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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x1 A Bad Dream Gets Real (Unaired Pilot)

    • ITV

    Three teenagers in different parts of the world find that they can talk to one another telepathically, and transport themselves across the planet. They are the next stage of human evolution, homo superior, the Tomorrow People...

  • S01E01 The Origin Story (1)

    • November 18, 1992
    • ITV

    Three teenagers from different parts of the world find themselves transported to a tropical island, where a buried spaceship hides their secret. They are the next stage of human evolution, homo superior, the Tomorrow People…

  • S01E02 The Origin Story (2)

    • November 25, 1992
    • ITV

    Kevin and Lisa experiment with their powers of teleportation. The government is interested in the paranormal abilities being shown by certain teenagers, and sets up a trap.

  • S01E03 The Origin Story (3)

    • December 1, 1992
    • ITV

    Megabyte helps Lisa escape, but is himself captured by the government, who mistake him for a teleporter.

  • S01E04 The Origin Story (4)

    • December 8, 1992
    • ITV

    The government, the military, and an eccentric old lady all want to get their hands on the Tomorrow People.

  • S01E05 The Origin Story (5)

    • December 16, 1992
    • ITV

    With Adam and Lisa captured, Megabyte turns to his father for help.

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Culex Experiment (1)

    • January 4, 1994
    • ITV

    Dr. Culex and her two workers are working a type of bug that can kill anyone by simply stinging them. After testing it out on some guy, they go for the tomorrow people because they know all about it. Kevin tries to dial 911 in a phone both, but gets stung by the wasp-like creature and passes out.

  • S02E02 The Culex Experiment (2)

    • January 11, 1994
    • ITV

    Ami, Adam, & Megabyte are interrogated by Inspector Platt, and they manage to frustrate him terribly as they can't answer any of his questions without revealing they are Tomorrow People. They head back to Kevin's aunt Ruth's house for breakfast. Ami wishes she could remember the license plate number of the bike that Kevin was taken away on, so the TP go to the ship and mindmerge to ""relive"" the moment and get the plate number. They learn the bike belongs to Aliza Jeffries. The TP and Inspector Platt head to Jeffries mansion, but she claims the bike was stolen. Upon returning to Ruth's place, the TP discover that a dog was found with the same symptoms Kevin had. Ruth takes a blood sample to Dr. Poole. Meanwhile, Adam & Megabyte return to Jeffries mansion. As they try to go in, Jeffries (aka Culex) is watching on monitors in her lab and activates some devices, hidden in flowerpots, that send out intense, deafening sound waves. Adam & Megabyte can't take it, so they teleport back to Ruth'

  • S02E03 The Culex Experiment (3)

    • January 18, 1994
    • ITV

    Ami screams out Adam & Megabyte's names in terror as Culex's mosquito flies around her, preparing to strike. At Worldex securities, where General Damon works, Adam thinks he hears Megabyte say his name. Seconds later, Megabyte hears his name called out as well. The two realize that Ami is calling to them from somewhere, telepathically. They mindmerge to contact her, and they teleport her away from Culex's lab. Ruth and Ami go to see Inspector Platt to inform him of what just happened. Meanwhile, Adam & Megabyte return to Culex's mansion. They find the terrible twins loading items from the lab into a truck parked outside. They quickly stow away inside the truck. Minutes after the truck pulls out, Ami, Ruth, & Inspector Platt pass it on the highway. Megabyte opens one of the pods in the truck to discover it contains Kevin. He teleports back to Ruth's with Kevin in tow. When Ami, Ruth, & Platt arrive at the mansion, they find nothing. Platt considers it a ""wild goose chase"" and leaves. Th

  • S02E04 The Culex Experiment (4)

    • January 25, 1994
    • ITV

    Adam dodges the barrel dropped by the terrible twin but is grabbed by Culex and knocked out with chloroform. Megabyte and his father discuss the business with Culex, and General Damon reveals that Worldex has been looking for her. She's wanted and very dangerous. Megabyte tries calling Adam telepathically to find out where Culex is, but Adam doesn't answer. At Ruth's place, Ami & Megabyte both start yawning uncontrollably and Megabyte figures that Adam is in trouble somewhere. They teleport to Adam's location and find him hidden inside one of the large pods. They pull him out and he starts to wake up. Meanwhile, Dr. Lucy Conner arrives in London, along with her son and her cornucopia machine. Megabyte teleports into the airport to tell his dad of Culex's whereabouts, but is grabbed by security and chewed out by his dad. He leaves angry, without divulging any information. Back at the lab, Culex disguises herself as a chauffeur and goes to pickup Commander Scott, who is involved in secur

  • S02E05 The Culex Experiment (5)

