Star Trek: Prodigy

A motley crew of young aliens in the Delta Quadrant find an abandoned Starfleet ship, the U.S.S. Protostar; taking control of the ship, they must learn to work together as they make their way towards the Alpha Quadrant.

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88 25 Imzadi

Space... the final frontier.

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Moderator Notice

Please note that while Paramount+ presents the “Lost & Found” series premiere as a single 46-minute episode, they numbered the subsequent episode (“Starstruck”) as S01E03. Also, the season premiere title is called “Lost & Found, Parts 1 and 2” on their site, indicating that they consider them two separate episodes and that they are likely combined just for easier viewing. In light of this, and given that this series got an order for 10 half-hours, we are listing each part separately in the Aired Order. However, we did enable an Alternate Order where the series premiere is a single episode and the first season consists of nine rather than ten installments. (Date: 20211105)

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