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Season 1

  • S01E01 Heera is upset about her marriage

    • September 10, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Tulsidas is furious when Raju informs him that India has lost in the cricket match. An upset Tulsidas refuses to listen to Praful when he tries to talk to him. Later, Jayshree instigates him against Hansa. Meanwhile, Heera is unhappy about Tulsidas’s decision to get her and Mira married.

  • S01E02 Heera locks herself in bathroom

    • September 17, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Bhavesh comes home to see Heera, but she locks herself inside the bathroom and refuses to come out. Later, when Jayshree informs Tulsidas about Heera’s odd behaviour, he decides to get Mira married to Bhavesh, instead of Heera.

  • S01E03 Bhavesh agrees to marry Mira

    • September 24, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Bhavesh comes home to see Heera, but she locks herself inside the bathroom and refuses to come out. Later, when Jayshree informs Tulsidas about Heera’s odd behaviour, he decides to get Mira married to Bhavesh, instead of Heera.

  • S01E04 Bhavesh's shagun ceremony

    • October 1, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    When Bhavesh arrives at Tulsidas’ house for the Shagun ceremony, the latter asks him about the dowry requirement. However, it angers Bhavesh. He also gets irritated with Praful’s behaviour. The family members discuss the preparations for Mira’s wedding.

  • S01E05 The family supports Jayshree

    • October 8, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Praful forgets to mention the address in the wedding card and gets rebuked by Tulsidas. Later, when Godavari forbids Jayshree from applying mehendi because she is a widow, the family members retaliate and decide not to apply mehendi on their hands.

  • S01E06 Bhavesh faints at the wedding

    • October 15, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekhs argue for Jayshree’s rights and Tulsidas permits her to apply mehendi. Later, when the groom’s procession arrives, Tulsidas and Praful greet them. However, Bhavesh falls down unconscious.

  • S01E07 Tulsidas misunderstands Jayshree

    • October 22, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    After Mira’s wedding, Tulsidas gets nostalgic recollecting her childhood. Jayshree and Hansa have a misunderstanding. Tulsidas gets annoyed and he scolds Jayashree. This hurts Jayashree and she leaves the house for her parents' home.

  • S01E08 Jayshree returns home

    • October 29, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    The family is delighted when Jayshree returns home. Tulisdas apologises to Jayshree for misunderstanding her. Meanwhile, a ceiling fan falls on Tiwariben and she gets hurt. Assuming that Tiwariben has died, Praful arranges for her funeral. However, Tiwariben regains consciousness.

  • S01E09 Melissa comes home as the tutor

    • November 5, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree tells Tulsidas about the need to appoint a tuition teacher. However, he gets angry when she informs him that Melissa has volunteered to tutor them. Later, the family convince him to appoint Melissa as the tutor. Raju asks Melissa to put across their marriage plans to Tulsidas.

  • S01E10 Raju's marriage is not a secret

    • November 12, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    When the priest informs the family about Raju’s marriage plans, Tulsidas is angry. However, Hansa and Jayshree gossip about Raju's plans for a love marriage. Later, Jayshree tries to convince Tulsidas that Raju doesn’t want an arranged marriage. Can she change his mind?

  • S01E11 Tuslidas asks Melissa to leave

    • November 19, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Tulsidas and Jayshree inform Raju that they have fixed his wedding. However, he tells them that he loves Melissa. Later, Jayshree assures Raju that she will convince Tulsidas to accept Melissa. However, she instigates Tulsidas against Raju. A furious Tulsidas asks Melissa to leave the house.

  • S01E12 Peter tries to kill Tulsidas

    • November 26, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree conspires against Tulsidas. Peter, in the meantime, tries to kill Tulsidas for expelling Melissa from the house. Tulsidas informs Tiwariben about Raju’s relationship with Melissa. Later, Raju threatens to commit suicide if Tulsidas stops him from marrying Melissa.

  • S01E13 Tiwariben visits Melissa's home

    • December 3, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    When Raju locks himself in the kitchen and threatens to commit suicide, Chakki mimics Melissa’s voice so that he will come out. Later, he argues with Tulsidas and declares that he will only marry Melissa. Meanwhile, Tiwariben decides to meet Melissa’s parents.

  • S01E14 Tiwariben supports Raju

    • December 10, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Tiwariben decides to support Raju’s marriage plans. However, Tulsidas decides to separate them. He puts forth a few conditions for the marriage. Melissa gets irritated when Tulsidas asks her to change her religion in order to marry Raju.

  • S01E15 Raju accuses Jayshree

    • December 17, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree and Hansa think that they will be able to divide the property if Tulsidas gets imprisoned for killing Mellisa. Meanwhile, Raju blames Jayshree for her husband’s death, but apologises later. Jayshree decides to convince Tulsidas about Raju and Melissa’s marriage.

  • S01E16 Tulsidas realises his mistake

    • December 24, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree confronts Tulsidas about the condition he put forth for the wedding. She argues that if he cannot adjust with the slightest alteration in his daily routine, he has no right to expect Melissa to change her religion. Tulsidas realises his mistake and accepts Melissa as his daughter-in-law.

  • S01E17 Raju marries Melissa

    • December 31, 2002
    • STAR Plus

    Bhavesh and Praful tease Raju when he gets nervous about his wedding. Later, Raju marries Melissa. During the Graha Pravesh, Melissa kicks the Kalash and finds that it is stuck to the ground.

