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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Magic Parcel

    • September 8, 1993
    • ITV1

    Its The First Episode, Wizadora is introducing everybody in her wonderful kitchen & garden, and the draw people are already up to mischeif. Meanwhile Wizadora receives a surprise gift from her father, and its something every wizard should have and Wizadora has fun trying it out.

  • S01E02 Time For Tidying

    • September 14, 1993
    • ITV1

    Wizadora is trying to clean her kitchen, when she releases a spell which makes everyone sing, the spell makes her discover something rather surprising about her new telephone, Pheobe. Meanwhile the draw people plot another plan.

  • S01E03 Hello Filbert

    • September 20, 1993
    • ITV1

    Tatty Bogle shows Wizadora how to grow a special seed which arrived in the post. The astonishing result provides Wizadora with a helper. Very Old Fish tells Wizadora that the plant she has planted is called a Filbert. So Wizadora calls her helper Filbert.

  • S01E04 A Colourful Day

    • September 26, 1993
    • ITV1

    Wizadora has a spell that can change things to different colours, for her next spell, she needs a blue cobweb. So she goes to Stans to see if sells any. Meanwhile, Pheebe & Filbert sort out Wizadora's magic potions and one accidently gets into Very Old Fishes Tank, which makes him turn blue.

  • S01E05 Lovely Weather

    • October 2, 1993
    • ITV1

    The weather is far too hot for evryone, so Wizadora tries to change it. However, her spells do not go quite according to plan!!First she makes it hot to cold with a SNOW STORM then a THUNDER STORM then a WIND GALE. Will she ever get it right....

  • S01E06 Picnic Problems

    • October 8, 1993
    • ITV1

    Tatty bogle is making a new invention to get carrots out of the ground, while its picnic time at Wizadora's cottage but who has eaten all the food? THE DRAW PEOPLE...But then Hangle comes to the rescue with a small cake, can Wizadora make the cake large for everyone?

  • S01E07 The Purple Powder

    • October 14, 1993
    • ITV1

  • S01E08 Wellingtons & Snails

    • October 20, 1993
    • ITV1

  • S01E09 Tea Troubles

    • October 26, 1993
    • ITV1

  • S01E10 Mops & Bicycles

    • November 2, 1993
    • ITV1

    Using Wizadora's magic telescope to find a lost kite in the sky, Filbert learns about shapes with the help of Pheebe. Wizadora uses a flying spell to get the lost kite down. While Wizadora is doing her magic spell, Pippa finds a bike, and gets her job back.

  • S01E11 Hangle In Charge

    • November 8, 1993
    • ITV1

    Wizadora is looking after her mum far away, and she has left Hangle in charge, Tatty has had enough and storms in the cottage. Making Hangle fire him, then Pheebe calms Hangle down and says you don't have to be so bossy. Meanwhile Very Old Fish finds a new friend.

  • S01E12 A Very Special Day

    • November 15, 1993
    • ITV1

    Today, Wizadora is trying to get across to everybody thats its her birthday, but everyone keeps thinking that its some other day, but in the end Wizadora gets fed up and decides to teach filbert about the days of the week. Meanwhile hangle & everyone plan a secret birthday party for her...

Season 2

  • S02E01 Somethings Old, Somethings New

    • December 2, 1993
    • ITV1

    Tatty is digging a dirt hole in his garden and finds an old mangle, which he dosent know what to do with. Meanwhile Hangle tells everyone about old household objects, but when Filbert gets hold of the wand, he makes everything dissapear, even Hangle. Will Wizadora come back from her mums and help sort out this mess...

  • S02E02 Five Carrot Pie

    • December 8, 1993
    • ITV1

    Tatty is making five carrot pie in his tree and asks Wizadora to come and try one, and the Draw People over here and get there before Wizadora. They cause loads of mischeif and steals his carrots. Luckily, Wizadora has a dissapear spell and plays a trick on the Draw People....

  • S02E03 Don't Talk To Strangers

    • December 14, 1993
    • ITV1

    Wizadora accidently puts a repeat spell on Hangle and he keeps repeating everything he normally would say. So Wizadora is trying to reverse the spell by finding something that rhymes with sock, The Draw People no the answer. Meanwhile Filbert is told not to talk to strangers and suddenly meets one, but guess who it is.....THE DRAW PEOPLE.

  • S02E04 The Number Spell

    • January 10, 1994
    • ITV1

    Pippa is entering a competition for a soup making, but needs help from Wizadora's skill in magic. Meanwhile Wizadora is making a number spell, that Hangle seems to hate because she knocks down a shelf in the process. Later, Filbert, Pheebe & Wizadora make the soup for Pippa, and Filbert learns his numbers.

