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Season 1

  • S01E01 Episode 01

    • September 7, 2008
    • CTS

    Glittering from head to toe, Xiao Hua is hastily driving her scooter to deliver her merchandise; meanwhile, Tang Men is helping a fashion magazine shoot their cover page and he is being very profession over it. After delivering the merchandise, Xiao Huas scooter broke down; Tang Men is not happy with the filming site and cancelled the shoot. As he was leaving, he couldnt find the car keys and tells his assistant, Lai Rui Ke to call a cab for him. Xiao Hua, who couldnt catch a cab, sees the cab that Tang Men called for and suggests sharing the ride. Xiao Hua recognizes that Tang Men is the host of a famous fashion show and starts going off and giving him advice on his fashion styles which makes Tang Men really irritated! Tang Mens sharp tongue criticizes Xiao Hua for being a Christmas tree and they both get into an argument! Tang Men gets out of the cab and his set of scissors fell out and Xiao Hua picks it up The producer invites another stylist, Ji Nuo, to host the fashion show with Tang Men! Tang Men is not happy about this but his loyalty prevents him for refusing and so he agrees to a PK match! Tang Men discovers that his set of scissors is missing and he wonders if Xiao Hua had picked it up. He tells his assistant to go and look for the scissors for him. JoJo and Dou Zi come to find Xiao Hua. They mention that the fat, ugly and cry-baby Jia Si Le, who always said that he wants to marry Xiao Hua when they were little, has returned to the country and that he is holding a party. They remind her to remember to go. Because Xiao Hua is busy at the shop, she forgets to bring her invitation card as she rushes off to the party. The guards are blocking Xiao Hua from entering at the Jia residences doorway. JoJo thinks up of a plan and steals a tablecloth to give to Xiao Hua to use as a dress so that she can get into the party. At this time, Tang Men also arrives at the party and it turns out that he

  • S01E02 Episode 02

    • September 14, 2008
    • CTS

    In her pajamas, Xiao Hua runs over to Tang Mens house huffing and puffing. Tang Mens sharp tongue tells her that her bad taste cant be cured by any doctors. He also scolds her wondering why she wants to change herself to marry into a rich family. Both parts on bad terms after this conversation. Jiang Mi tests Jia Si Le but is scared that he will discover her feelings. She pretends that she is going on a date with Tang Men but Jia Si Le didnt mind one bit. Lai Rui Ke suggests that Tang Men could use liposuction to help the models to lose weight. Tang Men firmly refuses and expresses that he would rather lose than to cheat and lose to himself! Xiao Hua is angry at Tang Men but for the prince charming of her dreams, she decides to apologize to Tang Men and ask that he continue to help her change. Early in the morning, Xiao Hua doesnt dare to be late again and rings the doorbell at Tang Mens house. However, she was turned back for being there too early. On the other hand, when Jiang Mi arrives to ask Tang Men to go for a morning jog with her, Tang Men happily goes. Tang Men and Jiang Mi have an intimate early morning jog. Xiao Hua is having breakfast nearby to kill time. When she sees Tang Men, she happily greets him but he tells her to hide in the grass. It turns out that Tang Men is afraid that Jiang Mi would see Xiao Hua. Unexpectedly, Xiao Hua keeps on hiccupping which causes Tang Men to pretend to laugh foolishly to Jiang Mi. Jiang Mi suddenly proposes to date Tang Men which startles him. Xiao Hua is painstakingly waiting outside of Tang Mens house. Seeing that the door wasnt locked, she goes in and falls asleep on the sofa. Xiao Hua dreamt that Tang Men is praying to a God to be able to make a dead person come back alive. However, there would be a price to pay Xiao Hua didnt hear what the price is before she is woken up by Tang Men. Xiao Hua urgently tells Tang Men but he