  • S01E18 Jacky and Chakki go missing

    • January 7, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree finds that Jacky and Chakki are missing from the house. Later, Praful finds Jacky performing mimicry in front of a crowd while Chakki collects money from the onlookers. When they are brought home, the children reveal that they wanted the money to give Raju and Melissa a surprise party.

  • S01E19 Tulsidas agrees to dance

    • January 14, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree pretends to be sick and convinces Tulsidas to dance with the kids for a competition. Tulsidas and the kids begin to practice. Meanwhile, a thief enters the kitchen and Tulsidas hurts his leg while chasing him. Despite the pain, he decides to take part in the competition.

  • S01E20 The dance competition

    • January 21, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    After the dance performance, Tulsidas falls down. Meanwhile, Tulsidas, Jacky and Chakki are announced as the winners and are gifted an apartment. However, Chakki and Jacky request Tulsidas to give away the prize to the second prize winners as they are homeless. Will he give it to them?

  • S01E21 The family goes on hunger strike

    • January 28, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    When Hansa is asked to cook for the family, she pretends to have a leg cramp. Later Jayashree sees her dancing with Praful. The family decides to go on a hunger strike until Hansa cooks a meal. However, Hansa brings food from a restaurant.

  • S01E22 Praful tries to impress Tulsidas

    • February 4, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Tulsidas appreciates Raju when his photo gets published in the newspaper. He insults Praful for his foolishness. Aggrieved, Hansa asks Praful to do something to get his picture in the newspaper. Praful tells Tulsidas that he will be addressing his office’s annual day celebration.

  • S01E23 Jayshree fails to create a rift

    • February 11, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Melissa learns that Praful and Hansa have never fought with each other. With just a week away from their twelfth anniversary, Jayshree vows to Melissa that she will make the couple fight. Jayshree tries to create misunderstandings between them, but fails.

  • S01E24 Tulsidas decides to help the kids

    • February 18, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    The cable connections gets cut as Praful pays the laundry bill instead of the cable TV bill. Jacky and Chakki are worried as their parents had planned to watch an award ceremony. When they tell Tulsidas, he decides to help them and sends the family for an outing.

  • S01E25 Melissa and the kids hatch a plan

    • February 25, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Chakki and Jacky trigger a conflict between Hansa and Jayshree. The two wives try to outsmart each other, but fail in their attempts. With Melissa’s help, the children hatch a plan. Can they solve the problems between Hansa and Jayshree?

  • S01E26 Jacky learns a lesson

    • March 4, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Chakki and Jacky inform Jayshree that they have invited a friend, Rohan, to the house. Rohan comes along with his aunt, Shweta, a television actress. Jacky feels that his mother is inferior to Shweta. However, Jayshree and Shweta make him realise that every profession has its importance.

  • S01E27 Jacky has a weird dream

    • March 11, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    When Jacky wishes to become an adult, a miracle occurs. However, when the Parekh family finds Jacky missing, they presume that the new Jacky kidnapped their child. They call up the police and get him arrested. Finally, Jacky wakes up from his sleep and realises it was a dream.

  • S01E28 Parekhs celebrate holi

    • March 18, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Melissa is scared to celebrate holi and decides to leave for her maternal home. Praful foils Jacky’s attempt to stop her. Tulsidas pretends to suffer from a heart attack and tells that he wishes to see everyone in the family celebrating Holi. Will Melissa join the celebration?

  • S01E29 Confusion in the family

    • March 25, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Tulsidas invites a saint to make Praful wiser. The saint tells a magic script, which can swap two souls. Jacky decides to use it on his teacher, but by mistake, swaps the souls of Tulsidas and Hansa. Jacky once again reads it wrong, and ends up swapping everyone’s souls.

  • S01E30 Jacky plays a prank

    • April 1, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree asks Tulsidas to take care of Jacky as she is leaving for her uncle’s house. However, Jacky gets injured while playing and loses his memory. Tulsidas gets scared to face Jayshree. Later, Jacky reveals to Jayshree that he played a prank as it was April Fools’ Day.

  • S01E31 Parents-students day

    • April 8, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jacky and Chakki vow to win a competition on parents-students day. The Parekh family prepares a scene from the Mahabharat. However, Praful creates confusions and the play becomes comical. Nevertheless, the audience appreciates the play. But can they emerge winners?

  • S01E32 The Parekhs plan a trip

    • April 15, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekh family plans a trip to a resort. However, the vehicle stops in the middle of a forest as the fuel runs out. Meanwhile, a thief robs Tulsidas and Bhavesh’s clothes and ties them to a tree. Later, Chakkki gets lost in the forest.

  • S01E33 A stranger saves Chakki

    • April 22, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Chakki meets a stranger in the forest. When the Parekhs reach the resort, they realise that Chakki is missing. Raju goes in search of her, but fails to find her. Later, they spot Chakki with the stranger and assume that he is a kidnapper.

  • S01E34 Jayshree apologises to Jacky

    • April 29, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree pressurises Jacky to study and vows to fast until he tops the class. However, Jacky falls ill. Later, Rekha informs Jayshree that Jacky had slept through the exams. Jayshree realises her mistake and apologises to Jacky. Rekha decides to give Jacky another chance to clear the exams.

