All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Episode 101

    • January 12, 2000
    • TBS

    Half Woman Rosemarie Siggins has amazed the medical world her whole life. First, doctors were amazed at her basic good health despite a severe birth defect that left her without a lower torso and legs. Two years ago, Rosemarie met David Siggins in an auto parts store he managed, and they fell in love. Now, Rosemarie has amazed everyone, especially her doctors, by giving birth to a healthy baby boy. The Suspension Club Inspired by the ancient Hindu ceremony Thai Pusam, in which devotees insert large steel rods into their skin, members of the Texas-based Suspension Club insert multiple hooks into their skin. The hooks are then attached to ropes, cables, pulleys and anything else available. In some cases, members are then hoisted into the air, attached by the hooks they have pierced through their skin. Etch-A-Sketch He's a sports fan with VIP access to any dugout or locker room in pro ball. His unique talent has opened the door to meeting superstars like Michael Jordan. So what d

  • S01E02 Episode 102

    • January 19, 2000
    • TBS

    Cut-Away Bungee Ron Jones can jump from a platform 225 feet in the air, attached to a cut-away bungee cord that allows him to release from the bungee as he reaches the ground. He then walks away unharmed. Lizard Man Erik Sprague doesn't just like lizards. he's actually turning into one. He is altering his body to become as reptilian as possible through a series of tattoos, implants and permanent cosmetic changes. Bionic Man Tony Volpentest was born without hands and feet and with only partially formed legs. Today, with the help of mechanical legs, he is a world-class runner. Pool Playing Dogs Larry Grindiger has taught his two dogs how to play pool. These amazing mutts can even call shot by barking out the ball numbers. Flame Throwing Car South Africans fearful of car-jacking can now legally install a device which throws flames onto any threatening characters! Human Jack-O-Lantern When Scott Sabala lost an eye to cancer, he was left with a large, circular hole in his face.

  • S01E03 Episode 103

    • January 26, 2000
    • TBS

    Pyro Boy For Ripley's, Walley will attempt to do something he' s never done before... walk through rings of fire while he's loaded with twenty pounds of explosives strapped on his body. If the rings ignite the charges, it could be Pyro Boy's last stand... Millenium Force Meet the man who, believe it or not, actually makes a living being shot at by lazers, phazers or maced! He's the human guinea pig for a company that has developed non-lethal weapons of the future. Shark Tourists Believe it or not, there's no shortage of tourists who pay big bucks to visit South Africa's notorious ""Shark Alley"" and get up close and personal with the most feared and deadly creatures on earth-- the Great White Shark! Cyborg Kevin Warwick is part man, part computer... the world's first cyborg. Believe it or not, this professor from England has implanted a microchip into his body that can open doors and downlaod his e-mail!

  • S01E04 Episode 104

    • February 2, 2000
    • TBS

    Human Stun Gun Tom Cameron and his teenage daughters can perform a death touch, which can stop a person's heart instantly using an ancient martial arts secret. Believe it or not, Tom Cameron can knock out 25 men in a minute using the secrets he has learned from Chinese martial arts masters. Buried Alive Geoff Smith's brilliant idea was simple. Climb into a coffin sized box, and have himself buried 6 feet under ground in the yard behind his local pub. Believe it or not, that's just where he remained... for 147 days! In a Ripley's exclusive, we'll go with Geoff under the earth to find out how he survived and why he did it. We'll show our viewers the never-before-seen footage documenting Geoff's 147-day ordeal! Quick Draw Bob Bob Munden is the fastest gun in the Wst, or anywhere else, for that matter. Believe it or not, this pistol-packin' Montana cowboy can unholster his Colt .45 and plug a target as small as a half dollar in a mere two-one hundredths of a second -- seven times fast

  • S01E05 Episode 105

    • February 9, 2000
    • TBS

    Neck Kabob Young Neil Pearson (age 25) impaled himself on a stake in his mum's garden... and lives to tell about it! He tripped on frosty paving stones, tripping in his mother's sweet pea garden and falling on one of the long stakes she had used to support the plants. Amazingly, it missed all of his vital organs, received no major injuries and remained conscious throughout the ordeal. Lightning Stalker David Stillings risks his life on a regular basis in order to take photos. He races out into approaching thunderstorms in hopes of capturing one of the most powerful things in nature... lightning. Ark of the Covenant The Ark of the Covenant is the stuff legends are made of. The ornate gold box in which the tablets bearing the Ten Commandments were held, disappeared long ago, and no-one claimed to know where... until now. Meet archeologist Bob Cornuke who, believe or not, has discovered what experts are beginning to agree is the secret location of the Ark of the Covenant in a remote

  • S01E06 Episode 106

    • February 16, 2000
    • TBS

    Zamora - Torture King A human voodoo doll, Tim Cridland can withstand incredible amounts of pain.In front of the Ripley's Museum, Cridland will perform a feat that has never been attempted before -- he will lay on a bed of nails while a small truck drives over him! Snake Milker Bill Haast began injecting himself with snake venom in the late 1950s, because he believed this would build an immunity and help him survive deadly snake bites in the future. His own blood has actually been used to save the lives of snake bite victims. Gentle Giant Known as the ""Gentle Giant"", Robert was 5' 4"" at age 5. By age 10 he was 6' 5"", and at 8' 11"", 22-year-old Robert Wadlow was, and remains, the tallest man in recorded history! Clean Escape Rick Maisel is the only man who can free himself from six pairs of handcuffs and two pairs of leg-irons while spinning around in a soap and water-filled front-loading washing machine. Believe It or Not!

  • S01E07 Episode 107

    • February 23, 2000
    • TBS

    Wrecking Ball Man Ken Richmond will stun spectators as he withstands the force of a 4,000 pound wrecking ball slamming through a concrete wall and into Ken's amazing abdominals! The Modern Primitive The Godfather of the Body Modification scene, Fakir Musafar has been shocking audiences since the 1950's. He has hung himself from hooks in a Native American ritual and pierced himself with 30+ skewers! Mole Town This may be the most unusual city in the world, with more than 2,000 residents living, shopping, dining, and even going to church in an amazing underground tunnel and cave world! Mighty Mouth Waiter Pete Tsarnas amazes diners when he dances holding a dinner table with a belly dancer on top... with his teeth! Or, if that's not enough, try two tables and a chair!

  • S01E08 Episode 108

    • March 1, 2000
    • TBS

    Indestructible Man Troy Hurtubise, nature photographer, has created an indestructible suit that can resist any form of punishment. His latest creation is a new formula that when applied, makes anything 50 times stronger than steel. Combat Ki Rod Sacharnoski does more than just shock people. The retired police officer developed a style of martial arts called ""Combat Ki"". Using his techniques and 50 years of martial arts experience, Sacharnoski will challenge an NFL football player or heavyweight boxer to punch him in the neck, kick him between the legs, or punch him in the chest without getting hurt! Blind Bowling Granny Cee Cee Clark really bowls 'em over! This grandmother scored a perfect 300 game. That's remarkable in itself, but believe it or not, she is also blind! Thai Pusam A three-day Hindu festival highlighted by 4,500 devotees who carry ""Kavadi"" to the Lord Murugan in order to ward off any future bad karma.

  • S01E09 Episode 109

    • March 8, 2000
    • TBS

    Free Dive Mehgan Heany-Grier, one of the world's most beautiful women risks her life by plunging 165 ft. deep into the ocean, on a single breath of air! Now, she would like to go on and attempt to dive over 200 ft. The Biggest Little Train Set Bill Williams Zaccagnino has always been obsessed with trains. Twenty-five years and nine million dollars later, he's created the world's largest HO-scale model railroad! Roller Man Jean Yves Bondeau can go places the way no one else can go. Covering his body with over 30 wheels, he becomes a human rollerball and speeds through Paris as fast as 30 mph! Leech Surgery Respected surgeons around the world are re-discovering the benefits of these slimy, little bloodsuckers. From folks with circulation problems to re-attachment surgery patients, leaches are regarded as a true miracle cure! Toe Nail Diva Anthropologist Dr. Kathy Hayes is your average working wife and mother... except for her obsession with her toenails. In fact, she's grown the

  • S01E10 Episode 110

    • March 15, 2000
    • TBS

    Corset Woman Move over Scarlett O'Hara! Extreme corseting has made its way back into fashion. We'll meet a young woman with a 15 inch waist and a man whose waist is only 18 inches! Odd Couple New Yorkers Fred Kahl and his wife Kiva Kahl are truly an odd couple with a mission - proving that ancient art forms like sword swallowing and fire eating aren'tillusions or magic tricks. Fred will swallow an endoscopic camera with a small light source and then he'll swallow live cockroaches! Next, he'll stand in front of a flouroscopic machine, which is a moving x-ray and swallow a sword! Fastest Brain Bob Gray, a.k.a. ""Backwards Bob,"" can write backwards and upside with both hands simultaneously on 4 quadrants. He is also the only person who can speak backwards phonetically. Check out Bob's website at Baby Signing There is a doctor teaching babies as young as 3 months old to use sign language to communicate everything from ""I'm hungry"" to ""I want to go outside.

