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Season 1

  • S01E01 Expect the Unexpected (1)

    • October 8, 1983
    • ITV

    Zelda attacks NASA's outpost on Mars and establishes her home, then mounts an attack on Earth, forcing the Terrahawks into battle

  • S01E02 Expect the Unexpected (2)

    • October 15, 1983
    • ITV

    The Terrahawks struggle to defend against the aliens' strange powers, and find they may be forced to stop the attack at the cost of Ninestein's life.

  • S01E03 Thunder-Roar

    • October 22, 1983
    • ITV

    Zelda defrosts one of her monsters, Sram, who unleashes his devastating voice against the Terrahawks.

  • S01E04 Gold

    • July 26, 1986
    • ITV

    Whilst exploring a meteorite, the Zeroids come across a huge nugget of Gold, they bring it back to Hawknest, unaware that it is actually a bomb created by Zelda. Upon it's arrival in Hawknest, the bomb is activated by Zelda, Ninestien manages to get the bomb as clear from Hawknest as he can, and the ensuing explosion claims his life...or does it?

  • S01E05 Close Call

    • November 12, 1983
    • ITV

    The Overlander is hijacked, but the hijacker, a news reporter by the name of Darrel, is a potential security hazard for the Terrahawks.

  • S01E06 From Here to Infinity

    • December 10, 1983
    • ITV

    An old space probe approaches Earth, but the Terrahawks worry because it was never meant to return.

  • S01E07 Space Samurai

    • June 28, 1986
    • ITV

    Tamura, a Samurai warrior from outer space, forces Zelda and Ninestein to meet on neutral ground in order to settle their dispute peacefully.

  • S01E08 The Sporilla

    • July 19, 1986
    • ITV

    Zelda lures the Terrahawks to Jupiter's moon Callisto by ransacking a listening post there. Once they arrive, they find themselves being stalked by the fearsome Sporilla.

  • S01E09 Happy Madeday

    • October 29, 1983
    • ITV

    Sergant Major celebrates the day of his creation, whilst the master of infinite disguise, Moid, travels to Earth and takes the place of Hiro, who is being held captive in Antartica after being shot down by Zelda

  • S01E10 Gunfight at Oaky's Corral

    • November 26, 1983
    • ITV

    Ninestein enters an old-fashioned gun fight between one of Zelda's Cubes in the Arizona desert.

  • S01E11 The Ugliest Monster of All

    • November 5, 1983
    • ITV

    The Terrahawks find a teddy bear-like alien adrift in a space capsule and take him back to Hawknest. However, he is actually one of Zelda's monsters and begins to wreak havoc in the base.

  • S01E12 The Gun

    • November 19, 1983
    • ITV

    Yung-Star devises a way to make the Cubes more powerful by combining them. Zelda forms a group of them into a gun and threatens to destroy a newly constructed dam.

  • S01E13 Thunder Path

    • December 3, 1983
    • ITV

    Zelda gives Sram another chance to defeat the Terrahawks by sending him to hijack the Overlander, an automated vehicle that delivers vital supplies to Hawknest.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Mind Monster

    • December 17, 1983
    • ITV

    The Terrahawks pick up a capsule in space containing only a strange vapour. However, it actually contains a gaseous monster that meddles with their minds.

  • S02E02 To Catch a Tiger

    • December 31, 1983
    • ITV

    Zelda captures the crew of a space transporter, and will only release them if Ninestein offers himself as a hostage in exchange.

  • S02E03 The Midas Touch

    • December 23, 1984
    • ITV

    Zelda deploys the alien Krell to Earth and plots the destruction of the space equivilant of Fort Knox

  • S02E04 Operation S.A.S.

    • September 23, 1984
    • ITV

    Zero and Dix-Huit roll to the rescue after Kate and Stu are kidnapped by Yung-Star and Yuri.

  • S02E05 Ten Top Pop

    • September 30, 1984
    • ITV

    Kate is taken hostage by Andeburr Records employee Stuart "Stew" Dapples, who is under Zelda's control.

  • S02E06 Unseen Menace

    • November 25, 1984
    • ITV

    Moid, Master of Infinite Disguise, transforms himself into the Invisible Man to create trouble for the Terrahawks

  • S02E07 A Christmas Miracle

    • December 24, 1983
    • ITV

    Zelda attacks Earth on Christmas Eve, convinced that the Terrahawks' guard will be down. However, Ninestein anticipates such a move, and all-out war erupts. Perhaps the Christmas spirit can even reach someone like Zelda...

