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Season 1

  • S01E01 How to ski Powder

    • December 9, 2017
    • Vimeo

    In this episode, Jonathan Ballou focuses on the fundamental movements and tactics needed to ski powder with ease. "How to Ski Powder" starts with correct muscle activation, followed by a simple and easy-to-follow progression.

  • S01E02 How to ski Hip Discipline pt1

    • December 16, 2017
    • Vimeo

    In this episode Austrian demo team member, Andreas Spettel, shares some great introductory exercises to improve hip flexibility and discipline. Andi starts stationary identifying key muscles that control hip stability then adds this into slow moving tasks on easier terrain.

  • S01E03 How to ski Race Tactics

    • December 23, 2017
    • Vimeo

    This Race Tactics episode features Nadine Grünenfelder sharing her training secrets that helped crown her the 2017 Swiss and ISIA Giant Slalom champion. All exercises and tactics are performed outside the gates meaning you can work on them anytime anywhere!

  • S01E04 How to ski Early Edging

    • December 30, 2017
    • Vimeo

    Early Edging is crucial for creating a round turn and is easily achievable with the right understanding! Paul Lorenz focuses on the specific movement pattern required during your turn transition that will have you carving turns from start to end!

  • S01E05 How to ski Fore-Aft Pressure

    • January 6, 2018
    • Vimeo

    Fore/Aft pressure control is a fundamental concept for higher level skiing! In this episode Jon will share his expert insights on Fore/Aft adjustments that affect your balance, and assist in applying pressure to different parts of the ski.

  • S01E06 How to ski Hip Discipline pt2

    • January 13, 2018
    • Vimeo

    Part 2 attacks hip discipline in higher level skiing and short turns. Andi shares his wealth of knowledge as one of Austria's top snowsports examiners challenging you with some of skiing's toughest exercises all the way from Austria!

  • S01E07 How to ski Takao Maruyama

    • January 20, 2018
    • Vimeo

    In this special edition, Japanese superstar and 2017 National Technical Skiing Champion, Takao Maruyama, shares his story and also his take on the Japanese ski scene. This is a MUST watch for any technical ski enthusiast!

  • S01E08 How to ski Foot Placement

    • January 27, 2018
    • Vimeo

    The key to strong skiing is foot placement. In this episode JF Beaulieu explores the forward your outside foot through the arc so it is between you and what you are balancing against.

  • S01E09 How to ski Tip Pressure

    • February 3, 2018
    • Vimeo

    In this episode Jon discusses the need to pressure the tip of the ski during the initiation and some of the key movements involved. He also touches on the completion of the turn and different tactics to deal with the pressure created through the turn.

  • S01E10 How to ski Resistance

    • February 10, 2018
    • Vimeo

    Resisting the external forces when turning is a key element to expert skiing. JF Beaulieu provides some excellent advice in this area that help will increase the energy in your skiing.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Project Kitz

    • August 1, 2015
    • Vimeo

    Project Kitz is the original Projected Productions ski instructional video featuring Reilly McGlashan, JF Beaulieu and Paul Lorenz. This Video provides superb visual imagery, in depth technical discussions along with detailed exercises to improve your skiing.

  • S02E02 Project Hinertux

    • October 1, 2016
    • Vimeo

    Project Hintertux showcases 3 of the worlds best skiers and coaches from around the globe! Interski team member's, Andreas Spettel (Austria), JF Beaulieu (Canada) and Nadine Grünenfelder (Switzerland), share with you their objectives, insights and development in a range of turn types from shorts and longs, to off piste skiing. Each athlete is interviewed and gives detailed descriptions of their thought processes and what they have used to get to where they are today. These exercises are interesting, fun and most importantly can be practised by anyone! After the bar was set in May 2015 with ProjectKitz, ProjectHintertux has raised the bar in quality, entertainment and instruction!

