV (UK)

    The discovery of the body of an underage prostitute causes Ross to go after a long time nemesis with renewed vigour. This decision sets into motion a chain of events which not only puts the Inspectors career in jeopardy but also numerous lives.

  • S18E04 The Friday Event

    • July 15, 2002
    • STV (UK)

    A student dies when he falls from a roof at a top Glasgow school and a journalist reveals that the death is drugs related. But then the journalist is found dead. He's been having an affair with the paper's editor who becomes chief suspect. When another student dies however, the Strathclyde team discover that a psychopath is on the loose, and he's been under their noses all the time.

Season 19

  • S19E01 Hard Man

    • December 14, 2002
    • STV (UK)

    DCI Burke and the team are called in to investigate the discovery of a mangled body in what appears to be an industrial accident at a Clyde shipyard. But when it is revealed that the victim was already dead before the accident, Burke finds himself dealing with a murder.

  • S19E02 Fade To Black

    • December 21, 2002
    • STV (UK)

    A young nurse is found strangled in her home, with no sign of forced entry and two glasses of wine on the table. On finding a large quantity of cash hidden in her flat and signs of an affluent lifestyle, Burke and the team begin to suspect that the murder victim had a secret double life. Meanwhile, a mysterious and sinister person is following and filming Burke with a camcorder.

  • S19E03 Blood Money

    • December 28, 2002
    • STV (UK)

    A boxing promoter is found strangled, and while Ross breaks the news to his widow, Burke and Reid interview the previous night's fighters. The winning boxer, Corbett, turns out to be more than good friends with the widow, and the ringside doctor has attempted to destroy medical files. An old friend of the promoters is also called in and soon more information is found which leads to a chase in order to prevent any further deaths.

  • S19E04 New Life

    • January 4, 2003
    • STV (UK)

    DS Jackie Reid feels upstaged when the team is joined by DS Hannah Fairchild, an officer with ambitions to take Burke's seat.The team have to solve the murder of Kurdish minicab driver Hasan Osman, the victim of a frenzied stabbing.When Fairchild declares her knowledge of race-hate crimes, Burke resents his investigation being subject to political correctness before a motive has been established.

  • S19E05 Bad Blood

    • January 11, 2003
    • STV (UK)

    In the aftermath of the stabbing of a Kurdish minicab driver, Burke finds himself delegated an officer with a working knowledge of race-hate crimes - an ambitious woman who Ross, Fraser and Reid take to immediately. However, Burke resents his investigation being shackled by politically correct demands, especially when a motive has yet to be established.

  • S19E06 Halfway House

    • January 18, 2003
    • STV (UK)

    A young man is found shot in a public park, and the only clue to his identity is a library ticket from a local college. Burke, Ross and Reid set about tracing the young man which leads them to a halfway house boasting a familiar list of numerous ex-cons.

  • S19E07 An Eye for an Eye

    • January 25, 2003
    • STV (UK)

    When a doctor at a women's health centre is murdered, anti-abortionists are the prime suspects. Burke and his team investigate whether the protesters have been framed.

Season 20

  • S20E01 Penthouse and Pavement

    • October 7, 2003
    • STV (UK)

    The months since Taggart's last outing have done nothing for DCI Burke's temper or his people skills. He's still a gruff so-and-so who shouts far more than is really necessary. Soon, though, he and his loyal detectives unearth some nasty goings-on. A famous horror novelist is found murdered in an alley the morning after a prestigious book launch. While attempting to quell the ensuing media frenzy, Burke and the team start to piece together the author's last movements, but initally their only lead is a drugged and confused prostitute with a memory problem. Soon evidence emerges that disputes the author's image as an upstanding citizen.

  • S20E02 Atonement

    • December 3, 2003
    • STV (UK)

    When Billy McCree is found dead in his workshop with his severed hand by his side, recently-released prisoner Jim Naysmith is the prime suspect for his murder - as the dead man's testimony had put Naysmith behind bars twenty years before. While Burke and Reid investigate another member of Naysmith's gang, Ross is flattered when law student Mary Cullen asks to shadow him, but Gemma becomes suspicious of Mary's motives.