  • S02E08 Midnight Blue

    • October 28, 1984
    • ITV

    While pursuing a ZEAF, Hawkwing flies too high and is marooned in space.

  • S02E09 Play it Again, Sram

    • October 14, 1984
    • ITV

    Kate Kestrel wins the world song contest and goes on to compete in the interstellar song contest. Zelda contends that as a resident of Earth's solar system she has a right to participate too, and challenges Kate to a sing-off on a neutral planetoid with her family and Sram as her band.

  • S02E10 My Kingdom For A Zeaf

    • November 4, 1984
    • ITV

    Zelda dispatches Yung-star and a new monster, Lord Tempo, to find the location of Hawknest. While traveling back in time to avoid Spacehawk, they pick up King Richard.

  • S02E11 Zero's Finest Hour

    • November 11, 1984
    • ITV

    When the Terrahawks are rendered catatonic by space flowers, Zero is forced to battle for the cure on his own.

  • S02E12 The Ultimate Menace

    • October 21, 1984
    • ITV

    Zelda and the Terrahawks team up to stop Zyklon, a gigantic spaceship dedicated to destroying all life in the universe.

  • S02E13 Ma's Monsters (1)

    • December 30, 1984
    • ITV

    In this clip show, Zelda reflects on her previous attempts to kill the Terrahawks, and realises the time has come for new and more powerful monsters to be brought to the fold, whilst Cy-star has some important news

Season 3

  • S03E01 Two for the Price of One (2)

    • May 3, 1986
    • ITV

    The aliens are preoccupied with the birth of Cy-star's child while the Terrahawks prepare to launch a sneak attack.

  • S03E02 Child's Play

    • June 7, 1986
    • ITV

    Itstar masterminds its first attack, attempting to destroy the Terrahawks with a bomb.

  • S03E03 Jolly Roger One

    • June 14, 1986
    • ITV

    Yung-star and Itstar are sent with Captain Goat to run a pirate radio ship to lure the Terrahawks into a trap

  • S03E04 Runaway

    • June 21, 1986
    • ITV

    Yung-Star runs away, but he is unknowingly carrying a 'bug' in the form of a powder inside him.

  • S03E05 First Strike

    • May 10, 1986
    • ITV

    A stubborn, never-say-die military leader gains control of the Terrahawk outfit, and stages humanity's first full assault on Zelda's base on Mars, but is he fighting a war he can hope to win?

  • S03E06 TerraTomb

    • May 17, 1986
    • ITV

    Zelda plants a hidden bomb on the Battletank, with Yuri positioned outside Hawknest, using his telekinesis to seal the Battlehawk launch doors shut, Ninestien and Mary find themselves trapped

  • S03E07 Doppelganger

    • May 31, 1986
    • ITV

    Itstar discovers how to duplicate Zelda's minions, and experiments on Yung-star.

  • S03E08 Cry UFO

    • December 16, 1984
    • ITV

    A day in the life of Stu Phillips, as he witnesses the arrival of a U.F.O, only to have none believe what he says, except Kate.

  • S03E09 Space Cyclops

    • May 24, 1986
    • ITV

    The Terrahawks confront a metal-consuming monstrosity created by Zelda.

  • S03E10 Timewarp

    • July 5, 1986
    • ITV

    Mary barly escapes the destruction of Spacehawk and arrives on Earth just in time to witness the bombing of Hawknest and the death of Ninestien...and then she wakes up, her experiance an apparent dream, but little does she know that she was merly the first victim of Lord Tempos' ""timebomb"", which soon finds a more suitable host in the form of Zero. Zero's inferior will power prevents him from resisting the timebomb, and it spreads through all of the Terrahawks's electronic systems, creating a possibly fatal time delay which Zelda capitilises on.

  • S03E11 Space Giant

    • December 9, 1984
    • ITV

    Two Astronauts take a small Sporilla back to Earth...with devastating consequences.

  • S03E12 Cold Finger

    • November 18, 1984
    • ITV

    The Terrahawk team do battle with the literally cold hearted Coldfinger, whose fiendish powers can reduce anything and anyone to a frigid state.

  • S03E13 Operation Zero

    • July 12, 1986
    • ITV

    Zero has a malfunction, when he is put under the knife for an operation, he experiances a nightmare beyond his comprehension as Zelda finally infiltrates Hawknest, whilst Tiger and Mary experiance an identity crisis

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