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Remembering Richard Donner

Prolific American filmmaker Richard Donner passed away on July 5, 2021 at the age of 81, leaving behind a marvelous legacy of beloved films.

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The Omen

In Rome, American diplomat Robert Thorn is in a hospital where his wife Katherine gives birth to a boy, who—he is told—dies. Moments after Robert is informed of a plan by the hospital chaplain, Father Spiletto, to secretly adopt an orphan whose mother died giving birth to him. Robert agrees, but does not reveal to his wife that the child is not theirs. They name the child Damien Thorn.


On the planet Krypton, Jor-El of the Kryptonian high council discovers the planet will soon be destroyed when its red supergiant sun goes supernova. Despite his insistence, he fails to convince the other council members. To save his infant son, Superman, Jor-El launches him in a spaceship to Earth, a planet with a suitable atmosphere where his dense molecular structure will give him superhuman strength and other powers. Shortly after the launch, Krypton's sun explodes, destroying the planet.


In medieval Europe, Phillipe Gaston, a thief known as “The Mouse”, escapes from the Bishop of L'Aquila’s dungeons right before execution. He is recaptured at an inn by the Bishop’s guards, led by Captain Marquet. However, the former captain, Etienne Navarre, shows up and defeats Marquet and the guards. He rides off with Phillipe while his hawk scatters other guards along the way.

The Goonies

A group of young misfits called The Goonies discover an ancient map and set out on an adventure to find a legendary pirate's long-lost treasure.

Lethal Weapon

Two newly paired cops who are complete opposites must put aside their differences in order to catch a gang of drug smugglers.


A selfish, cynical television executive is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas Eve.

Radio Flyer

Mike observes his two sons fighting, with one insisting that a promise doesn't mean anything. To make them understand that a promise does mean something, he tells them the story of his youth. Mike, his little brother, Bobby, their mother, Mary, and their German Shepherd, Shane, all move to a new town after their father/husband leaves them. There, Mary marries a new man, Jack, who likes the others to call him "The King". Unbeknownst to Mary, the King is an alcoholism who often gets drunk and beats Bobby. The King also repetitively plays Hank Williams’ Jambalaya (On the bayou) over and over again while drunk.


In the American Old West, roguish gambler Bret Maverick sets his sights on winning big when a massive poker pot goes up on a riverboat tournament, but he needs to defeat his rivals first.


Robert Rath (Sylvester Stallone) is a paid assassin who wants to retire, haunted by the memory of murdering his own mentor Nicolai years ago. He is on an assignment when someone else gets to the 'mark' (target) before he does. That intruder turns out to be Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas), a fellow assassin and a competitive sociopath. Bain plans to kill Rath to become the number one assassin.

Conspiracy Theory

A taxi driver with a penchant for conspiracy theories becomes a target after one of these theories turns out to be true. Unfortunately, to save himself, he has to figure out which theory it is.


Professor Edward Johnston leads an archaeological study of the village of Castlegard near LaRoque Castle in Dordogne, the site of the 1357 hanging of Lady Claire, sister to Arnaud de Cervole; her martyrdom led Kingdom of France to win the Hundred Years War against the Kingdom of England. Johnston's team includes Scottish people archaeologist André Marek, Johnston's students Kate Erickson, Josh Stern, and François Dontelle, and his son Chris who is infatuated with Kate. While excavating a nearby monastery, they find a sarcophagus with the remains of a French knight with a lopped ear, and holding the hand of his lady, an unheard-of practice for the time. Johnston travels to the American headquarters of the ITC Corporation, their sponsor, to question if they have tampered with the site. The students later discover a pair of Johnston's bifocals and a note begging for help, though both date over 600 years old. When they contact ITC, the company invites them to their headquarters.

16 Blocks

An aging alcoholic cop is assigned the task of escorting a witness from police custody to a courthouse 16 blocks away. There are, however, chaotic forces at work that prevent them from making it in one piece.