  • S01E03 Episode 03

    • September 21, 2008
    • CTS

    Because of Xiao Hua’s help, Tang Men defeated Ji Nuo. Both happily celebrate and Xiao Hua forgets about her date with Jia Si Le. They both get drunk and Xiao Hua suddenly blurts out that she doesn’t know how to kiss so what should she do? Tang Men personally demonstrates how to kiss and they both kissed. Jia Si Le has breakfast with Jiang Mi in the morning and he promises to introduce her to Xiao Hua the next time. Jiang Mi doesn’t want to fall behind and indicates that she is also stepping up her progress. Jiang Mi goes to look for Tang Men. A drunken Xiao Hua and Tang Men immediately sober up. Xiao Hua is worried that her Grandma would be mad since she didn’t come home to sleep and frantically wants to leave. But Tang Men doesn’t want her to leave because Jiang Mi is outside. Tang Men opens the door halfway and tries to distract Jiang Mi but this arouses Jiang Mi’s suspicions and she insists on going into the house. Tang Men couldn’t refuse her and so he hides Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua is both anxious and nervous. She tries to sneak behind Jiang Mi but gets discovered by her. Tang Men quickly makes up the excuse that Xiao Hua is his servant and Xiao Hua has no other choice but to play along… Jiang Mi helps Tang Mi perform a psychological love test and the atmosphere is a bit ambiguous. Just when Tang Men wants to kiss Jiang Mi, the scene of his kiss with Xiao Hua pops up and scared him into jumping away. Xiao Hua sneaks home but Grandma is already furiously waiting for her. Under Grandma’s interrogation, Xiao Hua remembers that she forgot about Jia Si Le’s date. Grandma misunderstands that Xiao Hua’s drinking and kissing partner is Jia Si Le. She worriedly asks whether Xiao Hua has done it with him? Xiao Hua quickly denies it and at this moment, Jia Si Le calls Xiao Hua because she had missed their date but Grandma picks up. Grandma demands to see Jia Si Le and said that s

  • S01E04 Episode 04

    • September 28, 2008
    • CTS

    Jia Si Le takes Xiao Hua to see his good friend but she never thought that this person is Tang Men! Because of the bet that they made previously, Xiao Hua and Tang Men pretended that they didnt know each other. At this time, a finely dressed Jiang Mi appears. Seeing that her rival is a scatterbrained, dummy like Xiao Hua, Jiang Mi feels surprised as well as powerless. When Jia Si Le is taking Xiao Hua home, he proposes using marriage as their future goal for dating with Xiao Hua now. He gently kisses Xiao Hua. Jiang Mi is jealous and not happy while Tang Men also has a very weird feeling. Jia Si Le did not see the jealousy within Jiang Mis eyes and believes that Jiang Mi is supporting him. He asks Jiang Mi to help Xiao Hua get pass his mother. Mother Jia and Grandma Jia returns to Taiwan earlier. Jia Si Le takes this chance to mention that Xiao Huas Grandma wants to meet Mother Jia. Jiang Mi dresses up and goes to Xiao Huas accessories shop. She accidentally overhears JoJo, Dou Zi and Xiao Huas conversation. She mistakes that Xiao Hua is really getting close to Jia Si Le because she wants to marry into a wealthy family. Xiao Hua recognizes Jiang Mi and enthusiastically promotes some hair clips to her. Although there is a smile on Jiang Mis face but deep inside, she really didnt care. Jiang Mi goes to find Tang Men and tells him that Xiao Hua is getting close to Jia Si Le because she wants to marry into a wealthy family. She wants Tang Men to let Jia Si Le see Xiao Huas true colors and the way to do this is make Xiao Hua fall in love with Tang Men! As a result, Jiang Mi pretended to be worried that Mother Jia would not like Xiao Huas looks and suggests having Tang Men give Xiao Hua a make-over. This way it would create more time for the two of them to spend together. At first, Xiao Hua is not willing but under Jia Si Les encouragement and Tang Mens instigation, she unwillingly

