Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko

Meet Yohko Yamamoto - a cat-eyed, 15-year-old girl in the late 20th century with a love for videogames and Pocky. Because of her exceptional talent with arcade shooters, she's been recruited by Lawson to travel a thousand years into the future to pilot the prototype ship TA-29. Together with Ayano Elizabeth Hakuhoin, Madoka Midoh and Momiji Kagariya, Yohko leads the Terran team against Rouge and Ness' infamous Red Snappers in this epic space adventure.

  • Go! Spaceship Girl Yohko Yamamoto
  • Let's Go! Space Battleship Yamamoto Yohko
  • Yamamoto Yohko
  • Soreyuke! Uchû Senkan Yamamoto Yôhko
  • Space Cruiser Yoko Yamamoto
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Specials March 1996 December 1997 6
Season 1 April 1999 September 1999 26
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Season From To Episodes
Season 1 April 1999 September 1999 26
Unassigned Episodes 6

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Space Battleship Yamato [Universe]

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Space Battleship Yamato (Japanese: 宇宙戦艦ヤマト, Hepburn: Uchū Senkan Yamato, also called Cosmoship Yamato and Star Blazers) is a Japanese science fiction anime series produced and written by Yoshinobu Nishizaki, directed by manga artist Leiji Matsumoto, and produced by Academy Productions. The series aired in Yomiuri TV from October 6, 1974 to March 30, 1975, totaling up to 26 episodes. It revolves around the character Susumu Kodai (Derek Wildstar in the English version) and an international crew from Earth, tasked during an interstellar war to go into space aboard the space warship Yamato, derived from the World War II battleship of the same name, in response to a message of aid from the planet Iscandar in order to retrieve a device which is able to reverse the radiation infecting Earth after being bombed by the Gamilas (Gamilons). Space Battleship Yamato is one of the most influential anime series in Japan. Its turn toward serious themes and complex storylines influenced future works in the medium, including Gundam, Evangelion, and Macross, in addition to video games such as Space Invaders.

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