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Season 1

  • S01E01 Hit-Man Complex

    • September 24, 1986
    • CBS

    Adderly is just to provide security at the wedding of a senator's daughter, but then finds out that her fiance is a hit-man.

  • S01E02 Mailman

    • October 1, 1986
    • CBS

    Given a chance to get back into the field by making a delivery to the coast, Adderly decides to help out a fellow agent who's come up empty in his investigation of a furniture importer whose business seems unusually profitable.

  • S01E03 Critical Mass

    • October 8, 1986
    • CBS

    While investigating a possible wayward spouse for a friend of Mona's, Adderly finds a link to plutonium stolen from several nuclear power plants.

  • S01E04 A Change of Mind

    • October 15, 1986
    • CBS

    Assigned to help his former partner re-adjust to civilian life after being held for the last 3 years in a foreign prison, Adderly observes her meeting with a known enemy agent.

  • S01E05 Backfire

    • October 22, 1986
    • CBS

    When Greenspan orders Adderly to impress a nosy TV reporter with the work of Miscellaneous Affairs, he decides to solve a case in the headlines involving the attempted murder of the head of a crime commission.

  • S01E06 Rich Kid

    • October 29, 1986
    • CBS

    Assigned to escort a millionaire former ambassador's precocious son on a plane flight to Adderly's hometown, Adderly suspects he may be the target of kidnappers.

  • S01E07 Capture the Flag

    • November 5, 1986
    • CBS

    Adderly suspects that Major Clack may be the next target for murder at a reunion of Korean War veterans.

  • S01E08 Nina Who?

    • November 12, 1986
    • CBS

    Adderly baby-sits an ambassador's alcoholic wife, who claims to be in danger from a vampire, and then becomes suspicious when she appears to have committed suicide.

  • S01E09 The Dancing Lesson

    • November 19, 1986
    • CBS

    When Greenspan arranges a reception for a visiting Soviet ballerina, Adderly discovers that her lover is being held prisoner to force her cooperation.

  • S01E10 Adderly with Eggroll

    • November 26, 1986
    • CBS

    Adderly is assigned to guard the royal dogs of the recently exiled leaders of a small Asian country.

  • S01E11 Brotherly Love

    • December 3, 1986
    • CBS

    Greenspan assigns Adderly to look after his visiting sister, an international human-rights activist whose life may be in danger.

  • S01E12 Secrets of the Sun

    • January 7, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly investigates the disappearance of a seemingly crazy inventor from a science conference.

  • S01E13 A Matter of Discretion

    • January 14, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly is asked to clandestinely investigate the kidnapping of a Belgian trade emissary's mistress.

  • S01E14 Nemesis

    • February 4, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly suspects that a man who is supposed to be dead is behind a bizarre series of assassination attempts.

  • S01E15 Year of the Tiger

    • February 11, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly and Mona go into action when terrorists take Greenspan and his wife hostage at an embassy party.

  • S01E16 Who Do, Voodoo

    • February 18, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly suspects that Greenspan's strange behavior may be the result of a voodoo curse.

  • S01E17 Miscellaneous News

    • February 25, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly runs into an old adversary while investigating a terrorist bomb plot.

  • S01E18 Tiers of Internment

    • March 4, 1987
    • CBS

    A visit to the bedside of a dying fellow agent launches Adderly on a series of misadventures.

  • S01E19 Running Backward

    • April 8, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly suspects that a radio station is involved in the leakage of government secrets.

  • S01E20 Class of '87

    • April 29, 1987
    • CBS

    On his way to the Toronto Blue Jays' spring training camp in Florida, Adderly stops to investigate the mysterious death of an agent in training, who was the son of an old friend.

  • S01E21 Mirror Man

    • May 13, 1987
    • CBS

    The KGB infiltrates the ISI by kidnapping Adderly and replacing him with a double.

  • S01E22 A Far, Far Better Thing

    • May 27, 1987
    • CBS

    When Adderly quits the agency in frustration, he is finally given a real assignment - to go undercover to guard a papal ambassador.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Speed of Light

    • August 7, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly races aginst time to prevent a power-hungry colonel from a Middle East nation from detonating a nuclear weapon with stolen plutonium.

  • S02E02 Run to Darkness

    • August 14, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly is plagued by nightmares of the torture that resulted in the injury to his hand, fearing that he may have revealed someone else's identity in order to save himself.

