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Season 1

  • S01E01 Smoke

    • October 11, 1979
    • CTV

    A provisioner aggressively sells traps and poison to help locals deal with wildlife, driven into their communities by a forest fire. A toddler ingests some poisoned meat, so a Hobo-lead team set out to fly in the antidote in poor weather.

  • S01E02 Manhunt (1)

    • October 18, 1979
    • CTV

    Hobo helps a man accused of murder escape from angry villagers.

  • S01E03 Manhunt (2)

    • October 25, 1979
    • CTV

    The innocent fugitive continues to evade his pursuers while the Hobo acts as decoy.

  • S01E04 The Defector

    • November 1, 1979
    • CTV

    An Eastern European ballerina tries to defect but is caught. The Hobo, along with a human sidekick, try to rescue her, but unfortunately, her kidnappers have help from the local police.

  • S01E05 Double Trouble

    • November 8, 1979
    • CTV

    The Hobo, and a charming human peer, conspire to save a couple of horses who are about to be put down and turned into fertilizer.

  • S01E06 Silent Witness

    • November 15, 1979
    • CTV

    The Hobo witnesses a drunken hit-and-run and haunts the perpetrator, playing his conscience against him.

  • S01E07 Target For Terror

    • November 29, 1979
    • CTV

    Two political radicals abduct a judge's son and his girlfriend. Fortunately for them, the Hobo's ingenuity is brought to bear on the kidnappers.

  • S01E08 Heritage

    • December 6, 1979
    • CTV

    The Hobo finds an eccentric old gold prospector who's being harassed and intimidated by someone trying to acquire his mine.

  • S01E09 Little Girl Lost

    • December 13, 1979
    • CTV

    An ex-trucker tells the tale of a little girl who was lost deep in the woods and the heroic dog that watched over her until she was found.

  • S01E10 Boy On Wheels

    • December 20, 1979
    • CTV

    Hobo comes to the aid of a wheelchair-bound boy in rehab.

  • S01E11 Stand-in

    • December 27, 1979
    • CTV

    An electronics warehouse is repeatedly being hit by thieves who somehow have the ability to order the guard dog let them escape.

  • S01E12 Second Chance

    • January 3, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo discovers a drug smuggling operation. He's only able to bring this to the attention of an ex-con who doesn't want to get involved, but the smugglers wind up involving him anyway--as the fall guy.

  • S01E13 Big Al and Sam Strawberry

    • January 13, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo helps an artist out of temptation to embezzle a Van Gogh, as a desperate measure to pay off a mobster.

  • S01E14 Give My Regards to Broadway

    • January 31, 1980
    • CTV

    A struggling actress resorts to stealing (and writing IOUs) to make ends meet and the Hobo tries to keep her out of trouble.

  • S01E15 The Last Job

    • February 7, 1980
    • CTV

    An ex-convict has a bright future ahead of him, if he goes straight, but is compelled to perform one last bank robbery.

  • S01E16 Snapshot

    • February 28, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo and a boy disturb bank robbers working on a vault, late at night.

  • S01E17 The Million Dollar Fur Heist

    • March 6, 1980
    • CTV

    A drunken ex-trucker goes on a joy ride with the Hobo and is surprised to find that the truck he borrowed is full of stolen furs. His problems run deeper when the thieves learn where he (and his grandson) live.

  • S01E18 Diamonds Are a Dog's Best Friend

    • March 13, 1980
    • CTV

    A diamond thief uses an innocent magician as a fall guy and his act as a front for a major operation.

  • S01E19 Romiet and Julio

    • March 20, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo plays matchmaker to a young couple who, in between being separated by their respective parents, find time to bicker among themselves.

  • S01E20 Escape

    • March 27, 1980
    • CTV

    Hobo helps an escaped convict expose the mobster who set him up for murder.

  • S01E21 Guardian Angel

    • April 3, 1980
    • CTV

    A baby girl is abandoned on the steps of a church and the Hobo takes it upon himself to keep her from harm.

  • S01E22 The Pied Piper

    • April 10, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo and a janitor who has a soft spot for kids performs drama for children at a hospital, as a kind of therapy.

  • S01E23 Willie and Kate

    • May 15, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo tries to give support and guidance to a couple of quarrelsome human transients--one old man and one young girl.

  • S01E24 The Further Adventures of Willie and Kate

    • May 22, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo journeys onward, trying to keep his transient companions out of trouble, when Kate is captured by the authorities and placed in an orphanage run like a military academy.

