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Episode 01

Glittering from head to toe, Xiao Hua is hastily driving her scooter to deliver her merchandise; meanwhile, Tang Men is helping a fashion magazine shoot their cover page and he is being very profession over it. After delivering the merchandise, Xiao Huas scooter broke down; Tang Men is not happy with the filming site and cancelled the shoot. As he was leaving, he couldnt find the car keys and tells his assistant, Lai Rui Ke to call a cab for him. Xiao Hua, who couldnt catch a cab, sees the cab that Tang Men called for and suggests sharing the ride. Xiao Hua recognizes that Tang Men is the host of a famous fashion show and starts going off and giving him advice on his fashion styles which makes Tang Men really irritated! Tang Mens sharp tongue criticizes Xiao Hua for being a Christmas tree and they both get into an argument! Tang Men gets out of the cab and his set of scissors fell out and Xiao Hua picks it up The producer invites another stylist, Ji Nuo, to host the fashion show with Tang Men! Tang Men is not happy about this but his loyalty prevents him for refusing and so he agrees to a PK match! Tang Men discovers that his set of scissors is missing and he wonders if Xiao Hua had picked it up. He tells his assistant to go and look for the scissors for him. JoJo and Dou Zi come to find Xiao Hua. They mention that the fat, ugly and cry-baby Jia Si Le, who always said that he wants to marry Xiao Hua when they were little, has returned to the country and that he is holding a party. They remind her to remember to go. Because Xiao Hua is busy at the shop, she forgets to bring her invitation card as she rushes off to the party. The guards are blocking Xiao Hua from entering at the Jia residences doorway. JoJo thinks up of a plan and steals a tablecloth to give to Xiao Hua to use as a dress so that she can get into the party. At this time, Tang Men also arrives at the party and it turns out that he

  • Originally Aired September 7, 2008
  • Runtime 90 minutes
  • Network CTS
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