  • S01E05 Episode 05

    • October 5, 2008
    • CTS

    Xiao Hua is grateful for Tang Men’s help and hugs him tightly which makes Tang Men’s lying heart feel a bit unbearable. Grandma reminds Xiao Hua to tell Tang Men to give her a make-over. Tang Men’s make-over for Grandma makes her very satisfied and she invites them to stay for dinner. Lai Rui Ke accidentally reveals Tang Men’s argument with his father and his running away from home. Xiao Hua encourages Tang Men which comforts him a bit. Grandma arrives at the Jia residence. She mistakes that Mother Jia’s words of solving the problem are to have Xiao Hua and Jia Si le get married. The three of them are talking but each have their own meanings. Grandma regards the check that Mother Jia gave her as “bridal money” and firmly refuses it. She tells them to love Xiao Hua for whom she is and insists that Jia Si Le take good care of Xiao Hua. Da Shu suddenly comes up with a strange idea and asks Xiao Hua, Tang Men and Lai Rui Ke to help him rehearse his parts. He even requests them to get into their characters more. Unexpectedly, Xiao Hua and Tang Men was into the act a bit too seriously and unable to control their feelings, they hugged each other. What started out as an act turns into something real… Jiang Mi and Tang Men misunderstood Xiao Hua and thought that her whole family wants to marry into a wealthy family. As a result, Tang Men agrees to carry out Jiang Mi’s deceiving love plan. At the same time, Jiang Mi arranges for Xiao Hua to meet Mother Jia in hopes that Xiao Hua would understand the difficulty and give up. After an intense training, Xiao Hua transforms completely. When JoJo and Dou Zi comes to invite Xiao Hua to participate in a dance competition, they were shocked and even Jiang Mi is extremely shocked. However, the one thing that didn’t change was Xiao Hua’s curly hair. Under both Jiang Mi and Tang Men’s persuasion, Xiao Hua finally straightened

  • S01E06 Episode 06

    • October 12, 2008
    • CTS

    Jiang Mi takes notice of the way that Xiao Hua is looking at Tang Men and tells Tang Men that Xiao Hua has fallen in love with him! Mother Jia thanks Tang Men for his help and invites him to attend an international fashion banquet dinner. Xiao Hua is also invited but she is worried that her English is not good enough and quickly goes to ask Tang Men for his help. During the banquet, Mother Jia deliberately wants to embarrass Xiao Hua. She never expected that Xiao Hua would use the clever tricks that Tang Men taught her. Not only did Xiao Hua get complimented by the fashion designers but she also tells jokes to entertain everyone. This makes Jiang Mi really unhappy and Mother Jia couldn’t help but see Xiao Hua in a new light. For the dancing competition, JoJo asks everyone to check out the ballroom with her. Jiang Mi wants to strengthen Tang Men and Xiao Hua’s relationship and suggests that they all go together. Xiao Hua gets chosen by the host to go up on the stage to dance. The live atmosphere is extremely high. When it was Jiang Mi’s turn, who is not familiar with the dance moves, she accidentally flies out and twists her neck… When Mother Jia learns that it is Xiao Hua who has caused Jiang Mi to twist her neck, her attitude towards Xiao Hua gets even worse. Listening to JoJo’s theories, Xiao Hua suspects that Jiang Mi got injured because of her curse. As a result, she tries it again and unexpectedly, it comes true again?! Mother Jia tries to make things difficult for Xiao Hua and gives her one week’s time to get 24 well-known famous make-up artists to sign an agreement to use Jia Enterprise’s cosmetics. Xiao Hua and Dou Zi, who has no experience at all, could only contact everyone on the phone one by one. Jia Si Le comes to pick up Xiao Hua which makes Jiang Mi jealous. Xiao Hua suggests taking Jiang Mi too but Jiang Mi lies and says that Tang Men w

