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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Golden Look

    • September 20, 1957
    • NBC

    A hit-and-run driver can only be identified by his gold tooth.

  • S01E02 Watchdog

    • September 27, 1957
    • NBC

    A man returns home from a trip only to be attacked by a prowler. The burglar is fought off by the man's dog. When the dog is diagnosed with rabies, the police must pull out all the stops to find the offender before he dies a horrible death.

  • S01E03 Neighborhood Killer

    • October 4, 1957
    • NBC

    A policeman is shot and killed while calling in his discovery that a pawn shop has been robbed. Although they find the kid who did the burglary, he didn't commit the murder. Who had it in for the cop?

  • S01E04 Pete Loves Mary

    • October 11, 1957
    • NBC

    Pete Wacowski has broken out of prison; he hijacks a car and murders the driver. Frank starts looking for him by calling on Pete's mother.

  • S01E05 Face of Evil

    • October 18, 1957
    • NBC

    It's a hot summer day when a Mr Ferguson returns to his rooming house and finds his wife dead. There have been a string of murders in Chicago and Frank had to investigate. Ferguson glimpsed the murderer but his description is vague.

  • S01E06 Street of Fear

    • November 1, 1957
    • NBC

    A woman is attacked in a parking lot and rescued by Frank. It is a ruse as she is suspected of being part of a diamond theft ring.

  • S01E07 The Matinee Trade

    • November 8, 1957
    • NBC

    Captain Newlan has heard that one of the local precincts is taking bribes from the local bookies. In fact they are running a gambling den/casino frequented by local housewives. Frank knows one of the detectives so he invites himself to dinner. Is his friend clean or not?

  • S01E08 The Hard Case

    • November 15, 1957
    • NBC

    An expensive jewellers is robbed, but the thief claims the guard took the diamonds. The guard, Joe Adams, is disgraced, but Frank still has faith in him. Was he set up? And why?

  • S01E09 Killer in Town

    • November 22, 1957
    • NBC

    A man can't get his car to start, so an off-duty cop stops to help him. The man shoots him. He's killed seven people, most of them cops. Frank joins in the hunt.

  • S01E10 Diamond Hard

    • November 29, 1957
    • NBC

    A local drugstore is the site of a shooting and the bar nearby is excited by the shots. No one saw anything, but the bartender recognises the shooter has slipped in. Frank notices a woman, Hazel, is not in her usual neighborhood. Is there a link?

  • S01E11 The Alibi Witness

    • December 6, 1957
    • NBC

    A woman walking past a grocery witnesses the escaping gunman who had killed the proprietor. She identifies a man from the photo book, but the man (Edward Binns) swears he was on the other side of town and that he stopped a man at the time. Does this alibi witness exist?

  • S01E12 The Specialists

    • December 13, 1957
    • NBC

    Frank gets a tip-off that someone is planning a big score. These out-of-town specialists are safe-crackers who only pull one job a year. Is there anything in it?

  • S01E13 Family Portrait

    • December 20, 1957
    • NBC

    Sam Hinder's record book falls into the hands of low-level stoolie, Eddie Lee (Sid Melton). He's murdered before he can hand it over to Frank, and Frank's partner is also killed. He has to break the news to the very-pregnant widow. Hinder (Jacques Aubuchon) claims to know nothing, but Frank isn't so sure.

  • S01E14 The Palace Guard

    • December 27, 1957
    • NBC

    Tommy Hatch (Whit Bissell), an out-of-town gangster, shoots a man and sends Frank on a manhunt, but not before requesting he be put into protective custody. He'll have to guard Hatch from the people he's angered, but at the same time uncover the evidence to convict him.

  • S01E15 The Slow Trap

    • January 3, 1958
    • NBC

    A courier leaves the Crowley company with a briefcase handcuffed to him. He is attacked, knocked out robbed, but the captain wants to book him for robbery. Frank thinks he may be innocent.

  • S01E16 The Cover Up

    • January 10, 1958
    • NBC

    Late one night, Frank is called to the scene of a death by the local DA. In the midst of a rancorous divorce, the husband has been murdered. The suspect is an old friend of the DA, so he wants to make sure the case is fairly investigated. Something funny is going on and Frank is determined to find out what the truth is.

  • S01E17 Blue Indigo

    • January 17, 1958
    • NBC

    Someone is killing women while playing a recording of Blue Indigo. Can Frank find him?

  • S01E18 The Long Ride

    • January 24, 1958
    • NBC

    After a long trial Paul Warfield (Joe Maross) is convicted and sentenced to prison, but he breaks free. Eventually Frank finds him, but problems occur when Frank is taking him back to Chicago on the train. Luckily a young passenger spots the trouble Frank is in.

