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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Unaired Pilot

    • CTV

    This original pilot was turned down by CBS in 1995.

  • S01E01 Two

    • September 12, 1996
    • CTV

    College professor Gus McClain is framed for his wife's murder by his evil twin, Booth Hubbard.

  • S01E02 A.D.

    • September 19, 1996
    • CTV

    Upon returning to Seattle to attend Sarah's funeral, Gus discovers that her father, who is a judge, is also convinced of Gus' guilt--and willing to carry out his own justice.

  • S01E03 Dream Prisoner

    • September 26, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus is captured by a Native American bounty hunter who reconsiders turning him in to the FBI when a dreamlike vision suggests that Gus will soon save his daughter's life.

  • S01E04 Many Happy Returns

    • October 3, 1996
    • CTV

    With the FBI closing in, Gus takes a hostage: a divorcee who comes to believe his story and decides to help him escape--but Booth intervenes again and frames Gus for her murder.

  • S01E05 Black Ops

    • October 10, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus becomes entangled with a roguish organization known as ""Black Ops""; and Agent Carter is taken off the McClain case, to be replaced by ""other agencies.""

  • S01E06 Russian Hill

    • October 17, 1996
    • CTV

    A government official promises to turn Booth in to the FBI and ensure Gus' freedom if Gus agrees to gather evidence against the mob-boss father of the Russian family he's befriended.

  • S01E07 Games People Play

    • October 24, 1996
    • CTV

    Booth frames Gus again when he trails Agent Carter to her vacation cabin, commits a murder, takes her captive, lures Gus to the scene, and disappears--leaving Gus to prove his innocence before the local sheriff arrives.

  • S01E08 Armies of the Night

    • October 31, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus is decieved by an undercover FBI agent into believing he's been captured by IRA rebels searching for Booth, who reneged on a supposed weapons deal.

  • S01E09 Victoria's Secret

    • November 7, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus saves a blind piano teacher from an attempted rape. Fearing for her safety, he files a police report on the incident against her wishes, and arouses suspicions from the FBI.

  • S01E10 No Man's Land

    • November 14, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus finds a job working in a small-town store but soon discovers that the owner, a retired army officer, is shooting hitchhikers.

  • S01E11 Reunion

    • November 21, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus is attacked by the abusive estranged husband of Booth's former lover, but when Gus goes on the offensive he finds his target beaten to death--and himself the prime suspect.

  • S01E12 Prodigal

    • November 28, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus tracks down Booth's foster parents, Virgil and Mariette Nelson, in the hopes of learning more about his evil twin, and stumbles upon evidence that may link them to a kidnapping ring.

  • S01E13 Sink or Swim

    • January 9, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus sets up a complex ruse to lead Agent Carter to believe that he's been shot and killed by a police officer.

  • S01E14 Leap of Faith

    • January 16, 1996
    • CTV

    Acting on a tip, Agents Carter and Forbes track Gus to a warehouse where he is working. When Carter is critically injured in the ensuing pursuit, Forbes takes on the case alone.

  • S01E15 Prom Night

    • January 23, 1996
    • CTV

    While working as a limousine driver, Gus overhears a young girl's murderous plans to avenge the rape of her sister.

  • S01E16 The Nun Story

    • January 30, 1996
    • CTV

    Gus falls in love with Jill O'Hara, a woman with a secret life that's exposed when they become the target of a psychotic man who blames Jill for losing his girlfriend.

  • S01E17 Between the Lines

    • February 6, 1997
    • CTV

    It's a case od publish and perish gor Gus when a journalist threatens to issue a book in which Gus admits his guilt ""in his own words.""

  • S01E18 Bad Company

    • February 13, 1997
    • CTV

    Carter captures Gus, but the arrest is cut short when an escaped murderer and his gang take them both hostage.

  • S01E19 The Reckoning

    • February 20, 1997
    • CTV

    A Naval colonel, seeking to avenge the murder of his daughter, captures Booth and Gus, knowing that one is innocent and the other must die.

  • S01E20 Chain Gang

    • May 17, 1997
    • CTV

    Gus is linked up to a chain gang, but escapes with the help of a female inmate. Their fight is cut short, however, when her husband discovers there's a reward for Gus' capture.

  • S01E21 Forget Me Not

    • May 31, 1997
    • CTV

    Gus turns to a reporter after learning that he's being persued by his employer's murders.

  • S01E22 Tale of the Tape

    • June 7, 1997
    • CTV

    Gus thinks he can clear his name when he spots a news item linking Booth to a senator who may have mob ties.