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Matt and Pam are at the carnival. Pam is having a hard time popping balloons with darts, but Matt doesn't have any better luck. Madam Paloma, a fortune teller, is watching them intently, as is a man picking up litter. Matt sees the gypsy and asks if Pam wants her fortune told. She says, no, it's probably just an old lady from Iowa. They hear a girl crying and go to help. The girl has been trying to win at the Wheel of Fortune, but the wheel keeps moving past the winner's spot, even though she wins. Matt and Pam promise to help her win. The man spins the wheel and, once again, it ""slips"" out of the winner's spot (thanks to a control he's working with his foot). A little telekinesis returns the wheel to the proper place and the delights girl wins a bear. The man is not so delighted. Madam Paloma has been watching the interaction with interest (as is man picking up litter). She comes forward and offers to tell their fortunes. Matt seems drawn to her, although he doesn't realize

  • Originally Aired November 26, 1982
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Network NBC
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Name Type Role
Walter Koenig Writer
Jeff Davis Guest Star Zond
Tricia O'Neil Guest Star Fortune Teller
Don Stroud Guest Star Garn
Jeff Cooper Guest Star Vate
Ron Satlof Director