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Season 1

  • S01E01 Five Days Left

    • June 12, 2018
    • YouTube

    We are so excited about our upcoming launch tour where we will visit each of our home countries. We want to share every moment with you, so we've created this TV-show called 'The Now United Show' where you get to follow along for the ride. We can’t show everything 24/7 (because that show would be 24/7) so here are a few “stand alone moments” from our past week of prepping for tour.

  • S01E02 I Love Life

    • June 18, 2018
    • YouTube

    On this episode of The Now United Show: We finished rehearsals in LA and began our trip around the world, starting with Berlin, Germany!

  • S01E03 Can We Survive The Heat?

    • June 25, 2018
    • YouTube

    On this episode of The Now United Show: We visited Joalin's home country of Finland this week. We were able to taste the local food and go to a Finnish Sauna. We love learning about all the different cultures in each country!

  • S01E04 Will We Even Make It?!

    • July 2, 2018
    • YouTube

    On this episode of The Now United Show: This past week was unbelievable. We've had so much fun but also faced a lot of tough challenges. Watch the full episode to see Now United perform in Sweden, and see if we make it to our next stop!

  • S01E05 Would You Do This In School?

    • July 8, 2018
    • YouTube

    On this episode of The Now United Show: We had an amazing week in Senegal! Check out our video to see our adventures and the flash mob we created in Senegal!

  • S01E06 She Is No Longer With Us!

    • July 16, 2018
    • YouTube

    On this episode of The Now United Show: We've had a lot of fun in Seoul, but activities ended in tears!! Tune into the full episode to see a glimpse of our latest photo shoot, a master class, and to find out what happens to Diarra!

  • S01E07 Bailey May VS Noah Urrea

    • July 22, 2018
    • YouTube

    Flashmob on main street in Tokyo, meeting thousands of fans in the Philippines, eating duck fetus for the first time - on top of this we end the week with a huge suprise!

  • S01E08 Who Will Noah Marry?

    • July 29, 2018
    • YouTube

    Driving a cab through Los Angeles meanwhile Noah wants something very American, what is it?

  • S01E09 The Best Surprise Ever

    • August 6, 2018
    • YouTube

    Now United made it to China and Sofya got a great surprise!!

  • S01E10 OMG What Am I Eating?!?!

    • August 13, 2018
    • YouTube

    It's our last week on the first leg of our tour, we'll present new exciting things to come soon!

  • S01E11 Finally Home Again!

    • August 20, 2018
    • YouTube

    Heading home after 6 months traveling around the world.

  • S01E12 Last Days At Home!

    • August 27, 2018
    • YouTube

    In a few days we will be heading towards Mexico!

  • S01E13 Music Video Accident!

    • September 2, 2018
    • YouTube

    A full week in Mexico that almost ended in head injury!

  • S01E14 Diarra Stresses About SYTYCD

    • September 10, 2018
    • YouTube

    We've had a busy week preparing for our performance on So You Think You Can Dance.

  • S01E15 Our Biggest Performance Yet!

    • September 18, 2018
    • YouTube

    Now United started the week off by performing on the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance!" After, we have a little time for some relaxing yoga, then it is back to bootcamp activities!

  • S01E16 Last Week in LA!

    • September 25, 2018
    • YouTube

    We spend our final week in LA doing performances, showcases, and filming a new music video for 'All Day'! Watch for some behind the scenes!

  • S01E17 We Almost Got Kicked Out!!!

    • October 31, 2018
    • YouTube

  • S01E18 The Crowd Goes Wild!!!!

    • November 10, 2018
    • YouTube

    Te amamos Brasil!!! We had an AMAZING week in Brazil. Thank you to all our Brazilian Uniters. Next stop - Canada

  • S01E19 Snowball Fights and Massive Performance in Canada!!!

    • November 17, 2018
    • YouTube

    We've had an amazing week! Follow us behind the scenes at our photoshoot with Pepsi, our WE DAY perfomance and the rest of our adventures around Canada!

  • S01E20 Epic Beach Race & HOT Peppers in Goa!!!

    • November 24, 2018
    • YouTube

    We’ve spent a week in beautiful Goa, India! Follow us behind the scenes as we celebrate thanksgiving, try crazy hot peppers and spend a day at the beach!!

  • S01E21 Music Video Sneak Peak & Crazy Makeup Challenge in Mumbai!!

    • December 1, 2018
    • YouTube

    We're in love with India!! Follow us behind the scenes on our music video shoot for "How We Do It" with Badshah and Pepsi, watch the boys do makeup on the girls and lots more.

  • S01E22 Group Yoga & OMG... Who Got A Tattoo???

    • December 8, 2018
    • YouTube

    Follow us behind the scenes on our Mumbai, Delhi and Agra adventures. Everything from yoga to the Taj Mahal and henna tattoos - you don't wanna miss it!

