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Season 1

  • S01E01 Code Name: Checkmate (1)

    • September 28, 1993
    • Syndication

    The H.E.A.T. team is sent to Rio de Janeiro to protect an ambassador from assassination. They manage to deflect the attack but the perpetrator escapes and subsequently develops plans to disrupt an anti-terrorist conference held on the H.E.A.T. team's own turf.

  • S01E02 Code Name: Checkmate (2)

    • September 28, 1993
    • Syndication

    The H.E.A.T. team discovers that Strake, the assassin thought killed trying to kill an ambassador in Brazil, is alive and responsible for the kidnapping of a princess, the beautiful wife of the man sponsoring an international anti-terrorist conference.

  • S01E03 Code Name: Honeymoon Lost

    • October 9, 1993
    • Syndication

    The Acapulco H.E.A.T. team must protect an American war hero visiting Puerto Vallarta on his honeymoon from Iraqi assassins.

  • S01E04 Code Name: Strange Bedfellow

    • October 16, 1993
    • Syndication

    The Acapulco H.E.A.T. team goes undercover as honeymooners at a resort hotel to find a nuclear device black-marketers plan to sell to terrorists.

  • S01E05 Code Name: Million Dollar Ladies (a.k.a. Vanished)

    • October 23, 1993
    • Syndication

    Ashley is abducted by a sinister white slavery ring. The H.E.A.T. must rescue her before the gang can sell her to buyer from the Far East.

  • S01E06 Code Name: Feminine Intuition

    • October 30, 1993
    • Syndication

    The Acapulco H.E.A.T. team is sent to Columbia to thwart the assassination of a judge leading an investigation into the activities of Suarez, a reputed drug lord. The woman leading the team of killers is a turncoat MI-6 agent and an old rival of Ashley's.

  • S01E07 Code Name: Desert Dragon

    • November 6, 1993
    • Syndication

    The H.E.A.T. is sent to Israel to protect the son of influential anti-terrorist who is completing in an international karate competition.

  • S01E08 Code Name: Archangel

    • November 13, 1993
    • Syndication

    The H.E.A.T. is ordered to protect a art work by Leonard da Vinci from theft by a band of neo-Nazis.

  • S01E09 Code Name: Arabesque

    • November 20, 1993
    • Syndication

    Cat goes undercover to get evidence against a drug cartel run by ex-KGB agents and find the whereabouts of a missing United Nations translator who Mr. Smith believes was recruited into the organization not knowing what was involved.

  • S01E10 Code Name: Body Double

    • November 27, 1993
    • Syndication

    Brett poses as the son of a wealthy industrialist to serve as bait for a gang who use kidnapping as a way to finance their finance their terrorist activities.

  • S01E11 Code Name: Perfect Specimen

    • December 4, 1993
    • Syndication

    When a C-5 agent running down a lead on a possible chemical weapons factory disappears, the H.E.A.T. is sent to investigate. What they find is a scientist attempting to develop a human with super-strength due to genetic alterations.

  • S01E12 Code Name: Easy Riders

    • January 22, 1994
    • Syndication

    When a doctor under indictment in the United States skips bail and sets up his baby-stealing racket in Mexico, the H.E.A.T. is assigned to put him out of business. Their efforts are hindered by a pair of tourists with their own score to settle.

  • S01E13 Code Name: Rip Van Winkle

    • January 29, 1994
    • Syndication

    The H.E.A.T. travel to a tropical retirement community for retired spies to investigate whether a former agent has leaked information that compromises a spy who is undercover in Russia.

  • S01E14 Code Name: The Stalking Horse

    • February 5, 1994
    • Syndication

    The Acapulco H.E.A.T. is assigned to protect a Chinese defector from assassination. The only hitch is there are 146 suspects.

  • S01E15 Code Name: Frame-Up

    • February 12, 1994
    • Syndication

    When Mike Savage and the H.E.A.T. team arrest a Panamanian gunrunner for drug dealing, his brother swears revenge. He frames Mike for the murder of a judge and then, after staging his escape, offers to trade his life for his brother's release.

  • S01E16 Code Name: Ghosts

    • February 19, 1994
    • Syndication

    Cat convinces Mr. Smith to send the H.E.A.T. team to a small Caribbean island to investigate the death of a C.I.A. colleague. While the team pursues a gang of gunrunners, a British policeman chases Cat for a burglary she committed before she joined the H.E.A.T. team.

  • S01E17 Code Name: Stranded

    • February 26, 1994
    • Syndication

    Cat, Krissie, Marcos and Tommy are marooned on an island when their boat floats free from it's anchorage. While Mike and Ashley search for them when they fail to report back to work, the foursome's situation becomes desperate when Krissie is bitten by a poisonous spider and a crazed ex-Vietnam soldier hiding on the island thinks Tommy is the man responsible for the loss of the old soldier's platoon twenty-five years earlier.

  • S01E18 Code Name: Shamrock

    • March 5, 1994
    • Syndication

    Mike suspects that a high-school buddy, now linked with a terrorist group, may be planning an attack on politicians attending a free-trade conference in Mexico.

  • S01E19 Code Name: Stalemate (1)

    • April 30, 1994
    • Syndication

    The HEAT guards a former KGB agent attending a chess match, but the game may be up when the team's nemesis returns to assassinate the Russian.

  • S01E20 Code Name: Stalemate (2)

    • May 7, 1994
    • Syndication

    Mike and Ashley match wits with Strake, who demands Sokol in return for Krissie.

