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Tough Cries

Norm Michaels is a police liaison assigned to work with the kids at Madison, but all he gets are crank calls, until he gets two mystery calls from a 'friend' asking him to look out for Jamie Novak. Lately Jamie has been fighting to back up his friend Mac. It turns out that the calls are being made by Jamie's friend Derek. Before Norm can save Jamie, a confrontation with his girlfriend Karen stops Jamie from going to a fight, as he breaks down. (1993)

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Name Type Role
Nancy Trites Botkin Writer
Jerry Wasserman Guest Star
Kara Butler Guest Star
Patricia Dahlquist Guest Star
Frank Czinege Guest Star
Jeffrey McLeod Guest Star
Rene Mankuma Guest Star
Roger R. Cross Guest Star
Chris William Martin Guest Star
Jim Broyden Guest Star
Will Sasso Guest Star
Molly Parker Guest Star
Zvia Rechler Guest Star
Judith Maxie Guest Star
James Taylor (III) Director