  • S01E23 A Perfect Ending With SAP

    • December 18, 2018
    • YouTube

    We visit where YOU took us through #NowNature, to beautiful Shillong, India. We filmed something really special for you there - can't wait for you to see it! We also looked back at our favorite moments from India.

  • S01E24 Back Home!

    • December 22, 2018
    • YouTube

    See what we've been up to after returning home from our promo world tour!

  • S01E25 Highlights from 2018!!

    • January 12, 2019
    • YouTube

    #Uniters we want to say a HUGE thank you to every single one of you for making 2018 such a special year! We’re beyond thankful for all the crazy adventures we’ve had the opportunity to experience with you all around the world. Check out this Episode for some of our highlights. Can’t wait to see you all in 2019!!!

Season 2

Season 3

  • S03E01 S3E1 - So Many New Songs for You!!!

    • February 5, 2020
    • YouTube

    Our first week of bootcamp in LA was AMAZING. We have so many new songs coming your way. Uniters, we love you and can't wait to share!! xxx

  • S03E02 S3E2 - Come Together..Let’s Dance Through the Week!!

    • February 13, 2020
    • YouTube

    Last week was a blast! We got some new choreos down and had a lot of laughs long the way

  • S03E03 S3E3 - Secret Love Letters...and We Explored an Island!

    • February 17, 2020
    • YouTube

    Love was in the air last week and we had a blast together exploring. Newport Beach and celebrating the release of 'Live This Moment'!!

  • S03E04 S3E4 - New Member & Come Together Music Video Sneak Peek!!

    • February 26, 2020
    • YouTube

    Hey Uniters. This week we shot a new music video for you guys, spent a lot of time in the #RexonaDanceStudio and got to know our new family member. We can't wait for you guys to see the Come Together music video AND we're so excited to introduce you guys to #NowUnited15. We know you'll love her just as much as we do. Let's go!!

  • S03E05 S3E5 - Last Week of LA Bootcamp: New Member & New Music!!

    • March 5, 2020
    • YouTube

    Our last week in LA was filled with fun stuff! We went whale watching, shot new music videos, took a yoga class with our friends at Alo and wrote our Letter of Love. Hope you guys enjoy. Uniters, do like us, send Kyle Hanagami YOUR Letter of Love together we will create a book filled with loving reminders of all the different kinds of love there is in the world. You have until May 2020

  • S03E06 S3E6 - Release Party for Come Together & Fun Times in Brazil!

    • March 13, 2020
    • YouTube

    Wow! What an amazing week in Rio & São Paulo. From TV Shows and fun collabs to the release of "Come Together", thank you Brazil and all Uniters for an unforgettable time.

  • S03E07 S3E7 - Last Week in São Paulo...Brazil We Miss You Already!

    • March 19, 2020
    • YouTube

    São Paulo you were simply the best! We had a blast making some TV show appearances and were so excited to say hello to our fans. Miss you already, SP!

  • S03E08 S3E8 - It's a Challenge...At Home Edition!!

    • March 29, 2020
    • YouTube

    Challenges, pranks and scares oh my!! Are the members of Now United up for the challenge?!

  • S03E09 S3E9 - #StayAtHome Hacks & Tricks!!

    • April 5, 2020
    • YouTube

    Hey Uniters, Happy Sunday! Here's our best #StayAtHome Hacks & Tricks!! Enjoy.

  • S03E10 S3E10 - Random Pranks of Kindness!!

    • April 12, 2020
    • YouTube

    UNITERS, kindness is contagious...catch it!! #BeKind

  • S03E11 S3E11 - Ultimate Home Workout, BABY!!

    • April 19, 2020
    • YouTube

    Uniters if you’re running out of ideas for how to stay fit at home, repeat this Now United ultimate home workout. Staying active is a lot more fun when we do it together!! - NOW UNITED.


    • April 26, 2020
    • YouTube

    We miss being on tour and hanging out all the time! So, we decided to have a virtual slumber party! Uniters, join in as we get super cozy and take part in our very first Now United QUIZ!!! Grab a pen and paper, keep track of how many you get right and let us know in the comments below!

  • S03E13 S3E13 - It's Been a While...Throwback REACTION time!!

    • May 3, 2020
    • YouTube

    Uniters, as you know..Our Colors Speak!! Purple for Inspiration and Green for Thankful. Today we are going through old videos because we are so thankful for the incredible memories from our journey together so far AND it is because of you that we are inspired everyday.

  • S03E14 S3E14 - #AtHome Talent Show feat. A Special Guest Judge!!!

    • May 10, 2020
    • YouTube

    You might remember we had a pretty epic talent show last year while we were in Oregon! Well, we decided to bring it back! Welcome to our #AtHome Talent Show!! We didn't know it, but our choreographer Kyle Hanagami snuck in to be the guest judge! Are you ready?? Let us know who you think should win in the comments below! Kyle will comment who he picks as the winner in 24 HOURS!!