  • S01E21 Code Name: Deep Six

    • May 14, 1994
    • Syndication

    Cat bristles when the deep-sea diver she and Brett are assigned to protect refuses to allow her on an expedition.

  • S01E22 Code Name: Assassin

    • May 21, 1994
    • Syndication

    When Mike is shot, Ashley immediately suspects Neil Strake. But there's one problem, Strake's being held in a high-security facility in Mexico.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Code Name: The Raven (1)

    • September 23, 1998
    • Syndication

    The team is restructured and given a tough assignment: find a criminal who stole a warehouse-full of art.

  • S02E02 Code Name: The Raven (2)

    • September 30, 1998
    • Syndication

    The newly re-formed HEAT bands together to cage The Raven.

  • S02E03 Code Name: Spear of Destiny

    • October 7, 1998
    • Syndication

    The HEAT searches for a religious icon rumored to have mystical powers, which is also being sought by a dangerous extremist group.

  • S02E04 Code Name: Day of the Dead

    • October 14, 1998
    • Syndication

    The team is hired to recover stolen gold in Puerto Vallarta, and ends up dealing with competing factions who are also looking for it.

  • S02E05 Code Name: Dream Girl

    • October 21, 1998
    • Syndication

    A young woman asks the team for asylum in exchange for information about a terrorist.

  • S02E06 Code Name: The Killing Club

    • October 28, 1998
    • Syndication

    A man asks the team to look for his missing nephew, but Tommy's search on a private island leads to his own kidnapping.

  • S02E07 Code Name: Mr. Paradise

    • November 4, 1998
    • Syndication

    A mob boss calls a contract on the people connected with a car accident that killed his son.

  • S02E08 Code Name: The Mouse That Squeaked

    • November 11, 1998
    • Syndication

    A peace activist starting his own republic may be robbing banks to finance his venture.

  • S02E09 Code Name: Easy Green

    • November 18, 1998
    • Syndication

    A payment turns out to be in phony money, spurring the gang to take on a counterfeiting ring.

  • S02E10 Code Name: Dangerous Bait

    • November 25, 1998
    • Syndication

    Cat poses as the wife of a visiting dignitary to prevent a kidnapping.

  • S02E11 Code Name: Million Dollar Man

    • December 2, 1998
    • Syndication

    A mafioso wants to turn himself in to the authorities and give the reward to his daughter as a wedding present, so he hires the team to protect him from a rival mob.

  • S02E12 Code Name: Death of a Friendship

    • January 23, 1999
    • Syndication

    The team investigates the car-bombing murder of the president of a Caribbean island.

  • S02E13 Code Name: Sister Soothsayer

    • January 30, 1999
    • Syndication

    A psychic hires the team to find her brother, whom she suspects is in El Salvador.

  • S02E14 Code Name: Hot Chains

    • February 6, 1999
    • Syndication

    The sister of a kidnap victim hires the H.E.A.T. team to investigate a possible white-slavery ring.

  • S02E15 Code Name: Till Death Do Us Part

    • February 13, 1999
    • Syndication

    A widow needs the team to prove her husband is really dead and not faking it, but their investigation reveals that the man has several other grieving wives.

  • S02E16 Code Name: Cumshaw

    • February 20, 1999
    • Syndication

    The team tracks down a woman who sells weapons of all kinds and hand her over to the FBI.

  • S02E17 Code Name: Phantom

    • February 27, 1999
    • Syndication

    A film director hires the H.E.A.T. team to investigate a series of accidents that occurred on the set.

  • S02E18 Code Name: Bucket of Blood

    • March 6, 1999
    • Syndication

    Doctors learn that the blood of a wounded criminal could save the lives of sick children, but the man escapes before they can collect it from him.

  • S02E19 Code Name: Cult Zero

    • March 13, 1999
    • Syndication

    The HEAT team is asked to provide security for a supposedly peaceable cult, but Johanna is drawn to the organization. Then her companions learn the cult's real purpose.

  • S02E20 Code Name: Blood Ties

    • April 24, 1999
    • Syndication

    A former H.E.A.T. member enlists Nicole (Lydie Denier) and the team to save his fiancee after she's kidnapped by her own father, a powerful Senator opposed to the impending nuptials.

  • S02E21 Code Name: Matador

    • May 1, 1999
    • Syndication

    Cat urges her cohorts into action after she witnesses the death of a drug dealer and uncovers a mysterious conspiracy of silence on behalf of the proper officials.

  • S02E22 Code Name: Juice

    • May 8, 1999
    • Syndication

    A female D.E.A. agent helps the team bust a ring of drug smugglers supplying illegal steroids to athletes after Tommy's karate opponent dies during a match.

  • S02E23 Code Name: Lollipop, Lollipop

    • May 15, 1999
    • Syndication

    The team tries to rescue a millionaire's niece who was abducted by a South American drug czar, but it seems she may not want to be saved.

  • S02E24 Code Name: The Stolen Leg

    • May 22, 1999
    • Syndication

    Hired by a tennis star to track down his missing prosthetic limb, the team stumbles upon a counterfeiting ring that needs the contents of the athlete's appendage.

  • S02E25 Code Name: Flight 401

    • May 29, 1999
    • Syndication

    The team springs into action after an embittered ex-CIA operative seizes control of a commercial flight. That leads to a midair rescue attempt.

  • S02E26 Code Name: I Remember

    • June 5, 1999
    • Syndication

    All the team members reunite and retrieve memoreies of their past action adventures.