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Balloonist

    • September 18, 1980
    • CTV

    Hobo watches out for an enthusiastic balloonist with a heart condition, who doesn't listen to his doctor's advice (or his granddaughter's insistence) that he should take it easy.

  • S02E02 Duddleman and the Diamond Ring

    • September 25, 1980
    • CTV

    When a dispute erupts between a young couple and an old pawnshop owner, it accidentally turns into a kidnapping case. The Hobo comes along for the ride as the participants try to work out how to untangle their mess.

  • S02E03 Guinea Pig

    • October 2, 1980
    • CTV

    Hobo discovers that a well has been contaminated and tries everything he can to interfere with people using it for drinking water.

  • S02E04 Trapper

    • October 9, 1980
    • CTV

    Sam Burrows is a heartless animal trapper, using illegal steel traps that the Hobo cleverly disarms. When Burrows discovers this, he targets the Hobo.

  • S02E05 The Pearls

    • October 23, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo comes to the rescue of a ship's captain whose crew has mutinied and are looking for a lost treasure.

  • S02E06 Carnival of Fear

    • October 30, 1980
    • CTV

    A saboteur is causing deadly accidents at a carnival and the Hobo moves to unravel the mystery.

  • S02E07 Mystery at the Zoo

    • November 6, 1980
    • CTV

    An injured Hobo is picked up by a TV reporter and helps her find out who is stealing rare and expensive animals from a zoo.

  • S02E08 Sailing Away

    • November 13, 1980
    • CTV

    An inexperienced sailor deals with her frustrations by sailing in dangerous conditions. Fortunately, she has the Hobo with her to help her when she gets into trouble.

  • S02E09 The Hunt

    • November 20, 1980
    • CTV

    A stable groom is setup for theft and arson by a jealous member of the hunt club where she works, and the Hobo tries to expose the plot and prevent the fire at the same time.

  • S02E10 Fast Freddie

    • November 27, 1980
    • CTV

    The Hobo discovers a con man operating in a small town and tries to foil his plans to rob a doddering senior.

  • S02E11 Licence to Steal

    • December 4, 1980
    • CTV

    An employee at a junkyard is framed for a license plate theft operation by another employee and the Hobo tries to help him prove his innocence.

  • S02E12 Portrait of Danger

    • December 11, 1980
    • CTV

    A professional photographer gets pictures of a bank robbery in progress, but is slow to inform the police, putting Hobo in the role of bodyguard.

  • S02E13 Ghost Rig

    • December 18, 1980
    • CTV

    Hobo and an insurance investigator help recover a missing truckload of diamonds.

  • S02E14 Here's Joey Jackson

    • January 22, 1981
    • CTV

    A blackmailer is extorting money from a popular talk show host and the Hobo tries to expose the criminals and gain the attention of the police.

  • S02E15 Runaway

    • February 12, 1981
    • CTV

    An orphan in a Big Brother program feels rejected by his fraternal friend and runs away. The Hobo and a human peer work to reunite him with those who want to adopt him.

  • S02E16 East Side Angels

    • February 26, 1981
    • CTV

    An inner city basketball team has some problems with one of its members, but when he's unfairly accused of arson, the Hobo plays fire investigator to prove he wasn't at fault.

  • S02E17 Mystique

    • March 5, 1981
    • CTV

    Hobo takes up a case of a jealous model who uses an unscrupulous hypnotist to ruin a younger rival.

  • S02E18 The Trail of No Return

    • April 9, 1981
    • CTV

    Two kids on a camping trip are suddenly hit with botulism. The Hobo tries to attract the attention of adults, but is also hampered by the same illness.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Photo Finish

    • September 17, 1981
    • CTV

    The Hobo tries to keep a horse race fair when two thugs and a charming stranger try to fix it, by sabotaging the chances of an up and coming jockey.

  • S03E02 The Secret of Red Hill

    • September 24, 1981
    • CTV

    Big Foot has been sighted in a forest near a small town. The police don't take the sightings seriously, but the Hobo and a reporter seek it out.

  • S03E03 Wolf Hunt

    • October 1, 1981
    • CTV

    The Hobo decoys hunters away from a wounded wolf and her cubs.

  • S03E04 The Day of the Fugitive

    • October 8, 1981
    • CTV

    Hobo tracks a man suspected of having the plague, but in doing so, earns the suspicion of authorities, who are very determined to contain and eliminate the threat.

  • S03E05 Suspect

    • October 29, 1981
    • CTV

    A business man is framed for a murder, which the police fall for, and the Hobo conducts an investigation of his own.

  • S03E06 War Games

    • November 5, 1981
    • CTV

    During a military training exercise, a soldier is wounded trying to warn a civilian out of a mine field. Together with the Hobo, they find refuge in an old building that the civilian's father is tasked with blowing up.