  • S03E15 S3E15 - Truth or Dare!!!

    • May 17, 2020
    • YouTube

    Juiciest truths and trickiest dares...it’s time for TRUTH or DARE!! This week we played a fun game from our childhood - Now United style

  • S03E16 S3E16 - Catch-Up Calls & Juicy Secrets!!!

    • May 24, 2020
    • YouTube

    It was so nice to catch-up with each other this week! Are you ready to take our Juicy Secrets Quiz!!? Grab a pen and paper and keep track of how many you get right. Comment your score below!!!

  • S03E17 S3E17 - Life at Home...All Over the World

    • May 31, 2020
    • YouTube

    We often find ourselves daydreaming about what each other are doing all over the world during the day. So, in this week's episode we decided to find out! Happy Sunday Uniters!

  • S03E18 S3E18 - Will You Go On a Date With Us??

    • June 14, 2020
    • YouTube

    Uniters, we L-O-V-E you!! We wish we could take you on a real date, but for now hopefully this will do.

  • S03E19 S3E19 - 5 Ways to Build Self-Esteem!!

    • June 21, 2020
    • YouTube

    Happy Sunday Uniters! Let's work on our SELF-ESTEEM together

  • S03E20 S3E20 - Our Summer Bucket List!!

    • June 28, 2020
    • YouTube

    Summer time is the best time. Let’s try something new this season and check some things off our bucket lists!! Who’s with us??

  • S03E21 S3E21 - Culture Jam!!

    • July 5, 2020
    • YouTube

    This week we had a lot of fun teaching each other a bit more about our different cultures. Uniters tell us something about your culture??

  • S03E22 #22.1 - Let’s Get Ready to Partyyy!

    • July 12, 2020
    • YouTube

    Come join us as we reminisce on old times... but let the good times roll. LET’S GET READY TO HAVE A PARTY! Turn on some Now United tunes and comment below on what you enjoy most about parties

  • S03E23 #22.2 - Uniters!! It’s PARTY TIME!!!

    • July 13, 2020
    • YouTube

    Hope you’re ready to jam with us!! We had such a blast dancing our hearts out... it was almost like we were together. Uniters!! We are so happy that you are always singing and dancing with us. This one is for you!

  • S03E24 S3E23 - The Now United Games: Boys vs. Girls!!!

    • July 19, 2020
    • YouTube

    Welcome to the EPIC Now United Games: Boys vs. Girls!! Judged by our favorites, Kyle Hanagami & Haley Fitzgerald! Uniters, which team do you think will win?

  • S03E25 S3E24 - NOSH Says..Let's Get Weird!!!

    • July 26, 2020
    • YouTube

    Happy Sunday Uniters!! NOSH is back!! And this time, the rest of Now United is in on the fun or more accurately...the WEIRD.

  • S03E26 S3E25 - Camp Now United… AT HOME!

    • August 2, 2020
    • YouTube

    Grab your sunblock and your snacks and let’s have a fun day! Invite your friends and do the following activities with us: Truth or Dare, Charades, Magic Show, Team Building and Campfire Songs!

  • S03E27 S3E26 - It's a Challenge Show... UNITERS EDITION!!

    • August 9, 2020
    • YouTube

    Thank you so much Uniters for sending in all of these challenges - we love having you be part of the fun with us!!!

  • S03E28 S3E27 - It's a Vlog Day...At Home All Around The World!!

    • August 16, 2020
    • YouTube

    Good morning or goodnight depending on where you are in the world!! That is the best thing about Now United - it is 24/7! Watch this episode for a full day in the life of a Now United member

  • S03E29 S3E28 - It's a Girls Club!! Guess Who Just Landed Dubai?!

    • August 23, 2020
    • YouTube

    Happy Sunday!!! Lots happening around the world! Follow along this episode to find out which Now United girl just landed in Dubai and what the other members are up to!

  • S03E30 S3E29 - Dubai Dreams & NU Vlogs…OMG is That a Snake?!!

    • August 30, 2020
    • YouTube

    What is everyone up to?! Watch the episode and let us know which activity you would have liked to join in on with Now United!

  • S03E31 S3E30 - Adventure Time: We Danced Where?!

    • September 6, 2020
    • YouTube

    Happy Sunday!! We had such an amazing week with dance rehearsals, photoshoots, and eating tons of food! The best part? ATLANTIS!!!! How was your week, Uniters?!

  • S03E32 S3E31 - Josh's Surprise + Celebrating 100 Episodes!!! (Part 1)

    • September 13, 2020
    • YouTube

    Follow along Josh's travels and Jeep adventures to surprise the girls in Dubai!!! Josh made it just in time to get ready to celebrate something BIG….Uniters, this is our 100th episode!!! Always love having our amazing choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, with us!!!

