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Prescription: Nutrition
Ancient Earth
Deep Time History
Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places
Amazing Dinoworld
Titans: The Rise of Wall Street
Secrets of the Solar System
Ancient Engineering
The History of Food
Royals: Keeping the Crown
The History of Home
The Secret Lives Of Big Cats
Science vs. Terrorism
Exploring Quantum History With Brian Greene
Age of Big Cats
Space Probes
The Secrets to Civilization
Tom Scott Presents: Money
Underwater Wonders of the National Parks (2016)
The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World
Sauvages, au coeur des zoos humains
Versailles Rediscovered: The Sun King's Vanished Palace
The Hunt for Dark Matter
The Beasts of Halloween
Return to the Moon
JFK: Fact & Fable
Living Universe
Destination: Pluto Beyond the Flyby
Birth of the Solar System
Fighting for Lincoln: The Wide Awakes
The Apollo Moon Landings
Pioneering The American Frontier