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What's Next?

Alonzo asks Khadijah to move in with him, but she asks for some time to consider this major life decision. Alonzo refuses to relent, constantly sending her flowers and other gifts at the office. When another shipment of flowers comes in, Khadijah is shocked when the ""deliveryman"" turns out to be Scooter, who had been calling her almost daily for several weeks. He announces that he is in town for a job interview, and hopes to pick up where he left off with Khadijah. Khadijah is faced with a quandary when Alonzo and Scooter show up at her apartment at the same time. She retreats to the kitchen, and Alonzo follows her. She admits that she has feelings for Scooter, and that she isn't ready for the type of commitment Alonzo is seeking. They decide to break up. When Khadijah returns to the living room, she fears that Scooter has also left. However, he had only gone upstairs to help an eavesdropping Regine get her hair out of a vent. Khadijah and Scooter decide to begin dating. Max is suspend

  • Originally Aired May 15, 1994
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Production Code 455776
  • Network FOX
  • Notes Is a season finale
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Name Type Role
Yvette Lee Bowser Writer
Richard Gant Guest Star
Anne-Marie Johnson Guest Star
Adam Lazarre-White Guest Star
Ellis Williams Guest Star
Ellen Gittelsohn Director