  • S03E33 S3E31 - The Unitey's & Celebrating 100 Episodes!!! (Part 2)

    • September 14, 2020
    • YouTube

    Come celebrate 100 episodes with us!!! Uniters! Check out all of the nominations and winners that you have voted on from the best moments of The Now United Show. Thanks for the memories & all of the adventures. We can’t wait for so many more! Love, Now United

  • S03E34 S3E32 - Member 16... This is For You!!!

    • September 22, 2020
    • YouTube

    Such an eventful week in NU history!! We’ve filmed a few music videos, explored more of this incredible city AND we are getting ready to meet our newest family member!! Ahh!

  • S03E35 S3E33 - WELCOME TO THE FAMILY NOUR!! (Part 1)

    • September 27, 2020
    • YouTube

    This has been such an exciting week!! From Nour becoming #NowUnited16 to represent Lebanon to more rehearsals and photoshoots! Watch this episode to see all the members meet Nour for the first time and ask her questions!!

  • S03E36 S3E33 - OPERATION NOSH IS A GO! (Part 2)

    • September 28, 2020
    • YouTube

    A NOSH plan is in the works... It is time for the boys to strike back and film their own music video. Let's Go!!

  • S03E37 S3E34 - Abu Dhabi Adventures & OMG They Came To Dubai?! (Part 1)

    • October 4, 2020
    • YouTube

    This week has been the adventure of a lifetime! We got to unwind after several weeks of hard work and enjoyed the beauty and fun of Abu Dhabi!!!! PLUS we have some surprise arrivals....who are they?!!

  • S03E38 S3E34 - Abu Dhabi Adventures & OMG They Came To Dubai?! (Part 2)

    • October 6, 2020
    • YouTube

    We had so much fun in Abu Dhabi with surfing the Wave Pool, racing at Go Karting and sightseeing!! But the fun is about to get even better because SURPRISE!!! More members are here!!

  • S03E39 S3E35 - Girls Run The World & Where Is He Going?!! (Part 1)

    • October 11, 2020
    • YouTube

    The Boys are back in town but who runs the world... GIRLS! Catch the newest episode of the Now United Show to watch the boys arm wrestle, go paddle boarding, have a game night with the girls, and so much more!

  • S03E40 S3E35 - Abraca-OMG! Another SURPRISE! Guess Who's Here?! (Part 2)

    • October 12, 2020
    • YouTube

    This episode will make you!! With help from a magician, we organized the BEST surprise yet!!!!

  • S03E41 S3E36 - Filming Habibi, Any's Birthday Party & Guess Who's Here?

    • October 18, 2020
    • YouTube

    Follow along this episode for exclusive behind-the-scenes for our new music video 'Habibi' and for Any's arrival and her 18th birthday celebration!! Uniters!!! Are you ready for another HUGE surprise?!

  • S03E42 S3E37 - Moving To The Villas & A Brilliant Idea!!

    • October 25, 2020
    • YouTube

    This week was filled with so many fun activities!! We packed for a staycation and moved into these houses... and the boys hatched a plan to even the number of girls vs. boys. Find out who they decided to initiate into Now United (but as a one-time only opportunity)! The mission begins!

  • S03E43 S3E38 - Exciting Music Video Shoot & A BIG Reunion!!

    • November 1, 2020
    • YouTube

    A week full of tricks and treats. In this weeks episode we celebrated Sofyas birthday, filmed a new music video, got our rehearsals interrupted by a BIG surprise and so much more!! Don’t miss it. #NOWUNITEDR3HABONELOVE GET READY!!

  • S03E44 S3E39 - Joalin's Here!! First Live Performance in Months! (Part 1)

    • November 8, 2020
    • YouTube

    Come Together for PART ONE of this week's episode that features Now United's first performance in months and Nour's first time on stage!! It was amazing to perform at Global Village in Dubai and have Joalin back with us! Check out PART TWO on Monday for a Survivor challenge led by Joalin! Who will win... Stay Tuned!

  • S03E45 S3E39 - Now United: Survivor Edition! Who Will Win?! (Part 2)

    • November 9, 2020
    • YouTube

    PART TWO!! It is time for Now United: Survivor Edition! Before she heads home to Finland, Joalin leads THREE intense challenges... The competition is REAL. Who will win?! Comment below: Red Team OR Blue Team?!

  • S03E46 S3E40 - The Boys Did What?! & Camel Rides!!

    • November 15, 2020
    • YouTube

    Sabina discovers something she's NOT happy with and calls for an emergency meeting with the Now United girls!! It's time to bring the GIRLPOWER back!! The groups travels back to Abu Dhabi & enjoys a magical afternoon in the beautiful desert. You don't wanna miss it.