  • S20E03 Compensation

    • April 30, 2004
    • STV (UK)

    DCI Burke's personal life comes to the fore as the team are called to the countryside of Fenmore after a farmer is killed in a suspicious fire. With few clues and no villager prepared to offer information, Burke feels they have stepped into a private war.

  • S20E04 Saints and Sinners

    • December 30, 2004
    • STV (UK)

    Top lawyer Richard Fleet is shot in the head in his car after a late business dinner with his partner Charlie Muir and client Simon Turner, the MD of building company Arcadia. Despite the gun being left at the scene there are few clues for the team to go on. Reid and Burke visit Fleet's widow, Adele, and are shocked to discover that not only are they faced with a less than sympathetic wife but that she is also having an affair with his business partner Muir. Neither have alibis for the time of the murder and fail to mention Fleet's £5m life insurance policy. Residents Betty McGoldrick and Martha Ramsay are protesting against the new phase of housing development. They believe that a pharmaceutical company once stood on the site and that chemical contamination has already caused a spate of illnesses, including Martha's son Ben who has leukemia. The women inform them that the case was thrown out of court and to Burke's surprise he discovers that Fleet and Muir represented the residents and not Arcadia – despite being on Arcadia's payroll. When Muir is shot on the Arcadia site and another identical gun is found near the body, Burke begins to suspect Turner. However, his suspicions are without cause when Turner is later found shot dead in the Fleet's home, again with a gun at his side. As the team start to unravel the mystery, an unnamed fourth man is discovered to have been at the restaurant on the night of the first murder. But can a paralysed Muir help them find the guns, the killer and the identity of the fourth man?

Season 21

  • S21E01 Puppet on a String

    • January 6, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    Dr. Mellor is attacked by a masked assailant carrying a syringe full of lethal drugs. Dr Mellor points the finger at rival doctor Thomas Finn, but Finn has an alibi. Dr Mellor is found dead the next day. Finn again has a cast-iron alibi.

  • S21E02 The Wages Of Sin

    • January 13, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    A Family returning from a funeral Discovers a Taxi Driver who has been shot in the head outside of their Shop which leads the Taggart Team down a dangerous trail.

  • S21E03 The Ties That Bind

    • January 20, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    DCI Matt Burke's professional life is left hanging in the balance when the body of a librarian is found behind the wheel of his car in the Clyde after an apparent hit and run. The detectives are baffled as it appears that the victim had been tied up and was already dead before the car hit the water.

  • S21E04 In Camera

    • January 27, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    DI Robbie Ross is in trouble when he discovers the body of a young man in a house along with his lady friend. However, there's more trouble on the horizon when his past troubles come back to haunt him whilst trying to solve the death of the young man and subsequent deaths, but what do they relate to and is the past of DI Robbie Ross actually linked to the present killings?

  • S21E05 Mind Over Matter

    • February 3, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    After the murder of a teenager, DS Reid joins a therapy group undercover to try and find the killer, but as more people are discovered, she realises the case is having an impact on her personal life as well as her professional one and her colleagues aren't making her life any easier. But can DS Reid manage to put all her troubles to one side and with the help of her colleagues, find the killer?

Season 22

  • S22E01 Cause And Effect

    • September 16, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    An young trophy wife from the Clydeside sailing fraternity is murdered and the victim's husband falls under suspicion, but then two more bodies turn up it is clear they are searching for a different killer. Meanwhile, Burke is reunited with an old flame.

  • S22E02 A Taste Of Money

    • September 23, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    An unpopular restaurant critic is found murdered in his kitchen, and a petty thief linked to the crime scene becomes the prime suspect. But it soon turns out that he had a secret life - and that the killer has only just started.

  • S22E03 A Death Foretold

    • September 30, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    A student is found dead in an alley, and evidence suggests that it was a drug deal that turned violent. They soon discover that the victim has links with a parish priest, who seems to have a lot more to hide than the sanctity of the confessional. The case soon becomes more complicated when a second murder occurs.

  • S22E04 Running Out Of Time

    • November 4, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    Burke is shot whilst taking a break from work, and on the same day, another fraud squad detective's body is found by a colleague. When both victims' properties are searched, large amounts of cash are found, leading to fears of bribery. With Burke's reputation and life on the line, the race is on to find the perpetrator.