  • S01E19 Shakedown

    • January 31, 1958
    • NBC

    Mrs Claude Garrison runs a string of dry cleaners. One of her shops is bombed and she is contacted with a demand for protection money. Although warned not to call the police, she does. Her husband thinks she should pay up, but later he is kidnapped. Frank deals with the problem.

  • S01E20 Dolly's Bar

    • February 7, 1958
    • NBC

    An actress (Janice Rule) returns home after a performance to discover a man murdered in her apartment with her gun. Can her old friend Frank sort things out?

  • S01E21 Lover's Lane Killing

    • February 14, 1958
    • NBC

    A well-dressed young woman rushes into her well-appointed home and tells her father that the young man she was out with and parked with in Lover's Lane has been killed by someone. The father calls the police to investigate and Frank must get to the bottom of her story.

  • S01E22 The Frightened Wife

    • February 21, 1958
    • NBC

    Norman Wicklow's aunt visits the state's attorney to complain that they haven't located her missing nephew and to suggest he may be dead at the hand's of his wife. No body has turned up, but Frank is assigned to look into the matter.

  • S01E23 The Black Mermaid

    • February 28, 1958
    • NBC

    Trying to break up a payroll holdup outfit, Frank goes undercover.

  • S01E24 The Man in Hiding

    • March 7, 1958
    • NBC

    A nicely dressed man hitches a ride with a man on his way to take up a post at an exclusive Chicago boys' school. The hitch-hiker has just been released from prison and is the black sheep of a distinguished family. He kills the driver and takes his place, later using the school as a cover for robbing banks. Can Frank join up all the clues to unmask him?

  • S01E25 Chicago Bluebeard

    • March 14, 1958
    • NBC

    A man known as 'Mr Kenny' is marrying and killing middle-aged women for their money. When Frank investigates he finds his old teacher may be the next victim. Can he save her?

  • S01E26 Girl Lost

    • March 21, 1958
    • NBC

    Laura Canvey is home when a 'friend' of her husband, Ricky, arrives fresh out of prison with the news of his death. Now he wants the $250,000 he says she has. She flees, is injured and has amnesia. Does she have the money? Frank tries to figure it out.

  • S01E27 Hideout

    • March 28, 1958
    • NBC

    Two bank robbers ditch their car in an empty garage and force the widow living in the house to shelter them. Luckily her young daughter manages to help Frank when he talks his way into the house as the widow's boyfriend.

  • S01E28 Shot in the Dark

    • April 4, 1958
    • NBC

    A sniper is shooting and wounding Chicagoans. Can he be stopped before he kills?

  • S01E29 The Twenty-Six Girl

    • April 11, 1958
    • NBC

    Ex-con Eddie takes his wife, Marsha, to view a secluded acre he wants to buy and build on. Shots ring out and she staggers out dead. Weeks later, Marsha's sister goes to the police as the couple haven't been heard from. What happened to them? Frank examines the possibilities.

  • S01E30 The Fight

    • April 18, 1958
    • NBC

    Eddie Loder (Charles Bronson) is climbing up the fight ladder, but someone is trying to kill him. Frank investigates.

  • S01E31 Guilty Alibi

    • April 25, 1958
    • NBC

    A woman is badly injured when a car hits her and flees the scene. Vincent Hurd turns himself in, but the injured woman says a woman was driving and the eye witnesses are uncertain. Frank has to break the case.

  • S01E32 The Healer

    • May 2, 1958
    • NBC

    Ellen Carter puts on her fur coat, puts a revolver in her pocket and phones her father to demand he stop following her. He agrees, but visits the police to share his worries that his daughter is unstable. She has stopped seeing her therapist and is seeing a man who claims to offer a cure through talk. As she becomes more unstable, Frank ties to trace her movements. Will she make good her threats of violence?

  • S01E33 Day of Terror

    • May 9, 1958
    • NBC

    Helen Grayvale has just adopted a baby, and is shocked when a young woman turns up saying she is the baby's mother and she wants to revoke the adoption. Her husband is away so she goes to his old friend, Frank Ballinger, for advice. He looks into the private adoption and uncovers some irregularities. Who will end up with the baby?

  • S01E34 The $20 Plates

    • May 16, 1958
    • NBC

    Counterfeit $20s are turning up, so Frank helps the feds investigate. He's not the only one looking for the counterfeit plates.

  • S01E35 The Case of the Double Face

    • May 23, 1958
    • NBC

    A burglary investigation turns on laundry marks.

  • S01E36 The System

    • May 30, 1958
    • NBC

    There's a high-class gambling outfit moving around the city. One of their customers, angry because they are using loaded dice, complains to the police. Frank tries to get a local entertainer (Rose Marie) to tell him where the game is, but she refuses. Can he figure out where the gaming is going on?

  • S01E37 The Woman from Paris

    • June 6, 1958
    • NBC

    A woman who has just arrived from Paris is killed in a hotel room and it is made to look like suicide. She has no documents, so her identity must be determined. The trail leads to a leading citizen and his new French wife who claim not to know the woman. It seems there may be blackmail involved.