  • S03E47 S3E41 - Sina’s Big Moment & A Letter From Member 17!!!

    • November 22, 2020
    • YouTube

    This week, Now United spent a lot of time in the Rexona Dance Studio at Berklee Abu Dhabi rehearsing some VERY exciting things for you guys! They shot the ‘Paradise’ music video which was awesome. It’s always been Now United’s goal to inspire Uniters to dance but this time it felt extra special because the Uniters were inspiring Now United to dance their way. We can’t wait for you guys to see the music video! Later in the week, we see how Nicky prepares the members for Sina’s BIG part in another upcoming video. And guess what??? We received a letter from the 17th member. Uniters we CAN’T WAIT to welcome the new member to the family. Don't miss it

  • S03E48 #42.1 - Meet Josh The Merman & Member 17!!!

    • November 29, 2020
    • YouTube

    This week Josh turned into a merman and surprised the group with a splashing performance. We filmed the music video for 'Lean on Me' and we celebrated Sina's big moment!! And on top of all that the time has finally come to reveal #NowUnited17 - UNITERS get ready for an amazing episode!


    • November 30, 2020
    • YouTube

    SHE’S FINALLY HERE!! Uniters! #NowUnited17 has arrived and we know you are going to love her as much as we do! Welcome to the FAMILY Mélanie

  • S03E50 #43 - Nour’s Big Day & The Battle Over Member 18!

    • December 6, 2020
    • YouTube

    This week catch Now United spending the day taking an art class and bonding with Melanie!! We also head to Dubai for a full day of interviews and photoshoots and... to celebrate Nour’s 19th birthday!! And the boys and the girls come to an understanding to unite and search for the next member of Now United: A BOY!

  • S03E51 S3E44 - An Emotional Goodbye!!

    • December 13, 2020
    • YouTube

    Wrapping up this year with our Now United family in the most special way: by dancing and singing it out. Our last few days in Abu Dhabi, we shot another music and danced in the desert, on the beach and on a bus. This week’s episode is all about How Far We’ve Come and we are so grateful for all our adventures. We love you Uniters. Thank you for being part of our family. We are home, with you.

  • S03E52 S3E45 - Mélanie’s Adventures in LA & Will CNCO Join The Group???

    • December 20, 2020
    • YouTube

    While most of the members have arrived back home Mélanie continues her adventure in Los Angeles, where she meets Noah for the very first time!! Sabina's got a brilliant idea - let's see what the other girls think.

  • S03E53 S3E46 - Recording 'Hewale' & The Boys Hatch A Plan!!

    • December 27, 2020
    • YouTube

    This week, Josh, Lamar, Bailey and Noah plan something for #NowUnited18… which may or may not involve auditioning themselves. Meanwhile, Mélanie’s adventures in LA continue as she joins Diarra in the studio to record a new African song called “Hewale” and then they film the music video!!

Season 4

  • S04E01 #01 - New Year, New Goals, New BOY!!

    • January 3, 2021
    • YouTube

    It's 2021!!! This week, Now United looks back on their journey over the past 3 years: traveling the world, gaining new members, and releasing so many amazing songs! Now United shares their goals for the new year as they set their intentions for the new year... which includes getting a new member (a BOY!!). And you won't believe who's auditioning to be #NowUnited18, notice anything??

  • S04E02 #02 - Boys, Boys, Boys & NU Discover a HOT New Rapper!!!

    • January 10, 2021
    • YouTube

    The Search for #NowUnited18​ Continues!! In this week's episode, the boys' plan to audition themselves fails but the girls decide it's their turn to show them what they got!! It's hard to find the perfect boy!... Uniters, comment your suggestions below! Remember, he can be from anywhere!

  • S04E03 #03 - The Now United Girls & Their DREAM BOY!!

    • January 17, 2021
    • YouTube

    Now United is on the hunt for #NowUnited18​ and in order to find the perfect boy, we need major GIRL POWER! It's hard to find the perfect boy... so the Now United girls decide to build a BOY MAKING MACHINE! Let's see who they create!!

  • S04E04 #04 - Secret Now United Auditions: The Girls' Revenge!

    • January 24, 2021
    • YouTube

    The NU boys keep interfering with the #NowUnited18​ boys search... And so it is time for the girls to take back the power! In this episode, the girls come up with a master plan to trick the boys with a very special audition... Let's see what the girls are up to!!

  • S04E05 #05 - OMG it’s TRUTH or DARE!!

    • January 31, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week of The Now United Show, the members introduce Melanie and Nour - the newest of the Now United members - to Truth Or Dare - Now United Edition. This is the biggest, juiciest, and funniest one yet... Uniters! Are you ready?

  • S04E06 #06 - MATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!!

