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Some Like It ... Not

Celebrity dentist Sandy is interviwing a new receptionist and hits on her constantly. Finally she agrees to go to the opera, but Sandy has no intention of going to the opera - he's ordered a luxurious dinner instead. Ironically, he chokes on an oyster. Othniel explains how he's refused to see women as thinking persons, and how he needs to walk a mile in their shoes, and since Mr Smith defends him sends him along for the ride - as Mandy and Lorraine. They are promptly hired by a younger Sandy in 1986, and Lorraine/Mr Smith decide that Mandy could learn a lot from Sandy's shy longtime nurse, Kirsten. Under Mandy and Lorraine's guidance, Kirsten's love for Sandy matures, but so does Sandy, up to the point where he asks Kirsten out to opera - for real. But knowing himself, Mandy goes to the opera, and when he doesn't find Sandy and Kirsten there, Mandy suspects that Sandy has put the moves on Kirsten, quite wrongly as it happens, but the result is that Mandy and Kirsten are fired. But Mr S

  • Originally Aired November 1, 2000
  • Runtime 60 minutes
  • Network CTV
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Name Type Role
Lance Kinsey Writer
Steve DiMarco Director