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Taxi's success was due to its excellent writing, Burrows's award-winning directing using his innovative four-camera technique, and its largely unknown but talented cast. Danny DeVito's Louie DePalma soon became one of the most despised men on television--possibly the most unredeemable and worthless louse of a character ever to reside on the small screen. Andy Kaufman's foreign mechanic Latka Gravas provided over-the-top comedy within an ensemble emphasizing subtle character humor.

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  • Series ID 71527
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired September 12, 1978
  • Recent June 15, 1983
  • Airs Tuesday, at 9:30pm
  • Network ABC (US)
  • Average Runtime 25 minutes
  • Genres Comedy
  • Original Country United States of America
  • Original Language English
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  • Episode Screenshot Format 4:3 Screencap
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Season From To Episodes
All Seasons
Specials 0
Season 1 September 1978 May 1979 22
Season 2 September 1979 May 1980 24
Season 3 November 1980 May 1981 20
Season 4 October 1981 May 1982 24
Season 5 September 1982 June 1983 24
Unassigned Episodes 0
Season From To Episodes
All Seasons
Specials 0
Season 1 September 1978 May 1979 22
Unassigned Episodes 92
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Season From To Episodes
Season 1 0
Unassigned Episodes 114
Name Number of Episodes Dates
James Burrows 69 09/12/1978 - 05/06/1982
Les Charles 17 10/10/1978 - 01/14/1982
Noam Pitlik 10 10/29/1981 - 05/25/1983
Ed Weinberger 8 09/12/1978 - 12/04/1979
Michael Zinberg 6 01/28/1982 - 01/22/1983
Stan Daniels 5 09/12/1978 - 11/18/1982
Richard Sakai 4 12/09/1982 - 04/20/1983
Danny DeVito 4 12/02/1982 - 05/18/1983
Michael Lessac 3 12/17/1981 - 11/11/1982
Holly Holmberg Brooks 3 10/08/1981 - 06/15/1983
Howard Storm 2 10/18/1981 - 10/22/1981
Harvey Miller 2 03/30/1983 - 06/15/1983
Will Mackenzie 1 03/19/1981
Larry Scott Anderson 1 04/06/1983
Jeff Chambers 1 02/26/1981
Joan Darling 1 01/21/1982
Barbara Duncan 1 02/25/1982
Name Number of Episodes Dates
Ken Estin 19 10/30/1979 - 05/25/1983
Glen Charles 17 10/10/1978 - 01/14/1982
Barry Kemp 13 11/28/1978 - 04/30/1981
Ian Praiser 12 11/20/1979 - 10/28/1982
David Lloyd 12 12/18/1979 - 01/22/1983
Sam Simon 11 03/12/1981 - 05/25/1983
Howard Gewirtz 11 11/20/1979 - 10/28/1982
Earl Pomerantz 9 09/19/1978 - 11/19/1981
Katherine Green 4 01/21/1981 - 02/05/1983
Barton Dean 3 10/31/1978 - 03/30/1983
Michael Leeson 3 09/26/1978 - 11/26/1980
Dennis Danziger 2 05/07/1981 - 05/14/1981
Danny Kallis 2 12/17/1981 - 10/14/1982
Ellen Sandler 2 05/07/1981 - 05/14/1981
Nancy Lane 1 02/26/1981
James L. Brooks 1 09/12/1978
Sy Rosen 1 10/24/1978
Pat Allee 1 01/07/1981
Barry Rubinowitz 1 11/13/1979
David Davis 1 09/12/1978
Glenn Gordon Caron 1 11/06/1979
Dari Daniels 1 04/20/1983
Susan Jane Lindner 1 02/26/1981
Ruth Bennett 1 02/06/1979
John Markus 1 04/13/1983

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