  • S01E11 Episode 111

    • March 22, 2000
    • TBS

    Mexican Cave jump The Sontana de las Golandrinas (Cave of the Swallows) in Mexico is a quarter of a mile deep. The only way in is to jump down in it with a parachute. But, if you happen to startle the more than 100,000 swallows that live in there, you could be killed as they swarm out and become tangled in the chute lines. But even that doesn't stop the curious from literally taking the leap just to see what's down below! Cheapskate Roy Haynes is so cheap that he loves to split his 2ply toliet paper into 2 rolls of 1ply toliet paper, and he dries out and reuses paper towels again and again. We'll take a tour through the Haynes household as Roy shows us the many outrageous ways he saves money. Pirahna It's feeding time! Or is it? Dr. David Schlese, a noted biologist, will submerge himself into a tank full of hungry flesh-eating with razor-sharp teeth, wearing nothing more than a snorkel mask and swimming trunks! Microscopic Artist At first glance, it looks like an empty

  • S01E12 Episode 112

    • March 29, 2000
    • TBS

    Stretchy Man Gary Turner is known to all his friends as ""Stretch,"" and for good reason! Because of an extremely rare medical problem (fortunately, Gary's life is not threatened) this 30 year-old man's skin is virtually like rubber. He can actually cover his face completely--simply by pulling the skin of his neck up and the skin of his forehead down! Left Turn Louise Louise Lynes can turn a 3-mile drive into an hour-long nightmare. Ever since she was involved in a traffic accident ten years ago, Louise drives miles out of her way to avoid making any right hand turns. Her problem is so extreme, British TV featured her on a special called ""Bad Drivers."" Super Human Memory Tatiana Cooley has a memory like no other. When this secretary needs a phone number, she doesn't need to consult her rolodex, because she has all the numbers in her head. And if you give the reigning and only USA National Memory Champion strings of 4,000 numbers, ""70093518555899..."" or 500 words: ""liquid, da

  • S01E13 Episode 113

    • April 5, 2000
    • TBS

    Grand Master Zhou Grand Master Zhou has learned to harness the power of the mind and body and use it to perform exercises that push the limits. With the point of a sharp spear nested in the soft tissue of his throat, and the other on the bumper he will push a Volkswagon Beetle. Volcano Chasers When a volcano blows its top, people naturally run the other way. But not the O'Mearas. Meet the only living married couple on the planet who travel the world to chase erupting volcanoes, risking their lives and coming within 10 feet of the rushing molten lava to film it. Man's Best Friend This dog goes above and beyond the call of duty as ""man's best friend."" In fact this amazing pooch helps his disabled master by getting items off grocery shelves, picking up around the house and even using a cash machine. Sand Hogs More than 500 feet down, and far below the busy streets of New York, is a secret world inhabited by the Sandhogs--a brotherhood of 120 macho men who risk their lives

  • S01E14 Episode 114

    • August 2, 2000
    • TBS

    Little Hercules Seven-year-old Richard was born with extra muscle mass and keen interest for weightlifting. This combination has made this little boy so buff that he looks like a mini-Arnold Schwarzeneggar-- with huge biceps, ripped abs and bulging leg muscles. Believe it or not! Cliff Hanger Belive it or not, Henrys Rechatan gets his kicks by sitting on a plain straight-back wooden chair, balanced on top of another chair, standingon top of upturned drinkging glasses -- all balanced tenuously on the very ege of a 2,000- foot-rock cliff! Its his special sensitivity and skill at finding the balancing point between objects that keeps hi m alive as he practices his very scary hobby. Canine Calculator Three-year-old Isaac is a math whiz. He can add subtract, multiply, divide and even tell you the square root of a number. That's amazing enough for anyone one of his age, but, believe it or not, Isaac is a dog! Modern Crucifixion This modern day ritual is held each year in th

  • S01E15 Episode 115

    • September 8, 2000
    • TBS

    Enigma and Katzen This husband and wife have found a permanent way to express and share their love for each other by tattooing their entire bodies. In an ultimate act of marital trust ""Enigma"" will put his neck on the end of a pitchfork, and his wife will attempt to slice a watermelon on his back... with a hatchet, believe it or not! Cable Crossing In the remote jungles of Columbia, children like 11-year-old Lourdes have only one option to get to school - ride a cable suspended 1,200 feet over the raging river below - using nothing but a simple pulley and a stick to navigate the dangerous ride. Banana George Believe it or not, at 85-year-old, George Blair is the oldest and the greatest master of ""Barefoot-Rope-In-The-Teeth"" water-skiing. That means, no skiis, no hands, and he must rely on only his teeth to keep upright. Thai Taoist Ritual On the tiny island of Phuket, in their own ceremony to the gods, participants don't just hang objects from their skin. They shove ob

  • S01E16 Episode 116

    • August 16, 2000
    • TBS

    Death Dive Robert Gallup will handcuff himself and then get inside a mail bag locked inside a jail cell. His assistants will push the cell out of a cargo plane at 18,000 feet! Robert will escape from the cell before it smashes into the ground! He's so proud of the fact that his escapes are real, Gallup will even tell us how he does it! Mexican Mummies In Guanajuato, Mexico, if a relative can't afford the tax on a grave plot they dig up the body and place them in the mummy museum. There, they are put on display, and tourists go and visit the dearly departed. Supermarket Rollercoaster Customers ride on rollercoasters along aisles in order to shop in this grocery store! One in a Billion Mates Ian Fleming fell in love with Teresa for their common interests, but in a bizarre twist of fate, when she was near death from kidney disease, they later discovered he was the perfect match as a donor... a one-in-a-billion chance.

  • S01E17 Episode 117

    • August 23, 2000
    • TBS

    Sarah Donohue When Sarah Donohue died in a horrific power boat crash, her friend Enrico refused to accept it and continued performing CPR after everyone else had given up. Although she was clinically dead for four minutes Sarah came back to life! Snake Head/Millionaire Millionaire Bill Shirk will hang upside down beneath a crane wearing two straight assistant will cover Bill with a boa constrictor! He'll attempt to get out of the jackets without being strangled or falling to his death! Bulldozer King Edmond Nussbaumer is known as the Bulldozer King because of his love for tractors. As a matter of fact, he has even built his three-story, 200 ton home on top of a bulldozer. Waterfall Jumper 21 year-old marketing student Tao Berman loves plunging over a 98-foot raging waterfall at over 55 m.p.h., a maneuver that could kill even an experienced kayaker!

  • S01E18 Episode 118

    • September 6, 2000
    • TBS

    Moab Desert Tragedy The passengers of this 4-wheel-drive vehicle walk away after their car loses control and plummets down a steep slope in Utah's Moab Desert! Driving Blind Since losing his sight eight years ago, Ken Moss hasn't been alone in a car, let alone behind dhte wheel. But this completely blind man will drive a car around a race track 200 mph! Needle Throwing Man This specially trained agent against terrorism for the Chinese government defies the laws of nature by throwing up to six needles like darts through glass. You can even see the pinholes where the needles have penetrated! Homing Pigeons In the age of one hour photos, there is a photographer who would rather use homing pigeons to develop instant photographs for his clients.

  • S01E19 Episode 119

    • August 30, 2000
    • TBS

    Body Painter Joanne Gair can make people disappear by painting them right into a background or paint clothing on a human body that is virtually undistinguishable from actual fabric! Beetle Mania When one of the world's foremost beetle hunters was lost deep in the Amazon forest, his knowledge of insects ended up saving his life! This entomologist was able to live on bugs for 2 months until rescuers finally succeeded and found him! He now has one of the most extensive giant beetle collections in the world, including some species that grow up to a foot long! Human Crash Test Dummy Rusty Haight jumps in a car, straps himself in, hits the gas and runs head-on into a brick wall -- just to make sure the air bag will work. This father aof three has been in over 500 violent car crashes and never been seriously injured. Meet the human crash test dummy.

  • S01E20 Episode 120

    • September 13, 2000
    • TBS

    Snake Charmer Johnny Tong has a unique nasal cavity. He has trained his pet snake to crawl in his mouth and out his nose! Construction Worker King A construction worker went on a long-awaited vacation to Africa and ended up becoming King of the country! Secret Lap Top Graffiti Each and every Lap Top has an art gallery hidden under the keyboard. In fact anything with a micro chip in it, contains hundreds of pieces of art, invisible to the naked eye! Bug Splat Mark Hostetler is so obsessed with the gunk left on your car when a bug goes splat! on your winshield, that he's researched it, catalogued it, and even written a book about it called ""That Gunk on Your Car."" The Invisibles Like foot binding, this ancient tradition is chilling...castrating males in Indian society. But, these eunuchs, known as ""the Invisibles"" are thought to hold strange powers to bless and to curse, and Indian citizens readily pay money to stay in their good favor.

  • S01E21 Episode 121

    • September 27, 2000
    • TBS

    Body Boarder Shark Attack After body boarder Neal Stephenson had his leg ripped off by a great white shark, he went right back into the water to practice his favorite sport -- while he still had the bangages on! Gut Camera Imagine a way to actually see what goes on in your stomach & intestines and watch what happens in your digestive tract all the way from end to end. Israeli and British scientists have developed an entirely self contained pill sized device to do just that! Rocket Man When Ky Michaelson was a kid, teachers mistook his dyslexia for inability. But that didn't stop this high school dropout from following his dream. He's going to be the first civilian to build and launch a personal rocket into outer space!

