Guide to: Emergency Drills & Late Bus

Emergency Drills:Every time Ned wants to ask Suzie to Chandra Taylor's party an emergency drill distracts him. Eventually, Ned gets to ask Suzie and she accepts. The only problem is Ned can't go to the party because he, Cookie, and Moze are trapped in Gordy's extra supply locker. Late Bus: When bus number 9 breaks down, all the kids are stuck waiting for another bus. Loomer makes a deal with Ned that he won't bully him for an entire year if Ned helps him get Moze's attention. Meanwhile, Cookie is leading a "Cookie's Late Bus After School Tour" in which he shows kids what teachers do after hours. We see Coach Dirga crying over a soap opera, and the worst possible thing ever, a teacher rap group taught by Lil' Romeo. Also, Moze makes friends with another Jennifer, but finds out it's her last day. And what we have seen, this may lead to a friendship between Moze and Suzie Crabgrass.

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  • Originally Aired February 19, 2005
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Network Nickelodeon
  • Notes Is a season finale
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Name Type Role
Rick Groel Writer
Joe Fallon Writer
Fred Wolf Guest Star
Lil' Romeo Guest Star
Tessa Ludwick Guest Star
Fred Savage Director