  • S01E38 Accusation

    • June 13, 1958
    • NBC

    An old man is dozing in his wheelchair. His chauffeur enters, pushes him towards the gas fire and turns on the gas. There is a suicide note, but something doesn't seem right and the deceased had been influential in the city. It is a locked room mystery. The young wife is suspected, particularly after the maid accuses her of being involved with the chauffeur. Can Frank uncover the truth?

Season 2

  • S02E01 More Deadly

    • September 19, 1958
    • NBC

    At a currency exchange/check cashing place, a man and a woman are arguing. She (Ruta Lee) needs money to cover her gambling debts, but her boss tells her to get lost. When a man comes in to cash a check she shoots him and her boss. She tells the police the check-casher held them up, shot her boss, then she shot him in self defense. As there have been a bunch of holdups recently, Frank notices some inconsistencies and looks more deeply.

  • S02E02 Dead or Alive

    • September 26, 1958
    • NBC

    Two young men hold up a bar, shooting one customer and the bartender. This isn't their first robbery and they seem to be doing it for the thrill. Frank is on their trail, but his job is made difficult by a young woman reporter.

  • S02E03 The Missing Claimant

    • October 3, 1958
    • NBC

    Ken Darrow, a construction worker, had come to Chicago after he was told he might be heir to a fortune, then disappeared. His wife asks Frank to investigate.

  • S02E04 The Refugee

    • October 10, 1958
    • NBC

    In a Hungarian restaurant a musician is threatened by someone collecting protection. They damage his hand, making it hard to play his instrument. He and his sister are refugees from Hungary. They are confused as they didn't expect this problem in America. Frank goes undercover to find out who is behind this racket.

  • S02E05 The Trap

    • October 24, 1958
    • NBC

    A young man, Danny, enters a pawnshop and is looking around when the proprietor enters with a gun. He accuses the lad of wanting to rob the shop, but Danny says he just wanted to buy a ring for his girlfriend. While the pawnbroker is trying to phone the police, Danny tries to wrestle the gun out of his hands. The gun fires and the pawnbroker falls to the ground. The next day the pawnbroker calls the police to say he was mistaken about the boy, but that he needs to be found as he may believe he killed him. Frank goes looking for Danny and discovers hits real problem is his mother, a career woman.

  • S02E06 Force of Habit

    • October 31, 1958
    • NBC

    The Burden Company has just burned to the ground. When Val Moonie and his wife see the news on TV, she realises her brother had just taken a job there and has probably died. Val sees this as an opportunity to disappear, so Rose identifies the body as her husband. She feels guilty for lying to her sister-in-law, who can't figure out why her husband has vanished. When a local robbery takes place with Val's MO Frank's suspicions are raised.

  • S02E07 The Phantom Raiders

    • November 7, 1958
    • NBC

    A motorcycle team is robbing service stations. Dubbed the phantom raiders, they are eluding arrest. Frank has an idea how to find them. Will he succeed?

  • S02E08 The Merits of the Case

    • November 14, 1958
    • NBC

    An attorney is at home in his library practicing his speech to a jury when he is shot dead. Frank is thrown the case.

  • S02E09 The Big Kill

    • November 21, 1958
    • NBC

    During a holdup, teller Carolyn Wilton is killed. She'd been dating a new guy, Luke Porter, and Frank thinks there may be a connection. He walks with a limp so wasn't involved with the robbery, but he has a record. Frank wants to make the case for murder.

  • S02E10 The Sitters

    • November 28, 1958
    • NBC

    Gambling is illegal in Chicago, so bookies have been 'sitting' in people's homes and using their personal phones to take bets. Most people don't understand that this is illegal and that they won't be able to stop. When gamblers start getting beaten up and a woman is killed for trying to evict her sitter, Frank goes to work.

  • S02E11 The Executioner

    • December 5, 1958
    • NBC

    A waiter and his wife are stopped by a motorcycle cop, who orders the man out of the car. When he refuses, the cop takes off, and the couple file a complaint. Frank finds out the motorcycle cop was a fake. He's a contract killer from the East, but why is there a contract out on a waiter?

  • S02E12 The Widows

    • December 12, 1958
    • NBC

    A bunch of working men have been murdered lately, but there is no pattern. Frank realizes that most of them have left widows who have moved on pretty quickly. What's the racket?

  • S02E13 Contraband

    • December 19, 1958
    • NBC

    Someone is using imported sports cars to smuggle narcotics.

  • S02E14 Prescription for Murder

    • December 26, 1958
    • NBC

    Frank's old pal Marty Bledsoe has a tip which will help put Lucky Martello away, but he is gunned down. He survives and Frank begs Dr Stefan Renzig to operate. When Martello hears this, he has Renzig's wife kidnapped and threatens to kill her if he operates. Frank must figure out where she's being held.