  • S03E07 The Hero

    • November 12, 1981
    • CTV

    An intellectually handicapped man in a deerstalker and the Hobo discover a dognapping ring.

  • S03E08 Hidden Room

    • November 19, 1981
    • CTV

    Hobo discovers a man and his mute daughter are being blackmailed into performing fraudulent séances for bereaved victims.

  • S03E09 Fussin' and Fightin'

    • November 26, 1981
    • CTV

    A harmonica player resorts to skulduggery to oust a rival in a traveling country band.

  • S03E10 The Locket

    • December 3, 1981
    • CTV

    The Hobo finds a recluse, old man who has become estranged from his granddaughter--his only family. The Hobo seeks to find her and lure her back to her grandfather.

  • S03E11 Airport

    • December 10, 1981
    • CTV

    The Hobo discovers someone trying to sabotage an air courier service, using measures that turn deadly.

  • S03E12 Music Box

    • December 24, 1981
    • CTV

    A little girl fantasizes about being a ballerina, like her mother, who is reluctant to have her daughter repeat her experiences.

  • S03E13 Mail Order Bride

    • January 21, 1982
    • CTV

    Hobo is challenged with working out the differences between a brusque, middle-aged, curmudgeonly farmer and a prudish woman who are soon to be wed.

  • S03E14 The Clown

    • January 28, 1982
    • CTV

    Hobo matches a retired clown--who can only dream of the glory days--with a fair that has a pressing need for talent.

  • S03E15 Once Upon a Tyme

    • February 4, 1982
    • CTV

    The Hobo tries to stop the owner of a theatre troupe from burning down his production to collect on insurance.

  • S03E16 A Special Friend

    • February 25, 1982
    • CTV

    On the docks. Hobo meets a very special friend who believes he can understand what animals are thinking. His sensitivity makes him a perfect partner for the dog as the pair matches wits with a warehouse full of gold thieves.

  • S03E17 Forget Me Not

    • March 4, 1982
    • CTV

    When Hobo spots a disoriented woman, with amnesia, aimlessly wandering into a large amusement park (Canada's Wonderland), he finds his own way in and protects her from serious physical danger while alerting the security and bringing her medical help.

  • S03E18 Rex Badger P.I.

    • March 11, 1982
    • CTV

    Hobo joins forces with inept private eye Rex Badger, who perfected his style watching old movies. As Badger plods through a series of comic clues, Hobo keeps several steps ahead of him and enables him to finally put the pieces together and wind up with the credit.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Napoleon

    • September 16, 1982
    • CTV

    The Hobo interrupts a pair of cattle thieves, but the crime is revealed to run much deeper: insurance fraud.

  • S04E02 Home Free

    • September 23, 1982
    • CTV

    A teen runs away from a detention centre and into the purview of a police officer and the Hobo.

  • S04E03 Back to Nature

    • September 30, 2002
    • CTV

    The Hobo guides a very pregnant woman through the wilderness, seeking medical attention.

  • S04E04 The Imaginative Invalid

    • October 7, 1982
    • CTV

    Hobo participates in a wealthy widow's ruse designed to straighten out her greedy heirs.

  • S04E05 Finders Keepers

    • October 14, 1982
    • CTV

    Hobo comes across a summer camp where he reunites with two boys whose lives he'd saved in previous episodes. An antagonistic and divisive counsellor uses their jealousy over the dog to set them against each other.

  • S04E06 Happy Birthday Mom

    • October 21, 1982
    • CTV

    Two brothers enter a bicycle race to win prize money to buy their mother a birthday present. One boy is willing to do anything to win and the Hobo moves to level the playing field.

  • S04E07 The Spirit of Thunder Rock (1)

    • October 28, 1982
    • CTV

    A seismologist takes his family along on a field assignment, where they are threatened by impending earthquakes of which only the Hobo appears to be fully aware.

  • S04E08 The Spirit of Thunder Rock (2)

    • November 4, 1982
    • CTV

    The quakes continue to imperil the now separated members of the family and an armed poacher who prefers his privacy only adds to the danger.

  • S04E09 The Spirit of Thunder Rock (3)

    • November 11, 1982
    • CTV

    The biggest quake of them all strikes and causes a cave-in, trapping Marti with the poacher.

  • S04E10 Rabies

    • November 18, 1982
    • CTV

    A rabid raccoon is on the loose and the Hobo tries to keep track of it while attracting the attention of nearby humans.

