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Season 1

  • S01E01 Life on the Wire

    • September 30, 2001
    • NBC

    The team must infiltrate a group of bank robbers led by ""Sonny"" Walker (William Forsythe) who shoots his own wounded. Jake Shaw is sent to infiltrate the robbers, but his loyalty is tested in a way that could compromise the team's case.

  • S01E02 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

    • October 7, 2001
    • NBC

    Jake and Alex go undercover to crack a group of thieves who stole a multi-million dollar heroin stash from a police lockup. ""Sonny"" Walker's (William Forsythe) girlfriend (Angie Everhart) (see previous episode) seeks to continue his operation and confronts Cortez (Steven Bauer), an imprisoned associate who was Alex's lover before she busted him. Alex is torn between her feelings for Cortez and her team leader, Keller (Grant Show), who also has romantic feelings for her. Oded Fehr joins cast.

  • S01E03 Of Fathers and Sons

    • October 14, 2001
    • NBC

    The Attorney General's (Kurtwood Smith) son is kidnapped by a vengeful Columbian drug chieftan (Tomas Milian) whose son (Maurice Compte) is on death row. Donovan must battle his rival operative (Andrew Divoff) and the Attorney General's love for his son, which overrides logic.

  • S01E04 Once Upon a Time...in the Hood (a.k.a. Amerikaz Most Wanted, a.k.a. This Thug's Life)

    • October 21, 2001
    • NBC

    Jake is dispatched to infiltrate Quito Real's (Ving Rhames) organization, and Alex to infiltrate the equally notorious organization of Benny Li (Stephen Chang). Quito is looking to expand his organization by teaming with Benny Li (guest star Stephen Chang). Elsewhere, unknown to the team, Carlos Cortez (Steven Bauer) is released from prison and the incarcerated ""Sonny"" Walker (William Forsythe) plots his own return.

  • S01E05 Honor Among Thieves

    • October 28, 2001
    • NBC

    The team goes after a gang that stole the Hope Diamond along with other priceless gems. While the stones are in the possesion of common thief Michael 'Mick' Vincent (Frank John Hughes), Alex posses as a buyer for a criminal dealer. Elsewhere, Jake has nightmares about testifying against crime boss Quito Real (Ving Rhames); ""Sonny"" Walker (William Forsythe) makes a deal that could get him out of prison, thanks to his girlfriend Carly (Angie Everhart); and Carlos Cortez (Steven Bauer) shows his feelings for Alex.

  • S01E06 Nobody Rides for Free (a.k.a. Blowback)

    • November 11, 2001
    • NBC

    The team must find a master counterfeiter, who has allied himself with Quito Real and ""Sonny"" Walker, who maintains a vigil against Jake. Alex turns to recently released Carlos Cortez, but they can't deny their increasing mutual attraction.

  • S01E07 City on Fire (a.k.a. Crash)

    • November 18, 2001
    • NBC

    Jake infiltrates an elite police unit that is dispensing vigilante justice.

  • S01E08 The Siege (a.k.a. Prison Riot)

    • December 2, 2001
    • NBC

    Jake is posing as a long-time criminal and Alex as a prison psychiatrist when prison inmates stage a rebellion.

  • S01E09 Zero Option

    • December 9, 2001
    • NBC

    A bank heist gone wrong traps Jake in a hostage situation.

  • S01E10 Hunting Armando

    • January 6, 2002
    • NBC

    Donovan makes a temporary alliance with a local army officer in his pursuit of a notorious drug lord in Bolivia.

  • S01E11 Teddy C

    • January 13, 2002
    • NBC

    An operation against a ruthless drug dealer becomes more personal when the team's legendary mentor is killed.

  • S01E12 Manhunt

    • March 23, 2002
    • NBC

    A manhunt is underway for four extremely dangerous escaped prisoners: a cop killer, a sexual offender, a volatile lunatic, and a serial arsonist.

  • S01E13 The Sins of Sonny Walker

    • March 23, 2002
    • NBC

    Synopsis forthcoming.