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Season 1

  • S01E01 Mystery of the Golden Medallion

    • September 17, 1983
    • NBC

    A new member of the gymnastics team tries to fit in. Elsewhere, men in black suits smash gold medals apart as if looking for something valuable inside them. This takes the team searching around San Francisco for answers to their first mystery.

  • S01E02 Mystery of the Forbidden Monastery

    • September 24, 1983
    • NBC

    When Sky Red Fern sends the team a phony invitation to a meet, she puts herself and her teammates in danger.

  • S01E03 Mystery of the Mind-Thieves

    • October 1, 1983
    • NBC

    As the team visits Seattle, Kim's father, Mr. Nakamura, a software designer, is on urgent business with other scientists. However, a mysterious person using a mind-controlling device steals the minds of the scientists including Mr. Nakamura to obtain certain knowledge. The team plans to find out the mystery and save the scientists and their minds from this evil foe.

  • S01E04 Mystery on the Rocky Mountain Express

    • October 8, 1983
    • NBC

    A very mysterious and very deadly virus has been stolen from the Salt Lake City Institute. It's up to Mr. T and his gymnastics team to locate the virus and to catch the crooks that stole it!

  • S01E05 The Hundred-Year-Old Mystery

    • October 15, 1983
    • NBC

    Mr. T and the team are in Mississippi planning to turn a rundown plantation called "Magnolia House" into a gymnastics camp, but a gang of street car thugs called the Ghost Riders threatened to eliminate the team. Jeff's bragging to a pretty girl gets overheard by the Ghost Riders, who use that information which puts the team in danger. Rumor has it that the original owner of Magnolia House left something behind, and the team has to figure out what it is.

  • S01E06 The Crossword Mystery

    • October 22, 1983
    • NBC

    While in Washington, D.C., Ms. Bisby does a crossword puzzle finding a clue to the puzzle. However, once the word was said, Ms. Bisby falls into a hypnotic state. And she's not the only one. Two college professors are also hypnotized.

  • S01E07 The Ninja Mystery

    • October 29, 1983
    • NBC

    The team has a meet in New York City not too far from a movie location. At the same time, a mysterious ninja is robbing stores nearby and is looking for something in particular. The team has to unravel the mystery before the ninja makes a clean getaway.

  • S01E08 Dilemma of the Double-Edged Dagger

    • November 5, 1983
    • NBC

    Mr. T was placed under arrest while the team was in Mexico City where strange thefts from a museum happened. With Mr. T in jail, the team try to help by finding the real criminals and uncover an ancient pyramid. Once inside, the team discovers 4 Aztec warriors standing in their way.

  • S01E09 Secret of the Spectral Sister

    • November 12, 1983
    • NBC
  • S01E10 Mystery of the Silver Swan

    • November 19, 1983
    • NBC

    Bisby's late-night run-in with a classic car called the "Silver Swan" prompts the team staying at Lake Tahoe to investigate. Unknowingly, a local car dealer, museum staff and the car maker's original owner are part of an illegal automobile ring planning to sell duplicate copies of the Silver Swan and other vehicles. Robin tries to do everything for the team so she can get credit for this caper as well as the upcoming meet.

  • S01E11 Case of the Casino Caper

    • November 26, 1983
    • NBC

    While en route to Las Vegas, the team discovers an illegal military operation. Meanwhile, Courtney is torn between leaving the team and going to military school.

  • S01E12 Fade Out at 50,000 Feet

    • December 3, 1983
    • NBC

    The team takes a rest in Miami and sees an air show starring Jeff's cousin "The Great Marco". During his air show stunt, which involves dropping a sports car by parachute, he turns up missing causing Jeff to worry. Meanwhile, Woody has fallen for a woman named Vanetta Price whose involved in something Woody doesn't want to know. His jealousy almost got him and the team in hot water as they make their way into the Everglades to try and solve this swamp of a mystery.

  • S01E13 Riddle of the Runaway Wheels

    • December 10, 1983
    • NBC

    The team heads into Monterey Bay to see an auto stunt show done by the Turbo Team in order to impress a Hollywood director to use their cars for his movie. At the same time, Robin develops a crush on the team's leader. However, a woman and two men are after something and plan on using the Turbo Team's prize automobile, the UltraCar to take it. Mr. T's wheels are spinning to solve this mystery before this caper speeds out of control.

Season 2