  • S01E35 Oshi is turned into a donkey

    • May 6, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Mr. Mehta asks Tulsidas to take care of his nephew Oshi. Oshi asks Praful to call his favourite magician. When the magician arrives, Tulsidas calls him a fool. In anger, the magician turns Oshi into a donkey. How will the Parekhs bring back Oshi?

  • S01E36 Tulsidas 'murders' Jagan

    • May 13, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    While Tulsidas and Jacky play cricket, he sees Jagan and goes to hit him. Meanwhile, Jagan faints. The family thinks that Tulsidas killed Jagan and discuss how to conceal the murder. Later, the police come and arrest Tulsidas. Suddenly, Tulsidas wakes up and realises that it was a dream.

  • S01E37 Chakki's birthday

    • May 20, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree plans to organise a surprise party for Chakki on her birthday and lies to her that Hansa and Praful are planning a trip to Nainital. Upon learning this, Chakki gets angry as she wanted to give a surprise party to Hansa and Praful.

  • S01E38 Paranormal activity

    • May 27, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Raju brings Mayurakshi home. She plans to stay there until her sister’s wedding. Meanwhile, Chakki and Jacky call an innocent spirit to frighten Mayurakshi. Later, they tell her scary ghost stories. Tulsidas, meanwhile, pours paints on Praful, by mistake, and Mayurakshi gets scared.

  • S01E39 Bhavesh starts a new business

    • June 3, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree calls an astrologer to make Bhavesh work. According to the astrologer’s instruction, Bhavesh starts a business. Later, Bhavesh brings home a few clients and Tulsidas becomes happy. However, his happiness is short lived. Find out why.

  • S01E40 Jacky realises the value of money

    • June 10, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree wants Jacky to realise the value of money and decides to take him to Praful’s office. At the office, Praful and Jacky begin to play and an angry Jayshree tells Mr. Mehta about it. He threatens to dismiss Praful if he fails to meet the deadline.

  • S01E41 The teachers go on a strike

    • June 17, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    When Tulsidas and the family reach Chakki and Jacky’s school, they realise that the teachers are on strike and decide to teach the students. However, the students get fed up with their teaching and decide to support the teachers’ strike. Meanwhile, the principal and the staff withdraw the strike.

  • S01E42 Anmol predicts Tulsidas' death

    • June 24, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jacky wants Anmol to predict the future. Anmol foretells that Tulsidas and Praful will quarrel and a member of their family will die. Anmol tells Tulsidas to prepare for death. Jayashree saves Hansa from getting struck by a rickshaw, but the driver dies. Meanwhile, Tiwariben faints on seeing the body.

  • S01E43 Handbag gets Hansa in trouble

    • July 1, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa and Jayashree are glad that Himanshu wants Chikki to act in his film. The family discusses the story and title. Meanwhile, Tulsidas yells at Praful for buying lottery tickets instead of flight tickets. The family rushes to the airport. Later, a lady drops a purse into Hansa’s handbag.

  • S01E44 Stranger snatches Hansa’s handbag

    • July 8, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Tulsidas and his family board the plane to Dubai. The family enjoys sightseeing in Dubai. A stranger snatches Hansa’s handbag, in which a lady had dropped a purse. Hansa refuses to leave the place until she gets her handbag back. Who stole her bag?

  • S01E45 Thief searches for diamonds

    • July 15, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    The thief searches the handbag for diamonds. Later, Praful meets the thief and seeks his help in finding the flower for his wife, and tells him about the missing purse. The thief comes to the hotel to pick up the handbag. Bhavesh identifies him while the thief shoots at him.

  • S01E46 Hansa goes missing

    • July 22, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Bhavesh pretends getting shot and faints. The thief informs Mantra that there is no necklace in the bag. Meanwhile, Himanshu directs a film in which Tulsidas acts as a beggar. Jayashree insists Melissa accompany her on the water slide. Hansa and Melissa go for the ride. However, Hansa goes missing.

  • S01E47 Mantra plots with the thief

    • July 29, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayashree panics as Hansa goes missing. Hansa returns and reveals that she never went on the water slide. Meanwhile, the thief tricks Jacky into going along with him. However, he escapes seeing Raju and Bhavesh. Later, Mantra asks the thief to kidnap Jacky in return for the jewellery.

  • S01E48 Family rescues Jacky

    • August 5, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jacky is kidnapped while acting in a play. Raju find the diamonds in Hansa’s bag and realises the reason for Jacky’s kidnapping. Anmol uses his power to locate Jacky’s whereabouts. Jayashree and the family hand over the diamonds and rescue Anmol. They chase the thief and catch him.

  • S01E49 Family returns to Mumbai

    • August 12, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    A lady distracts Hansa and puts a packet in her bag. The family returns to Mumbai. An inspector, claiming to have information of drug trafficking, checks Hansa’s bag. Jacky tells Chakki that he disposed of the packet. Meanwhile, the Parekh family celebrates raksha bandhan.

  • S01E50 Tulsidas feels unwanted

    • August 19, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Tulsidas and the kids play a game in which the participants must accept punishment written on chits. Meanwhile, Jacky and Chakki worry about Tulsidas going to an old age home. Tulsidas misunderstands the family wants to get rid of him. However, Jayashree calms his fears.