    • February 7, 2021
    • YouTube

    Welcome to Now United’s first ever... MATCH GAME! We spend so much time together so this will test how well we all know each other. GAME ON! And let the hardest questions begin! Uniters, comment below on how well you know Now United.

  • S04E07 #07 - LOVE SECRETS!!

    • February 14, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode, Saby AKA 'The Cupid' not only gets Now United to spill all of their love stories... and love secrets but with her bow & arrow: make everyone's Valentine's Day dreams come true. Love is in the air but there are more than just love secrets shared... ARE YOU READY FOR THE REUNION LOCATION TO BE REVEALED?

  • S04E08 #08 - Made It To Mexico & WOW We Are In PARADISE!!!!

    • February 21, 2021
    • YouTube

    NOW UNITED IS BACK!!! In this week’s episode of the Now United Show, Now United arrives in Mexico and go straight into rehearsals well... actually the ocean! They have lots of dance moves to learn (including some beach volleyball!) Don’t miss it!!


    • February 28, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week’s episode of The Now United Show, we have major flashbacks to the last time we filmed a music video in Mexico... Are you ready to find out what accident happened this time?!

  • S04E10 #10 - Tortillas, Turtles, and Tears!!

    • March 7, 2021
    • YouTube

    During their last week in Mexico, Now United makes tortillas and creates the most delicious tacos!! And then we went snorkeling with turtles and packed our bags for our next adventure! We had such an amazing time in Mexico, see you in California Uniters!!

  • S04E11 #11 - BACK IN CALIFORNIA & A BIG Surprise From The Boys!!

    • March 14, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode, Now United spends the week in Cali-California style - biking, skateboarding, and hiking! But with a twist! The boys take a trip to a thrift shop and plan a fashion show for the girls!

  • S04E12 #12 - Birthday Party Surprise!!

    • March 21, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode, Now United surprises Shivani with the BIGGEST birthday ever! Uniters, sing with us, "It's Your Birthday, It's Your Birthday," and find out who the winner of the 1-hour photo challenge is!!

  • S04E13 #13 - Baila, Baila, BOOTCAMP!!

    • March 28, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode of The Now United Show, an intense week of rehearsals for our new music video begins in California!! We had so much fun competing in The Now United Games, trying amazing doughnuts, and making so many s'mores!!

  • S04E14 #14 - Baila Music Video & BIG News!

    • April 4, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode of The Now United Show, we film the music video for "Baila" and we get a sneak peak into what is happening in Dubai!! Don't miss this episode for a HUGE reveal at the end!

  • S04E15 #15.1 - It's A Now United Party!!

    • April 11, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week’s The Now United Show, follow along for behind-the-scenes from filming of Now United Party music video and... The moment you have been waiting for... Lamar is BACK!!!

  • S04E16 #15.2 - It's A Now United Party!! & Lamar is BACK!!

    • April 12, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week’s The Now United Show, follow along for behind-the-scenes from filming of Now United Party music video and... The moment you have been waiting for... Lamar is BACK!!!

  • S04E17 #16 - Big Island & Bigger Adventures!!!

    • April 18, 2021
    • YouTube

    We are in HAWAII!!!! In this week's episode, we arrive at the coolest house ever with a water slide, a jumping tower and a mini gold course... And between all of the fun, we head to rehearsals at the #RexonaDanceStudio​ with Kyle to #DanceYourWay​ because we have another music video to film soon!

  • S04E18 #17 - Music Video On the Moon?! & Exploring Hawaii!!

    • April 25, 2021
    • YouTube

    Uniters!! Sunday is our favorite day because we finally get to share all of the fun we had this week! But most importantly... a very exciting announcement about #NowUnited18​. ARE. YOU. READY. UNITERS.

  • S04E19 #18 - It's A Boys Bootcamp & A Trip Down Memory Lane!!

    • May 2, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode, Noah, Josh and Lamar get straight to work and write songs and spend time in the recording studio! Super excited about having another boy join Now United, they share their new song with Alex! Uniters, you won't want to miss this episode as Now United shares their favorite memories of the last two months!

  • S04E20 #19 - Puppies, Fashion Shows and Dance Parties!

    • May 9, 2021
    • YouTube

    This episode is a special one!! Watch to see dog tricks, Alex's fashion show and HIS FIRST DANCE PARTY!!! And... to hear what Now United means to us.

  • S04E21 #20 - 15 Minutes Of FUN All Around The World!!!

    • May 16, 2021
    • YouTube

    Uniters, in this week's episode of The Now United Show, we wanted to share with you what we do in 15 minutes to brighten our day! Watch to hear all of our tips and tricks, but most of all - we always want to remind everyone to do one thing every single day to make you happy and smile! Sending love all around the world, Now United

  • S04E22 #21 - Packing For Abu Dhabi... With A Twist!!!

    • May 30, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode of The Now United Show, follow all of the members in this blindfold packing challenge as they get ready to travel to Abu Dhabi!!! Comment below on how you pack for trips!!

