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  • Global Television Network
  • Global TV
  • ID 335
  • Country Canada
  • Started January 6, 1974
  • Primary Type Network
  • Parent Company Corus Entertainment
  • Company Type Linear Cable
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Doctor Who
Rookie Blue
Nurses (2020)
Mary Kills People
Private Eyes
Big Brother Canada
Family Law (2021)
Bomb Girls
Isteri Tuan Ihsan
Border Security: Canada's Front Line
Falcon Beach
Hero Seorang Cinderella
Crime Beat
The Best Years
Ready or Not
Ring Of Honor on HDNet
The Red Green Show
Robyn Hood
Second City Television
Cruel instruction
Care Bears: The Nutcracker
Killer in the Guest House
How I Married My High School Crush
Meghan and Harry Plus One
Lost behind bars
When Love Blooms
Straight Line
Sesame Street: Elmo's Playdate
La valse des pigeons
Madballs: Escape from Orb!
Little Sister's vs. Big Brother
Lilith on Top
Under the Table You Must Go
Mini Weekend
Star Dreams: Exploring the Mystery of the Crop Circles