  • S01E51 Family enacts court scene

    • August 26, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    While Jacky accidently spills ink on Chakki’s painting, Chakki retorts by breaking his toy. The family tries to solve the issue by enacting a court scene. Jayashree and Praful play lawyers. Tulsidas, the judge, sentences Chakki to boarding school for six years. Jacky objects the judgment.

  • S01E52 Jayashree wins family contest

    • September 2, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayashree returns from a 12-day trip to Bangalore to find Melissa taking her place. She conducts a family poll for the title of best daughter-in-law. Hansa, Jayashree and Melissa contest. Melissa impresses with her speech. Tulsidas tallies the votes and declares Jayashree as the winner.

  • S01E53 Jacky injures his hand

    • September 9, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    While playing ball, Jacky injures his hand. Jayashree rushes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Himanshu suggests that the hospital better its interiors by hiring pretty girls to welcome the patients. Praful annoys the doctor. Later, Jayashree starts cooking in the hospital.

  • S01E54 Praful annoys bride’s family

    • September 16, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jacky and Chakki discuss writing a story for their school magazine. Chakki decides to document Praful and Hansa’s love story. Praful’s antics get unbearable and his prospective bride breaks the relationship. Later, Tulsidas consoles Praful. He tells the kids of the time when Praful and Hansa fell in love.

  • S01E55 Praful to marry Hansa

    • September 23, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa’s parents visit to fix the wedding of Hansa and Praful. Tulsidas orders Praful to shut his mouth. Hansa’s father is angry on learning that Praful’s engagement was broken twice. Tulsidas hits back by reminding him that Hansa’s engagement was broken thrice. Himanshu and Jayashree help the couple marry.

  • S01E56 Family enjoys dandiya

    • September 30, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    While Jayashree and Hansa sing a song on dandiya night, Praful frustrates the family by playing the piano. Meanwhile, Melissa is angry at Raju for flirting with a girl. She asks the girl to tie a rakhi. Later, Jacky and Chakki perform garba rituals while the family enjoys dandiya.

  • S01E57 Mehta survives health scare

    • October 7, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    After his wife throws him out of the house, Mr Mehta seeks the Parekhs’ help and collapses. He asks the Parekhs to call his family doctor. Mr Mehta’s wife visits the Parekh household and takes Mr Mehta back to her house.

  • S01E58 Mami hands over bungalow

    • October 14, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekhs celebrate Mami’s birthday. Her health worsens when she tries to blow the candle off. Jacky and Chakki discuss Mami’s last three wishes. The family tries to fulfil her wishes. Mami thanks the family for their kindness, and tells them to stay in her bungalow after her death.

  • S01E59 Tulsidas proud of his children

    • October 21, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jacky and Chakki plan to celebrate diwali. They see a small boy asking his mother for a shirt. They offer to buy the shirt as a diwali gift. Tulsidas is thrilled and feels proud of them. The family enjoys the festival. Meanwhile, Praful and Hansa irritate a jeweller.

  • S01E60 Praful’s capital goof up

    • October 28, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Praful offers to help Jacky and Hansa fill their dance class forms. He gets ready to go to Delhi. Tulsidas' train meets with an accident but he misses the train. Meanwhile, Jayashree plans to get Praful to pose as Tulsidas’s wife to claim insurance.

  • S01E61 Tulsidas angers Jayashree

    • November 4, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    The family plays a game of antakshari. During the fun and games, Jayashree misunderstands Tulsidas for backbiting against her. Annoyed, she leaves the house. Raju, Melissa and Bhavesh convince Jayashree to not leave the house. Jacky and Chakki are glad to see Jayashree stay at home.

  • S01E62 Children's Day celebration plan

    • November 11, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    The school teacher decides to celebrate Children’s Day through a drama performance. Hansa informs the school teacher’s plan to stage Cinderella’s story to Tulsidas and decides to help the teacher in arranging the funds for the play.

  • S01E63 Priyanka wins beauty contest

    • November 18, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Sweety challenges Chakki to a beauty contest. Tulsidas tells Jayashree and Hansa that he is the judge for the competition. Hansa and Jayashree also participate. During the competition, Praful brings a fan regulator instead of camera. Finally, Tulsidas announces Priyanka as the winner.

  • S01E64 Hansa and Praful go to Kolkata

    • November 25, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa informs Jayashree about a relative’s wedding in Kolkata. Hansa and Parful decide to go to Kolkata to attend the wedding but they miss the train. Meanwhile, a thief tries to steal the jewellery.

  • S01E65 Praful and Hansa clear the exams

    • December 2, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jacky and Chakki tell the family about their impressive exam results. Meanwhile, the family irritates the teachers by attending classes. The family members prepare Hansa and Praful for the exam. Praful and Hansa also pass the exam along with the other family members.

  • S01E66 Hansa irritates Mr. Mehta

    • December 9, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Chakki informs Jayashree that Praful has not visited the office for a month. Praful tells Tulsidas that Mr Mehta terminated him from the job. The family requests Mehta to re-hire Praful. However, Hansa is hired. Hansa irritates Mr Mehta by bringing Praful back to the office.

  • S01E67 Parminder to leave for Chandigarh

    • December 16, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Parminder invites the family to his nephew’s birthday party. However, as per the invitation card, the party is staged at Parekh household. Parminder evokes the wrath of Tulsidas. Meanwhile, Praful and Hansa try to make Himanshu realise his love for Parminder, who prepares to leave for Chandigarh.

