All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 1/1/04

  • S01E02 1/12/04

    • January 12, 2004

    Spanish heart-throb Enrique Iglesias performs live in our courtyard. Superstar Dwayne ""The Rock"" Johnson and multi-talented Reba McEntire kick off the premiere show with Ryan Seacrest. Plus, Adam Sandler has a special announcement.

  • S01E03 1/13/04

    • January 13, 2004

    Nicole Richie reveals to Ryan some of the things you didn't see on ""The Simple Life"". Plus, country darling LeAnn Rimes joins Ryan to talk about her new ""Greatest Hits"" CD. And ""Angel"" star David Boreanaz answers fans questions.

  • S01E04 1/14/04

    • January 14, 2004

    John Mayer performs live and you pick the song! Donald Trump shares highlights from his new reality show.

  • S01E05 1/15/04

    • January 15, 2004

    Clay Aiken joins Ryan and funnyman Anthony Anderson talks about his new movie, ""My Baby's Daddy"".

  • S01E06 1/16/04

    • January 16, 2004

    Rapper Missy Elliott is LIVE in the studio and she gives us a sneak peek of the making of her new video. Plus, Sting is live from Miami! And, Kiefer Sutherland joins Ryan in the studio!

  • S01E07 1/19/04

    • January 19, 2004

    The sweetheart of ""American Idol"", award-winning Paula Abdul is live in the studio with Ryan.

  • S01E08 1/20/04

    • January 20, 2004

    ""Malcolm in the Middle's"" Frankie Muniz joins Ryan in the studio. And you won't believe your eyes when you see Grammy Award winning producer and American Idol judge, Randy Jackson!

  • S01E09 1/21/04

    • January 21, 2004

    American Idol winner, Ruben Studdard performs LIVE in our courtyard, plus ""Arrested Development's"" Jason Bateman is in the studio.

  • S01E10 1/22/04

    • January 22, 2004

    Sexy ""Jag"" star, Catherine Bell is LIVE in the studio. Plus Ryan talks with Josh Duhamel and Topher Grace, stars of the hit movie ""Win a Date with Tad Hamilton"".

  • S01E11 1/23/04

    • January 23, 2004

    We've got your front row seat for Sheryl Crow, performing LIVE in our courtyard.

  • S01E12 1/26/04

    • January 26, 2004

    The Ledings from Altus, Arkansas and from ""The Simple Life"" will join Ryan in the studio. And Mike O'Malley, Liza Snyder and Jean Louisa Kelly, stars of the hit CBS sitcom ""Yes, Dear"" are in the house!

  • S01E13 1/27/04

    • January 27, 2004

    Justin Guarini is our celebrity courtyard correspondent and proves there is life after American Idol! Plus we'll have the latest entertainment news, including the Oscar nominations.

  • S01E14 1/28/04

    • January 28, 2004

    Jon Cryer, star of the CBS series ""Two and a Half Men"" joins Ryan in the studio. And, you know her as the sexy DJ of the Grammy award-winning trio Salt N' Peppa. We know her as Spinderella, our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E15 1/29/04

    • January 29, 2004

    Michelle Branch performs LIVE in the studio and Bobb'e J. Thompson from ""The Tracy Morgan Show"" is in the house! Plus, Kelly Rowan, star of ""The O.C"" joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E16 1/30/04

    • January 30, 2004

    ""Survivor"" host, Jeff Probst gives us a sneak preview of the new ""Survivor All-Stars"" and has the inside scoop on what really happened behind-the-scenes on the island! Plus TV star, film star, ex-host of ""Talk Soup"" and now author, Aisha Tyler joins Ryan in studio.

  • S01E17 2/2/04

    • February 2, 2004

    Jack Osbourne has a preview of the next episode of ""The Osbournes."" And, Doris Roberts, SAG award nominee and star of ""Everybody Loves Raymond,"" joins Ryan in the studio. Plus, Ryan counts down to the Grammys!