  • S01E07 Episode 07

    • October 19, 2008
    • CTS

    Xiao Hua believes that Ji Nuo would not lend a helping hand. When she is prepared to leave, Ji Nuo falsely hands over to her the agreement contract that he signed. He even deliberately says that he will keep the conversation between them a secret – purposely trying to frame her… When Lai Rui Ke finds out the difficulty that Xiao Hua and Dou Zi has in trying to come up with enough agreements, he decides to help them out. However, this is under one condition which is for Xiao Hua to convince Tang Men’s mother to participate in the special recording for Mother’s Day. For Tang Men, Xiao Hua asks Jia Si Le for Tang Men’s old home address and heads over there. Jiang Mi sees the sweet interaction between Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le and gets jealous. Xiao Hua arrives at Tang Men’s old home and invites Mother Tang to participate in the show and recording. Mother Tang is a little bit moved by what Xiao Hua said but was strictly stopped by Father Tang. Xiao Hua has no choice but to leave her contact details behind and hope for a miracle to happen. Dou Zi, Xiao Hua and JoJo are worrying over the design style for the dance competition. Dou Zi comes up with the idea to ask Tang Men to help them design a style. They never expected that Tang Men would actually agree. Tang Men looks for Xiao Hua and hopes that she would cherish Jia Si Le. However, Jiang Mi’s words that Xiao Hua likes him pops up in his head and a strange feeling moves within his heart. Xiao Hua remembers from her dream where God said that the price for Tang Men’s sharp tongue is that no one will love him. Hence, Xiao Hua takes her Grandma to the temple to pray in hopes of protecting Tang Men and hoping that his mother would show up at the filming location. Under Lai Rui Ke’s assistance, Xiao Hua and Dou Zi complete the project that Mother Jia gave them within the deadline. With a heart filled with anticipation, Xiao Hua shows up a

  • S01E08 Episode 08

    • October 26, 2008
    • CTS

    Because of Ji Nuo’s blackmail, Mother Jia furiously believes that Xiao Hua and Ji Nuo are collaborating together to cheat them of their money. She directly criticizes Xiao Hua and Xiao Hua doesn’t know what’s going on. Xiao Hua expresses that she has handed the information over to Tang Men and so she doesn’t understand how it got into Ji Nuo’s hands? Mother Jia asks Jiang Mi to get proof from Tang Men and only then realized that the so called information had already become the menu of a fast food restaurant?! Mother Jia is so furious that she wants to call the police but Jia Si Le stops her. Mother Jia privately wants Xiao Hua to stop seeing Jia Si Le again and then she will not question this incident any further. Xiao Hua asks Jia Si Le for help, but because Jia Si Le sees the intimate scenes of Tang Men and Xiao Hua at the hot springs which Jiang Mi took, Jia Si Le starts to doubt Xiao Hua. When Xiao Hua sees that even Jia Si Le doesn’t believe her, she leaves sadly. Tang Men feels that things are getting very serious and he hurriedly tries to find out the truth. He searches everywhere for Xiao Hua but couldn’t find her. Jia Si Le and Ji Nuo have a chat and he accidentally finds out that Xiao Hua and Tang Men had known each other early on. Jia Si Le is both angry and astounded; he didn’t believe that they would lie to him together. Tang Men couldn’t find Xiao Hua anywhere, but he sees her sitting down on the ground outside his door, crying for Tang Men to believe her. Tang Men comforts Xiao Hua until she falls asleep. Jia Si Le shows up and questions Tang Men, why is he stealing Xiao Hua from him? Tang Men carries Xiao Hua, who cried herself to sleep, home and calls Grandma to let her know that Xiao Hua is safe. Meanwhile, Jia Si Le, who thought that he was made a fool of, couldn’t get himself to calm down. Jiang Mi takes this opportunity to confess her feelings to Jia Si L

  • S01E09 Episode 09

    • November 2, 2008
    • CTS

    Because Jia Si Le was angry at Xiao Hua, he got into a car accident on the road. He gets into an argument with someone and accidentally injures that person. Mother Jia wants to use money to make Xiao Hua leave Jia Si Le but she meets Da Shu instead and realizes that they know each other from the past by being part-time actors. Yet when Da Shu sees Mother Jia, he suddenly gets very anxious and uncomfortable. Tang Men notifies all his friends not to buy Ji Nuo’s perfume in case of breaking the law. JoJo wants Dou Zi and Lai Rui Ke to go investigate all the details around the perfume incident so that they can find clues to help clear Xiao Hua’s name. She suddenly comes up with the thought that Ji Nuo had first swapped the perfume around. Dou Zi tells Tang Men about the incident of Ji Nuo swapping the perfume. As a result, Tang Men sets up a trap and makes Ji Nuo fall right into it. Ji Nuo falls for the trap, not only does he have to hand over the recipe but he has to sign a guarantee contract not to expose it too. The perfume incident comes to a happy ending. Xiao Hua’s name is cleared in front of Mother Jia and she happily invites Tang Men out to dinner to celebrate. An extremely happy Xiao Hua invites JoJo, Dou Zi and Lai Rui Ke to celebrate together. Under a very happy atmosphere, Tang Men agrees to accept Dou Zi as his assistant. Everyone played with fireworks and also sparked the seed of love between Tang Men and Xiao Hua… After seeing Da Shu, Mother Jia thought back to when she handed her own daughter over to Da Shu in the past. She suspects that Xiao Hua might be her own daughter?! As a result, Mother Jia privately meets with Xiao Hua. Using apology as an excuse, she questions Xiao Hua’s background and discovers that like herself, Xiao Hua is also allergic to pollen. From Jia Si Le’s elementary school pictures, she surprisingly sees Xiao Hua’s natural curls and