  • S01E22 Episode 122

    • January 10, 2001
    • TBS

    Fear of Flying A 29 year old father of 2 will stand up to his lifelong fear of heights by inserting hooks into his back and dangling from a helicopter flying over the city of Los Angeles! Ammo Farmers This young man leaves his wife and baby each morning risking life and limb to crawl on his hands and knees combing school yards and fields for live ammo rounds left over from WWI. Card Stacker Architect Bryan Berg builds incredible recreations of the world's most famous structures that can hold up to a ton of weight when placed on top of them. And, they're only made of ordinary playing cards! Fry Car Roadtrip 3 college students are driving from Massachusetts to Los Angeles fueling their car at fast food restaurants along the way. They are using recycled French fry oil instead of gas!

Season 2

  • S02E01 Episode 201

    • January 10, 2001
    • TBS

    Slackliner: Darrin Carter will walk across a gorge thirty stories above the ground on a springy nylon cord -- with nothing to catch him if he falls. Wardrobe in a Bottle This entire wardrobe can fit into a one gallon bottle! Worm Lover Brenda Fox loves worms so much that she has been eating them almost all her life! Backflip Motorcycle Carey Hart made motorcycle history by doing the impossible... the world's only complete backflip on a 250 lb. motorcycle! He's going to do it again and Ripley's will be there as he prepares to do this truly amazing maneuver! Legless Football Hero 14-year-old Willie McQueen has no legs, but he plays starting defensive tackle for his school's football team -- without the aid of prosthetics!

  • S02E02 Episode 202

    • January 17, 2001
    • TBS

    Clothes Free Fashion Show You cannot tell which models in this fashion show are wearing beachwear and which are only wearing a coat of paint! Motorcycle Soccer These guys play soccer on motorcycles! Handwalker Mark Kenny will take the Ripley's Challenge and attempt to climb up and down the treacherous steps of the spectacular Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico...while walking on his hands! X-Ray Girl We can see this woman's internal organs through her skin when she swallows a 3-foot lighting tube and, when she swallows a michrophone, we can also hear them! Tennis Racket Contortionist Jeff Brennan is a dishwasher with a twist -- a real twist. He squeezed his 6'2"", 220 pound frame through the head of a standard-sized tennis racket!

  • S02E03 Episode 203

    • January 24, 2001
    • TBS

    Hanging Out Greg Gasson jumps from a plane and dangles from his parachute by one arm then -- changes position midair to hang by his feet without a safety chute! Bubblewear This pool party will feature bathing suits and cover-ups that are not only the latest in fashion, but will act as life preservers if needed because -- they are made of bubble wrap! Maggot Cheese A unique cheese is considered a rare delicacy in an Italian town, that's because residents only eat it when it's filled with thousands of live maggots! Isle of Man Richard Sowa has gone ""Surviv or"" one better -- he lives on his own island that he built with plastic soda bottles! Pumpkin Chunkin Every year at harvest time, ""chunkin"" teams bring their homemade contraptions to Sussex County, Delaware, to hurl pumpkins through the air!

  • S02E04 Episode 204

    • January 31, 2001
    • TBS

    Big Wheel This man invented a one-wheeled motorcycle which he drives from inside the wheel and, believe it or not, set a world land speed record! Jail Bird Rodeo This poker game is life-threatening because...believe it or's played with a 2000 pound Brahma bull ! Ashes to Art This self-taught painter preserves the memory of those who have passed away. No, she is not a portrait painter. Bettye Jane Brokl paints abstracts...with human ashes. Believe it or not! 3 Footed Man Believe it or not, when Jose Lopez was born with a third foot growing from his left ankle, doctors wanted to amputate his whole leg at the hip. Instead he kept it, lived with it and then, after he did have proper surgery, he became a top horse trainer. Ultimate Funhouse Believe it or not, this man enters his house, turns on the lights, rotates his living room 180', takes a shower, gets a drink and puts away his groceries -- all by pushing a few buttons! Cat On Wheels Cat gets a new lease on life a

  • S02E05 Episode 205

    • February 7, 2001
    • TBS

    Cobra Charmer Believe it or not, Gordon Cates will kiss a snake that has enough venom to kill an elephant with one bite, a 14-foot King Cobra! 5 Year Old Marathoner Kyneshi Jeter can run a marathon in under 4 hours. Believe it or not, she's only 5 years old! Toe Fingers Believe it or not, three of Mark Pringle's fingers are really his transplanted toes Rope Warrior For David Fisher, jumping rope is anything but child's play. Believe it or not, with his unique approach to this school yard activity, David can jump rope while sitting on the ground or while encased in a giant rubber ball. Roach Man Believe it or not , this man has a passion for cockroaches. He collects them, wears them, displays them and has agreed to cover himself with them!

  • S02E06 Episode 206

    • February 14, 2001
    • TBS

    Chip Walker This man, a paraplegic had no hope of ever walking again, believe it or not, he can now walk! Blowgun Shooter This man is so good at using a blowgun he can hit a grapefruit at 75 feet and, believe it or not, his blowgun has no sight to aim through! Moo-ving Taffy, the Holstein cow, is a world-class champion -- not for milk production, but for cow speed. She is -- believe it or not! -- the worlds fastest bovine! Face of Death Believe it or not, this perfectly normal couple is so fascinated with death that they have assembled a huge collection of morbid artifacts a yarn doll hand-crafted by Charles Manson bunk beds from the Heaven's Gate house and a self-portrait by John Wayne Gacy. Mustache Man Paul Miller's mustache takes an hour to groom and turns heads when he walks down the street because, believe it or not, it's ten feet long!

  • S02E07 Episode 207

    • February 28, 2001
    • TBS

    Bulletproof Skull Believe it or not, Adrian Milton had a bullet in his skull for 25 years and never knew it! Motorcycle Kid Robb Lapeen made history when he jumped nine cars on his motorcycle-- believe it or not, he's only eight years old! Shark Ballet Believe it or not, this man can make great white sharks fly as high as 12 feet above the water. Hair Wars Michael Turner, a Detroit hair stylist, has created a helicopter made of hair, complete with a moving propeller! Sports Dog Zeke Hammer is a dog with amazing abilities. Believe it or not, he plays more than seven different sports!

  • S02E08 Episode 208

    • April 3, 2001
    • TBS

    Child-Like Actor This young boy looks like he's 12 years old . Believe it or not, he's 28! Human Kabob Festival In Amman, Jordan, there is a forbidden Muslim sect that regularly praises Allah by, believe it or not, testing themselves with knives and rods. One man has even passed a sharp sword through his stomach without bleeding! Camel Racing Believe it or not, cowboys of Virginia City, Nevada, race camels! Boom Car Eight times louder than a 747 jet, this Ford Bronco is so loud that it makes your hair stand on end! Trepanation Believe it or not, modern-day trepanist Amanda Fielding drilled a hole in her own skull and is now encouraging others to get their heads drilled too. Ripley's will be there when a doctor performs this ancient operation on one of her followers.

  • S02E09 Epsiode 209

    • April 11, 2001
    • TBS

    Jet Engine Survivor Naval petty officer John David Bridges was sucked into the air intake of a jet engine and survived! And, it's all caught on tape! Robosaurus He stands 40 feet tall, weighs 60,000 pounds, breathes twenty foot flames, and crushes cars with 24,000 pounds of force. One man controls this mechanical monster from the inside by driving with his feet and controlling over 20 functions with a keyboard! Gentle Jellyfish A phenomenon has occured in the island lake of Palau, creating a species of jellyfish which are completely harmless to touch! Ultimate Taxi Driver Cabbie John Barnes offers a ride you'll never forget...complete with adisco ball, smoke machine, drum kit, gift shop in the trunk and an Internet camera that allows people to see what's going on in the Ultimate Taxi at all times. Armless in Arizona Barb Guerra has no problem cooking, cleaning, driving, putting on make-up, playing piano and taking care of her son. This armless woman does it all with her feet

  • S02E10 Episode 210

    • April 18, 2001
    • TBS

    Sailor Surgeon Believe it or not, Viktor Yazykov performed surgery on his own arm -- alone at sea, without anesthesia and...he videotaped his own surgery! Backwards Biker Roger Riddell is so confident when it comes to motorcross racing, he's going to compete in his next race riding backwards! Bug House Believe it or not, this nature lover likes slugs in his shower, ants on his woodwork and spiders in his windows! Iguana Fan Believe it or not, this man is so obsessed with iguanas, that he not only photographs them in costume but shares his home with them! Pop Eye Believe it or not, John Shaw will inhale a kernel of popcorn up his nose and push it out his eye!

  • S02E11 Episode 211

    • April 25, 2001
    • TBS

    Skull of Steel Nigel Bam's face was smashed so badly in a boating accident no one could tell what he looked like, let alone if he would live. But 9 titanium plates, 20 bolts and 7 operations later, Nigel is alive and looks better than ever! Blind Goalie Mario Ros is one of the best goalies of his hockey league. Believe it or not, he's completely blind! Coffin Furniture Believe it or not, every piece of furniture in Mark Zeabin's house and office doubles as a casket. Cow Jumping Believe it or not, Bruno Isliker has trained his cow to jump like a horse over a 3 foot gate. It's a Ripley's exclusive! Monster Motorcycle Truck Frank Schettini drives his one-of-a-kind, monster truck standing up, steering with handle bars and other motorcycle controls. Believe it or not, he will attempt to jump it over 10 cars, a distance of 120 feet.