  • S04E11 Day For Fight

    • November 25, 1982
    • CTV

    The Hobo discovers two stagehands using a movie production set to cover their smuggling operation and helps an undercover policeman posing as an actor solve the crime.

  • S04E12 Trooper

    • December 2, 1982
    • CTV

    Following a chemical spill a nearby town is evacuated. A baby boy is left behind so the Hobo evacuates him.

  • S04E13 The Loneliest Day of the Week

    • January 27, 1983
    • CTV

    The Hobo discovers that a supposedly rich widow is really broke and matches her with a love-interest who thinks she is unattainable.

  • S04E14 Double Vision

    • February 3, 1983
    • CTV

    The twin of a corrupt mayor wanders into town and is frequently mistaken for his brother by the media and an equally unscrupulous mayoral candidate.

  • S04E15 Winner Take All

    • February 10, 1983
    • CTV

    An immigrant the Hobo previously met, now works as a retail clerk and wins the lottery, which attracts the attention of two lowlifes who are willing to resort to kidnapping to get it.

  • S04E16 Small Pleasures

    • March 3, 1983
    • CTV

    Hobo acts to foil two ex-cons intent on stealing a valuable item secreted in a miniature town unbeknownst to the tiny town's current owner.

  • S04E17 The Five Labours of Hercules (1)

    • March 17, 1983
    • CTV

    A boy with a leg injury has his heart set on buying a pure-bred dog, but needs to raise the money fast, so the Hobo helps him with a dog-sitting service.

  • S04E18 The Five Labours of Hercules (2)

    • March 24, 1983
    • CTV

    The Hobo must escape from a dog catcher's van and round up several unruly dogs which quickly bring havoc to wherever they roam.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Rookie

    • September 15, 1983
    • CTV

    Hobo befriends police officers in a K-9 unit who are searching for a runaway teen with a brain tumour.

  • S05E02 Scavenger Hunt (1)

    • September 22, 1983
    • CTV

    As a requirement for acceptance to a fraternity, three teams are competing in a scavenger hunt. Some of the players are willing to do anything to win and the Hobo is there to prevent them from going that far.

  • S05E03 Scavenger Hunt (2)

    • September 29, 1983
    • CTV

    Contestants continue to put themselves in danger, private property continues to go missing, and Hobo keeps dashing across town trying to right the wrongs done in the name of competition.

  • S05E04 Second Sight

    • October 6, 1983
    • CTV

    Hobo gives guidance to a dejected, newly blinded equestrian rider.

  • S05E05 Trucker

    • October 13, 1983
    • CTV

    A shipper with a reputation for dirty dealing pressures a desperate trucker into working for him.

  • S05E06 Born To Run

    • October 20, 1983
    • CTV

    A race dog contending for a national championship is stolen by a rival's owner. The Hobo trails the thief to his home, but must outwit a large dog and a human, who is armed with a gun.

  • S05E07 Tempest Probe

    • October 27, 1983
    • CTV

    An eccentric criminal mastermind uses high-tech gadgets and a dog to perform heists. When he has designs on a military laser, the Hobo sabotages the operation.

  • S05E08 Lumberjacks

    • November 3, 1983
    • CTV

    A bookie tries to fix a lumberjack competition using extreme methods.

  • S05E09 Passage

    • November 10, 1983
    • CTV

    The Hobo waivers between confounding a hunter who is being paid a large sum a money to catch a falcon and helping him when he gets into trouble.

  • S05E10 Sartech (1)

    • November 17, 1983
    • CTV

    The Hobo discovers a small aircraft crashed in a forest in the wilderness. All passengers and crew survive the crash, but some are seriously wounded and the radio doesn't work.

  • S05E11 Sartech (2)

    • December 1, 1983
    • CTV

    Search and rescue is dispatched, but without a working emergency transmitter, the plane is difficult to find. Some of the more seriously injured passengers' conditions worsen and another turns out to be a diabetic, short on insulin.

  • S05E12 Dragonslayer

    • January 19, 1984
    • CTV

    Four kids play a Dark Ages fantasy game and Hobo acts as a spirit guide, protecting them from real dangers.

  • S05E13 The Genesis Tapes (1)

    • January 26, 1984
    • CTV

    A TV reporter and a cryptozoologist discover the hobo when researching archival footage of his many adventures and seek to trap him. But since the prevailing assumption is that there are many dogs of his kind, there is talk of dissecting him!

  • S05E14 The Genesis Tapes (2)

    • February 2, 1984
    • CTV

    Hobo continues to amaze the ambitious humans who are stalking him and must use all of his super-canine cunning not only to evade capture, but also to keep his secret.

