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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Sticker Chart

    • April 5, 2008
    • PBS

    If Sid doesn’t fill up his chore chart with stickers, he’ll never get a new Turbo-Mega-Rocket ship toy. So, Sid wonders, who needs charts anyway? After a day of investigating, Sid learns that charts are great science tools that help you compare and contrast all kinds of cool stuff like snacks, pets and even chores! (Tools & Measurement/Documentation)

  • S01E02 The Rolie Polie

    • April 17, 2008
    • PBS

    Sid loves his little rolie polie bugs, but they’re so little he can’t figure out how they move. At school, he discovers an amazing science tool: the magnifying glass! Sid and his friends explore their world using the magnifying glass to make things look bigger, like freckles on their skin, little pebbles and rolie polie legs! (Tools & Measurement/Observation)

  • S01E03 Enough With the Seashells

    • May 10, 2008
    • PBS

    Sid brings home an estimation jar from school, filled to the top with seashells. He’s determined to guess how many there are, but he has a problem…there are too many shells to count! At school, Sid and his friends learn a new strategy for making their best guess -- estimation! Now Sid can estimate just about anything -- shells, toys, leaves and stars in the sky! (Tools & Measurement/Estimation)

  • S01E04 The Whale Episode

    • September 4, 2008
    • PBS

    Sid is troubled…he wants to know how to measure a giant blue whale with his ruler. At school he learns a great new way to measure just about anything -- using the method of non-standard measurement! Sid learns how to accurately measure things with shoes, blocks, and even people! (Tools & Measurement/Measurement)

  • S01E05 Super Science Tools

    • May 18, 2011
    • PBS

    Sid has quite a collection of science tools in his room: a ruler, an estimation jar, a chart and a magnifying glass. They’re all perfect tools for investigating and exploring the world, but Sid can’t figure out which one is his favorite! His friends help him discover that each science tool is amazing in its own special way. (Tools & Measurement/Tools & Measurement Review)

  • S01E06 My Mushy Banana

    • September 8, 2008
    • PBS

    Sid wants to know why his beloved yellow banana has turned brown and mushy. After exploring how fruits and vegetables slowly change, Sid learns that it’s natural for his banana to ripen and turn brown and mushy. Over time, fruits and vegetables decay! (Transformation & Change/Decay)

  • S01E07 My Shrinking Shoes

    • February 11, 2008
    • PBS

    When Sid’s shoes don’t fit, he declares that his shoes must be shrinking. Sid and his friends discover that it’s hard to see things growing, because growing happens slowly over time. It turns out Sid’s shoes weren’t shrinking -- he was growing! (Transformation & Change/Growth)

  • S01E08 My Ice Pops!

    • September 10, 2008
    • PBS

    Sid wakes up and discovers that his ice pops melted! This sticky situation leads him to ask,” Why do things have to melt?” After investigating at school, Sid learns that if liquids don’t stay in a really cold place, they slowly melt over time. He also discovers that liquids can freeze into solid ice and then melt right back into liquid. (Transformation & Change/Change Caused by Cold)

  • S01E09 The Perfect Pancake!

    • September 11, 2008
    • PBS

    Sid wants to know how his Grandma always makes perfect pancakes. They’re never too squishy or burnt. At school, Sid makes an important discovery -- heat changes things! This lesson reveals the secret of Grandma’s pancakes: she heats them on the stove for the perfect amount of time … not too much, and not too little. (Transformation & Change/Change Caused by Heat)

  • S01E10 No More Changes!

    • September 12, 2008
    • PBS

    Sid isn’t too thrilled that his favorite shirt shrunk, his shoes don’t fit anymore and his Mom changed his favorite toothpaste. He really wants to ask, “Why do things have to change?” Sid discovers that change is a natural part of the world as he and his friends review lessons learned from change and transformation such as decay, growth, and change caused by heat. (Transformation & Change/Review)

  • S01E11 The Itchy Tag

    • December 29, 2007
    • PBS

    Sid notices that the tag in his shirt is really itchy, and he wonders why it isn’t soft like the rest of his shirt. At school, Sid and his friends explore and learn about the different textures around them: smooth, soft, bumpy and itchy…like his shirt tag! (Senses/Texture)

  • S01E12 What's That Smell?

    • September 23, 2008
    • PBS

    Sid wakes up to his favorite smell in the world, pancakes. But the yummy scent is quickly taken over by a different smell when baby brother Zeke and his stinky diaper enter Sid’s room. At school, Sid learns how smells travel through the air and arrive inside the nose. (Senses/Smell)

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