  • S02E12 Epsiode 212

    • July 11, 2001
    • TBS

    Homemade Jet Bob Bishop built the world's smallest jet. Believe it or not, it weights 432 lbs and flies at over 300 mph! Quad Walker Roberto Ramirez was born in the Dominican Republic and as he grew the bones in his legs started to bend forward at a ninety degree angle causing him to have to walk like a horse. He was left walking on all fours! Believe it or not doctors were able to operate and today Roberto walks upright. Scuba Diving Dog When Dwane Folsom goes scuba diving, his dog Shadow goes with him -- wearing his own doggy scuba gear! Well Racing Believe it or not, these daredevils drive motorcycles and even a car around the inside walls of a two-story high wooden well.

  • S02E13 Episode 213

    • July 18, 2001
    • TBS

    Ice Sculptures Believe It Or Not, Randy Finch and Derek Maxfield create miniature works of art like mechanical double ferris wheels and working merry-go-rounds -- out of ice. For Ripley's they will use their chain saws to create a full-sized, working pool table complete with cues and balls! Eye Periscope Believe it or not, Dr. Arthur Cotliar implanted a miniature periscope into the eye of patient Wlodzimierz Nazaruk, enabling him to see after being blind for 45 years! Motorbike Bath Believe it or not Edd China has turned his motorcycle into a bathroom Knife Dog Believe it or not, an x-ray showed this 18 inch long puppy swallowed a 15 inch serrated knife – and lived.

  • S02E14 Episode 214

    • July 25, 2001
    • TBS

    Man With No Esophagus Believe it or not, Jonas Scott's esophagus and stomach were so damaged he was unable to eat and doctors had to do a surgery to connect his small intestine to his throat, giving him the ability to eat again. Valentino Scissorhands Award-winning hair stylist, Valentino LoSauro, can do the work of 4 to 8 pairs of scissors. This real life ""Scissorhands"" cuts hair with ten mini razors attached to his fingertips! Lip Plate Believe it or not, women in a small village in Ethiopia wear clay lip plates stretching their bottom lips to 15-20 centimeters in diameter all for the sake of beauty! Real Life Survivor Believe it or not, Mark Hogg will show us how he uses his survival training to eat all different bugs and worms.

  • S02E15 Episode 215

    • August 1, 2001
    • TBS

    Lightbulb Girl Believe it or not, Cynder Moon is a beautiful woman who can shoot a lightning bolt from her tongue. Scorpion Charmer Believe It or Not! Russell ""Scorpio"" Rogers will allow 500 African Emperor scorpions to crawl all over his unprotected body Impaled Pizza Man Believe it or not, a steel rod rips through the skull of Ezra Bias, a pizza deliveryman, as he is driving. He crashes down a 10-foot embankment and lives to tell Ripley's about it. Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoo Greg Kulz uses his own homemade tattoo ink under a black light to give people tattoos that -- believe it or not -- glow in the dark!

  • S02E16 Episode 216

    • August 8, 2001
    • TBS

    Rattlesnake Wrangler Jackie Bibby will show his affinity for snakes by holding 15 in each hand, 8 in his mouth, and then lie in a clear casket filled with 108 poisonous rattlers! C-Cell speeder This man will drive a car almost three hundred miles per hour powered only by - believe it or not - over 6,000 flashlight batteries! Anatomic Art Believe it Or Not, Dr. Gunther Von Hagen, injects corpses with silicon to isolate different body systems and take mummification to a new level of science and, according to his gallery, art. Credit Card Camera The world's thinnest digital camera. Ice Golf Believe it or not, Annika Ostberg will challenge Arctic Circle cold, snow and glaciers to defend her championship at the World Ice Golf Tournament.

  • S02E17 Episode 217

    • August 15, 2001
    • TBS

    Barbed Wire Pyramid Believe it or not, Harley Newman will bear the weight of a 1/2 ton human pyramid while lying on a bed of razor-sharp barbed wire. Car Hopping It's the ultimate feat of a low-rider. Believe it or not, Armando Nuñez can make the front end of his car jump over four feet! Parachute Jump Gone Wrong While bungee jumping during a parachute jump, Greg Jones fell over a mile when the bungee cord snapped. Root Canal Believe it or not, Mina Kuchuk will perform a root canal...on herself! Hubcap Queen Lucy Pearson has dedicated her life to preserving hubcaps. She has over 200,000 in her collection and they're worth well over half a million dollars!

  • S02E18 Episode 218

    • August 22, 2001
    • TBS

    Limbo Girl This girl can limbo under 25 cars, on roller-skates...and she's only 5 years old! Skydiving Marathon Airline Pilot Mike Zang set a world skydiving record by jumping out of an airplane 500 times in 24 hours---that's one dive every 3 minutes. Man With Half A Brain In 1987, fourteen year-old Ahad Israfil was shot in the head and lost half of his brain and skull. Believe it or not, the other half of his brain took over all functions and he graduated with honors from a local junior college! Tree Cafe This working cafe is built inside the world's largest baobab tree and holds up to 56 people! Tumor Tribe Believe It or Not, the males of this tribe of nomadic Indians grow large tumors on their necks to cushion the weight of canoes they carry on them!

  • S02E19 Episode 219

    • August 29, 2001
    • TBS

    Ray's Hell Just before his fifth try at breaking the world record for long distance car jumping, Ray Baumann takes a practice jump, finally breaks the record and, believe it or not, also breaks his back! Chimney Sweep Believe it or not, the skeleton of a man is found in a chimney 15 years after he allegedly tried to rob the shop. Human Shish-Ka-Bob These two men were skewered through their chests when their motorcycle collided with a truck carrying a metal pipe and -- believe it or not -- they lived to tell about it! Garbage Artist Believe it or not, this amazing artist makes beautiful furniture out of poptops, bottle caps and swizzle sticks! Ostrich People Believe it or not, many members of the Vadoma tribe have V-shaped feet with only two toes on each foot.

  • S02E20 Episode 220

    • September 5, 2001
    • TBS

    Fastball Slugger Jim Goldman was born without arms. But, believe it or not, Jim can hold a bat with his neck and hit a fast-ball thrown by a ball player. World's Smallest Runway Believe it or not , Andy and Jackie McCain take off and land their airplane from the roof of their car! Salvage Park Tom Every has taken over 400 tons of scrap metal and made it into the world's largest sculpture park! Fetal Surgery Believe it or not, doctors remove an unborn fetus from the womb, perform brain surgery to save it from deformity and possible death and return it so that the baby can be born healthy two months later! Water Tower Castle Believe it or not, Jerry Wallace lives in a 75,000 gallon water tower, perched 5 stories above the beach!

  • S02E21 Episode 221

    • September 12, 2001
    • TBS

    Suspension Truck Pull Jennifer Kindelspire, 20, will pull an armored truck from a dead stop over fifty feet--by believe it or not, using hooks in her back!! SCAD Diving SCAD Diving, a bizarre marriage of free-fall skydiving and bungee jumping, provides brave divers with the most intense ""near death"" rush of any extreme activity around. Human Bone Jewelry Believe it or not, while other women shop for jewelry, designer Columbine shops for human bones to make her own! Half Rider Tony O'Brian lost his left arm and leg in a motorcycle accident. Believe it or not, although he can't walk he can still ride his motorcycle! Asthma Cure Believe it or not, asthma sufferers in India believe they have found a cure. Thousands converge on one clinic to swallow 2 to 3 inch live sardines stuffed with secret herbs.

  • S02E22 Episode 222

    • September 19, 2001
    • TBS

    Nail in the Head Simon Montez was remodeling his house when he accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun and he survives extremely delicate surgery to remove the 3 1/2 inch nail without serious brain damage! Underground House Tex Edmundson's house and grounds cover 16,500 square feet with a swimming pool, hot tub, guest house and hand-painted murals. The house is surrounded by an Astroturf lawn and fake trees and ...believe it or is all completely underground! Waterfall Survivor Jeb Corliss base jumps off a waterfall, gets sucked into the water on the way down, crashes into the rocks 300 feet below, breaks his back in three places but...believe it or not... he is back base jumping again! World's Fastest Painter Believe it or not, Morris Katz can create a detailed, realistic and well done painting in under a minute!

Season 3

  • S03E01 Episode 301

    • January 9, 2002
    • TBS

    Foot Archer Believe it or not, Claudia Gomez uses her feet to shoot a bullseye with a bow and arrow while doing a handstand. World's Biggest Skateboard Tod Swank will ride the skateboard he's created through city streets and pop a wheelie. Believe it or not, his skateboard is the size of a car! Prairie Dog Vacuum Believe it or not, Gay Balfour relocates prairie dogs without harming them -- with a giant vacuum cleaner! Helium Balloon Flight Mike Howard and Steve Davis will attach hundreds of standard balloons to their body and float thousands of feet into the sky! Neck Ring Removal Believe it or not, these Padaung women's neck rings stretch their necks up to eight inches. For the first time before a camera they will take them off!

  • S03E02 Episode 302

    • January 16, 2002
    • TBS

    He'll Eat Anything Matthew Biancaniello will eat an entire dinner of the most disgusting food ever assembled! Jet Belly Drag Reno Jaton will be dragged behind a jet dragster going up to 200 mph...on his belly! Cow Porthole In a minor and painless surgical procedure, believe it or not, scientists install a 4"" circular, removable transparent ""porthole"" right into a cow's side so they can see right into one of the cow's stomachs. Designer Car This car was the newest in designer fashions from Paris in 1953. Big Wheel Update Kerry Mclean built a new monocycle and recently crashed. Ripley's is there with him when he gets back on for the first time for another run! Eye Licker Veronika Veres is known throughout her village for her amazing ability to help people who have gotten particles in their eyes...she licks them out with her tongue!