  • S02E15 The Teacher (aka Trade School)

    • January 2, 1959
    • NBC

    At James Madison Trade School, a gang of boys led by Nick Sharples (Tom Laughlin) accuse Pete (Burt Reynolds) of currying favor with the teacher and beating up a boy who rejects them. Principal Ralph Schneider has faith in his ability to reform the boys, but the gang kills him. Can Frank catch the guilty?

  • S02E16 The Third Shadow

    • January 9, 1959
    • NBC

    A factory is robbed by two men--or is it three? The cops are praised at first, but then the owner says there is $20,000 missing. Frank goes in search of the mysterious third man.

  • S02E17 One Man's Life

    • January 23, 1959
    • NBC

    Walter Novotny and Ralph have neighboring haberdasheries. On New Year's Eve, Walter tries to make amends with Ralph, who refuses his offer. Later that evening Ralph is murdered by a protection gang. Eighteen months later Frank is at a retirement party. The retiring cop has something on his conscience. He put Walter in the death house, but doubts hits guilt. Frank has forty eight hours to save Walter from the chair. Can he get the eye witness to recant?

  • S02E18 The Jumper

    • January 30, 1959
    • NBC

    Two men are waiting on the street. One opens a police phone box and says to send a car to pick up Ernie Vogel on a parole violation. He then stands back and waits for the street cop, Callahan, to make a call. Callahan says hello to the man, Simmons, who then shoots him. An APB is issued looking for Vogel. When he's caught he rushes to the roof, saying he's been framed. Frank promises to look into it. He goes to talk to Callahan's daughter to see if her father might have been working on a case. Meanwhile, the media is covering the man on the ledge.

  • S02E19 The Last Act

    • February 6, 1959
    • NBC

    Miss Laura Dennis, an actress, chats to her friend Jerry before going to her dressing room to call her boyfriend, Sam, who owns the theatre. Jerry lets a man in the side door. The man then pretends to mug Jerry and threatens to throw acid in Laura's face if she doesn't leave Chicago. Laura refuses to go, but Sam wants to close the show. Frank says he thinks that would be premature. Meanwhile, the mugger puts pressure on Jerry, who wants the theatre for part of a property deal.

  • S02E20 Mugger Murder

    • February 13, 1959
    • NBC

    Two men leave a bar, one after the other. Joe Garcia had a record for mugging, but Hummel lures him down an alley, then tells the beat cop he has killed him because he had been attacked. At the coroner's inquest, Frank recognizes Hummel because he'd accidentally killed a mugger a year or two earlier. When Garcia's girlfriend complains no one is investigating, he decides to look into it.

  • S02E21 The Star Witness

    • February 20, 1959
    • NBC

    At an upscale nightclub on a snowy winter night, Mary Graymore witnesses the assassination of Lou Petty, right-hand man of gangster Al Sampson. Mary seems to be enjoying her fame, but isn't very helpful. Frank is suspicious of Mary's motives and suspects Sampson's behind the murder. Can he break the case?

  • S02E22 The Take Over

    • February 27, 1959
    • NBC

    Three shady men walk into the Bongo Club. They tell the supper club's proprietor, Mollie Patrick, that she won't be allowed to open as she has declined their 'services.' She's an old acquaintance of Frank's, so he looks into this protection racket. Then an old style gang war breaks out.

  • S02E23 Voluntary Surrender

    • March 6, 1959
    • NBC

    Two men are pressing reclusive heiress Sarah Thurston to reveal where the safe is and open it. She hadn't been out in public since 1909,but these men murder her. At the same time Harry Frost comes to Frank with his mother to turn himself in. After booking him, Frank heads to North Shore Drive to help on the Thurston case. Is there a connection?

  • S02E24 Death Threat

    • March 13, 1959
    • NBC

    Frank and the Captain are at a restaurant. Frank is waiting on the street when someone tries to shoot him. He starts to work through a list of possible suspects. They think it might be Stevens who had claimed Frank has framed him. Stevens says he's going straight, but the other people who testified against him have gotten some death threats. Then one of them is killed. Frank still thinks it's Stevens, but he has an alibi. He was at a church event.

  • S02E25 The Harpies

    • March 20, 1959
    • NBC

    Businessman Lloyd Weldon had been murdered in a part of town he shouldn't been in. His widow is the friend of the Captain's wife. And there was a long red hair on his suit and his widow was a brunette. Frank takes the case. It might be Carla Kinross, an old girlfriend, but there's also been a rash of attacks on men in the neighborhood, which leads Frank to a woman Excon whose daughter has a grudge against society for imprisoning her parents.

