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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Big Bang

    • January 26, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    Debut: The madcap adventures of Gloria Mundy and police detective Tucker Pendleton that began In the 1978 movie reemerge on TV with Deborah Raffin and Barry Bostwick as the romantic but disaster-prone pair. This exploit begins with the San Francisco hijacking of 30 pounds of Plutonium by a bizarre band of brigands who then kidnap a 13-year-old genius who can build a nuclear bomb from scratch. Gloria's diminutive landlords—scholarly Ben and hedonist Beau—are played by millionaire twins Greg and John Rice. Lombardi: Richard Romanus. (60 min.)

  • S01E02 Sins of the Father (aka Phoenix Under Glass)

    • February 2, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    In the episode, "Phoenix Under Glass." television talk show hostess and reporter Gloria Mundy (Raffin) and Tucker Pendleton (Bostwick), concert violinist turned police officer, are attending a Phoenix Society anniversary event when a 75-year-old time capsule, buried after the great San Francisco earthquake, is unearthed by Barbary Bob Norton, an elderly man who is among; those who buried it in a resolve to rebuild the city from its ashes. Gloria and Tucker become caught up to a murder investigation involving a corpse buried in a time capsule.

  • S01E03 Double Play

    • February 16, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    Gloria is framed for a crime-of-passion murder, then Tucker is set up as the killer of the prosecutor's leading witness, sending the couple out on the lam in a wild attempt to avoid the police and the real murderers.

  • S01E04 Play It Again Tuck

    • February 23, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    A conductor, Tucker's friend, falls for Gloria.

  • S01E05 Postage Due

    • August 17, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    Gloria and Tucker try to solve a case involving Gloria's landlord's identical twins and a rare stamp.

  • S01E06 Hit and Run

    • August 24, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    Tucker and Gloria match wits with a dangerous gang of car thieves after a mysterious red-haired man hands over a videotape to Gloria that incriminates his former associates, thus putting Gloria on their hit list.

  • S01E07 Fowl Play

    • August 31, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    Gloria (Deborah Raffin) unwittingly acquires a video-tape cassette identifying a racketeer sought by Tucker (Barry Bostwick).

  • S01E08 He Flies Through the Air

    • September 7, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    Tucker poses as a circus clown to find a killer.

  • S01E09 The Terrible Tara O'Hara

    • September 14, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    Gloria Mundy and Tucker Pendleton are marked for death while investigating murders in a mysterious treasure hunt.

  • S01E10 Exit the Dragon

    • September 21, 1981
    • ABC (US)

    Michael Gow, a top member of the Sam Choy Tong group is killed, and Gloria is witness to the murder. Soon a whole gang of Bruce Lee types comes down, flying kicks and all on a bewildered Gloria.