  • S02E05 She's So Wizadorable

    • January 16, 1994
    • ITV1

  • S02E06 Music Band

    • January 22, 1994
    • ITV1

    Wizadora is trying out some milkbottles, and dosent get her spell right. Meanwhile, tatty has trouble with his crows and needs to get some sleep. Later, Pippa calls round with a present from her mum, the present his a comb, a piece of tracing paper and tube. Wizadora has an idea to make a band out of all the stuff and in her doing so, scares the crows for tatty.

  • S02E07 A Super Wand

    • February 19, 1994
    • ITV1

    Wizadora finds an old wand thats called THE SUPER WAND. Which everyone in her kitchen dislike and say don't use it. But Wizadora dosent listen and make herself disappear off to the land of lost things. Meanwhile Hangle is persuaded to use the correct wand by Pheebe & Very Old Fish, so he does and Wizadora comes back.....she has some apologies to do!!

  • S02E08 Lemonade, Ginger Beer & Rhubarb

    • February 24, 1994
    • ITV1

    Wizadora has just bought loads of bottles of lemonade from Stan and all afternoon her and the rest are drinking away. But Hangle drinks to much and gets really lemonade drunk. Meanwhile Tatty and Stan find some rhubarb in the garden which keeps getting more off. In Tatty's tree, Filbert secretly drinks some GINGER BEER, will Wizadora find a cure for all these problems...

  • S02E09 Round & Round The Garden

    • February 26, 1994
    • ITV1

  • S02E10 Christmas Day

    • March 5, 1994
    • ITV1

    Its a snowy christmas eve, and wizadora is playing ""Jingle Bells"" into the house. Wizadora has recieved over 50 christmas presents but is tempted to open at least one of them. Meanwhile Filbert gets a very very big present of Tatty.

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

  • S05E01 Down Goes Top

    • August 1, 1997
    • ITV1

    Wizadora is trying to make a potion for her wizards exam next month, and keeps getting distracted by the Draw people. Meanwhile Top has an argument with sticky & bottom and is forced to leave home, giving Sticky his place as The Top Draw. When Wizadora finds out, she furious and everyone searches in a desperate hunt for Top. Later, Hangle Gets a very nasty surprise in his cupboard.

  • S05E02 Things That Go Bump In The Night

    • August 7, 1997
    • ITV1

    Its The Middle Of The Night, and everyone is asleep, except tatty. He was finishing his new invention called the sleepomometer and needed a tool box, he grabs a torch and goes in search for one, only to knock into everything in the dark. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Hangle hears noises and thinks theres a burgalar, and gets a shock by Tatty creeping inside. By all the confusion, everyone is woken up, except Wizadora, so they try to get her attention by making so noise. Eventually, Wizadora comes out of her bedroom and sorts everyone out, only to fall a sleep herself.

  • S05E03 The Useful Spell

    • August 13, 1997
    • ITV1

    Pippa Need something to deliver the post more quickly and wants to be there fast, so Wizadora looks for a spell in her book. Meanwhile the draw people need something with fast wheels, so they can cause mischeif. But when Wizadora does the spell for Pippa, the draw get caught in the spell and get them-self a skateboard, so they hop on board and cause chaos for Stan. Pippa gets her fast wheels to, some rollerskates and Stan gets his very own shop-carrier, the skateboard.

  • S05E04 The Jumble Sale

    • August 13, 1997
    • ITV1

    Wizadora is wanting to get rid of some her old junk, so she has a clear out. While the draw people have stole some biscuit and munching on those, Hangle is in a bad mood because he's lost his new teddy. Meanwhile, Tatty is making a very big invention for his jumble sale, and isn't doing to badly, except the crows keep distracting him. When Pippa calls round, she has a present for Wizadora, and Hangle finds his teddy. Later, everybody goes to Tattys Jumble Sale, and Hangle finds a replica of his new teddy, but where's the draw people...Can Wizadora Find Out?

  • S05E05 Whats Yours Is Mine

    • August 19, 1997
    • ITV1

  • S05E06 I'm In Charge

    • August 25, 1997
    • ITV1

  • S05E07 Goodbye Wizadora

    • September 1, 1997
    • ITV1

    Wizadora Is Rushing about because she needs to pack for her holiday, where Hangle is trying to help. Meanwhile the draw people are trying to get in Hangles good books by cleaning his cupboard. Then Suddenly, pheobe's phone begins to ring, its Wizadoras Parents, saying she's going on holiday and staying with them for the future. Making everybody sad and making her say no, Tatty tries to persuade Wizadora, what will we do without her, but Wizadora has to go, so she packs her backs and says her found farewell to the kitchen. But in the garden everybody is waiting for one last goodbye. Will her last goodbye be final....???????

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