  • S03E03 Episode 303

    • January 23, 2002
    • TBS

    Cannonball Catch Believe it or not, Ken Richmond will take a cannonball shot to the stomach! Helicopter Inline Skater Believe it or not, inline skater Dirk Auer will be pulled by a helicopter at over 75mph! The Two Lauras Laura Buxton tied a message to the end of a balloon. It landed 140 miles away in the garden of another girl named Laura Buxton. And Believe it or Not, the similarities don't stop there! Soft Fire Truck Believe it or not this 1952 invention allows a ten ton truck to climb vertical walls, cross debris-filled fields, and even run over a person without harm! Cow Bath Believe it or not, Hindus in Northern India consider the urine of cows to be sacred, so every morning before leaving for work, they wait for the cow to urinate and apply it to their heads and faces! Stunt Man Stuntman Dave Smith gets paid to have his arm blown off because, believe it or not, it's prosthetic!

  • S03E04 Episode 304

    • January 30, 2002
    • TBS

    Miss Electra Believe it or not, this Danielle Stampe will let 2,000,000 volts of electricity pass through her body allowing her to light dozens of florescent tubes held by an audience. Leech Man Believe it or not, Mark Biancaniello will submerge himself in a tub with 20,000 leeches! Hiccup Horror Believe it or Not, Seth Dowell has had the hiccups for 10 months straight! Bouncing Bikes Believe it or Not, these were thought to be the future of bikes in 1933. Cheese Whiz House We all remember the cheese artist, Cosimo Cavallaro, who covered a hotel room with dripping cheese. Well, believe it or not, Cosimo will top this by covering an entire house! Sheep Legs When this lamb's back hooves fell off he was fitted with prosthetic legs and now he is running around like any other healthy sheep!

  • S03E05 Episode 305

    • February 6, 2002
    • TBS

    Double Harley Pull Believe it or not, two very powerful Harley-Davidson Motorcycles will attempt to drive off in two different directions, while Dennis Rogers tries to hold them back ...with his biceps! Shark Riders Manny Puig can free dive into the Atlantic Ocean and -- believe it or not -- ride the backs of hammerhead sharks! High Speed Wheelie Believe it or not, Bobby Root will pedal his bike up to 86 mph and then pull the front end up and ride a wheelie for over 300 feet! Pocket Ski Lift Believe It or Not - this invention gives any skier the ability to tackle any slope by converting a car's rear tires into a ski-lift! Fiery Serpent Believe it or not, these people are hosting 3 foot long parasites for a year without knowing it. Only when they break through the skin can the worms be pulled out, one centimeter at a time. Matchstick Navy Roy Cork of London, England carves wooden matchsticks into microscopic statues.

  • S03E06 Episode 306

    • February 13, 2002
    • TBS

    Super Skin Believe it or not, Jess Caigoy's skin is so strong that he can use it to pull a 3,800 pound SUV more than 50 yards! Scorpion Eater Believe it or not, Rene Avarenga has eaten live scorpions for every meal for the past 43-years! Car Tree House Mark Madson has a tree house 30 feet above the ground. Believe it or not, it's a 2,500 pound, 1959 Chevy truck! Sewage Snow Believe it or Not, Ripley¹s will be in Carrabassett Valley, Maine to see skiers on snow made from sewage. Hair Dress Anca Ioana has been collecting her own hair since 1954 and, believe it or not, she has made an entire wardrobe out of it. Bionic Girl Believe it or not, after contracting a rare form of meningitis and losing her arms and her legs, Helen Smith is leading a normal life and using one of the first pair of life-like electronic hands!

  • S03E07 Episode 307

    • February 20, 2002
    • TBS

    Rebar Man Believe It or not, Donald Hamby has such control over his body and mind that he can bend a steel rod used to reinforce concrete -- with his neck! Self-Liposuction Believe it or not, Dimitrije Panfilov performed liposuction on himself to remove a double chin! Seeing Eye Horse Update Visually Impaired Dan Shaw uses a seeing eye horse to help him get around Smallest Skateboarder Believe it or not, 2 1/2 year old Evan Wasser (who still wears diapers) rides a skateboard that is almost as tall as he is, can jump off a 3 foot ledge and land on the board and can do a double jump Bone Artist Believe it or not, Sarah Perry is building sculptures made from thousands of tiny animal bones! Long Tongued Dog Believe it or not, Brandy, the boxer, has a tongue that's 17-inches long!

  • S03E08 Episode 308

    • March 6, 2002
    • TBS

    Power Skip Jumping Shoes This device attaches to your shoes and enables you to jump over 6 feet in the air. Snap-On Face Yevgeny Severin was working as a forest ranger in Siberia when a bear attacked him and ripped his face off...literally! Now, believe it or not he has a snap on face Car Coffin Believe it or not, Roger Fox's only mode of transportation is his hand-built car -- made out of a casket! Living With Spiders Believe It or not, Chuck Kristensen shares his home and office with 50,000 spiders and ""milks"" them for their venom! Dervish Ritual Believe it or not, in order to prove the spirit can overcome the body, these Dervish men dance themselves into a trance and then hammer sharp implements into the top of their head while inserting pins through their face and bodies. Purple Martin Capital To encourage the yearly invasion of Purple Martin birds, this town has erected hundreds of birdhouses -- including a giant 600 bird apartment high rise!

  • S03E09 Episode 309

    • March 13, 2002
    • TBS

    Flesh Mobile For the first time ever, Joey Strange and his 2 friends will be suspended from a metal bar by hooks -- at the same time they will be suspending other 3 other people from their own bodies! Blind Baseball Almost blind, Ben Hsu always wanted to play baseball. He now plays in a league where everyone is blindfolded! Hair Temple of India Believe it or not, every day thousands of people enter into the Tirupati Temple in India and, as a profession of their faith and devotion to the gods, shave their heads and walk out completely bald! Gumball Murals A life-long obsession with candy has inspired Franz Spohn to make huge, amazingly life-like portraits of people -- believe it or not -- out of gumballs Fire Escape Believe It or Not - this life saving device repels ANYONE off a burning building. Boa Swallow Believe it or not Teardrop, an 8 foot boa constrictor, swallowed a heating pad and is alive!

  • S03E10 Episode 310

    • March 20, 2002
    • TBS

    Concrete Shoulder Breaker Paul Pumphrey will set a world record by breaking a stack of 20-25 concrete slabs using only his shoulder! Longest Sandboarding Backflip Josh Tenge will try to break his world record for the longest sandboarding backflip by jumping almost 50 feet and landing upright on sand! Rat-tat-tui These villagers have found a unique way to control their rat problem, believe it or not, they eat them! Cornfield Mona Lisa Artist Will Sillin and farmer Mike Wissemann created a six acre Mona Lisa -- in a field of corn. Boat Mobile Bob Sokol couldn't part with his old, rotting boat so he transformed the watercraft into a completely street-legal car!

  • S03E11 Episode 311

    • March 27, 2002
    • TBS

    BMX Double Back Flip Believe it or not, after taking a near fatal fall, Cory ""Nasty"" Nastazio will attempt to complete a double back flip--2 full rotations--on a dirt track, on a BMX bike. Seven Year Old Pool Shark Seven year old Landon Shuffett can perform incredible pool trick shots, he's defeated over thirty adults in competitions and is the only player in the world who can execute the ""stack of two"" shot! American Lip Plate Ol Baaba wears a lip plate like that of the Mursi tribe in Africa and -- believe it or not -- he's American! Two Legged Cat Believe it or not, Miss Kitty, the cat, was found hobbling around on two broken legs that had to be amputated but instead of being fitted for a special wheel chair, this cat learned to walk and run on just two legs! Gravel Teeth Handyman Bernhard Kaczinksy is so afraid of the dentist that he does all of his own dental work and he crafted his own false teeth using tools from his garage! Bone Church Believe it or not, an entire ch

  • S03E12 Episode 312

    • April 3, 2002
    • TBS

    Arrow Catch Believe it or not, Terry Bryan will catch an arrow that is traveling more than 100 miles per hour with his bare hands! Four Flip Skier Believe it or not, Matt Chojnacki is the only skier in the world who can complete a four flip, four twist ski jump! Blindfold Portraits Not only is Gero Hilliger the fastest character artist in the world -- beating a Polaroid camera -- he can also do portraits blindfolded -- by touch! Surfing Dog Ollie, a 10 year old yellow lab, loves to ride his surfboard off Maui -- by himself! Knife Massage Hundreds of people claim that George Pan's amazing massage has not only taken away their pain but helped cure them of disease. He gives this amazing massage by tapping their skin with the razor-sharp edge of his meat cleaver.