  • S01E18 2/3/04

    • February 3, 2004

    Grammy nominee Sarah McLachlan performs LIVE in our studio as Ryan counts down to the Grammy's! And, Bob Guiney from The Bachelor is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E19 2/4/04

    • February 4, 2004

    Pop artist, Kylie Minogue joins Ryan in the studio. Plus, David Boreanaz and the cast of ""Angel"" are celebrating their 100th episode. And Andrew Lawrence from the FOX series ""Oliver Beene"" is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E20 2/5/04

    • February 5, 2004

    Latin rapper Baby Bash performs. And Kathie Lee Gifford joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E21 2/6/04

    • February 6, 2004

    Teen sensation and pop star Hilary Duff performs in our courtyard. And Bryan Cranston from the hit TV show ""Malcolm in the Middle"" is in the studio!

  • S01E22 2/9/04

    • February 9, 2004

    Sasha Alexander, star of CBS's ""Navy NCIS"" is in our house! And, Omarion and Marques Houston from the hit movie ""You Got Served"" joins Ryan in the studio. Plus, Kimberly Caldwell is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E23 2/10/04

    • February 10, 2004

    The American Idol judge everyone loves to hate, Simon Cowell joins Ryan in the studio! Singer/songwriter, Eamon performs his latest hit. And Kristen Stewart discusses her new movie ""Catch That Kid"".

  • S01E24 2/11/04

    • February 11, 2004

    Pop princess Britney Spears performs LIVE in our courtyard!

  • S01E25 2/12/04

    • February 12, 2004

    Kathy Najimy joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E26 2/13/04

    • February 13, 2004

    Breckin Meyer joins Ryan in the studio! Seal performs! Plus Daisy Fuentes is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E27 2/16/04

    • February 16, 2004

    Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson perform in our courtyard! And Michelle Trachtenberg, star of ""Euro Trip"" joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E28 2/17/04

    • February 17, 2004

    Rob Schneider, star of ""50 First Dates"" is in the studio. And LisaRaye from the UPN series ""All of Us"" joins Ryan to give us a preview of the special one-hour expanded episode starring Will Smith. And, Jim Verraros, former American Idol finalist is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E29 2/18/04

    • February 18, 2004

    Arsenio Hall joins Ryan in the studio. And Keiko Agena, star of the WB series, ""Gilmore Girls"" is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E30 2/19/04

    • February 19, 2004

    Jennifer Love Hewitt, guest starring on the next episode of ""American Dreams,"" is in the studio!

  • S01E31 2/20/04

    • February 20, 2004

    Lucy Lawless, discusses her latest movie, ""Euro Trip"". And Carmen Rasmusen, former American Idol finalist is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E32 2/23/04

    • February 23, 2004

    Train performs LIVE in our courtyard. Eliza Dushku, star of FOX's ""Tru Calling"" is in the studio. And Flex Alexander, star of the UPN series ""One on One"" is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E33 2/24/04

    • February 24, 2004

    JC Chasez performs LIVE on the show. And, from ""24,"" Elisha Cuthbert drops by to talk about her new movie, ""The Girl Next Door.""

  • S01E34 2/25/04

    • February 25, 2004

    Sela Ward joins Ryan to chat about her new movie ""Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights."" Plus Jesse Bradford stops by the studio.

  • S01E35 2/26/04

    • February 26, 2004

    Diego Luna, star of ""Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights"" is in the studio. Plus, they've made it to the next round of ""American Idol"" and they'll be LIVE in the studio! And Flex Alexander, star of UPN's ""One on One"" is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E36 2/27/04

    • February 27, 2004

    Sharon Osbourne joins Ryan in the studio. Plus an Oscar preview!

  • S01E37 3/1/04

    • March 1, 2004

    Samaire Armstrong with the latest on her love triangle on ""The O.C."" Plus, backstage buzz at the Oscars!

  • S01E38 3/2/04

    • March 2, 2004

  • S01E39 3/3/04

    • March 3, 2004

    Teen sensation Hanson performs their new single LIVE in the studio. And Jolene Blalock, the sizzling sub-commander T'Pol on ""Star Trek: Enterprise"" joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E40 3/4/04

    • March 4, 2004

    Anthony Anderson is in the house with a sneak peek at ""Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London"". Plus, the votes are in and the next two finalists from ""American Idol"" are LIVE in the studio.

  • S01E41 3/5/04

    • March 5, 2004

    We loved her on ""Touched by an Angel"", now Roma Downey is LIVE in our studio with a look at her role in the CBS movie ""The Survivor's Club."" And ""The District's"" Sean Patrick Thomas chats with Ryan.

