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Season 1

  • S01E01 Mark of the Devil

    • September 5, 1984
    • ITV

    A robber kills a tattoist and finds himself cursed with a rapidly spreading tattoo that threatens to consume him.

  • S01E02 Last Video and Testament

    • September 12, 1984
    • ITV

    Selena and her lover Derek plot to kill her husband Victor - a millionnaire with an obsession for electronic gadgets.

  • S01E03 Czech Mate

    • January 17, 1986
    • ITV

    Vicky Duncan is targeted for identity removal as part of a bizarre scheme by spies.

  • S01E04 A Distant Scream

    • January 24, 1986
    • Rai 1

    An innocent man serving life for the murder of his wife must project himself back through time to track down the real killer.

  • S01E05 The Late Nancy Irving

    • February 7, 1986
    • Rai 1

    The victim of a car accident, Nancy Irving, wakes up in a hospital but soon realizes that her condtiion is worsening because a wealthy man is siphoning her blood to extend his own life.

  • S01E06 In Possession

    • March 7, 1986
    • Rai 1

    A couple moving out of their apartment experience weird occurences before they move out. The apartment seems to be haunted by the ghosts of a man, and his much older wife, whom he murders. The murder is relived throughout the night. Very interesting ideas and a great surprise ending!

  • S01E07 Black Carrion

    • March 14, 1986
    • Rai 1

    Paul Chater is a journalist trying to track down a reclusive pop duo of the 60s, Ray and Ron Verne. He and his friend track them to an isolated manor caught in a time warp.

  • S01E08 The Sweet Scent of Death

    • April 4, 1986
    • Rai 1

    Loving husband and diplomat Greg Denver sets up his wife Ann in a beautiful country home. But when he's away strange men come to terrorize her, and she soon realizes they may have more of a motive then sheer random terror.

  • S01E09 Paint Me A Murder

    • April 11, 1986
    • Rai 1

    When famous artist Luke Lorenz dies, his wife Sandra begins releasing his ""undiscovered"" works, which are in great demand. It soon becomes clear that the wife is the artist and Luke isn't quite dead yet...

  • S01E10 The Corvini Inheritance

    • April 18, 1986
    • Rai 1

    Frank Lane is obsessed with surveillance and he decides to volunteer his services when a stalker strikes the neighborhood. But Lane soon learns the true identity of the stalker, much to his chagrin.

  • S01E11 And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

    • April 25, 1986
    • Rai 1

    Another solid episode of the series. As an old church is being torn down, one of the workers is mysteriously strangled by the power cord of his jackhammer as he tries to penetrate one of the walls. After a brief flashback, we find out that the leader of a devil cult had himself and a traitor to his cult walled up behind that very wall in the church. Back to modern times, a woman representing a group of preservationists wants to stop the destruction of the church because she feels there are strong supernatural forces within that should not be unleashed. The strange murders inside the church continue. Solid, but slow moving episode of the series.

  • S01E12 Child's Play

    • May 2, 1986
    • Rai 1

    A family wakes up one morning and realizes that they are trapped in their home by a mysterious and unbreakable steel wall. An intense heat comes over the house as well. The TV reception has been replaced by some sort of emergency signal for which the symbol is a lightning bolt (which is also the symbol on all their clothes and food products as well as their car). They begin losing feeling in their bodies and losing their memories as well. Soon enough, they can not remember any life at all outside the house. All this time, a green blob has been forming in another room, slowly stalking the family. Another great surprise ending to another great episode of this anthology series.

  • S01E13 Tennis Court

    • May 9, 1986
    • Rai 1

    When a couple gain an estate through an inheritance, they soon discover their tennis court is ""possessed"" - the focus of emotional energies of those who died in the area during World War II. The couple soon find themselves compelled to play tennis, and keep playing...and keep playing.

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