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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Most Special Agent

    • September 29, 1968
    • ITV

    Professor Ian "Mac" McClaine completes his work on the revolutionary BIG RAT, to the interest of his friend (and WIN agent) Sam Loover. Introducing the McClaines to WIN, commander-in-chief Shane Weston contrives a mission in which Joe 90 steals a new Russian fighter-bomber to prevent an arms race between the East and West.

  • S01E02 Hi-jacked

    • October 20, 1968
    • ITV

    Joe attempts to thwart a lethal arms runner.

  • S01E03 Splashdown

    • November 24, 1968
    • ITV

    Joe must stop the organisation responsible for the kidnapping of two electronics experts before time runs out for him and his father.

  • S01E04 Operation McClaine

    • December 15, 1968
    • ITV

    When a specialist neurosurgeon is injured in a plane crash, it is up to Joe to save the life of an ailing novelist.

  • S01E05 Three's a Crowd

    • January 19, 1969
    • ITV

    Joe intervenes when it seems that there is more to Mac's new girlfriend than meets the eye.

  • S01E06 International Concerto

    • November 17, 1968
    • ITV

    A top WIN agent finds his cover broken. Joe must take on his persona as a famous pianist if the agent is to escape his captors.

  • S01E07 Big Fish

    • December 1, 1968
    • ITV

    A submarine has unwittingly malfunctioned in enemy waters and Joe must remove it to prevent political carnage.

  • S01E08 The Unorthodox Shepherd

    • December 22, 1968
    • ITV

    Joe, Mac and Sam investigate unusual disturbances surrounding a church crypt in the days leading up to Christmas.

  • S01E09 Relative Danger

    • December 8, 1968
    • ITV

    Joe is brained up with the skills of an expert explorer to save three miners endangered by their own explosives test.

  • S01E10 Business Holiday

    • December 29, 1968
    • ITV

    Strange happenings during the McClaines' holiday are connected to the need to destroy a rogue government's new military base.

  • S01E11 King for a Day

    • November 10, 1968
    • ITV

    Joe poses as the heir to a Middle Eastern throne as WIN tries to rescue the real prince from kidnappers allied with a jealous regent.

  • S01E12 Double Agent

    • January 12, 1969
    • ITV

    Joe is unintentionally given the brain pattern of a double agent for a mission to protect top-secret WIN cipher codes.

  • S01E13 Most Special Astronaut

    • October 6, 1968
    • ITV

    Joe ventures into space to save two astronauts stranded on a space station with a dwindling air supply.

  • S01E14 Arctic Adventure

    • January 5, 1969
    • ITV

    A nuclear bomb must be discreetly removed from the Arctic wastes of the Eastern Sector to avert a world war.

  • S01E15 The Fortress

    • November 3, 1968
    • ITV

    Joe is assigned to rescue a fellow WIN agent from an impregnable stronghold before his captors force him to divulge classified information.

  • S01E16 Colonel McClaine

    • October 27, 1968
    • ITV

    Equipped with the knowledge and experience of an army driver and explosives expert, Joe is assigned to transport a dangerous chemical across Africa.

  • S01E17 Project 90

    • October 13, 1968
    • ITV

    Criminal masterminds uncover the McClaines' involvement with WIN and kidnap Mac for further information.

  • S01E18 The Race

    • February 2, 1969
    • ITV

    Joe is given his father's brain pattern and they share a dream, revolving around a madcap rally race from London to Monte Carlo.

  • S01E19 The Professional

    • January 26, 1969
    • ITV

    Using the brain pattern of a convicted safe-cracker, Joe infiltrates a castle to retrieve a dictator's undeserved gold bullion.

  • S01E20 Lone-Handed 90

    • March 9, 1969
    • ITV

    While the BIG RAT is out of action, Joe dreams of life as a sheriff in the Wild West.

  • S01E21 Attack of the Tiger

    • March 16, 1969
    • ITV

    Joe pilots a new fighter-bomber to destroy a nuclear weapons base before a device is placed in orbit to hold the world to ransom.

  • S01E22 Talkdown

    • February 9, 1969
    • ITV

    Joe takes the place of an injured test pilot to demonstrate a new hypersonic fighter aircraft, only to find himself in mortal danger.

  • S01E23 Breakout

    • February 16, 1969
    • ITV

    A pair of convicts break out of a Canadian jail and threaten to kill the country's prime minister unless they are given a generous ransom.

  • S01E24 Mission X-41

    • March 30, 1969
    • ITV

    Assuming the skills of a leading virologist, Joe tries to steal the antibody for a deadly virus before it can be used to attack the West.

  • S01E25 Test Flight

    • April 6, 1969
    • ITV

    Joe tries to find out whether the crash of a prototype spaceplane was an accident or sabotage.

  • S01E26 Child of the Sun God

    • February 23, 1969
    • ITV

    World leaders are left paralysed after being attacked with poison darts known to have been used only by a lost South American tribe.

  • S01E27 Trial at Sea

    • April 13, 1969
    • ITV

    With the brain pattern of a terrorist, Joe has little time to prevent the destruction of a new transatlantic hoverliner.

  • S01E28 Viva Cordova

    • March 23, 1969
    • ITV

    Joe must act as a bodyguard to a new, democratically-elected president to prevent his assassination at the hands of the country's former dictator.

  • S01E29 See You Down There

    • March 2, 1969
    • ITV

    An exploitative businessman is compelled to change his ways after he is bewildered by Joe 90's multitude of brain patterns.

  • S01E30 The Birthday

    • April 20, 1969
    • ITV

    Joe reaches his tenth birthday, and celebrates with his friends as they reminisce over his many adventures.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x18 Warning Sequence Footage

    • ITV

    DVD Disc 1 Special Feature The following sequence was produced to act in much the same way as the well-known "Captain Scarlet is indestructible - you are not..." warning sequence added to many prints of 'Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons' for television transmissions in the late 1960s and early 1970s. However, the 'warning' sequence for 'Joe 90' had a twofold function, briefly reminding viewers of the primary series concept (that ordinary bot Joe McClaine becomes a top agent for W.I.N. only through the use of his special glasses which provide him with the brain patterns of professional experts) as well as subtly warning young viewers not to endanger their lives by attempting to emulate him in his daring exploits. Voiced by actor Keith Alexander, the sequence originally appeared after main title sequence on many episodes transmitted in the UK between 1968 and 1977, although after that it was dropped from transmission in the 1980s and 1990s, and from all subsequent home video releases of the episodes. The sequence is preceded by Keith Alexander's rehearsal takes of the dialogue.

  • SPECIAL 0x19 I Love the 90's Trailers

    • ITV

    DVD Disc 5 Special Feature