  • S02E26 Ghost Town

    • March 27, 1959
    • NBC

    A cabby pulls over and meets a man who takes a suitcase from him. It falls open and reveals $100,000. A car pulls up and the man.is shot. The cabby says he was paid to fetch the suitcase, but knows no more. It emerges that it was ransome money. But with the kidnapper dead how will they find the missing girl? Frank leads the search. She's in the basement of a building in a neighborhood which is being demolished. Will they reach her before the wrecking ball does?

  • S02E27 The Vanishing Lady

    • April 3, 1959
    • NBC

    Two cars speed down a lonely road. One forces the other to stop. A couple are forced out. While the man is robbed, the woman runs away. The man is killed, but the woman is missing. Who is she and how does she fit in? There have been a series of robberies and Frank wonders if this is part of a pattern.

  • S02E28 The Crush Out

    • April 10, 1959
    • NBC

    Larry Barker is doing ten years for racketeering. His wife has complained Larry is being brutalized. Frank attends a hearing at the prison where a grandstanding politician is also visiting. Captain Gray arrives with a former con who is about to leave the country, but who they suspect is smuggling contraband into the prison and orders for Barker's mob outside. Barker makes a break taking the senator hostage. Will Frank be able to help the warden foil his escape?

  • S02E29 The Fire Makers

    • April 17, 1959
    • NBC

    There's been a rash of fires plaguing Chicago, generally arson to claim insurance. Two brothers are shown setting a factory fire (James Coburn and Leonard Nimoy). The younger brother (Nimoy) kills the night watchman, angering his sibling as no one was supposed to get hurt. Frank investigates, driven by pity for the widow of the night watchman and looks for the arsonists in a local folk club.

  • S02E30 The Terror on Dark Street

    • April 24, 1959
    • NBC

    Thomas Bonsell's neighbor heard an argument going on in Bonsell's apartment and now Bonsell has disappeared. The Dark Street area had recently been the site of several disappearances and Frank is called in to work the case. Meanwhile, a cabdriver has spotted a stolen taxi next to the Whitehill Cemetery. After he leaves a man takes a body out of the car and heads into the burial ground. Are the two related?

  • S02E31 Robber's Roost

    • May 1, 1959
    • NBC

    Jimmy reluctantly agrees to deliver a package for 'Joe,' under threat. Frank is looking into a robbery a month earlier where the thieves got away with $50,000 in bonds. On the stakeout, Frank catches Jimmy, but he claims he doesn't know anything. Under pressure, he reveals details of 'Joe', really a career criminal called Flay. Now it's time for Frank to check out what Jimmy said.

  • S02E32 The Baited Hook

    • May 8, 1959
    • NBC

    Carol Willis and her father are walking her dog one evening when they are accosted by a man called Tooley. He shoots the dog and says 'one down and two to go'. What does Tooley want and why is Mr Willis denying that he knows the man?

  • S02E33 Model in the Lake

    • May 15, 1959
    • NBC

    Shelly, a model, is cleaning up after a photo session, when a man she's been blackmailing turns up. He drowns her in the sink, but her body turns up in Lake Michigan. The coroner quickly spots she had soap in her lungs. Her modelling agency isn't very helpful, but gives Frank some information. He's aided by an eager young chap who knew her.

  • S02E34 The Outsider

    • May 22, 1959
    • NBC

    Ellen Benton is on the way out for dinner when she senses she is going into a diabetic coma. She calls the emergency number and her doctor finds her insulin has been tampered with. Who is trying to kill her?

  • S02E35 High School Bride

    • May 29, 1959
    • NBC

    A young couple quarrels. He wants a divorce; she doesn't. She goes into her bedroom then stumbles out and collapses while he answers the phone. He then reports her as missing and Frank is assigned the case.

  • S02E36 The Dangerous Game

    • June 5, 1959
    • NBC

    Helene Victor is trying on a fur at a fur salon where the proprietor has ordered dinner for them from a French restaurant across the street. Two men force their way in after the waiter who sees one of their faces and is shot. Everything is taken. Is this an insurance scam or a real holdup?

  • S02E37 Decoy in White

    • June 12, 1959
    • NBC

    In a factory, an accountant counting money notices two bills have the same serial number. He tells the president and a federal agent, who thanks the teller and says if he finds any more to notify him. When the teller leaves it becomes clear that the man is not a federal agent, but a someone who brings money to the bank president for laundering. The businessman demands a bigger percentage of the profits. Later that night he is killed and the murder is assigned to Frank. The man's wife says he was a gambler and there is more to the case than a simple robbery homicide.

  • S02E38 Mr. Grim's Rabbits

    • June 19, 1959
    • NBC

    Outside the Great Lakes Navigation Company a watchman sees a sailor carrying a package he claims is laundry. A minute later the sailor meets a man who greets him with the question 'Mr. Grim? ' To which he replies, 'Mr Grim's rabbits.' The man offers him $100, but when he demands more, he shoots him, runs away and ditches the package. Frank is called to the scene. When the body goes to the morgue an attendant hides the package with another corpse who is a John Doe. Meanwhile, importer R. Franklyn Matson III has a visit from a woman who expects him to deliver the package and who has $5000 for him. She thinks he has double crossed her, so she shoots him. Can Frank unravel what is going on?

