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Addams Family Franchise

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The Addams Family

Gomez Addams laments the 25-year absence of his brother Fester Addams, who disappeared after the two had a falling-out. Gomez's lawyer Tully Alford owes money to loan shark and confidence trick Abigail Craven, and notices that her adopted son Gordon closely resembles Fester. Tully proposes that Gordon pose as Fester to infiltrate the Addams household and find the hidden vault where they keep their vast riches. Tully and his wife Margaret attend a séance at the Addams home led by Grandmama (The Addams Family) in which the family tries to contact Fester's spirit. Gordon arrives, posing as Fester, while Abigail poses as a German psychiatrist named Dr. Greta Pinder-Schloss and tells the family that Fester had been lost in the Bermuda Triangle for the past 25 years.

Addams Family Values

Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams hire a nanny named Debbie to take care of their newborn son, Pubert, after older siblings Wednesday Addams and Pugsley Addams's failed attempts to murder him. Unbeknownst to them, Debbie is a serial killer who marries rich bachelors and murders them to collect their inheritances.