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Season 1

  • S01E01 City of Terror

    • September 10, 1995
    • Syfy

    Trying to learn the secret behind the mysterious death of Jack's father, scientist Abraham Holister, the team finds an experimental VR memory helmet that could reveal the villainous Cybron's real identity.

  • S01E02 Alien Attack

    • September 17, 1995
    • Syfy

    Cybron steals a DNA disk from a space prison, intending to reconstitute the aliens back on Earth. And the Strike Force may be powerless to stop him -- Skysurfer look-alikes have staged a raid so as to discredit the heroes.

  • S01E03 Cyber-magic

    • September 24, 1995
    • Syfy

    A mediocre magician is mutated into a borg by Cybron and can now cast spells. By Cybron, the magician is tricked into stealing a mstic mask. The Strike Force battles him to reclaim the mask, but Cybron claims it in battle and threatens to destroy the city with it.

  • S01E04 Death Paint

    • October 1, 1995
    • Syfy

    Cybron's latest scheme involves three kidnapped scientists and a satellite designed to control the skies. It's up to the Strike Force to stop him again.

  • S01E05 Titan of Terror

    • October 8, 1995
    • Syfy

    Cybron combines his DNA Matrix with a Human Growth Formula and transforms Sliced Ice into a Bio-Borg 50 feet tall, putting in motion his plan to have her kidnap the President of the United States from an upcoming peace conference on board a train. Can the Strike Force save their friend and stop Cybron?

  • S01E06 Time Storm

    • October 15, 1995
    • Syfy

    Jack’s scientific ally finds his portable time machine swiped by Cybron. Cybron uses it to hurl New York City back to the Roaring Twenties so he can change the course of history. The Strike Force is able to confront Cybron, but they have to defeat him in order to have a future.

  • S01E07 Mountain of Fear

    • October 22, 1995
    • Syfy

    After taking over a ski resort and taking the rich patrons hostage, Cybron aims to drain their brains for information about science corporations. Jack and the Strike Force’s objective is to penetrate his fortress.

  • S01E08 Voodoo Master

    • November 5, 1995
    • Syfy

    Crazy Stunts stumbles upon Cybron's latest scheme: to use a sleeping gas to send the entire city into dreamland. Meanwhile, Air Enforcer travels to New Orleans to save his nephew from a villainous street gang, but he learns that all the criminals in the city are ruled by the dangerous Bio-Borgs.

  • S01E09 The Ancient City

    • November 12, 1995
    • Syfy

    In Hawaii, Air Enforcer and Crazy Stunts must prevent Cybron and his Bio-Borgs from causing a huge tidal wave by releasing a lava flow. The Strike Force must also save Air Enforcer's mother, who has been kidnapped.

  • S01E10 The Dogs of Doom

    • November 19, 1995
    • Syfy

    Cybron helps four convicts escape to help him take over an oil tycoon's lab. However, Cybron mutates the covicts to dogs to help him travel to Mexico. Skysurfer and the Strike Force follow Cybron to Mexico and battle the canine convicts. Cybron's borgs plant a bomb in the oil tycoon's…

  • S01E11 Life Force

    • November 26, 1995
    • Syfy

    Cybron is hijacking athletes in the Florida Everglades and using their lifeforce to transfer it to aged criminals. After Cybron drains Mickey's lifeforce, the remaining Skysurfer Strike Force members leap into action to stop Cybron's plan.

  • S01E12 Killer Ants

    • December 3, 1995
    • Syfy

    While in Las Vegas, the Skysurfer Strike Force stumbles upon giant killer ants destroying the city. Even though it seems like one of Cybron's schemes, these devilish mutants may just be a freak of nature, the Strike Force decides.

  • S01E13 Terror Toons

    • December 10, 1995
    • Syfy

    Cybron discovers an invincible beast in cyrogenic statis in a government lab. His goal is to combine the mutant with his own genetic experiments to spawn a new race of bio-borgs. There's one little problem: The chamber's conditions are so harsh that a human would instantly be frozen to death…

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Black Box

    • September 7, 1996
    • Syfy

    The Skysurfer Strike Force are in a mystery when a crooked scientist swipes a confidential teleportation device from Garland Industries. Cybron's borgs as well as double-crossing shady dectectives are in the Strike's Force way to keeping Cybron from looting the entire lab.

  • S02E02 Terror in the Jungle

    • September 14, 1996
    • Syfy

    An experiment has gone wrong when plant life turns mutated. Sliced Ice had a deviece to alter the mutations when he is lost and trapped in the Amazon Jungle. The Strike Force must locate Ice and the device before Cybron can manipulate the plants.

  • S02E03 The Crawling Horror

    • September 21, 1996
    • Syfy

    The virologist Professor Lutzman has developed a deadly elixir that can transmutate humans into snake-like slaves. Lutzman teams up with Cybron for world domination, but the Strike Force flies into action to stop this reptilian deviation.

  • S02E04 Crime City

    • September 28, 1996
    • Syfy

    Cybron uses electronic leaches to gain hypnotic control over the police force and organizes the street criminals into one group. To stop this crime wave and stop the leaches, the Strike Force will jump into action.

  • S02E05 The Water Beast

    • September 30, 1996
    • Syfy
  • S02E06 The Price of Freedom

    • October 1, 1996
    • Syfy
  • S02E07 Two Minute Warning

    • October 2, 1996
    • Syfy
  • S02E08 Island of Fear

    • October 3, 1996
    • Syfy
  • S02E09 Diamonds of Death

    • October 4, 1996
    • Syfy
  • S02E10 Attack of the Slitha Monsters (1)

    • October 5, 1996
    • Syfy
  • S02E11 Attack of the Slitha Monsters (2)

    • October 12, 1996
    • Syfy
  • S02E12 Sword of Power

    • October 19, 1996
    • Syfy
  • S02E13 Danger in Space

    • October 26, 1996
    • Syfy