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Season 1

  • S01E01 Hawaiian Justice (aka. Pilot)

    • September 1, 2004
    • NBC

    A freakish series of decapitations has police officers and detectives brushing the island to bring the killer to justice.

  • S01E02 Underground

    • September 6, 2004
    • NBC

    After a cache of C-4 explosives is found, Gains goes under cover as a demolitions expert infiltrating a gang planning a bank heist.

  • S01E03 Cops 'n' Robbers

    • September 8, 2004
    • NBC

    Harrison and Declan track down a serial killer who targets streetwalkers; Declan offends a Hawaiian goddess when he sends his mother some holy lava rocks; Gains and Edwards search for violent carjackers who prey on tourists.

  • S01E04 Psych Out

    • September 15, 2004
    • NBC

    When a judge is murdered in a public park, Harrison and Declan have 72 hours to build their case or see the lead suspect leave for Samoa; Gains and Edwards must improvise a search for big-time drug dealers

  • S01E05 Lost and Found

    • September 22, 2004
    • NBC

    A teenager is kidnapped by a sex-slave ring. Declan recruits Internet specialists to help track down a pedophile who might be able to help them catch the ringleaders.

  • S01E06 No Man Is an Island

    • September 29, 2004
    • NBC

    Gains and Edwards see a track a drug dealer's source to a mysterious local island. And its residents claim it is an independent nation growing its own cash crop -marijuana.

  • S01E07 Out of Time

    • October 6, 2004
    • NBC

    A Hawaiian family feud ends up in murder. So the dectectives are on it. And when they research on it, they go back 200 years of family history.

  • S01E08 Almost Paradise

    • NBC

    A new bride from the midwest disappears from her honeymoon suite. Dectectives suspect that it was her husband, the case goes into a media frenzy. Hawaii's police to protect the image of the tourist economy.