  • S02E39 Platter Pirates

    • June 26, 1959
    • NBC

    At The Music Tent a promotion is going on where singers are doing lots of blues songs. it is being broadcast live on the radio. The DJ, Sy Mitchell, says tomorrow night he's doing a story on racketeering. The club manager objects, but the Sy ignores him. When he leaves the club he is shot down. No-one knows what his big scoop was to be, but Frank is determined to find out.

  • S02E40 Death Is a Clock

    • July 3, 1959
    • NBC

    Danzig is on death row scheduled for execution tomorrow. His wife, Loretta, still believes he's innocent, so Frank agrees to look into it. He starts by visiting the prison psychiatrist. Meanwhile, she visits her brother-in-law, Jerry, who refuses to lend her a gun. She takes it anyway. Jerry tells Frank, who returns to the prison to see if Danzig's amnesia had lifted.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Ten Minutes to Doomsday

    • September 18, 1959
    • NBC

    A man is setting the timer on a homemade bomb in the family garage, while his wife pounds on the door. He leaves and she rings the police to alert them to the possibility that he might have made a bomb. Jonas Blacker had been in prison for embezzlement and is very bitter. The bomb squad confirms he has probably built a bomb, so they begin to examine where he might have gone. Mrs Blacker then remembered it is the anniversary of Jonah's sentencing and he blamed the judge. Unfortunately, the judge is in the hospital for an operation and they fear the hospital is now in danger. Can Frank get Blacker to tell him where he planted the explosive?

  • S03E02 The European Plan

    • September 25, 1959
    • NBC

    A man drives up to a house and goes in. He walks through several formal rooms before ending up in an office where he goes through the desk. An older woman, Mrs Ashton, comes down the elegant stairway and confronts the burglar. He kills her and a younger woman, Elsa, sees everything from the top of the stairs. The murdered woman's husband is surprised to find money in the desk had been stolen. Elsa is a Norwegian who works for the family while studying at a local university. She can't offer much help, then $500 is found in her pillowcase. Elsa says the victim had given her the money so she could bring her brother to America. Frank believes Elsa, but Gray wants to prosecute.

  • S03E03 Sunday Punch

    • October 2, 1959
    • NBC

    A couple, the Franklins, arrive after a long journey, at his parents' home. They leave their sleeping son in the car while they go in to say they've arrived. Inside there is chaos and both Mr Franklin's parents are dead along with the dog. The son is distraught and accuses a neighbor of the murders because he hates the dog. The neighbor, Whitaker, said he heard nothing, but that they had had visitors the night before. He remembered a picture of a tiger on their car's bumper. Frank starts to investigate, starting with a mysterious empty envelope.

  • S03E04 Jeopardy by Fire

    • October 9, 1959
    • NBC

    A man runs out of a burning factory and throws himself into a puddle. He is the latest victim of a rash of factory fires set by arsonists. Frank begins to make the rounds of known arsonists. An ex con who's now a photographer has the right chemicals, but also an alibi.

  • S03E05 Murder in C-Sharp Minor

    • October 16, 1959
    • NBC

    Barney is trying to get his saxophone out of hoc, but doesn't have the $50 he needs. He kills the man who has the sax, but the waiter who finds the body is blamed. He was told he was fired when he refused to pad customer's bills. At first he walked out, but found the body when he returned to ask to keep his job. Frank thinks the waiter is guilty, but the murder weapon seems an odd one for a waiter so he starts looking for saxophone players.

  • S03E06 The Human Bond

    • October 23, 1959
    • NBC

    Pat Wilson meets a bail bondsman, Paul Michaels, in an alley, knocks him out in order to get murderer Carty out. Frank is livid and doesn't know the bondsman is being held hostage. Paul's girlfriend is suspicious and goes to see Frank. He decides to investigate.

  • S03E07 Mama's Boy

    • October 30, 1959
    • NBC

    A man walks into a hotel lobby, takes a gun out of his briefcase, and shoots the desk clerk. The gun had a silencer which suggests a professional hit. The man was new to the job and the house detective got off a couple of shots, but is not sure of what he saw. The gun traces back to a known felon, but more information is needed. Finally the house detective recognizes the gunman and Frank starts to look deeper into the murdered man.

  • S03E08 Shred of Doubt

    • November 6, 1959
    • NBC

    A man is talking to a girl who is bound and gagged in the back seat of a car, saying although he loved her he has no choice. He then pushes the car off a precipice after setting it on fire. Frank is called onto the case. First they have to identify the body, but the car belongs to a wealthy lawyer. Did his butler do it?