  • S22E05 Cause To Kill

    • November 11, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    Burke investigates a copycat killing inspired by a murder committed 20 years ago. With the help of celebrated pathologist Irene Russell, he attempts to solve the case before the killer claims more victims. As the case continues, it appears that the ultimate target may be someone at the heart of the investigation

  • S22E06 Do or Die

    • December 9, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    The team investigate the suspicious death of an army recruit at a training camp. D.I. Robbie Ross goes undercover in an attempt to understand the mentality of the regime that teaches young men to kill or be killed - before other deaths occur.

  • S22E07 Dead Man Walking

    • December 16, 2005
    • STV (UK)

    The team investigate the seemingly motiveless murder of a mechanic. Suspicion soon falls on his business partner, Tony Benton, but it turns out that Benton was in fact the intended victim.

  • S22E08 Law

    • March 22, 2006
    • STV (UK)

    The murder of a teenage girl leads the team to travelers working at a nearby fairground.

  • S22E09 The Best and the Brightest

    • March 29, 2006
    • STV (UK)

    When a research student is found dead in a university science lab following a severe anaphylactic shock, the evidence suggests that her food has been deliberately contaminated. Traces of highly concentrated nut oil are found at the scene, but there seems to be no clear motive for her murder. Then another student dies in a suspicious accident the following day and Burke and the team realise that a calculating killer is at work within the university.

Season 23

  • S23E01 Users and Losers

    • January 3, 2007
    • STV (UK)

    A gambler is found dead, and it is discovered that he had thousands of pounds stashed in his flat, leading the team to suspect that he was part of an illegal betting scam. The wife of the owner then gets killed out riding and the investigation heats up further. Meanwhile, Burke is convinced that a former heroin addict and petty criminal has changed, until he is left with a decision to either arrest a killer or do a deal to catch a more major criminal.

  • S23E02 The Thirteenth Step

    • January 17, 2007
    • STV (UK)

    Ex-con Eddie Monroe is found stabbed in a Govan alleyway. Burke meets Angus Ford - a retired police officer who was responsible for Monroe's arrest and subsequent convictions - who remains adamant that Monroe was a bad man who deserved to die. But who was his killer? All roads keep leading back to old acquaintance Daniel Tulloch and his family. In the course of uncovering the truth Burke is forced to face some demons of his own.

  • S23E03 Tenement

    • April 30, 2007
    • STV (UK)

    When an activist is found murdered in her tenement flat suspicion falls on a local property developer, who planned to demolish the building and was met with strong criticism by the campaigner. Meanwhile, DI Ross is focusing his attention on a hit and run case, which angers his superiors.

  • S23E04 Pinnacle

    • July 4, 2007
    • STV (UK)

    When Terry Brogan, an alcoholic cancer sufferer, is accused of bludgeoning his wife to death, D.S. Reid finds it difficult to believe that he is guilty of murder, and she sets out to prove his innocence - despite compelling evidence to the contrary. But as the net closes in on the murderer, her irrational sympathy threatens to jeopardise the whole case.

Season 24

  • S24E01 Genesis

    • January 8, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    A woman is killed on her way to a fertility clinic which religious protesters are targeting. Reid finds herself leading the team to find her killer.

  • S24E02 Judgement Day

    • January 15, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    Murder strikes close to home for the team when DCI Matt Burke's elderly father is found dead in suspicious circumstances. What appears to be a straightforward case of liver failure takes a sinister turn when it's discovered Andrew Burke died of a heroin overdose. Against police regulations, DCI Burke is determined to solve the case. But then some difficult questions arise - what is the significance of a two hundred thousand pound savings plan? And could Andrew's friends be in danger too?

  • S24E03 Island

    • February 27, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    A mutilated body is discovered on a remote island, and Ross and Reid leave Glasgow to investigate, but find that the inhabitants are wary of outsiders and seem reluctant to assist them. They return to Glasgow with the body, while Burke and Fraser make some headway and manage to connect the victim to a drugs racket in South American. Then another person on the island goes missing, and the team has to consider how much the drug dealing has infiltrated the remote community.