  • S03E13 Episode 313

    • July 10, 2002
    • TBS

    Wolf Boy Wedding Larry Gomez, who suffers from werewolf syndrome and is covered from head to foot with thick dark fur, was recently married and he and his wife now have a new baby! Twelve Fingers Believe it or not, Godfrey Hill of Nottingham, England was born with 6 fully functional and healthy digits on each hand. Balloon Boy Four year old Billy Crawford isn't like most kids his age- he likes to float around in a custom-made balloon device which allows him to really soar! Regurgitator Stevie Starr is going to swallow 7 medical grade prosthetic eyeballs. Each will have one letter from RIPLEYS written on the back of them and they will be all mixed up. Believe it or not, he will regurgitate them back up in the right order to spell RIPLEYS! Viper vs. Viper Believe it or not, this Dodge Viper will drag race an U.S. Air Force F-16 jet fighter, also known as the Viper. Elvis' Blue Suede Shoes These are the authenticated blue suede shoes owned and worn by Elvis Presley. The circul

  • S03E14 Episode 314

    • July 17, 2002
    • TBS

    Playmate Water Challenge Members of the Playboy Extreme Team will set a Ripely's Record by racing across dangerous water in floating balls -- from Alcatraz to San Francisco! Head Turner Believe it or not, Aleksander Anohin will keep his body facing forward while he turns his head backwards -- 180'! Homemade Roller Coaster John Ivers is so obsessed with roller coasters that -- believe it or not -- he built one in his back yard complete with a loop! Rotten Meat Eater Aajonus Vonderplanitz eats rotten meat and believes it makes him healthy! Head In The Sand Believe it or not, this man can bury his head in a headstand for 12 hours! Motorcycle Disaster ""High Flyin'"" Mike Brown, an accomplished motocross racer and daredevil, survived a disastrous 70 mile-per-hour crash into a tractor trailer and will attempt to ride a motorcycle once again for Ripley's.

  • S03E15 Episode 315

    • July 24, 2002
    • TBS

    Airplane Water Ski Believe it or not, Mike Seipel will waterski barefoot behind an airplane, attempt to flip into a handstand, grab the tow rope with his feet and continue skiing. If he slips and hits the water at this speed, the impact at more than 40-miles per hour could seriously injure his face. Monkey Siblings Despite the fact these three brothers were born into a normal family, believe it or not, they are worshiped by hundreds because they take on the characteristics and body language of real monkeys. Yo-Yo Kid Evan Nagao is such an expert with his yo-yo that he can do over 50 tricks and just won a national competition. Believe it or not, he's only five years old! Mini Luxury Ship Believe It or Not, this pair of brothers have built a fully functional luxury ship that's the size of a small row boat! Wheelman This is the latest in personal motorization, the only two-wheeled motorboard in the world. Its hubless, no axle, the wheel floats in position. Anvil Launching Beli

  • S03E16 Episode 316

    • July 31, 2002
    • TBS

    Teeth Hanger Believe it or not, 70 years after Tiny Kline slid across a wire high above Times Square hanging by her teeth from a pulley, Tavana Luvas will perform this same ""slide for life"" but this time it will be across downtown Las Vegas while also hanging from her teeth! Rat Lady Believe it or not, Debbie Ducommun loves rats so much that she not only dresses and photographs them in costumes but shares her home with them and sometimes lets them sleep in bed with her! Swimming With Sharks Before they're born and while they're still in the womb, Sand Tiger Sharks eat their siblings! Two Plane Crash Survivor Justin Kirkbride survived two plane crashes in one day and -- believe it or not -- he walked away from both without any injuries! Thai Stilt Village Believe it or not, every man, woman and child in this village walks on stilts as a principle mode of transportation!

  • S03E17 Episode 317

    • August 7, 2002
    • TBS

    Record Card Thrower Believe it or not, Rick Smith Jr. can throw an ordinary playing card further than anyone in the world -- 216 feet and 4 inches! Armless Cello Player When Tad Lietz plays the cello, people listen. Not only because he's an accomplished cellist, but also because he is missing his left arm and bows with his left foot! Computer Box Furniture Andrew Dusing furnished his entire apartment with -- believe it or not -- computer boxes! Aerocar Believe It or Not - this haulable box unfolds to become a set of wings and tail, transforming a car into an airplane!

  • S03E18 Episode 318

    • August 14, 2002
    • TBS

    Stomach Vacuum Believe it or not, Jess Caigoy can eat anything and then suction it out of his stomach! Ice Hotel - Update The Ice Hotel is made of 40 thousand cubic meters of snow and ice and now they are adding the world's largest Ice TV. It weighs 18 tons! Penny Obsession Steve Baker is so obsessed with pennies that he wears a jumpsuit made from pennies, has made several penny bikinis and drives in a van covered with more than 90,000 pennies! Spear Bearing Ritual In this ancient ceremony, participants put on large frames holding hundreds of spears to their body and, as they dance, the tips go deeper and deeper into their skin! Microchip Family The Jacobs family will be the first family to be implanted with microchips that contain their personal information. Cow Magnet This is an actual cow magnet. This magnet attracts any piece of metal that is ingested and keeps scraps, barbed wire, etc from moving through the cow's digestive system and doing serious damage.

  • S03E19 Episode 319

    • August 21, 2002
    • TBS

    Handheld Bungee Jumper Believe it or not a woman will bungee jump from a tower with the end of her bungee cord held only in her partner's hands! Chip Walker Update Marc Merger, a paraplegic, is able to walk by giving commands to a computer that controls chips and electrodes implanted in his body. World's Fastest Wheelchair Unable to walk because of a childhood case of polio, 29 year old Roberto Trigueros built his own ultimate riding machine...a wheelchair that handles speeds of up to 60 mph. Ron the Gnome Believe it or not, Ron Broomfield is so obsessed with gnomes he not only dresses as one but lives in a cottage packed with nearly one thousand! Double Arm Re-attachment Believe it or not, John Thompson had both his arms torn off in a farming accident and after undergoing a pioneering surgery to reattach his arms he defied doctors' predictions and regained the use of his hands and arms.

  • S03E20 Episode 320

    • October 23, 2002
    • TBS

    Bicycle Balance Beam Jeff Lenosky rides his mountain bike over anything that gets in his way including stairs, garbage dumpsters, benches and cars. He can even ride along the top of a two inch hand rail. For Ripley's, Jeff will attempt to ride over the worlds most dangerous obstacle course in downtown Las Vegas Grenade Surgery A Russian solider was shot by a grenade launcher, lodging a yet-undetonated grenade into his thigh. The solider must be operated on; in the field- before it explodes and kills him. Chewing Gum Artist Believe it or not, Karoly Kiss is able to sculpt -- a tiger, an airplane, an elephant -- in just 30 seconds using a piece of ordinary chewing gum and only his tongue and teeth! Reconstructed Dog Believe it or not, Bud the dog was shot in the head with 150 shotgun pellets and survived!

  • S03E21 Episode 321

    • October 23, 2002
    • TBS

    Dr. Free Throw Believe it or not, 79 year old, Dr. Tom Amberry, can shoot more free throws in a row than anyone else in the world. Wheelchair Car Pull Believe it or not, South African Luan Degennar was born with no biceps or deltoids and without the use of his legs, but from his wheelchair, he will pull a 3,400-pound car 100 feet in less than a minute. Geography Prodigy Srisanvitha Sridhar can identify 80 countries on a globe and, believe it or not, she's only three years old! Paris Catacombs Believe It or Not - these catacombs deep underneath the ""City of Lights"" make up a ""City of the Dark"". Tarantula Eating Every day, dozens of women set up at the roadside in this small village to sell a very rare delicacy...roasted tarantulas!

  • S03E22 Episode 322

    • October 16, 2002
    • TBS

    Tomatina Festival Believe it or not, Ripley's Kelly Packard will travel to Spain for the world's biggest food fight at the one and only ""Tomatina Festival""! Head Hunter William Jamieson collects shrunken heads and has more than 60. Believe it or not, he will demonstrate how a human head can be shrunk to 1/8 of its size. Hot Water Heater Helmet This is a homemade diving helmet crafted from, a cast iron hot water heater. It works up to a maximum depth of 20 feet. World's Largest Portrait Believe it or not, the portrait Ando is making is so large he used a tractor to draw it! Stalacpipe Organ Believe it or not, the organ music played by David Breneman in the Luray Caverns is coming from the largest musical instrument in the world -- the stalactites hanging from the cave's ceiling!

Season 4

  • S04E01 Episode 401

    • January 8, 2003
    • TBS

    Surfing Cat Believe It or Not, Sweetie the cat surfs the waves of Hawaii's famed Waikikii beach. Baby Shaq Auri Allen stands 6 ft. 8 inches and weighs 301 pounds... and believe it or not, he's only 12-years old! Biking Cards Baseball cards are being replaced with bikini cards. Believe it or Not, Gina Lee Nolin and PinUp Queen Cindy Margolis are just two famous faces on these Bench Warmer Trading Cards. Trial Chair This carved wood chair is the centerpiece of tribal justice in Ghana, West Africa. At a trial, the accuser and the accused were forced to sit side by side during the proceedings. Whoever was eventually declared a liar was immediately beheaded, right where he sat. Mountain Board Jump Believe It or Not, Jason Lee has designed a Mountain Board that will allow him to set a long distance world record. Youngest Sailor Fifteen-year-old Sebastian Clover crossed the Atlantic by himself in a sailboat in only 25 days, making him the youngest sailor to ever sail the Atlant

  • S04E02 Episode 402

    • January 15, 2003
    • TBS

    Record Board Breaker Believe it or not, Mike Reeves will break 500 one inch boards in less than 1 minute. Homemade Monorail Believe it or not Kim Pedersen is so obsessed with monorails that he's built one in his own backyard. Clock Tower Tree Miraculously, this tree has been growing without soil or water for 132 years and -believe it or not- it's rooted on the roof of a clock tower! Beauty Buffet Before they are married, these girls go to fat houses and believe it or not, are stuffed with food to make them more desirable. Gray Lady Believe it or not, Rosemary Jacobs skin is no longer flesh colored, it's gray! Golfball Eating Alligator What makes this specimen unbelievable is what was found inside this gator's gut. And the apparent cause of its death was a diet that included over 200 indigestible golf balls!