  • S05E15 Ghost Station

    • February 23, 1984
    • CTV

    An archaeologist is clandestinely digging for human remains in a subway station, when he is unfairly mixed up in a theft.

  • S05E16 Indian Summer

    • March 1, 1984
    • CTV

    The Hobo and a group of seniors match wits with the corrupt and abusive staff at a retirement home.

  • S05E17 Applejack

    • March 8, 1984
    • CTV

    Two bootleggers working at an orchard steal their employers apples and make alcohol with them. When they setup an honest colleague, who is short on English, the Hobo moves to expose the entire operation and the crooked employees.

  • S05E18 Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

    • March 15, 1984
    • CTV

    A marauding wolf is killing sheep and threatening the family that owns them. Hobo tries to defend both, but is believed to be the danger.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Second Best

    • September 13, 1984
    • CTV

    Hobo lends moral support to a boy in a new school who wants to try out for the track team but is rejected by his new peers.

  • S06E02 Three Monkeys of Bah Roghar (1)

    • September 20, 1984
    • CTV

    Priceless statuettes are disappearing from the hotel in which they are on display, and it falls to Hobo to expose who among several colorful characters are responsible.

  • S06E03 Three Monkeys of Bah Roghar (2)

    • September 27, 1984
    • CTV

    All of the statuettes disappear and the Hobo works with one of the hotel's more scrupulous staffers to solve the mystery.

  • S06E04 Rodeo

    • October 4, 1984
    • CTV

    The Hobo helps a rodeo star suffering from PTSD overcome his fear of animals.

  • S06E05 One Door Closes

    • October 11, 1984
    • CTV

    A grumpy, but industrious, owner of a construction firm suffers an accident on the job, leaving him paralyzed. Despite his hard-to-love attitude, his wife and the Hobo stand by him for his physiotherapy and while he reassesses his talents.

  • S06E06 Lucky

    • October 18, 1984
    • CTV

    When a movie production comes to town, a reckless, adrenaline-addicted stuntman tries to get the director's attention, so the Hobo, his daughter and the local sheriff try to keep him safe.

  • S06E07 Arrivederci Roma

    • October 25, 1984
    • CTV

    When a gifted kid tries to enter a national remote-controlled airplane tournament, a competitor tries to sabotage his equipment. Fortunately, the Hobo is there for counter-espionage.

  • S06E08 The Good Shepherd

    • November 1, 1984
    • CTV

    Hobo aids a financially troubled church.

  • S06E09 Matchmaker

    • November 8, 1984
    • CTV

    A young upper class snob tries to hector his sister's new boyfriend out of her life. When that doesn't work, he challenges his rival to a tennis match, not realizing that a pro is willing to stand-in for him.

  • S06E10 Firehorse (1)

    • November 15, 1984
    • CTV

    A hero firefighter dodges a medical order relieving him of duty, endangering his own life.

  • S06E11 Firehorse (2)

    • November 22, 1984
    • CTV

    The sick firefighter continues to put himself in harms way, while Hobo tries to call attention to the problem.

  • S06E12 Prodigal Son

    • November 29, 1984
    • CTV

    The Hobo discovers a man pretending to be a wayward son, wanting to reintegrate himself into a community of Mennonites.

  • S06E13 Torque

    • January 31, 1985
    • CTV

    A go-kart mechanic for a racing team wants to drive and is willing to sabotage his team's vehicles to do it. This leads to a talented girl to try out for the team, causing even more tension.

  • S06E14 Small Change

    • February 7, 1985
    • CTV

    Two lowlifes plan to rob a small business owner the day before he retires, and the Hobo along with a mime and a deaf-mute youth try to stop them.

  • S06E15 Voyageurs (1)

    • February 14, 1985
    • CTV

    Hobo joins the Farrells on a luxury yachting expedition, which enters a storm and shipwrecks the crew on an uninhabited island.

  • S06E16 Voyageurs (2)

    • February 21, 1985
    • CTV

    The elusive stranger turns out to be a Soviet air force pilot who has been stranded on the island for some time.

  • S06E17 Liar, Liar

    • February 28, 1985
    • CTV

    A troublemaking boy pretends to be a victim of a hit-and-run, winning attention from his enabling parents. When a witness and the Hobo move to expose him, he threatens retaliation.

  • S06E18 Pandora

    • March 7, 1985
    • CTV

    The Hobo discovers a senile veteran who is the custodian of an unexploded bomb. He is able to bring it to the attention of a nearby military base, but the stakes are raised when it's discovered that it is near an abandoned munitions dump.

Additional Specials