  • S01E42 3/8/04

    • March 8, 2004

    Trista and Ryan from ""Bachelorette"" fame are in the house! Plus Jami Gertz and TV hubby Mark Addy from the CBS series ""Still Standing"" are ON AIR. And Chuck Woolery of ""Love Connection"" fame drops by.

  • S01E43 3/9/04

    • March 9, 2004

    ""NYPD Blue's"" Esai Morales joins Ryan in the studio with a preview of Tuesday's big episode. And Broadway and recording star, Deborah Gibson is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E44 3/10/04

    • March 10, 2004

    Molly Shannon, star of the new FOX series, ""Cracking Up"" joins Ryan in the studio. And Mekhi Phifer drops by to chat about his new movie, ""Dawn of the Dead.""

  • S01E45 3/11/04

    • March 11, 2004

    Antonio Sabato Jr., of the new WB series ""The Help"" is in the studio. And, supermodel and actress, Gisele Bundchen visits with Ryan.

  • S01E46 3/12/04

    • March 12, 2004

    Carmen Electra is in the house! Plus, Caroline Dhavernas, star of the new FOX series ""Wonderfalls"" is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E47 3/15/04

    • March 15, 2004

    ""The Shield's"" Emmy-winning star Michael Chiklis is in the studio! And Big screen star Ving Rhames gives us a preview of his new movie, ""Dawn of the Dead"". Plus Melana Scantlin, from the first season of ""Average Joe"" is our celebrity courtyard correspondent.

  • S01E48 3/16/04

    • March 16, 2004

    Rockers Switchfoot perform! And, Randy Jackson joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E49 3/17/04

    • March 17, 2004

    Rebecca Gayheart discusses her ""steamy"" role on ""The Division.""

  • S01E50 3/18/04

    • March 18, 2004

    Regis Philbin is LIVE in the studio! And, the first ""American Idol"" finalist has been eliminated. The unlucky contestant joins Ryan LIVE in the studio.

  • S01E51 3/19/04

    • March 19, 2004

    Jackie, star of ""Playing it Straight"" joins Ryan in the studio. And, it's ""fan hook up day"". We hook you up with tons of cool stuff!

  • S01E52 3/22/04

    • March 22, 2004

    Model, TV host and singer, Tyra Banks is in the house! Plus Murphy Lee and Jermaine Dupri perform LIVE in the studio.

  • S01E53 3/23/04

    • March 23, 2004

    En Vogue performs the single ""Ooh Boy"" in the studio. Plus, we're on set with new Mom Nelly Furtado. And, Janice Dickinson, ‘the Simon Cowell' of the UPN series ""America's Next Top Model"" joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E54 3/24/04

    • March 24, 2004

    Cypress Hill performs LIVE in the studio! And, Daryl Hannah joins Ryan in the studio. Plus, we're on the set with Bonnie Hunt and the cast of her hit sitcom ""Life With Bonnie.""

  • S01E55 3/25/04

    • March 25, 2004

    Linda Cardellini starring as Velma in ""Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed"" is in the house. Plus the latest ""American Idol"" contestant voted off joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E56 3/26/04

    • March 26, 2004

    David Arquette joins Ryan to preview his new film ""Never Die Alone."" And ""Sopranos"" star, Jamie-Lynn DiScala with a preview of her USA TV movie ""Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss.""

  • S01E57 3/29/04

    • March 29, 2004

    Singer Michael Buble performs LIVE! And Ron Perlman, star of ""Hellboy"" joins Ryan in the studio. Plus, Ryan talks with Jerry Springer.

  • S01E58 3/30/04

    • March 30, 2004

    Actor Chris Klein with a preview of his upcoming film ""The United States of Leland"". Plus, Canadian modern rock band, Three Days Grace performs in the studio! And Yoanna House, winner of UPN's ""America's Next Top Model"" show joins Ryan.

  • S01E59 3/31/04

    • March 31, 2004

    Shannen Doherty, host of the Sci Fi Network TV series, ""Scare Tactics"" is in the house. And ""Jersey Girl's"" young star, Raquel Castro joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E60 4/1/04

    • April 1, 2004

    Natasha Henstridge, star of ""The Whole Ten Yards"" is in the house. And, the unlucky American Idol contestant voted off joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E61 4/2/04

    • April 2, 2004

    A full-hour show of Janet Jackson, featuring musical performances, give-aways and a sweet, shocking surprise for Janet herself!