  • S04E03 Episode 403

    • January 22, 2003
    • TBS

    Great Rope Escape The world's strongest man will twist and contort Michael Griffin's body and then tie him with 200 feet of rope... leaving little room for movement... And believe it or not, he will escape. Open Ocean Snowmobile Alexander Karason is going to ride his snowmobile for 15 miles from his home town straight into the open ocean and back again! PowerPlank This is the ""Power Plank,"" the world's first motorized snowboard. This 170 pound monstrosity can power ""up"" a snow covered mountain as well, maxing out at about 45 mph! Ash Bath Believe it or not, after a member of the tribe is cremated, these holy men bathe in the remaining ashes! Scalpless In India Believe it or not, after getting her hair caught in a ferris wheel, seven year old Roopavani's entire scalp was ripped from her head!

  • S04E04 Episode 404

    • January 29, 2003
    • TBS

    Mr. Backwards Believe it or not, Roger Riddell is going to jump 60 feet over cars on a motorcycle while riding backwards! Land Mine Obsession Believe it or not, Aki Ra is so obsessed with land mines, he travels the country defusing them so he can add them to his collection of thousands! Real Life Bam Bam Josh Campo is a record breaking weight lifter -- believe it or not -- he's only six years old! Hobbling Horse Barnaby the horse was about to be put to sleep after having part of his leg amputated, but was given a second chance when -believe it or not- he received the only prosthetic leg for a horse in the world! Tongue Tailor Believe it or not, despite the tragedy of being without the use of her arms or legs, Sapna Goel is able to thread a sewing machine needle and sew clothing, using just her tongue! Stretchable Stewardess Emma Richards is so determined to become a flight attendant, she's had her legs surgically stretched in order to make the airline height requirement!

  • S04E05 Episode 405

    • February 5, 2003
    • TBS

    Human Cannonball Return Human cannonball Ermes Zamperia overshot an inflatable air cushion by 25 feet and crashed headfirst into a fence. Ripley's will be there when he gets back into his cannon for the first time. Taxidermy Art Tia Resleure is so obsessed with animals that when they die she stuffs them, dresses them and lives with them in her home! Beetlejuice Town Peter & Sally Lee are so obsessed with their hometown, they are recreating every building in the city in miniature, at their home. The Faster Pastor Rev. Paul Sinclair is the only minister who transports the coffins of his ""late"" parishioners to their final resting place in the sidecar of his motorbike, believe it or not Rubber Girl Because of a rare medical condition this 14-year-old is just over 2 feet tall. This disease has also caused the bones of her body to become brittle and elastic allowing her a range of motion that is impossible in normal people.

  • S04E06 Episode 406

    • February 12, 2003
    • TBS

    Worm Feast Mark Hogg will be buried to his nose in an acrylic cylinder filled with more than 10,000 slimy nightcrawlers. And believe it or not, he will attempt to eat his way to freedom. Dr. Dribble Believe it or not, Joseph Odhiambo is going to attempt a new Ripley's record of juggling 3 basketballs while trying to make 39 lay-ups in one minute. Typewriter Portrait Believe it or not, Guruprasad Vanalkar will create an amazingly accurate, life-sized, colored portrait of Dean Cain -- on a typewriter! Cowboy Crazy Believe it or not, England's Steve Smart is so obsessed with the wild west he dresses as a cowboy and built a full western town and ponderosa ranch in his front yard! Sleep Standing Up Mihai Jarpen does everything standing up: eating, traveling, watching television, and believe it or not, even sleeping. Arm Grows Nose Dr. Peter Ayliffe will reconstruct the face of Madina Yusaf, a woman severely disfigured by a flesh-eating disease, by growing a new nose in her arm!

  • S04E07 Episode 407

    • February 19, 2003
    • TBS

    Barefoot Ski and Drive Tony Castro will drive his ski boat while, believe it or not, barefoot water skiing. Girls on Nails Anna Kinison will lie down on a bed of 4 eight inch nails and believe it or not, her female partner will stand on top of her. Christmas Obsession Believe it or not, Andy Park is so obsessed with Christmas he's been celebrating it every day for 10 years! Balloon Sculpture Believe it or not, Larry Moss has created a 40 foot sculpture of 2 soccer players. It's the largest in the world, made out of 40,781 small party balloons!on a typewriter! Bird Spit Soup Believe it or not, this soup from birds' nests is such a valued delicacy that people risk their lives, scaling deadly cliffs to get its main ingredient!

  • S04E08 Episode 408

    • February 26, 2003
    • TBS

    Belly Button Bottle Opener Joel Freeborn is a human bottle opener. Believe it or Not, he opens the bottles with his belly Frisbee Ashes Ed Headrick, who is the father of the modern day Frisbee, is so obsessed with the sport that believe it or not, he's going to have his cremated ashes cast into the flying discs to give to his family and friends. Matchstick Apartment Istvan Kalincsak has covered every square foot of his apartment with matches. Lingerie Shark Dive The women's scuba diving club called ""Mystic Blue"" is planning a dive in shark-infested waters to raise money for a children's charity. Believe it or not, the women will do this wearing no protective gear. Senior Skier Mary Murphy wants to set the world record for water-skiing 62-miles from Long Beach to Catalina Island and back. Believe it or not, Mary is 84 years old! Bone Furniture Suciu Nicolae has been collecting animal bones for years. Believe it or not, he has built furniture and decorated his entire home wit

  • S04E09 Episode 409

    • March 5, 2003
    • TBS

    Foil Boarding Believe it or not, Laird Hamilton is the only person to ever create a surfboard that allows him to surf 2 feet above the water! Blind Skier Bart Bunting is a competitive skier who reaches speeds up to 60 mph and -- believe it or not -- he's blind! Underwater Bike Believe it or not, this man has invented a lead bike that allows him to ride at the bottom of the sea! Indian Bone Eating Ritual As part of a religious ceremony -- believe it or not -- these people dig up bodies and chew on human bones! Fastest Fingers Bob Arno has the world's fastest fingers, believe it or not, he can take your tie off your neck without you even knowing it! Gladiator School Regular guys shed their jeans and become Roman gladiators, complete with real weapons, historically accurate armor and flesh wounds. And Ripley's is there to see this ancient sport come to life! Checkered Man Matt Gone loves checkered patterns so much that not only is his whole apartment decorated like a checker

  • S04E10 Episode 410

    • March 12, 2003
    • TBS

  • S04E11 Episode 411

    • March 19, 2003
    • TBS

    World's Biggest Rubber Band Ball Tony Evans has created the world's biggest ball of rubber bands -- six million of them! For Ripley's Tony will drop the giant ball out of an airplane to see how high it will bounce! Skydive Record Believe It or Not, 300-people are coming from all over the world to jump from 5-different airplanes at the same time to break a skydiving world record. Wheelchair Climb Paralympic athlete Jeff Adams will climb the 1,776 stairs of the CN tower -- the world's tallest freestanding structure -- in, believe it or not, his wheelchair! Canal Vaulting A three hundred year old tradition has been turned into a competitive sport as players vault themselves 60+ feet in the air to cross ancient Dutch canals! World's Tallest Stilt Walk Believe it or not, Jeff Jay will break the record for walking on the tallest pair of stilts -- over 60 feet high! Naked Bladers Believe it or not, there is a group of rollerblading babes who bare it all before hitting the streets

  • S04E12 Episode 412

    • August 6, 2003
    • TBS

    Mountain Bike Speed Record Believe it or not, Eric Barone will break a land speed world record on a bicycle, by pedaling downhill at an unbelievable 107 miles per hour. Mini Mozart Noah Gray-Cabey is an accomplished Concert Pianist who Believe it or Not is only 7-years old. Army Troop Sled The year is 1945 and American soldiers in Italy come up with this makeshift sled as a safer way to cross the battlefield. It's a torpedo tube cut in half which can protect up to 12 soldiers at a time. Sand Man In an attempt to show humans are one with the earth, this man will pour sand directly into his open eyes! Snake Eats Stomach Believe it or not, Dave Weathers was bit by a cobra and the poisonous venom literally ate a hole through his stomach! World's Most Unbelievable Animal This week Ripley's goes to Los Angeles on their continuing search for America's most unbelievable animal! Face Breaker Jim Guercio and Mike Miller will face off in this Ripley's Challenge to see who can brea

  • S04E13 Episode 413

    • August 13, 2003
    • TBS

    Skateboard Loop Believe it or not, Bob Burnquist is the only skateboarder in the world who can perform ""The Loop of Death""! Whiz Kid Abby Julo is a political whiz. She knows the names of our 43 presidents, and over 50 world leaders.....and believe it or not, she's only 4 years old! Buffalo Dung Delicacy Believe it or not, as a source of protein, these people eat flies and larvae living inside buffalo patties. Backwards Leg Boy 10 year old Patrick German is no different from his friends, except that, Believe it or Not, his left leg and foot were literally turned backwards to save his life. World's Most Unbelievable Animal This week Ripley's goes to Orlando, Florida on their continuing search for America's most unbelievable animal! Camera Car Believe it or not, this one of a kind van created by Harrod Blank has over 2000 cameras and light meters! Electric Bike In 1967 Russel Win invented an electric bike that traveled at 30 mph Rattlesnake Bath Believe it or not, two cha

