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The Widow Maker

The brother of a girl Matty's interested in tells him that there's a guy hassling her. So Matty goes to see him and the guy beats him up. At the hospital, along with Rags, Buddy, and Raffy deduce that they guy is a cop because of the way he behaved and things he said. They later learn that he is, Dallas Germany, a cop and that Rags knows he is a sadist. They also discover that he is now a killer for hire. they discover, who his next target and Buddy and a female cop take their places. But something goes wrong and Dallas shows up and holds them. It seems that in addition to being a killer, he is also a shakedown artist; he asks his marks for money for him not to kill them but he kills them anyway. Buddy bluffs him into waiting until the morning. Raffy shows up as a pizza delivery man and he tells him what's going on. Rags clears the street which alerts Dallas to what's going on. In the morning they go off and they try to get him but Buddy's shot and Dallas gets away but Buddy told him t

  • Originally Aired September 23, 1992
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Production Code 48101
  • Network CBS
  • Created August 17, 2022
  • Modified August 17, 2022
Name Type Role
Constance Marie Guest Star
Nancy Sorel Guest Star
Kim Coates Guest Star