  • S24E04 Trust

    • April 21, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    A man is discovered tortured and executed on remote wasteland, and the team investigate, discovering that the victim was a hit-man. Soon their enquiries lead them to a local entrepreneur who they believe may have criminal connections. But they also have other concerns as Burke is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Chief Superintendent Henson has marked him as a troublemaker, and she is determined to make sure his days in the police are numbered.

  • S24E05 A Study in Murder

    • May 1, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    When a college principal is crushed to death in a lift, the preliminary investigation into his death discovers that the lift mechanism was deliberately sabotaged, and the finger of suspicion points to the dead man's wife, who may have avenged herself over his adultery. But DI Ross believes that the deputy principal has a hand in the murder, and sets out to prove the man's guilt.

  • S24E06 Point of Light

    • June 5, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    The body of a private investigator is discovered at the bottom of a local quarry. After learning from the victim's fiancee that he was working on the case of a missing woman, and had claimed to have found her, the team become convinced his investigation is the key to solving the murder.

  • S24E07 Safer

    • November 3, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    A campaigner against domestic violence is murdered and the prime suspect is an apparently reformed man whose violent behaviour once drove his ex-wife to almost kill him in self defence. Although the team is able to build a solid case against him, the investigation is put in jeopardy when Ross suffers a moment of madness.

  • S24E08 The Caring Game

    • November 14, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    When the decomposing body of a young woman is discovered in her bath, initial enquiries at her workplace uncover very little. Reid does not warm to her estate agent boss, while Fraser discovers that she was gifting a significant amount of her less-than-generous salary to charity, but why would that make her a murder target? Meanwhile, Ross learns that his estranged wife is planning to emigrate to Canada with his son, and realises he has a tough choice to make between his family and the job he loves.

  • S24E09 Homesick

    • December 8, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    Zbigniew Lisowski, a Polish migrant worker, is found shot at the building site where he worked as a security guard. Hours later, the body of hotel receptionist Kate Booth is discovered - with strikingly similar gunshot wounds. When investigations reveal that Kate - aka Kasia - was also Polish, the team have to consider whether a racially-motivated killer is at large.

  • S24E10 Crossing the Line

    • December 15, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    Preparations are underway for a new museum in the former mining community of Garsden on the outskirts of Glasgow. The museum will be on the site of a long disused coal mine, closed twenty five years before, just before the miners' strike. But when the shaft is opened up, two skeletons are found - a man and a woman in the same position as they died a quarter of a century earlier. Were they buried alive? Who are they? How did they get there - and were they murdered?

  • S24E11 Lifeline

    • December 30, 2008
    • STV (UK)

    When the body of a man is discovered in a garage with the engine of his car still running, it appears at first to be a simple case of suicide. The victim worked as a volunteer at a helpline centre dealing with potential suicide victims, and his wife is adamant her husband would never take his own life.

Season 25

  • S25E01 Cold Reader

    • February 20, 2009
    • STV (UK)

    A young student is abducted and her mother's psychic advisor approaches the team and claims to be able to trace the girl's whereabouts. As usual, Burke is more than a little sceptical, but when he finds that all leads seem to be going nowhere, he reluctantly attends one of the psychic's shows, becoming unsettled as she tells him things about his father no-one else could know. As a result he begins to wonder if there is more to her than initially meets the eye.

  • S25E02 Grass

    • April 30, 2009
    • STV (UK)

    DI Robbie Ross starts to feel the heat when Thomas Duffy, one of his informants, is brutally murdered, and the word 'grass' daubed in paint at the crime scene. Duffy's name appeared in Ross's contact book - which was stolen by a woman Ross took home with him. Ross knows he must speak up, but before he does, another name from the book turns up dead. Can he solve the case before his career becomes the next casualty?

  • S25E03 The Knife Trick

    • May 7, 2009
    • STV (UK)

    When a law professor is accidentally stabbed to death in front of 30 trainee police officers during a training exercise it appears at first to be just a tragic accident. But when the team discover that the knife was tampered with, it soon turns into a murder enquiry. The team have 30 eye witnesses - but do the trainees really hold the key to solving the crime?