  • S03E09 Death by Adoption

    • November 20, 1959
    • NBC

    Brunswick confronts Mr Coleman at his office at a used car lot, demanding more money or he'll expose the truth that Coleman's daughter isn't really his. But Coleman had had Brunswick investigated and knows the real Brunswick is dead. Coleman is shot and killed. Frank investigates.

  • S03E10 Another Face, Another Life

    • November 27, 1959
    • NBC

    At the Midtown Theater, a poster declares "The New Sensation Rick Cummings Sings This Week," but up above two men are fighting. One, Rick Cummings, threatens to kill the other, a publicity agent called Brad Morgan. Frank thinks it may be related to a blackmail ring.

  • S03E11 Voice from the Grave

    • December 4, 1959
    • NBC

    A man, head of a trucking company, is loading suitcases into a station wagon while a man observes from the bushes. The man enters the house and reassures his wife that his testimony in Washington is necessary and that he is safe. Unfortunately, the man in the bushes has placed a package in the car that explodes on the way to the airport. His sister-in-law says they've had lots of trouble for the company lately and his wife volunteers to testify in her husband's stead. Frank must protect the widow as he searches for the killer and confronts the company's greatest rival.

  • S03E12 The Upset

    • December 11, 1959
    • NBC

    A violent handcuffed man is brought into the squad room. Sutton is questioned about a murder, but will say nothing. While one of the rookie detectives is ringing home to let his wife know he'll be late, Sutton grabs his gun and holds the rookie and Frank hostage. Realizing he can't escape, he calls his brother and tells him to take the rookie's wife and children hostage. Luckily, Captain Gray is listening to what is going on.

  • S03E13 One of Our Armored Cars Is Missing

    • December 18, 1959
    • NBC

    A woman is driving a vending machine van and pulls into Allied Electronics ahead of an armored truck. She banters with the guard at the front gate then drives on. A man gets out of her van dressed like the armored truck guard. He knocks out the driver and guard and drives off. The head of the armored car company figures there might have been $200,000 in it. Frank leads the search.

  • S03E14 The Ivy League Bank Robbers

    • December 25, 1959
    • NBC

    In a bank which in being remodeled, the guard opens the door for two welders. They are actually disguised robbers who easily escape with the money. The robbers are college students and two of them feel guilty about a mother and baby who were hurt as they escaped. They send money anonymously, which makes Frank think these are not professional criminals. Could it be an inside job?

  • S03E15 The Twisted Way

    • January 1, 1960
    • NBC

    Jake Lusard, a former lieutenant of Al Capone and ex con now turned restauranteur is shot down as he returns home one night. The only witness is his neighbor, Fred Kyoto, who identifies the killer, Sandy Malone, a rival who is trying to control liquor distribution in Chicago. Frank thinks this is too easy. Malone denies any involvement and offers an alibi. He was with the actress Tammy Worth which surprises Frank as she seems too nice. She confirms his alibi. The captain decided to take Kyoto to the ballgame to see if he can pick Malone out in the crowd. Tammy's agent reveals her late husband was a crook and Fred correctly identifies Malone. Frank confronts her with what he has found out and she breaks down as her child is being used to force her to mislead the police. Had she sent Frank into a trap?

  • S03E16 The Man Who Went Straight

    • January 8, 1960
    • NBC

    Excon Johnny Clavell has reformed and when his old cronies rough him up and say he must allow them to use his laundry vans to move drugs on the orders of their old boss, he calls Frank. Although suspicious, he finds that Manny Franchette (Clavell's old boss who had been deported) is coming back after plastic surgery. Frank then discovers Clavell had disappeared and Franchette has arrived in the harbour.

  • S03E17 The Second Best Killer

    • January 15, 1960
    • NBC

    Herbie is being interviewed after helping to identify a killer while his mother and fiancee watch on TV. He is murdered on his way home by his best friend, Burt. Frank is on the case. Organized crime is suspected, but Burt is determined to help the police.

  • S03E18 Pitched Battle at Bluebell Acres

    • January 22, 1960
    • NBC

    A night watchman is forced to open an armory from which a bazooka, machine guns and ammo is taken. They then rob a bank killing several people. Frank is on the case. When an innocent cop is blown up by a bazooka, however, his captain goes on a crusade. A shoot-out ensues.

  • S03E19 The Man Who Lost His Brain

    • January 26, 1960
    • NBC

    Madison Electronics has built a computer for the government worth $2 million. While being transported, it is highjacked and a $300,000 ransom is demanded. Can Frank find it?

  • S03E20 Debt of Honor

    • February 2, 1960
    • NBC

    A group of criminals is having a board meeting and voting on whether to 'hit' someone. Most are worried about the current crackdown by the DA (Ralph Matson). Bugsy Page wants to, but everyone else votes no. Bugsy storms out, but one of the men (Joe Engel) heads off to tell the police. Matson insists it isn't worth worrying about. Frank prefers not to take any chances.