  • S01E62 4/5/04

    • April 4, 2004

    Tori Amos performs LIVE in the studio. Plus Rachel Hunter chats about her racy pictorial. And reigning Miss USA, Susie Castillo, and the rest of the 2004 contestants join Ryan.

  • S01E63 4/6/04

    • April 6, 2004

    Solange Knowles and Bow Wow, stars of the new movie ""Johnson Family Vacation,"" are in the studio. And Dan Cortese talks about his new show ""Rock me Baby.""

  • S01E64 4/7/04

    • April 7, 2004

    ""Walking Tall"" star, Dwayne ""The Rock"" Johnson is in the studio with Ryan, joined by his co-star Ashley Scott. Plus Rick Springfield is rockin' out in the studio today.

  • S01E65 4/8/04

    • April 8, 2004

    ""Crossing Jordan"" star Jerry O'Connell talks about his new spin-off ""Sunset Division."" Plus, the eliminated ""American Idol"" contestant joins Ryan in the studio. And a rare interview with Dolly Parton.

  • S01E66 4/9/04

    • April 9, 2004

    Anne Hathaway talks about her new movie ""Ella Enchanted"".

  • S01E67 4/12/04

    • April 12, 2004

    SNL alum, Tracy Morgan drops by the studio. And ""Kill Bill"" star Michael Madsen chats with Ryan about Part 2.

  • S01E68 4/13/04

    • April 13, 2004

    Rooney performs LIVE! And Melissa Joan Hart talks about ""Naked TV."" Plus, last night's eliminated contestant from ""The Swan"" is here.

  • S01E69 4/14/04

    • April 14, 2004

    Kim Delaney is in the studio. And, ""Johnson Family Vacation"" star, Cedric the Entertainer, talks about the movie. Plus, former American Idol contestant, Tamyra Gray, stops by

  • S01E70 4/15/04

    • April 15, 2004

    Vanessa Williams talks about what it was like to go on a ""Johnson Family Vacation.""

  • S01E71 4/16/04

    • April 16, 2004

    Daryl Hannah talks about Part 2 of ""Kill Bill."" And, the eliminated American Idol contestant joins Ryan in the studio. Plus, the Bacon Brothers are in the studio LIVE!

  • S01E72 4/19/04

    • April 19, 2004

    Evan & Jaron perform LIVE! Plus, Quentin Tarantino, Director of Kill Bill Vol. 2 joins Ryan in the studio. And, ""Soap Talk's"" Lisa Rinna is in the studio.

  • S01E73 4/20/04

    • April 20, 2004

    Previously whacked Kevin Pollak talks about his return on ""The Whole Ten Yards."" And, Ryan's first of a 2-part interview with Denzel Washington.

  • S01E74 4/21/04

    • April 21, 2004

    Jason Priestley is in the house! And, our ""American Idol"" panel is here!

  • S01E75 4/22/04

    • April 22, 2004

    Barry Manilow performs LIVE! Plus, the latest ""American Idol"" contestant voted off joins Ryan in the studio.

  • S01E76 4/23/04

    • April 23, 2004

    Show starts off, rolling Ryan's interview with Denzel Washington and his recently released movie, Man on Fire. Then, My Big Fat Greek Wedding's Nia Vardalos drops in to talk about her movie, Connie and Carla. Fashion Friday is today, so On-Air's correspondant mentions some of the stores where stars shop, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna.

  • S01E77 4/26/04

    • April 26, 2004

  • S01E78 4/27/04

    • April 27, 2004

  • S01E79 4/28/04

    • April 28, 2004

  • S01E80 4/30/04

    • April 30, 2004

  • S01E81 4/29/04

    • April 29, 2004

  • S01E82 Jessica Simpson and more...

    • May 13, 2004

    Jessica Simpson performs live in the courtyard.

  • S01E83 Usher and more....

    • May 14, 2004

    7th Heaven's Stephen Collins, Usher and Bad Boy II's Gabrielle Union appear.

  • S01E84 Lindsey Lohan and more....

    • May 17, 2004

    Smokey Robinson performs and Lindsay Lohan visits Ryan.

  • S01E85 Lenny Kravitz and more....

    • May 20, 2004

  • S01E86 RJ and more....

    • May 24, 2004

  • S01E87 Tamyra Gray and more....

    • May 25, 2004