  • S01E68 Himanshu's wedding gets fixed

    • December 23, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree disguises as a priest to fix Himanshu and Parminder's marriage. However, when Hansa searches for Jayshree, she gives away the costume to Himanshu. However, he runs away when Hansa, Praful and Tulsidas arrive to talk to the priest, unaware that Himanshu is the priest.

  • S01E69 Parminder accepts Himanshu

    • December 30, 2003
    • STAR Plus

    Jayashree impersonates a priest to fix Himanshu and Parminder’s marriage. While Hansa, Praful and Tulsidas talk to the priest, an angry Himanshu leaves. Meanwhile, Parminder visits the house to accept Himanshu’s marriage proposal.

  • S01E70 Jayshree wins the challenge

    • January 6, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Seeing Falguni's mother leave, Tulsidas challenges Jayshree to stop gossiping for one day. In return, Raju promises to gift her a television. While the family fails, Raju brings a girl to break Jayshree's habit.

  • S01E71 Praful's lunacy

    • January 13, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Tulsidas challenges Parminder to a kite-flying competition. Praful removes bulbs and lights to prepare threads, which irks Tulsidas. Further, Praful is told to buy 'gum' and instead gets a person, who has 'gham' (sorrow) in life. Later, Jayshree succeeds in cutting Parminder and Tulsidas' kites.

  • S01E72 Praful is kidnapped

    • January 20, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Praful's bag gets exchanged with another person. Later, he puts a cross mark on the cheque when asked for a 'cancelled cheque'. Later, the bag-owner kidnaps Praful. The family gets tensed seeing Praful missing. Later, the kidnappers place Praful's duplicate to retrieve the bag.

  • S01E73 Praful's duplicate is fed up

    • January 27, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa and Chakki suspect the duplicate, seeing his different behaviour. On one hand, the original Praful irritates the kidnappers; the duplicate falls ill after eating Hansa's food and reveals the truth.

  • S01E74 Jacky misbehaves with the family

    • February 3, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Jacky informs the family that he has been awarded the Student of the Year title, in his school. Later, he becomes arrogant and misbehaves with the elders. The family decides to teach him a lesson. Will Jacky realise his mistake?

  • S01E75 Himanshu proposes to Parminder

    • February 10, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree plans for Himanshu and Parminder's meeting on Valentine’s Day. Tulsidas yells at Himanshu for printing menu cards instead of wedding invites. In the midst of Parminder and Tulsidas's tiff, Himanshu proposes to Parminder.

  • S01E76 Hansa becomes a heroine

    • February 17, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Praful's director-friend casts Hansa as the lead in his film and she consequently joins the gym to lose weight. When the entire family hits the gym, Tulsidas gets a cramp. Praful gets a homeopathy doctor and later, irritates the clients at the gym while Hansa keeps gorging.

  • S01E77 Jacky's surprise birthday plan

    • February 24, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree informs Parminder that there are only 28 days in February and she needn't worry about paying taxes on February 30. Jacky sees Tulsidas, Jayshree and Bhavesh plan his birthday. He asks Hansa and Praful to track them. But aware of Jacky's plan, Jayshree catches them.

  • S01E78 No colours for Holi

    • March 2, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekhs celebrate Holi in Parminder's farmhouse. Praful foolishly orders colours from America and Tulsidas is irked with him. The family then plays Antakshari instead. Meanwhile, a policeman tries to get a bribe from Jacky, Chakki and Himanshu on seeing a dead body; but ends up paying them himself.

  • S01E79 The family exchanges positions

    • March 9, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Praful washes Tulsidas's spectacles instead of the car glass. The family exchanges positions in the house to determine whether men are better than women. The women are unable to lure customers in the business and Parminder distracts Himanshu, leaving the food burnt.

  • S01E80 Bhavesh's endeavour

    • March 16, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Bhavesh is thrown out of the house for constantly being hungry. He tells Tulsidas he will earn one lakh rupees in a month. He then advertises prize money of the same amout for the best 'Ghar Jamai'. However, he loses the contest with his speech.

  • S01E81 Sports day

    • March 23, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Tulsidas and his family are all set for a basketball match for sports day. Jayshree and Tulsidas are the captains. While Jayshree distracts Hansa, Raju is tempted by food. The game ends with Jayshree's team as winners.

  • S01E82 Himanshu's 'hijab'

    • March 30, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    During the race, Himanshu falls down due to his 'hijab'. Parminder and Tulsidas argue on the rituals to be conducted to remove the 'hijab'. Meanwhile, Hansa is concerned about her sari colour matching the food. In the end, Madhuri removes the 'hijab'.

  • S01E83 Praful gets a 'train singer'

    • April 6, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Jacky and Chakki are unable to study with the chaos in the house. Later, Praful brings home a singer, who sings in the train, instead of a trained singer. But when Kanchan abuses Praful, Hansa and Jayshree, Jayshree plans to teach her a lesson.

  • S01E84 A new maid adds chaos

    • April 13, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    In Melissa's absence, the Parekhs gets a new maid, who adds to the chaos and misunderstanding in the house; but acts innocent in front of Tulsidas. However, the family successfully gets Tulsidas to see the truth and throws her out.

