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Look Who's Stalking

Famous actor Gerry Conlon and his new wife Mehmee get their wedding night at the Seven Palms Hotel ruined thanks to pushy photographer Dean Driscoll. Conlon hires Frank to keep Driscoll away. With Ellie's assistance, Frank sets a trap: Ellie poses as a hooker who'll let Driscoll take photos of her and Conlon having sex and doing drugs. Driscoll is fooled and buys the drugs for Ellie. Neville investigates an insurance fraud; Wanda Robitaille is to collect $6 million from her late husband's life insurance but her husband is alive and well and is to split half the money with her. Neville offers Wanda to kill her husband for $1 million so she can have the remaining $5 millions to herself. The greedy ""widow"" agrees. Rita Vanderput engages Frank and Jody to find her fiancé, musician Sean Mitchell, whom she has sent lots of money. But it turns out Sean is not engaged to her; Rita has been conned by internet cheat Chris Minor. As Driscoll goes to take the pictures, he finds Ellie dead after ta

  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Production Code 9108
  • Network ABC (US)
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Name Type Role
Robert Palm Writer
Mike Terner Guest Star
Scott Burkholder Guest Star
Dewey Weber Guest Star
LaChanze Guest Star
George Wyner Guest Star
Luke Heyerman Guest Star
Charles Walker Guest Star
Wendy Schenker Guest Star
Larry Holden Guest Star
Adam Gordon Guest Star
Gabi Simson Guest Star
Joseph D. Reitman Guest Star
Joe Ann Fogle Director