  • S01E10 Episode 10

    • November 9, 2008
    • CTS

    Xiao Hua and JoJo rushed to the hospital to see Dou Zi and only then did they find out that Jiang Mi is also injured. Jiang Mi gets rid of everyone and speaks frankly to Xiao Hua. If you can’t give happiness to Jia Si Le, then give him to her! Jia Si Le apologizes to Xiao Hua and is worried whether she has fallen in love with Tang Men? Xiao Hua tells him the truth and says that she will forever treat him as her best friend which makes Jia Si Le extremely sad. Jia Si Le drowns his sorrows in alcohol and goes to question Tang Men: Why did he steal Xiao Hua away from him? Although Tang Men keeps on explaining, but Jia Si Le refuses to listen to a word that he says and announces that he will break off his friendship with Tang Men! Grandma Jia is not very understanding towards Xiao Hua because of Jiang Mi’s car accident and also because of Jia Si Le’s depressed mood. She wants Mother Jia to use the perfume incident to sue Xiao Hua. Mother Jia tries to dissuade Grandma Jia but wasn’t able to. Therefore, she had no choice but to tell Grandma Jia the truth which is that Xiao Hua is her daughter; Grandma is shocked. Because of Dou Zi’s injury, they couldn’t participate in the dance competition. JoJo suggests asking Tang Men to take Dou Zi’s place but Tang Men refuses. Yet he encourages Xiao Hua to participate in the jewelry design competition show which he is hosting. Jia Si Le stares at the “sweet perfume” that he had made for Xiao Hua and misses her. Although, Jiang Mi wants to forget about Jia Si Le but she just couldn’t. Tang Men also starts to avoid Xiao Hua because of his friendship with Jia Si Le. The relationship of these 4 people stops and returns to the beginning. After a night of thinking, Grandma Jia decides to use the excuse of apologizing to go to Xiao Hua’s house. She starts to form a relationship with Xiao Hua’s family and wants them to encourage

  • S01E11 Episode 11

    • November 16, 2008
    • CTS

    Jia Si Le tells Tang Men to put their friendship aside and promises to let Xiao Hua make the decision. He also wants Tang Men to express his true feelings to Xiao Hua. Tang Men finally says it out loud: “I won’t give Xiao Hua to you!” Xiao Hua, who just ran out, overheard and is very touched. She hugs Tang Men tightly and they both officially start dating. Jiang Mi is encouraged by Dou Zi’s words and decides to stand up. She can’t keep on lying in bed and letting love slip away. She wants to leave the hospital to find her true love. Jia Si Le wants JoJo to help him watch over Tang Men’s every move so that he would have a chance to pursue Xiao Hua. He also starts to send her lots of roses but he didn’t know that Xiao Hua is allergic to flowers. Xiao Hua couldn’t bear to see how devoted Jia Si Le is and truthfully tells him that she likes Tang Men. Yet Jia Si Le is not willing to accept it and tells Xiao Hua to give him a chance and time. Tang Men helps the director of the doctor’s council’s daughter to create a bride’s makeover. The bride’s mother compliments Father Tang and Mother Tang on the spot for being able to educate such an outstanding son which causes Father Tang’s stubborn attitude to have a major turn around. Afterwards, Tang Men finds out that his parents had come to participate in the wedding. He was worried about what his father’s reaction to his performance is. He calls Xiao Hua and asks her opinion towards his father. Xiao Hua said that she knows that Father Tang’s temper is really bad but he is someone who really loves Tang Men! Jiang Mi is in a hurry to leave the hospital and looks for Tang Men to go together to Jia Si Le’s press conference for his newly created perfume. As for Xiao Hua, she is deceived to come to the venue of the press conference by JoJo. In front of all the media, Jia Si Le confesses his love to Xiao Hua. Moth