  • S01E85 Tulsidas and Sandhya

    • April 20, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    On the eve of Hansa and Praful's wedding anniversary, Tulsidas misses his wife. Later, Sandhya comes to Parekh’s house. Jayshree sees a nightmare, in which Tulsidas marries Sandhya. However, when Tulsidas reveals the truth, Jayshree apologises to Sandhya.

  • S01E86 Robbers attack the bank

    • April 27, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Himanshu rejoices as the sale is over and decides to shop for double the rate. Tulsidas enters the bank to withdraw cash. As Jayshree and Hansa irritate the bankers and Praful gets another passbook, some robbers attack the bank.

  • S01E87 Parekhs nab the robbers

    • May 4, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa grabs the pistol from a robber and shows off her skills. As the family tries to escape, one of the robbers faint. Praful acts, as the robber tries to escape. Later, one robber fires at Hansa and the family fights him off. Will the police arrive on time?

  • S01E88 Pre-wedding celebration

    • May 11, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    The family is celebrating Himanshu's pre-wedding rituals. Praful gets a 'goat' instead of a ‘coat', which irks Tulsidas. Jignesh gets everyone involved in the dance and music. Jayshree and Hansa are stunned when Himanshu informs them that Praful is leaving the house.

  • S01E89 Chaos at Himanshu's wedding

    • May 18, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Himanshu is brought to his wedding at the wrong time. Jignesh forgets to video-shoot and is made to re-shoot the wedding. Meanwhile, Jayshree blackmails the neighbours to cook food and Himanshu books honeymoon tickets for the entire family!

  • S01E90 Himanshu's suicide attempt

    • May 25, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Himanshu brings the family on his honeymoon but forgets his wife and falls sick. Seeing Praful's reaction on his scan report, Himanshu thinks he is going to die and decides to leave Parminder.

  • S01E91 Himanshu's gift to his wife

    • June 1, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Parminder presents a necklace to Himanshu, but is upset when he doesn't gift her anything. Later, Himanshu gifts her an aftershave lotion. During the forest trip, Himanshu, Chakki, Jacky and Bhavesh go missing and Tulsidas is worried.

  • S01E92 Parminder attempts suicide

    • June 8, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa and Praful tease Tulsidas for worrying. Later, Tulsidas consoles Jayshree and Hansa as they are tensed about the kids. Meanwhile, Raju gives photographs of the missing members to the police. Parminder attempts suicide thinking she has lost Himanshu. Just then, Himanshu, Jacky, Chakki and Bhavesh arrive.

  • S01E93 Tribal attack

    • June 15, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Praful gets a doctor for Parminder's skin allergy. Despite Jacky and Chakki's warnings, Parminder is taken to the temple for a holy bath. There, the tribals kidnap the family and Praful teases the tribal king. Irked by the family's nonsense, the tribals release them.

  • S01E94 Tribal king's proposal

    • June 22, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    The family is planning Himanshu and Parminder's first night. However, the tribal king wants Tulsidas to marry his sister. Hansa and Praful innocently accept his proposal. Will the Parekhs escape?

  • S01E95 The valuable shirt

    • June 29, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree exchanges Tulsidas's new shirt for utensils. Later, she overhears Tulsidas telling Jacky and Chakki about the valuables in the shirt pocket. Later, Jayshree finds the shirt and is shocked to see Raju's photo in the pocket.

  • S01E96 Rahul's punishment

    • July 6, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    As a punishment for hitting Jacky in school, Rahul is ordered to stay with the Parekhs for a week. Rahul gets irritated with Praful and Hansa, and wishes to go back to the hostel. Tulsidas consoles him and convinces him to stay back.

  • S01E97 The Parekh house is divided

    • July 13, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa, Praful and Bhavesh make fun of Tulsidas while playing cricket. Meanwhile, Hansa advises Tulsidas to divide the house. Later, Himanshu, Jayshree, Jacky and Chakki get the family back together.

  • S01E98 Auction in the house

    • July 20, 2004
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree wants to sell the old, damaged car and get a new one. Meanwhile, Hansa and Praful win a new car after answering a quiz. Later, Praful and Hansa arrange an auction of old household items and Tulsidas buys his old car. Praful buys a remote car!

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Parekhs Become Super Rich

    • July 1, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Babuji and his family are ecstatic as they become wealthy after a stroke of good fortune. Jayshree calls Shehnaaz Wadia to teach her the etiquettes of rich people.

  • S02E02 The Parekh's New Servants

    • July 2, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    The family asks Babuji to appoint a well-educated servant. Later, they appoint Pranay and his assistants. Will everything go smoothly?

  • S02E03 Will the Parekhs Separate?

    • July 3, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekhs decide to separate and sell the house. But, Mamiji's spirit tries to stop them from doing so.

  • S02E04 Invitation for a Lavish Party

    • July 4, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Aditya's mother invites Hansa's kids for a lavish party. Hansa's family plans to dress Jackky and Chakki like rich kids for the party.

  • S02E05 Thief in the Parekh House

    • July 5, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    The situation worsens when the Parekhs tell Hansa and Jayshree about their stolen belongings. Who is the culprit?

  • S02E06 Praful, Hansa in Jail

    • July 6, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Praful gets arrested for stealing cattle. In a bid to save Praful, Hansa opens the cell and three thieves escape. The police officer puts Hansa in jail too!

