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Titos Vandis



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The A-Team Body Slam November 12, 1985 Guest Star
Night Court Inside Harry Stone November 29, 1984 Guest Star
Trapper John, M.D. Mother Load (a.k.a. If It Ain’t Broke) November 27, 1983 Guest Star
Barney Miller The Librarian February 19, 1981 Guest Star
How the West Was Won L'Affaire Riel March 5, 1979 Guest Star
Charlie's Angels Disco Angels January 31, 1979 Guest Star
Wonder Woman Light-Fingered Lady January 6, 1978 Guest Star
Spencer's Pilots The Hunted November 5, 1976 Guest Star
Cannon Bloodlines February 25, 1976 Guest Star
The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Happy Homemaker Takes Lou Home December 6, 1975 Guest Star
The Bob Newhart Show Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time November 15, 1975 Guest Star
Barney Miller The Vigilante March 20, 1975 Guest Star
Mannix Bird of Prey (1) March 2, 1975 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Private Charles Lamb December 31, 1974 Guest Star
McMillan and Wife The Game of Survival October 20, 1974 Guest Star
Get Christie Love Get Christie Love! (Pilot) January 22, 1974 Guest Star
The ABC Afterschool Special Pssst! Hammerman's After You January 16, 1974 Guest Star
Banacek The Three Million Dollar Piracy November 21, 1973 Guest Star
Search The Packagers April 11, 1973 Guest Star
The Odd Couple The Odyssey Couple March 2, 1973 Guest Star
Ironside Who'll Cry for My Baby? December 7, 1972 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O Leopard On The Rock December 3, 1969 Guest Star
Mission: Impossible Nitro March 23, 1969 Guest Star
The Good Guys A View from the Terraza (aka Let's Hear It for the Old Man) December 5, 1968 Guest Star
Jericho Two for the Road (2) November 17, 1966 Guest Star
Jericho One for the Mountain (1) November 10, 1966 Guest Star