  • S04E23 #22 - Adventures In Abu Dhabi & Countdown To Now Love!!!

    • June 6, 2021
    • YouTube

    We are BACK in Abu Dhabi!!!!! This week's episode was all about rehearsals for our live show, Now Love and in Now United style, a few pranks... Uniters, did you also catch the sneak peak of our new song?!

  • S04E24 #23 - Getting Sky High And Racing All Over Abu Dhabi!!

    • June 13, 2021
    • YouTube

    As we rehearse for our live show #NowLove, we also did so many fun activities this week!! Catch this episode of The Now United Show to see us parasailing, cooking, drag racing, painting and of course... dancing!!!

  • S04E25 #24 - Scavenger Hunts, Flying Airplanes, Rehearsals and MORE?!

    • June 20, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode of The Now United Show, we have a full week of rehearsals for #NowLove, pilot aviation training, more car racing, and even MORE rehearsals!!! You don't wanna miss the fun, Uniters!!!

  • S04E26 #25 - Wave Your Flag Music Video With ALEX!!!

    • June 27, 2021
    • YouTube

    Major sneak peak for our newest song, Wave Your Flag!!! Are you excited to hear it during our live show #NowLove on July 1st?

  • S04E27 #26 - Now Love Live Show Behind-The-Scenes!!

    • July 4, 2021
    • YouTube

    What a journey!!! We have worked so hard this last month in Abu Dhabi for #NowLove and we could not have dreamt for a better live show. We can’t wait to be back on the stage very soon! From the bottom of your hearts, thank you Uniters!!

  • S04E28 #27 - What Is Going On At Camp Now United?!

    • July 11, 2021
    • YouTube

    Join us for our first week at Camp Now United! We have explored our island, went to another one for a hike, took a boat to celebrate Savannah’s birthday and so much MORE! Make sure to join all of our fun activities and use the #CampNowUnited for us to see YOU do it with us!

  • S04E29 #28 - It's Battle Time Baby!! (& We Are All Going CocoNUTS)!

    • July 18, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode, we are all going a little cocoNUTS because Kyle Hanagami and Joseph Clarke have arrived on the island!! Follow along as we sing and dance more than ever... and that makes us a little thirsty here at #CampNowUnited so Josh and Alex (#JOLEX) try to supply coconut water for Now United.

  • S04E30 #29 - The Sandcastle Games & The Great Coconut Conquest!

    • July 25, 2021
    • YouTube

    It is time for The Now United Sandcastle Games!! "Jofya Productions" VERSUS "Les Français"! Comment down below who you think won! Shark or Castle ??? And make sure you watch this episode to find out if Josh and Alex are able to open their coconut!

  • S04E31 #30 - Work Hard, Play Hard, And JUMP!!

    • August 1, 2021
    • YouTube

    We are in MEXICOOOO!!! And what's better than a new episode of The Now United Show? A new choreo to a new song! Don't miss this episode for our new favorite song and the epiphany that we all need tennis lessons...

  • S04E32 #31 - Ikou Music Shoot & More Fun In Mexico!!

    • August 8, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week’s episode of The Now United Show, we shoot a music video in the coolest, trippiest, strangest place!! We also have rehearsals for something really cool… & we play a game of ARCHERY!! Let’s see who has the best shot.

  • S04E33 #32 - Love, Love, Love... Secret Project Reveal!

    • August 15, 2021
    • YouTube

    You guys won't believe this!!! SO happy to finally share what we worked on a few months ago.

  • S04E34 #33 - Love, Love, Love Stories!!!

    • August 22, 2021
    • YouTube

    As we anticipate our musical Love, Love, Love, all we can think about is L.O.V.E! In this week’s The Now United Show, we share some love stories and we spill the beans on all the heartbreaks as well… There is no holding back!!

  • S04E35 #34 - Love, Love, Love Behind-The-Scenes!!!

    • August 29, 2021
    • YouTube

    Have you watched our musical Love, Love, Love yet?!! This episode of The Now United Show reveals all of the secrets from being on set... especially the kissing scenes!! Follow us from acting class to rehearsals and to filming our biggest project yet!

  • S04E36 #35 - A Song is Born & Throwin’ Popcorn

    • September 5, 2021
    • YouTube

    This week we catch up with some members around the world! Also, the girls in LA are working on an exciting new song! Can't wait for you to hear it.

  • S04E37 #36 - A HINA CELEBRATION!! & OMG Where To Next?!!

    • September 12, 2021
    • YouTube

    We love you Hina!!! You have come so far and we are so so proud of you!! So happy to now have "Ikou" on repeat! You'll want to watch this episode until the end... for a GIANT secret surprise!!

  • S04E38 #37 - Back At Bootcamp With A New Song...in Arabic!!!