  • S25E04 So Long Baby

    • July 19, 2009
    • STV (UK)

    Having clocked off work the night before his holiday, DI Ross finds an abandoned baby gurgling on a doorstep on his walk home. After ringing the doorbell but getting no response, Ross checks round the back only to discover a French window wide open and a dead man lying in a pool of blood. Are the baby and the victim connected? Ross calls in the team to help with the investigation.

  • S25E05 Fact and Fiction

    • December 24, 2009
    • STV (UK)

    When a new novel includes the detailed description of a murder the same of that which belongs to an unsolved case, the team start to think the story's writer could of been involved in the murder. Burke tries unsuccessfully to find evidence to link the author to the crime but remains determined to bring him down.

Season 26

  • S26E01 IOU

    • July 18, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    When troubled gambler Nick Williams is murdered at a greyhound track it seems at first that his huge debts cost him his life. The team delve deeper and find an embittered wife, a disgruntled local ruffian and a greyhound handler with secrets of his own. Is there more to Nick's past than the team yet know? Their investigation takes in race fixing and sex tapes, and things get really complicated when one of the suspects is also killed. The detectives must race to find the culprit before the father of the dead suspect takes the law into his own hands.

  • S26E02 Local Hero

    • July 25, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    A recently regenerated community receives an unpleasant reminder of its grim past after a body is found hanging in the children's playground. When the father of the community's rebirth, Harry Wallace, falls under suspicion, Reid fights to clear his name, but the team begin to fear that she is letting her feelings for him cloud her judgement. She remains convinced that Wallace is not capable of murder despite evidence that he is not all he seems and as the case unfolds the team finds it increasingly difficult to share her conviction.

  • S26E03 The Rapture

    • August 1, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    When a father and son are found murdered with bibles at their sides, the team is drawn into the world of a strict religious sect.

Season 27

  • S27E01 Bad Medicine

    • October 3, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    When a newly-qualified doctor is found tortured and mutilated in a vacant warehouse, the team discover connections with a drug-trafficking case.

  • S27E02 Abuse of Trust

    • October 10, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    When shipworkers' union leader Will Ramsay is shot dead in the middle of a labour dispute, corporate killing seems the most likely cause. But the real motivations lie much closer to home.

  • S27E03 Silent Truth

    • October 17, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    When Iranian refugee Farid Mamood is burned to death, it initially appears that a racially motivated murder has occurred. But Burke is not so sure.

  • S27E04 Fallen Angels

    • October 24, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    When three children and their father are found dead in a tenement flat, what initially appears to be an open and shut case becomes something altogether more sinister.

  • S27E05 Bloodsport

    • October 31, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    The murder of a boxer leads the team into a murky world of cage fighting, illegal gambling and lap dancing. And Ross's own gambling addiction is exposed

  • S27E06 The Ends of Justice

    • November 7, 2010
    • STV (UK)

    Newly promoted DI Reid leads the murder investigation when a busker is stabbed to death in the city centre, but as the case progresses, Ross's life begins to unravel.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Mark McManus: The Taggart Years

    • May 18, 1995
    • STV (UK)

    Taggart documentary focusing on the actor Mark McManus who played the lead role.

  • SPECIAL 0x2 There's Been a Murder

    • April 6, 2006
    • STV (UK)

    Documentary charting 20 years of Taggart, Britain's longest running crime drama, which provided a first outing for many of the best Scottish actors working today.

  • SPECIAL 0x3 There's Been Another Murder

    • May 8, 2011
    • STV (UK)

    Documentary celebrating 25 years of Taggart, the most successful drama series ever to come out of Scotland.

  • SPECIAL 0x4 30 Years Of Taggart

    • September 6, 2013
    • STV (UK)

    30 years after DCI Jim Taggart solved his first ever murder, Blythe Duff – who played DI Jackie Reid for 21 years – looks back on the much loved characters that made Taggart one of the world’s most successful long-running crime dramas. The half hour programme features some of the very best Taggart moments, from Mark McManus’ first appearance in 1983 to the unravelling of DI Robbie Ross’ career, and we revisit some of the popular characters who would become household names across the world.