  • S03E21 The Man with Frank's Face

    • February 9, 1960
    • NBC

    The captain rushes to a hospital room where a man lies dying. He looks just like Frank and a federal agent says he has been tailing him. Can Frank take his place? Counterfeiters are waiting for some plates but not all goes to plan.

  • S03E22 Burglar's Nightmare

    • February 16, 1960
    • NBC

    During a robbery/burglary an explosion goes wrong and one of the crooks dies. The dead man head a record, but nothing big. However it turns out the explosion didn't kill him immediately and his widow is angry. The gang tells you she has better not betray them. Frank investigates.

  • S03E23 Needle in the Haystack

    • February 23, 1960
    • NBC

    Lanny Cord escapes from a court room and disappears. Ballinger is interested in the case because he's originally arrested Cord and had always sworn to kill Ballinger if he had the opportunity.

  • S03E24 Race to Death

    • March 1, 1960
    • NBC

    British racing car driver Morrison is killed in a local race. The driver's chief mechanic presents evidence to M Squad that indicated the car may have been tampered with before the accident.

  • S03E25 The Velvet Stake-out

    • March 8, 1960
    • NBC

    Conrad Brenner is found dead in an apparent suicide. As Ballinger continues the investigation it becomes evident that he's actually been murdered, when a personal diary can't be found, Ballinger realizes the truth of the case.

  • S03E26 Anything for Joe

    • March 15, 1960
    • NBC

    After a narcotics robbery, Ballinger makes an arrest, but is concerned the collar was too easy. Everything about the arrested person does not seem to add up and Ballinger pushes hard for answers.

  • S03E27 A Kid Up There

    • March 22, 1960
    • NBC

    Frank Ballinger becomes involved in a tense hostage situation, he must restrain his instinct to simply shoot it out because of fears their may be a young child involved.

  • S03E28 Diary of a Bomber

    • March 29, 1960
    • NBC

    Ballinger is on a case involving threats against a visiting prince to Chicago. Mo one is taking the situation too seriously until a little girl accidentally finds the detonating device for a home made bomb.

  • S03E29 Let There Be Light

    • April 5, 1960
    • NBC

    During a robbery one of the criminals is hit in the eye and blinded. Ballinger has a fair idea who is behind the crime. Urgency increases when news comes through an eye specialist has been kidnapped.

  • S03E30 A Gun for Mother's Day

    • April 12, 1960
    • NBC

    Lieutenant Ballinger works to solve a series of armed holdups as a means toward the capture of shotgun-wielding Ma Phelan, who murdered a detective while helping her son Pete escape from police custody.

  • S03E31 The Man with the Ice

    • April 19, 1960
    • NBC

    Ballinger is working a jewelry theft when he becomes convinced one of thieves is a clean skin amateur. He realizes by putting pressure on this individual he has a chance to crack the entire racket open.

  • S03E32 Dead Parrots Don't Talk

    • May 3, 1960
    • NBC

    A penny arcade owner is robbed and murdered. Suspision falls on a local peddler. But Ballinger thinks there is more to this case than anyone is admitting.

  • S03E33 Grenade for a Summer Evening

    • May 10, 1960
    • NBC

    A man is killed while sleeping Ballinger begins to investigate and discovers very different opinions about the dead man's character exist.

  • S03E34 Two Days for Willy

    • May 17, 1960
    • NBC

    Willy Nichols is due to testify in a narcotics investigation, although under police protection he receives a threatening phone call and suddenly disappears. Ballinger must find Nichols to save the case.

  • S03E35 Badge for a Coward

    • May 24, 1960
    • NBC

    Accompanied by a female reporter, Lieutenant Ballinger investigates an elderly woman's charge that the man who robbed her store and killed a police officer was able to escape as a direct result of Officer George Maxwell's cowardice.

  • S03E36 Closed Season

    • May 31, 1960
    • NBC

    Sonny Bradley is charged with murder. Ballinger begins to investigate and quickly realizes something is not right about the statements from the witnesses, and starts see a much bigger game being played.

  • S03E37 Fire in the Sky

    • June 7, 1960
    • NBC

    A plane is blown up killing ten people. Evidence begins to indicate that it wasn't an accident. Ballinger begins to follow the trail and starts to discover a complicated insurance scam in action.

  • S03E38 The Tiger's Cage

    • June 14, 1960
    • NBC

    A bookkeeper is robbed and murdered at a circus. A clown named Laslo is identified as the killer. Ballinger and the rest of M squad have to deal with how Laslo could have committed the crime while performing in front of 5000 people in the main tent.

  • S03E39 The Bad Apple

    • June 21, 1960
    • NBC

    Ballinger and M squad are called in to investigate a diamond robbery. All the evidence points to an inside job. M squad have the tough task of working out who was the inside connection.