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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • September 3, 1996
    • UPN

    After hibernating for 15,000 years, a malevolent virus is released from an ancient tomb in Costa Rica. A top team of specialists is assembled to research it. Infection causes blood-red eyes, a high fever and superhuman strength, and an exceptional interest in deadly diseases.

  • S01E02 The Silent Tower

    • September 10, 1996
    • UPN

    Dr. Cassian, the new team leader, sends the biocrisis team to investigate a Chicago high-rise. A mysterious rash of suicides caused by hallucinations has led to 79 deaths in the two years since its opening.

  • S01E03 St. Michael's Nightmare

    • September 17, 1996
    • UPN

    The team travels to Philadelphia to search for the cause of violence and death that have occurred the last two years during the Festival of St. Michael, a celebration of good's victory over evil.

  • S01E04 Arms of Fire

    • September 24, 1996
    • UPN

    Cassian's biocrisis team investigates two cases of spontaneous human combustion at a poor urban high school. The team traces the cause to an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company.

  • S01E05 Night Flight

    • October 1, 1996
    • UPN

    During the flight back from a small island country, Marcase, Shiroma and Hailey must fight an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever. Faced with a 5-hour flight, they must find a cure in time to land.

  • S01E06 Lethal Injection

    • October 15, 1996
    • UPN

    A sinister government black-project uses death row inmates as guinea pigs to make contact with the afterlife. It nearly costs Marcase his life, and Cassian must find a way to shut it down.

  • S01E07 Touch of the Dead

    • October 29, 1996
    • UPN

    Cassian is infected with a bacteria that will kill him in 48 hours. While searching for an antidote, the team uncovers a government conspiracy.

  • S01E08 Hall of the Serpent

    • November 12, 1996
    • UPN

    Cassian's niece falls under the spell of a self-proclaimed healer who claims to be able to cure deadly diseases. He appears to heal people-until they defy him. The team infiltrates his compound in Mexico to rescue Cassian's niece, who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

  • S01E09 Blood Covenant

    • November 19, 1996
    • UPN

    A doctor, angry with the US government for the death of his wife and for abandoning him in Zaire threatens to infect Orlando's main blood supply with malaria unless a billion dollars is deposited to a Swiss bank account.

  • S01E10 Faces in the Night

    • November 26, 1996
    • UPN

    When Dr. Shiroma is abducted by a serial killer who only kills his victims during the full moon, the team races to discover the killer's identity before she becomes his next victim.

  • S01E11 Midnight of the Carrier

    • January 7, 1997
    • UPN

    The team removes a capsule from the head of an old man. This leads to the shocking discovery of white supremacists in the CIA and occultism in the Third Reich. During the operation, security is compromised, and the team fights to save the old man's life and to protect the contents of the capsule from someone who wants it at any cost.

  • S01E12 Critical Mass

    • January 28, 1997
    • UPN

    Dr. Brian Taft, a neuropathologist, is enlisted by Cassian to help investigate the death of a LA fireman. After being exposed to a meteorite, the fireman grew fatal brain tumors and developed homicidal madness. Cassian fears the same may be happening to anyone exposed to this meteorite, including the scientists examining it.

  • S01E13 Death Song

    • February 4, 1997
    • UPN

    Several recovering Hodgkin's patient's bones are suddenly breaking into multiples fractures. Cassian and Taft investigate the gruesome deaths. Hailey becomes involed with a famous singer who faces the same fate.

  • S01E14 The Last Endless Summer

    • February 11, 1997
    • UPN

    When several surfers come down with a fatal but undetectable disease that causes organ failure overnight, Cassian's team is called in to assist. A medical student, with a promising future, is also aflicted.

  • S01E15 The Last Five Pounds are the Hardest

    • February 18, 1997
    • UPN

    Several people across the US are found dead or in a coma. The only connection is Metabathin, a diet pill. While Taft's investigation can find nothing wrong with Metabathin, Cassian's team uncovers a stock manipulation scheme when someone from the company leaks information that causes the public to panic.

  • S01E16 Elegy For a Dream

    • April 29, 1997
    • UPN

    Taft's football-playing nephew falls victim to a flesh-eating bacterium that may cause him to lose his arm. Contaminated tattoo ink is spreading the bacterium around Chicago.

  • S01E17 A Secret in the Neighborhood

    • May 6, 1997
    • UPN

    When a boy collapses at an amusement park with burns in his mouth and throat, chemical weapons are suspected. The team suspects a government installation has a hazardous chemical leak.

  • S01E18 Wild Fire

    • May 13, 1997
    • UPN

    A drug-resistant Cholera breaks out in Detroit. Tainted pearls smuggled from the South Pacific are the source of contamination. Cassian's team rushes to develop a cure before it spreads to other cities. Hailey finds painful memories when he returns to his home town.

  • S01E19 On Wings of Angels

    • May 20, 1997
    • UPN

    A secret project goes wrong when a prison escapee, who was exposed to a deadly experimental drug, kidnaps Taft and orders him to save his life or die.