  • S04E14 Episode 414

    • August 20, 2003
    • TBS

    Vertical Plane Stall Believe it or not, Kirby Chambliss is the only pilot in the world who can defy gravity and bring his plane to a vertical standstill just seven feet off the ground! Wakeboard Wonder Phillip Soven is the world's youngest professional wakeboarder. Believe it or not, he's only thirteen years old and he is the only person in the world can do a front toe-side roll while spinning blind 540-degrees in mid-air! Toe Cocktail Believe it or not, as a sort of rite of passage in the Yukon, you must consume a cocktail that actually contains a severed human toe! All you have to do is let the toe touch your lips to become a part of this Yukon tradition that boasts more than 16,000 members! Boomerang Egg Believe It or Not, Barnaby Ruhe is so accurate with a boomerang, he can throw it and hit an egg sitting on top of his own head. Legless Marathon Man Believe It or Not, Bob Wieland who lost his legs in Vietnam, completed the Los Angeles Marathon...on his hands! World's Most

  • S04E15 Episode 415

    • August 27, 2003
    • TBS

    Mountain Board Jump Believe It or Not, Jason Lee has designed a Mountain Board that will allow him to set a long distance world record. Youngest Sailor Fifteen-year-old Sebastian Clover crossed the Atlantic by himself in a sailboat in only 25 days, making him the youngest sailor to ever sail the Atlantic Ocean solo! Believe it or not! Child Marriage Two people are getting married and believe it or not, they haven't even reached the age of ten. Nose Bubble Believe it or not, Joyce Samuels can blow a bubble twice the size of her head -- using her nose! Wacko Jacko Wannabe Believe It Or Not, Emmanuel De Reyghere is so obsessed with Michael Jackson, he's transforming himself to look exactly like Wacko Jacko. World's Most Unbelievable Animal This week Ripley's goes to Dallas, Texas on their continuing search for America's most unbelievable animal! Jet Helicopter Believe it or not, this historic army chopper set speed records in 1967 with its 500 horsepower jet engine rocketing

  • S04E16 Episode 416

    • September 3, 2003
    • TBS

    Pocket Bike Speed Record: Believe it or not, Jonathan Law will set a new speed record on a pocket bike, the smallest racing motorcycle in the world! Human Beehive: Believe it or not, fifteen-year-old Mallika Seth will cover her body with 100,000 stinging bees! Nose Pull: to teach their children strength and agility, these women sit back to back with a piece of a string around their faces and pull as hard as they can. Paraglide Hanger: Tim Nelson will fly his paraglider into a spiral dive while his wife hangs from a rope 15-feet below him. Prosthetic Jaw: 16 year old Mandy Kemp is the first person to ever receive a prosthetic jaw. World's Most Unbelievable Animal: This week Ripley's goes to San Antonio, Texas on their continuing search for Americas most unbelievable animal! Giant Web: Believe it or not, tiny spiders spun a 60 acre sized web on a farmer's field in Canada! Pool Shark: Believe it or not, Jeremy Jones and Johnny Archer will compete against each other in th

  • S04E17 Episode 417

    • September 10, 2003
    • TBS

    Balloon Skywalker: Believe It or Not, Mike Howard will walk a 20 ft. plank from one hot air balloon to another - 3000 ft. above the ground without any safety equipment! Child Supermodel: Gerren Taylor is the fashion industry's hottest new face. But believe it or not, this top runway model is only 12-years-old! World's Largest Lasso: Believe It or Not, Kimberly Mink will rope a herd of twenty steer using 80 feet of rope, creating the world's largest lasso! Rain Ritual: Believe it or not, these women live day to day with their own wrists bound together hoping for rain in their drought-ridden village. Microphone Stand Baby: Jessie Wickham survived being impaled on a microphone stand and believe it or not, she was 8 1/2 months pregnant! Fly Powered Airplane: It's no ordinary paper airplane, this is the latest in insect aviation...a ""Fly powered"" airplane! World's Most Unbelievable Animal: This week Ripley?s goes to Ocean City, Maryland on their continuing search for America?s

  • S04E18 Episode 418

    • September 17, 2003
    • TBS

    Billboard Human Crazy Straw George McArthur is the world's first human neon sign. He will loop 47 feet of surgical tubing through his nose like a pretzel and out of his mouth. Surfing Sisters Carissa and Cayla Moore will surf ""Pipeline,"" the most powerful and dangerous waves on Hawaii's north shore. They are only 10 and 5 years old. Tree Babies In the village of Dumka, India, a herd of wild elephants demolished everything in sight while Duli Maharani gave birth on a man-made platform 25-feet high in a tree. Scorpion Eater Brad Beyers and Adam Beardon have been best friends for life. But tonight, they will face off to see who can fill their mouths with the most poisonous scorpions. Man With Two Hearts Castelio Campos is the only person in the world with two hearts. He was diagnosed with a serious lung condition and weak heart. A heart surgeon theorized that Campos might survive if he had two working hearts and it worked. Worlds Most Unbelieveable Animal (St. Augustine) Debor

  • S04E19 Episode 419

    • September 24, 2003
    • TBS

    Billboard Water Hotel - Tim Yarrow will be locked in a dunk tank and try to spend at least one full day underwater without coming up for air. Extreme Skateboard Kids - Mitchie Brusco is only six years old and is already a top professional skateboarder. Nicknamed ""Little Tricky,"" Mitchie is the youngest skater every to appear in the Gravity Games. Elephant Man Feet - Lee McGuire was born with malformed feet which made it almost impossible for him to walk until a special medical procedure reshaped his feet. World's Most Unbelievable Animals (Wisconsin Dells) - Roman Piska is a three-year-old snake handler. Metal Mosquito - Jim Opasik creates animal structures out of junk he collects from flea markets. Uphill Motorcycle - In 1958, in Modesto, CA, motorcyclists try to climb a steep hill that at one point is almost 70 degrees. Wing Hanger - Eve Rockney will try to hang between two bi-planes 5,000-feet in midair. At any point, the planes could fly too close together and crush him or fly too

  • S04E20 Episode 420

    • October 1, 2003
    • TBS

    Double Dirt Bike Backflip - Mike Metzger is the only motocross rider in the world who can perform two consecutive backflips in a row. Baby Ruth - Pitcher Anthony Ippolito Jr. can throw a baseball almost 40 miles per hour and he's only three years old. Jump Rope Unicycle - Chad Marquette will jump rope will standing on top of a nine-foot unicycle. Reed City - The indigenous Totora Indians use boats made from reeds, have houses made from reeds, and even live on floating islands in Lake Titicaca which are made entirely of reeds. Liver Baby - Baby Nhlahla was born after developing in her mother's liver. She's only the fourth baby to ever survive such a pregnancy. Inflatable Church - Michael Gill has invented a blow-up church complete with an altar and an organ. Human Chain Escape - Scott Hammell will attempt to free himself from a straight jacket wrapped in fifty feet of chain, while hanging by his ankles fifteen feet under a hot air balloon. Body Sushi Update - The exotic dining experienc

  • S04E21 Episode 421

    • October 8, 2003
    • TBS

    Billboard Lego Man - Eric Harshbarger will create a mosaic of Dean Cain out of 40,000 lego pieces that will cover a quarter of the Ripley's billboard. Thigh Masters - Personal trainers Steve Carrier and Herman King will compete in this Ripley's Challenge to see how many Louisville Slugger baseball bats they can break over their thigh. Speed Climbing Kid - Tori Allen can climb a rock wall faster than many adult men, and she's just fourteen years old. Beetle Boy - A thirteen-year-old has been excreting winged beetles in his urine. Beetle eggs have hatched inside his body and are being expelled when he urinates. Scissors In Stomach - This woman lived 21 years with a pair of scissors in her stomach that she never knew was there. World's Most Unbelievable Animals (Niagara Falls) - Julia Smilly and her pint-size horse Peanut. Toothpaste Collection - Dr. Valkopolkov of Saginaw, Michigan, has 800 tubes of toothpaste, including toothpastes flavored with tuna and scotch. Bigger Rubberband Ball U

  • S04E22 Episode 422

    • October 15, 2003
    • TBS

    Breath Hold Challenge - Mandy-Rae Cruikshank and Jessica Wilson will face off in this Ripley's Challenge to see who can hold her breath underwater the longest. They're both expert ""free divers"" that don't use scuba gear or air tanks. The current record is 13 minutes and 42.5 seconds set by Robert Frost in 1959. World's Tallest Kid - Vika Sopol is seventeen years old and eight-feet tall. Knife-Throwing Mama - Nouella Gallagher tosses kitchen knives at a wooden board with her children standing in front of it. Caffeinated Soap - Shower shock soap provides one cup of coffee per shower. Head Binding - On the Tomman Island in the South Pacific, a person with a finely-elongated head is thought to be smarter, of higher status, and close to the world of the spirits. To achieve this ""conehead"" effect, heads are bound with a soft bandage and woven basket for approximately six months. Acupuncture Darts - Instead of gently applying acupuncture pins, Masahiko fires them with a blow dart gun. USC Stu

  • SPECIAL 0x1 The Best of Ripley's Believe It or Not

    • August 26, 2003

    A collection of the most outrageous, jaw-dropping segments from the current hit show hosted by Dean Cain! You'll be shocked and bewildered by this never-before seen compilation including the "Lizard Man" and the always sexy "Wardrobe in a Bottle".