  • S01E12 Episode 12

    • November 23, 2008
    • CTS

    Tang Men imagines Xiao Hua’s excited expression after finding out that he will be going to Germany and was very happy. As a result, he decides to keep this a secret from Xiao Hua so that he can give her a surprise. As for Xiao Hua, she is worried whether she will be able to win the jewelry competition or not but with Tang Men’s encouragement, she decides to try her best. Before Tang Men heads off to Germany, he wants to go tell his parents but when he gets to their house, he hesitates outside the door and is discovered by Mother Tang. Father Tang still has the same cool expression as before. When Tang Men tells his parents that he will be going to Germany and that he plans to get married with Xiao Hua and go together, Father Tang finally couldn’t hold his anger, yelled and said: “Since you have already made the decision on your own, why did you come back to tell us?!” At the jewelry competition, as expected, Xiao Hua did not let everyone down and lucky passed to the next round. To celebrate with Xiao Hua, Jia Si Le gives her the “sweet flower” perfume. Xiao Hua accidentally finds out that Tang Men will be going to Germany for 5 years and have deliberately hid this fact from her?! Xiao Hua is angry and hurt, plus Jia Si Le tells Xiao Hua that the Tang Men that he knows always put work as the first place. Jia Si Le is worried that Xiao Hua will be abandoned and wants Xiao Hua to return to his side. Tang Men looks through wedding dress materials and plans to propose to Xiao Hua. Unexpectedly, Jia Si Le shows up and questions him. When he hears that Tang Men plans to take Xiao Hua away, Jia Si Le gets even angrier. He expresses that if that’s the case, then he will absolutely not let Tang Men take Xiao Hua away. Xiao Hua is worried that Tang Men would really abandon her and go to Germany. She hesitates whether she should ask him or not and yet she couldn’t bring herself to ask so s

  • S01E13 Episode 13

    • November 30, 2008
    • CTS

    Jia Si Les car accident causes Tang Men, Jiang Mi and Xiao Hua to be at a loss of what to do. Xiao Huas spirit is down and tells jokes to Jia Si Le all day long in hopes that he will wake up soon. Jiang Mi also stays by Jia Si Les side while Tang Men feels both angry and sad. Couple times Mother Jia almost is able to acknowledge Xiao Hua as her daughter but because the timing isnt right, she isnt able to speak up. She can only ask Xiao Hua to wait until Jia Si Le wakes up and gets married with him so that she can become a part of the Jia family. This request makes things very difficult for Xiao Hua. Everyone tries everything they can in hopes that Jia Si Le would wake up soon. Xiao Hua tells Jia Si Le jokes and Jiang Mi sprays the sweet flower perfume around Jia Si Le. Tang Men even promises Jia Si Le that if he wakes up, Tang Men will give Xiao Hua back to him and go to Germany alone. Before Tang Men leaves on his trip, his is deeply depressed. He remembers all the things that have happened between the two of them and decides to give the wedding dress design that he made for Xiao Hua to her and Jia Si Le as a wedding gift. Xiao Hua doesnt believe that this is what Tang Mens heart is really thinking about and questions whether Tang Men has ever loved her? Tang Men deliberately says negative things, how he had wanted to dump her long ago. He wants to make Xiao Hua mad so that she will break up with him. Xiao Hua stares at the wedding dress and cries uncontrollably~ Tang Men goes to the hospital to see Jia Si Le and says that he has lost. He pretends to be carefree and gives his blessing to Jia Si Le and Xiao Hua. However, the deal is that Jia Si Le must wake up so that he can take care of Xiao Hua The day before his trip, Tang Men packs up the things in his house and sends it off to a charity. He discovers that even HuHu has been shipped out. Like a mad man, Tang Men gives chase to get HuHu b

  • S01E14 Episode 14

    • December 7, 2008
    • CTS

    Series Finale