    • September 19, 2021
    • YouTube

    It's Bootcamp Time!!! We are back in Abu Dhabi and to get back in tip-top shape, we do a ballet strength training class and then we dive into rehearsing for our new song!!! This song will get stuck in your head, are you ready?!

  • S04E39 #38 - Good Days With The Bootcampers!!!

    • September 26, 2021
    • YouTube

    Spend this week with us and the bootcampers!!! Click to watch this episode to find out what #NowUnitedBootcamp is all about!!

  • S04E40 #39 - 2 Music Videos in 2 Days?!!

    • October 3, 2021
    • YouTube

    Music Video MANIA!!! In this week's episode of The Now United Show, follow us along as we shoot some music videos!!! Catch all of the behind-the-scenes for Come Together (with the bootcampers!!) and Badna Nehlam!!!!

  • S04E41 #40 - Hello Portugal, A HUGE Performance, & A Missing Member?!

    • October 10, 2021
    • YouTube

    This week was crazy!! We finally made it to Portugal and we are loving it.

  • S04E42 #41 - JUMP!! & It's A Boys Vs. Girls Music Video!!

    • October 17, 2021
    • YouTube

    Jump, jump, JUMP!!! We finally filmed the music video for our newest song so catch the behind-the-scenes in this week's episode as well as an exciting competition: A Girls Vs. Boys Music Video on our last day in Portugal!!!

  • S04E43 #42 - Mini Music Video Challenge!!!

    • October 24, 2021
    • YouTube

    It's a Mini Music Video Challenge!! Let's see who wins!! We hope you liked our videos to our favorite songs & comment down below which song is stuck in your head!

  • S04E44 #43 - Halloween Spooktacular!!

    • October 31, 2021
    • YouTube

  • S04E45 #44 - Throwback To The Past!!

    • November 7, 2021
    • YouTube

    This episode of The Now United Show is all about how far we’ve come. We are Future Me. Thank you Uniters for being on this adventure of a lifetime with us!

  • S04E46 #45 - Lip Sync Battle!!!

    • November 14, 2021
    • YouTube

    Most epic lipsync battle in Now United history. Come sing with us!!

  • S04E47 #46 - Back To Brazil, Breaking Mirrors & Boys Get Revenge!

    • November 21, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week's episode of The Now United Show, we are back in Brazil!!! Follow us as we learn new choreography to our new song "Heartbreak On The Dance Floor" and more than just hearts break in the dance floor…! We are so grateful to feel your love Uniters, thank you for always supporting us! Rehearsals are crazier than ever... you don't want to miss this!!

  • S04E48 #47 - Heartbreaks, Kiss Me’s & Mini Me’s

    • November 28, 2021
    • YouTube

    Love is in the air! Follow us to São Paulo and back to Rio as we meet more Uniters, go full out in rehearsals for #NowUnitedHeartbreak and meet our mini-me’s!! Catch this week’s episode and you might catch a kiss.

  • S04E49 #48 - Heartbreak (And Uniters!) On the Dance Floor BTS!!

    • December 5, 2021
    • YouTube

    Special thanks to all of the Uniters that danced with us on the dance floor! We had such a blast and we are so excited for this music video!!

  • S04E50 #49 - Dreams, Screams and A WORLD TOUR!!!

    • December 12, 2021
    • YouTube

    In this week’s episode of The Now United Show, we take a trip down memory lane and relive our dreams… from Dreams Come True Tour! Uniters, we are so so so excited for the Wave Your Flag Tour so catch up share some pre-tour secrets & our set list?!!

  • S04E51 #50 - Holiday Cheer, Christmas Pranks & A Marshmallow Fight!!

    • December 19, 2021
    • YouTube

    It's the most wonderful time of the year... time for some holiday cheer!

  • S04E52 #51 - Our Best, Funniest, Craziest Memories of 2021!!

    • December 26, 2021
    • YouTube

    It's almost the end of the year, Uniters!! And you know what that means?! Click to find out in this week's episode of The Now United Show!

  • S04E53 #52 - New Year, New Adventures and FOUR NEW SONGS?!

    • January 2, 2022
    • YouTube

    Instead of waiting to complete our bucket list activities for 2022, we are doing them right now!! In this episode, we try new adventures from paragliding to horseback riding-- even dog sledding! Watch us try new things, face our fears, and dance with us to FOUR NEW SONGS!!! Don't miss this exciting start to the new year with NU!

  • SPECIAL 0x17 Secrets, Star Signs & Shedding Tears!! - Special Edition

    • May 23, 2021

    It’s Horoscope Time!! In this special episode of The Now United Show, we get our horoscope's read, learn so much about our signs signs, and find out so much about ourselves!! Uniters, comment your zodiac sign below!! Special thanks to: Astrologer Carolyne Faulkner

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