  • S02E03 Eye in the Sky

    • August 21, 1987
    • CBS

    The discovery of secret listening devices at ISI forces Clack to temporarily relocate to Miscellaneous Affairs while Adderly investigates.

  • S02E04 To Better Days

    • August 28, 1987
    • CBS

    The death of a former partner leads Adderly from providing security at a parking lot to exchanging a million dollars for a list of KGB agents.

  • S02E05 Blood Feud

    • September 4, 1987
    • CBS

    On the way to a vacation in Paris, Adderly has to make a detour to Monte Carlo to verify the identity of a dead hit man.

  • S02E06 The Perils of Mona

    • September 11, 1987
    • CBS

    On a simple mission to deliver an item to the airport, Mona spots an ISI agent being forced on board a plane, and in no time she's off to Europe in pursuit of enemy agents.

  • S02E07 Midnight in Morocco

    • September 30, 1987
    • CBS

    While they are sorting files together, Adderly tells Mona a tale of one of his adventures in Morocco, and she fantasizes about being his partner in a scenario similar to the movie Casablanca.

  • S02E08 The Bridge

    • October 7, 1987
    • CBS

    Assigned to provide security for a millionaire philanthropist, Adderly discovers the dark deeds of his past as an officer in the Nazi SS.

  • S02E09 Headhunter

    • October 14, 1987
    • CBS

    Major Clack is recruited by a former lover for a position in a private security firm, while Adderly tries to keep a visiting diplomat happy - and alive.

  • S02E10 Code Name: Chipmunk

    • October 28, 1987
    • CBS

    When Adderly and Greenspan are asked to escort the obnoxious sons of diplomats on a camping trip, Adderly becomes suspicious of a visiting Middle Eastern ruler's press agent.

  • S02E11 Spymaster

    • November 11, 1987
    • CBS

    When a new government committee decides that Greenspan is the mastermind of a ring of foreign spies, Adderly must stop laughing long enough to prove them wrong.

  • S02E12 Requiem

    • November 18, 1987
    • CBS

    When Adderly, Mona and Greenspan undertake a seemingly routine assignment as ushers at an international film festival, Adderly ends up faking his own death to keep secrets from being smuggled out of the country.

  • S02E13 Horse Cents

    • November 25, 1987
    • CBS

    Greenspan is happy to be able to visit the land of his ancestors when he and Adderly are sent to Ireland to prevent the kidnapping of a valuable horse owned by an old friend of Clack's.

  • S02E14 Debbie Does Dishes

    • December 2, 1987
    • CBS

    Greenspan's new maid turns out to be a fugitive with a secret past, leading Adderly to an employment agency that is a front for an underground railroad system.

  • S02E15 The Man who Didn't Know Too Much

    • December 9, 1987
    • CBS

    Greenspan is thrown into trouble when Clack tricks him into escorting a beautiful undercover agent on a dangerous assignment.

  • S02E16 Deathwatch

    • December 23, 1987
    • CBS

    Adderly and Greenspan try to stop a terrorist who is trying to poison the city's water supply and has kidnapped Mona.

  • S02E17 Covert Agenda

    • January 20, 1988
    • CBS

    Assigned to the domestic support staff at the embassy in Moscow, Adderly tries to find out the real reason why a Russian rocket scientist wants to defect.

  • S02E18 The Game

    • February 10, 1988
    • CBS

    Assigned to check parcels at a conference of NATO ministers, Adderly finds that one of them is being blackmailed by a Soviet agent, and also finds time to invent a board game based on his experiences.

  • S02E19 Adventures in Bodysitting

    • February 17, 1988
    • CBS

    Guarding the body of a dead agent, Greenspan becomes a target for foreign spies after inadvertently swallowing microdots that he mistook for aspirin.

  • S02E20 The Interrogation

    • February 24, 1988
    • CBS

    Adderly tries to help a friend who has been framed for the murder of a British spy.

  • S02E21 See How They Die

    • March 2, 1988
    • CBS

    An undercover operation is jeopardized when all the subjects start getting killed.

  • S02E22 Point of No Return

    • March 9, 1988
    • CBS

    Trying to return a lost crown, Adderly discovers that he is a dead ringer for the ruler of a small country, who may be the target of assassins.