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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Best Possible Defense

    • September 10, 1975
    • CBS

    The first episode has attorney McShane defending Barbara,an underground terrorist student, accused of a fatal bombing.

  • S01E02 Terror On Sycamore Street

    • September 17, 1975
    • CBS

    Kate has a confrontation with a shady federal agent (Clu Gulager). In defending a homeowner on a self‐defense charge ‐shooting an armed intruder‐ she discovers the agent planted false evidence. Narcotics agents press for a murder conviction against a homeowner who killed an agent in self-defense. When a terrified homeowner shoots an armed intruder in a "wrong door" drug raid, it looks like a simple case of self‐defense. But Kate McShane has to fight a murder charge against her client when evidence is planted by a dishonest Federal agent. Narcotics inspector Brenner (guest star Clu Gulager), bitter over the fatal shooting of a fellow officer by Kate's client, Norman Kagan, refuses to admit Kagan's home was raided by mistake. Kate realizes, therefore, that is is her client's word in court against that of the Government agent.

  • S01E03 World vs. Ackerman

    • September 24, 1975
    • CBS

    A burglar is killed in a trap set by a scrappy old man, played by Jack Gilford, who insists he is innocent of wrongdoing.

  • S01E04 Murder Comes In Little Pills

    • October 1, 1975
    • CBS

    KATE McSHANE has a good case, with Kate (Anne Meara) defending a young football player accused of killing his girl. He swears he didn't do it. When it turns out he was on pills, she believes he just doesn't remember the killing. However, she finds the football team bosses don't want that kind of defense, fearing it's an indictment of the game itself.

  • S01E05 Accounts Receivable

    • October 8, 1975
    • CBS

    A Federal agent warns Kate to drop a murder investigation she's conducting in defense of her client. Is a man's life less important than a secret government operation's future? This emotional embattlement is the conflict of tonight's episode. Allen Garfield guest stars as a man accused of murder. Kate is his lawyer and, in researching her case, she comes upon a super government agency under wraps. She's warned to stay clear, but presses forward. Gets very touchy.

  • S01E06 Publish And Perish

    • October 22, 1975
    • CBS

    A young scientist admits to killing his mentor, a Nobel prize winner, after the man allegedly stole his scientific discovery.

  • S01E07 Conspiracy Of Silence

    • October 29, 1975
    • CBS

    Kate defends a female magazine editor, played by Susan Strasberg, against a libel suit after she accuses a firm of paying off corrupt politicians to keep unsafe toys on the market.

  • S01E08 God At $15, 732 A Year

    • November 12, 1975
    • CBS

    Kate defends an uncooperative detective who shot a suspect held in an assault on the cop's best friend's daughter.

  • S01E09 Midnight Lady, Pretty Lady

    • CBS

    Kate defends a former rock star (Wayne Maunder) accused of administering a drug overdose to his girl friend.

  • S01E10 Not So Small Claims Court

    • CBS

    A peddler of defective musical instruments vanishes before his victims can bring him to small claims court.