  • S02E07 Jayshree Plans a Party

    • July 7, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree plans to conduct a housewarming party and asks Kamna to write an article about it in the newspaper. However, Babuji forbids her from conducting the party!

  • S02E08 Raju, Melissa in Disguise

    • July 8, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree seeks Babuji's help to enrol Chakki and Jackky in one of the top schools. Later, she convinces Raju and Melissa to attend the interview at the school instead of Praful and Hansa.

  • S02E09 Parekhs Take Up an Acting Course

    • July 9, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree and family take up an acting course in order to pass their time. Babuji takes advantage of their acting skills. How?

  • S02E10 The Parekhs to Set a Record!

    • July 10, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekhs decide to make a world record by playing antakshari for hours together. Will they succeed?

  • S02E11 Wedding Plans for Heera

    • July 11, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Wedding Plans for Heera Jayshree and family plan to celebrate an occasion and decide to get Heera married. Will they be able to find a perfect groom for her?

  • S02E12 Chakki, Jackky are Abducted!

    • July 12, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Chakki, Jackky are Abducted! Bhavesh is in dire need of money. He pretends to abduct Chakki, Jackky and demands ransom from the Parekhs. Will he get caught?

  • S02E13 Jayshree Vs Melissa

    • July 13, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree and Melissa's team compete against each other after Babuji divides the family into two teams, asking them to earn money to prove their worth.

  • S02E14 Jayshree has Cancer!

    • July 14, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree and family want to give a surprise birthday party to Babuji. As part of their plan, they mislead him into believing that Jayshree is suffering from cancer!

  • S02E15 Babuji Vs Mansukhlal

    • July 15, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Mansukhlal demands protection money and threatens to kill Praful and Jayshree. Later, Raju and Praful fix a boxing match between Mansukhlal and Babuji.

  • S02E16 Babuji Defeats Mansukhlal

    • July 16, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree trains Babuji for the boxing match. After losing the first round, Babuji defeats Mansukhlal because of the latter's weakness for food.

  • S02E17 The Parekhs' Role Reversal

    • July 17, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Himanshu and Parminder plan for a baby. In order to get a baby girl, Sadhvi Sandhya Devi suggests everyone to switch roles.

  • S02E18 Praful Plans for a Concert

    • July 18, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Babuji is frustrated with Praful after Mehta complains about his stupidity. Praful plans a film stars' concert after Jayshree tricks him to do social work.

  • S02E19 The Parekh's Version of Ramayan

    • July 19, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree suggests Bhavesh to escape after troubling the film stars and lead them to the venue. The Parekh family enacts a hilarious version of Ramayan to keep the audience busy.

  • S02E20 Jayshree and her Elephant

    • July 20, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree and her Elephant Jayshree's happiness is shortlived as she only gets a mischievous elephant from her uncle's property.

  • S02E21 Genie in the Parekh House!

    • July 21, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    After granting two wishes to Bhavesh Kumar, the Genie creates a ruckus in the Parekh house. Jayshree tries put him back into the lamp with Babuji's help, but the Genie outsmarts them!

  • S02E22 Genie Go Back!

    • July 22, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    The Genie troubles everyone, but Jayshree has a perfect plan to put him back into the lamp. Will it work?

  • S02E23 The Parekhs Run a Hospital!

    • July 23, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Dr. Kashyap, the owner of a hospital, makes the biggest mistake of his life, allowing the Parekhs to run his hospital for seven days. Will the Parekhs be able to buy the hospital and place Babuji's statue there?

  • S02E24 Babuji ka Andhvishwas

    • July 24, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Babuji narrates how a fake Baba looted him in the name of faith. Savitri has learnt her lesson, but Babuji is all set to repeat the same mistake!

  • S02E25 The Parekhs Meet the Sarabhais

    • July 25, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekhs visit the Sarabhais to meet Maya Sarabhai, Hansa's sister. Are the Sarabhais in trouble?

  • S02E26 Rakesh Bhikhari is Here!

    • July 26, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Rakesh bhikhari borrows hundred rupees from Babuji and gives him a lottery ticket of 5 crores. What happens when Babuji misplaces it?

  • S02E27 Jayshree Meets Hansa's Lookalike

    • July 27, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa goes missing after she loses her way in a forest in Madhya Pradesh. Later, Jayshree meets Hansa's lookalike, Durga and tries to convince her to act like Hansa.

  • S02E28 Hansa Meets Fake Hansa

    • July 28, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa returns home and meets her lookalike, Durga. Things become complicated when Durga continues her act and refuses to leave the house!

  • S02E29 Damayanti Returns!

    • July 29, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    When Babuji misses his wife, Damayanti on her death anniversary, the Parekhs brings her back to life with Umang Baba's help. Are they in trouble?

  • S02E30 Bhavesh Challenges Raju

    • July 30, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Bhavesh challenges Raju that he can instigate Hansa and Jayshree against each other for one lakh rupees.

  • S02E31 Hetal to Get Married

    • July 31, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    On learning that Hetal wishes to get married to a guy named Manish, the Parekhs set out to find the groom.

  • S02E32 Hero Mil Gaya!

    • August 1, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekhs select Manish for the lead role of their serial, Cousin Sister. Hetal also prepares herself for the heroine's role. Will Hetal make it big?