    • February 1, 1994
    • ITV

    General Damon, Megabyte, Adam, & Dr. Conner meet in a hotel room. Dr. Conner tells the others that Culex was once known as Eliza Jeffries until she started doing strange experiments with mosquitos at university. She was kicked out, and later changed her name to Culex, which is Latin for mosquito. She also says the process of creating a single mosquito takes months. So naturally, Culex wants the cornucopia machine so she can make thousands of them at one time instantly. Culex calls Conner's hotel room. She says she will exchange the machine for Conner's son. Damon won't allow it. He takes the machine and puts it in a secure storage area. The terrible twins arrive, dressed as chambermaids, and try to take the machine from Conner. Conner explains it was taken and the twins leave. The Tomorrow People and two Worldex agents go after the twins and finally catch them, thinking they have kidnapped Conner. But they haven't. Conner is outside on a bench. She tells Adam that the machine requires

  • S02E06 Monsoon Man (1)

    • February 8, 1994
    • ITV

    Prof. Middlemass is an evil professor who wants to control all the weather in the world in order to kill everyone farm crops so everyone will have to buy food from him.

  • S02E07 Monsoon Man (2)

    • February 15, 1994
    • ITV

    Ami manages to remote teleport Adam and Megabyte to safety and her mother agrees to let her help find Lucy.Adam tries to get hold of the evidence Lucy found before Wilkie gets it.

  • S02E08 Monsoon Man (3)

    • February 22, 1994
    • ITV

    Ami realises that the Cobb Cereal Company were behind Lucy's kidnap and she and Megabyte travel to America to investigate Cobb.Meanwhile, Adam and Lucy check out the warehouse where she was held prisoner.

  • S02E09 Monsoon Man (4)

    • March 1, 1994
    • ITV

    Adam rescues Ami and Megabyte from Cobb's trap and the three of them check out Cobb's office to try and learn his plans.Meanwhile, Cobb sends Middlemass to sabotage a satellite launch.

  • S02E10 Monsoon Man (5)

    • March 8, 1994
    • ITV

    The Tomorrow People realize that Cobb is planning to use the satellite and Middlemass' invention to gain control of the weather.Cobb intends to destroy his rivals' corn supply but if unchecked his scheme could unbalance the world's ecosystem.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Rameses Connection (1)

    • January 4, 1995
    • ITV

    The Tomorrow People all have visions of an Egyptian boy at the same time as a robbery is committed at the British Museum. Investigating a lead at Cleopatra's Needle, they meet the mysterious Milicent Rutherford who warns them of coming danger.

  • S03E02 The Rameses Connection (2)

    • January 11, 1995
    • ITV

    Adam and Megabyte follow Tate and Scully to Egypt in order to retrieve the artifact. Meanwhile, Ami's new pendant causes her to begin behaving very strangely.

  • S03E03 The Rameses Connection (3)

    • January 18, 1995
    • ITV

    Adam and Megabyte investigate Rameses' tomb only to find it empty, then come under attack from Ami, who is under Rees' control.

  • S03E04 The Rameses Connection (4)

    • January 25, 1995
    • ITV

    Adam and Ami go to Amanda with the information they found in Rameses' tomb and learn there is no mention of his death. Meanwhile, Megabyte learns that Rees was responsible for bringing Cleopatra's Needle to England over a century earlier.

  • S03E05 The Rameses Connection (5)

    • February 1, 1995
    • ITV

    Rameses has trapped Adam and Millicient in a limbo dimension and it is up to Megabyte and Ami to rescue them and find a way to stop Rameses, before he uses his perfect pyramid to finally achieve his aim of becoming all-powerful.

  • S03E06 The Living Stones (1)

    • February 8, 1995
    • ITV

    Worldex are investigating the arrival on Earth of mysterious meteorites.When Jade comes across one, General Damon enlists Adam and Megabyte to persuade her to help them.

  • S03E07 The Living Stones (2)

    • February 15, 1995
    • ITV

    Jade is horrified to find her mother and most of the other villagers under the control of the alien meteorites.Meanwhile, Adam tries to stop the zombies from kidnapping a scientist who can accelerate plant growth.

  • S03E08 The Living Stones (3)

    • February 22, 1995
    • ITV

    Adam and Megabyte team up with Jade to find out what the Nghara want. Meanwhile, the zombies recruit Lucifer to their cause and one of their spores gets loose in Worldex.

  • S03E09 The Living Stones (4)

    • March 1, 1995
    • ITV

    Damon is under the control of the Nghara and although Megabyte frees him it leaves him hospitalized. Meanwhile, Jade and Beth discover the zombies using Beth's machine to breed the Nghara pods which they intend to release at Lucifer's concert.

  • S03E10 The Living Stones (5)

    • March 8, 1995
    • ITV

    Jade manages to break out as a Tomorrow Person and teleport herself and Megabyte to safety.It is then up to Adam, Megabyte and Jade to defeat the Nghara while preventing Beaumont-Savage from turning things into a blood bath.