  • S02E03 Project Zillertal

    • April 1, 2017
    • Vimeo

    The Zillertal Project is an instructional video featuring NZSIA Interski Team member, JON AHLSÉN, PSIA Interski Team member, JONATHAN BALLOU, and SWISS Snow Demo Team member ALEX TAUGWALDER. These 3 world class coaches and skiers share with you their thoughts, progressions and exercises for short turns and medium turns.

  • S02E04 Legacy pt1

    • December 1, 2019
    • Vimeo

    LEGACY is an epic, two part, blockbuster length movie featuring Paul Lorenz, Reilly McGlashan and Richard Berger. Part one focuses on short turn technique with each skier demonstrating high level skiing, technical concepts, personal queues, objectives and exercises/progressions that these skiers use to improve their turns. The cinematography and communication of technical concepts with slow motion video and diagrams provides an outstanding visual experience. Don't miss this opportunity to see each of these amazing skiers delve into all aspects of high end technique!

  • S02E05 Legacy pt2

    • April 1, 2020
    • Vimeo

    After the incredible success of LEGACY part 1, we bring you the ultimate trio sharing more of their ideas in this epic sequel. Part 2 focuses specifically on carving long turns. Each of these world class skiers share their personal thoughts, objectives and internal queues for carving. This is followed up with detailed exercises and progressions that you can practise next time you're on the snow! This feature length instructional video is sure to take your skiing to the next level!

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Big Discussion pt1

    • May 1, 2020
    • Vimeo

    The BIG Discussion part 1 features Andi Spettel, JF Beaulieu, Jon Ahlsen, Jonathan Ballou, Paul Lorenz and Reilly Mcglashan. This all star lineup share their ideas on high performance skiing in a discussion format with video layed over the top to support the discussion. Part 1 looks at each of their individual focuses and what they are working on in their own skiing, along with skiers that inspire them, edging movements, timing of release, skiing with injuries, stance, ankle flexion and training tactics. This series is unscripted with the cast speaking openly and honestly in a collaborative and fun environment.

  • S03E02 The Big Discussion pt2

    • May 10, 2020
    • Vimeo

    Andreas Spettel, JF Beaulieu, Jon Ahlsén, Jonathan Ballou, Paul Lorenz and Reilly Mcglashan will answer some big questions in part 2 of The BIG Discussion! Tip lead, turn initiation, transition, fore/aft movements and the Japanese Technical Championships are all topics discussed in detail in this unscripted continuation of Part 1!

  • S03E03 The Big Discussion pt3

    • May 20, 2020
    • Vimeo

    In part 3 - the finale, the team continue to discuss aspects of skiing that drive them to improve along with the mental side of acquiring new skills. They each share what they believe to be the positive aspects in their own skiing and their tactics to continue developing.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Biomechanics Basics | Reilly McGlashan

    • February 20, 2021

    This detailed educational video dives into the structure and mobility of key areas of the body such as the spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet. The video then sheds light on how these parts move to affect change in balance, edging, rotation and pressure. This video is narrated by Reilly McGlashan with very clear visual diagrams and text to support all of the information presented. ‚Äč Understanding how the body moves efficiently will not only improve your understanding of skiing, but will allow you to problem solve issues in your skiing on the go. Projected is proud to share this educational gem with all levels of skier!

  • S04E02 RUNFOCUS: Short Turns | Paul Lorenz

    • March 11, 2021

    This RUNFOCUS video features Paul Lorenz performing short turns on a black groomed run with very soft snow. Paul shares his objectives and focuses for this particular run along with his internal and external cues. Finally he will recommend a couple of exercises that will help you improve these focuses in your skiing.

  • S04E03 RUNFOCUS: Short Turns | Reilly McGlashan

    • March 11, 2021

    This run is a short turn run down a black slope in Hintertux Austria. Slalom skis are used on a hard snow surface with a slight dusting. Reilly explains his cues for this run.

  • S04E04 RUNFOCUS: Medium Turns | Reilly McGlashan

    • March 14, 2021

    Medium Carved turns performed on the women's slalom world cup hill on Aspen Ajax CO.

  • S04E05 RUNFOCUS: Rhythm Change | Paul Lorenz

    • March 26, 2021