  • S02E33 Parekhs Plan a Holiday

    • August 2, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree plans to go on a world tour with the family. Praful manages to get a big vehicle to take them to the airport, but at the last minute, Jackky asks them to cancel the trip.

  • S02E34 Praful's Detective Agency

    • August 3, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Praful, along with his family, starts a detective agency to make a name for himself. What happens when Jayshree poisons a woman to create a case?

  • S02E35 Praful, Hansa ki Suhaag Raat

    • August 4, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa and Praful get nostalgic about their wedding night. Hansa is disappointed as they do not have a wedding video and suggests that they get married again.

  • S02E36 Praful, Hansa's Marriage

    • August 5, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    After the sangeet function, Praful and Hansa prepare to tie the knot. Babuji lands in big trouble as Jayshree plans to make the wedding video entertaining.

  • S02E37 Jayshree, Hansa on the Ramp

    • August 6, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    To challenge Melissa, Jayshree decides to organise her own sari fashion show with Hansa. When models refuse to participate, she gathers housewives from her locality to walk the ramp!

  • S02E38 Pak Gayi Khichadi

    • August 7, 2005
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekh family and the makers of the show bid an emotional goodbye and promise to return soon with more madness in their next season.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Welcome to Parekh Apartments!

    • April 14, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Babuji is scared out of his wits when people come up on his doorstep with death threats. Amidst the hilarious chaos, Hansa gets kidnapped.

  • S03E02 The Parekhs Rob a Bank

    • April 15, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    As per Jayshree's plan, the Parekhs disguise themselves to rob a bank. Himanshu surprises the Parekhs by displaying his unique painting skills!

  • S03E03 Ravan Visits the Parekhs

    • April 21, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree gains media attention by saying that Ravan will attend Himanshu's painting exhibition. Later, Ravan visits the Parekhs. Can he put up with them?

  • S03E04 Hansa Is Hypnotised!

    • April 22, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa finds out that her family is planning a surprise birthday party. The Parekhs land in trouble when their decision to hypnotise Hansa leads to an unexpected outcome.

  • S03E05 Parekh's New Venture

    • April 28, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree, Himanshu and Hansa set out to earn commission by organising Agarwal's daughter, Shilpi's wedding. But, they are offered a higher amount for helping Shilpi to elope.

  • S03E06 Babuji as Michelle Obama?

    • April 29, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Parekhs attend a fancy dress party. Babuji dresses up like Michelle Obama, Jayshree as a dacoit and Hansa as a queen. Babuji gets into trouble at the party.

  • S03E07 Hansa Drives a Car

    • May 5, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Hansa gets into trouble after she dashes a boy while driving her car. Jayashree tries to help her escape. Himanshu, Praful and others try to prove Hansa to be innocent.

  • S03E08 Babuji to Get Remarried?

    • May 6, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    After Hansa and Jayshree's friends tease them for not facing mother-in-law issues, the duo pesters Babuji to get married again. They make arrangements to get him engaged to Tulsi.

  • S03E09 Jayshree Chali London?

    • May 12, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Jasuda compels Jayshree to accompany her to London after Babuji does something unexpected. Hansa and the others want to send her to London. But, can they convince Jayshree for the same?

  • S03E10 What an Idea, Babuji?

    • May 13, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    When Praful, Hansa and Himanshu are in danger because of their 'smartness', Babuji comes up with an idea to turn them intelligent for real. Will a quiz contest help?

  • S03E11 Parekhs Go Ghost Hunting

    • May 19, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    In an attempt to become famous, the Parekhs decide to find evidence to support the existence of ghosts and visit a cemetery. Will they find one?

  • S03E12 Praful Meets Lord Indra

    • May 20, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Yamraj visits the Parekhs and accidentally sends Praful to heaven. Indra has a tough time answering Praful's questions. A South Indian actor's soul takes control of Himanshu's body!

  • S03E13 Babuji Is Frustrated

    • May 26, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Frustrated with Praful, Himanshu and Hansa's stupidity, Babuji throws them out of the house and asks them to earn money before entering the house again. They fulfill Babuji's wish in a unique way.

  • S03E14 The Parekhs to Visit Italy

    • June 2, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    The Parekhs plan a vacation to Italy on the occasion of Jayshree's fortieth birthday. They are thrown off the plane and land in a desert after they board the "crash" airlines. Will they be saved?

  • S03E15 Is Babuji Dead?

    • June 3, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Jayshree, Praful, Hansa and Himanshu try to escape from the police after throwing Babuji in the sea, but they get caught. The police inspector decides to shoot them, believing that Babuji is dead. Who will come to their rescue?

  • S03E16 Babuji for Sale!

    • June 9, 2018
    • STAR Plus

  • S03E17 Kitchen Queen Hansa!

    • June 10, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    When Babuji complains about Hansa's cooking, Jayshree challenges to prove him wrong. She makes Hansa participate in a cooking competition. Now who will save the judges?

  • S03E18 A Case Against Praful!

    • June 16, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Praful is dragged to the court after two people file a case against him, accusing him of causing mental stress. Jayshree represents Praful as his lawyer in the court.

  • S03E19 Chakki, Jackky Ki Kudkud

    • June 17, 2018
    • STAR Plus

    Chakki and Jackky get fed up with the Parekhs and seek a divorce from their parents. Babuji regrets his existence after witnessing Praful and Himanshu's event management skills.