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Season 1

  • S01E01 Climbing the Mountain (1)

    • July 11, 2004
    • E!

    Meet hard-driving young Dr. Rey, who puts in long days and dreams of being the number-one surgeon in town. In this episode, he consults with a man willing to endure a risky surgery to remove the bags under his eyes and attempts to repair the body of a woman who had four breast surgeries performed by a dentist! See the results and more in this hourlong premiere.

  • S01E02 Climbing the Mountain (2)

    • July 11, 2004
    • E!

  • S01E03 The Fountain of Youth

    • July 18, 2004
    • E!

    As Dr. Rey dreams of making it big in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kotler is living the dream. One of the most successful cosmetic surgeons in the city, Kotler has an office in the heart of the Golden Triangle, the most coveted spot on the plastic-surgery map. Watch him drive a few golf balls, discuss procedures and demonstrate what makes him such a hot doc.

  • S01E04 Is Bigger Better?

    • July 25, 2004
    • E!

    In this brand-new installment, Dr. Rey meets two very different women who want the very same thing: new breast implants! The first woman, an attractive young mother, tries to convince the doctor to give her a tiny boost to her bust while the second woman, who has lost more than a hundred pounds through diet and exercise, wants to get in shape with a new set of double-Ds. Then we follow him home and inadvertently learn the answer of the musical question: Who let the dog out? You won't believe what happens next.

  • S01E05 Family

    • August 8, 2004
    • E!

    Dr. Rey's wife Hayley gets the results of her ultrasound while her nervous husband ponders the future career of this little wonder. But what of his own? Will he take his wife's advice and get a partner, or is he going to keep going it alone? His answer may surprise you--as will the departure of one of the doctors from Dr. Ellenbogen's practice. And you won't want to miss the complete body makeover of one young woman, including the process of getting a brand-new nose. And yes, someone's getting showered in paint.

  • S01E06 What Does a Baby Do to a Woman's Body?

    • August 15, 2004
    • E!

    This time we meet Gina, who hasn't felt comfortable in her own skin--literally!--since giving birth a few years ago. Though nervous, she's ready to get a tummy tuck so she can try to wear a bikini again. But will she be able to go through with the surgery? And don't miss Dr. Rey kicking butt at his workout--and then butting heads with his wife when he returns late. And, yes, the dog gets out again.

  • S01E07 Hollywood Models & Staying Beautiful

    • August 22, 2004
    • E!

    Dr. Rey finds himself running behind, as he attempts to satisfy two women on the same day. Kymme, a former model, wants to update her look with new breasts, a new nose and a chin implant. But if she gets what she wishes for, will she be happy with the outcome? Then get ready for a little--or rather, a lot--of lip, as another woman works to achieve her dream of having a cute new kisser.

  • S01E08 One Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

    • August 29, 2004
    • E!

    Lauren is a promising young golfer who is teed off about the size of her nose, and although she's only 15 years old, she's ready to get it fixed. Dr. Kanodia is ready to set her straight, but, as he prepares for the surgery, we get a glimpse into the life of this successful doctor. From his lavish parties to his art collection, the good doctor knows how to live the good life. But how does the surgery go? Tune in and find out!

  • S01E09 Self Expression

    • September 5, 2004
    • E!

    Baby got back? No, not so much. That's why a patient comes to Dr. Rey in search of a larger, fuller rear end. Watch as she experiences the pain in the butt that the operation brings. We also follow the good doctor as he prepares for the birth of his son, goes shopping and hits a ritzy party. And you won't believe the story of one woman who must have her hymen repaired to show that she is a virgin--or face the wrath of her family. It's quite a story, and you won't believe the results!

  • S01E10 South Central Versus Beverly Hills

    • September 12, 2004
    • E!

    Dr. Rey meets a woman with an unusual situation: She has four breasts. Not only that, but this resident of South Central Los Angeles is hardly one of the rich Beverly Hills-type patients that one would imagine visiting a plastic surgeon. In this episode, Dr. Rey shows how he gives back to the community and remembers his own humble beginnings. We'll see the neighborhood he came from, as the doctor shares his own home video from a trip to Brazil. Then check out what's going on at a chic hotel as some ladies gather to whoop it up!

  • S01E11 Hollywood Pressure

    • September 19, 2004
    • E!

    In Tinseltown, it's all about face time. And in this episode, we get a close-up of former adult-film star Tabitha Stevens as she gets a Botox treatment. Plus, we meet a few Hollywood beauties and learn their secrets for looking young. And what else do we have to suck up your attention? Well, we give you an insider's view of liposculpting. Sure, it makes one young lady look and feel lighter, but her friends wonder if it's the pressure of living in California that makes a beautiful woman feel she must conform to a different standard of beauty.

  • S01E12 Tough Decisions

    • September 26, 2004
    • E!

    Hollywood is full of rejection. So, Dr. Rey has to make some hard judgments about would-be patients--from a litigious wannabe actress with some physical and mental scars to an overweight actor who might be better off hitting the gym before going under the knife. On the bright side, Malibu resident Shifa is looking for a little breast enhancement to enhance her self-image. Will the doc answer the call? Don't forget he's got a family New Orleans trip to prepare for and that tae kwon do test to pass. Watch and see if he can pull it all off.

  • S01E13 New Beginnings, New Horizons

    • October 3, 2004
    • E!

    Dr. Rey hits the road on a trip to the Big Easy, where he meets with a doctor specializing in a new kind of surgery. Not only is he entranced by the procedure, but Dr. Rey may have just met his doctor doppelgänger! But this trip isn't all about the work--hit some New Orleans hot spots as the noted surgeon finally gets to spend some downtime with his wife and daughter. The other docs check in with some thoughts on the meaning of life and work. And then, after a season-long pregnant pause, you'll finally get to meet the newest member of the Rey clan.

Season 2

  • S02E01 New Beginnings

    • February 28, 2005
    • E!

    In the one-hour season premiere, we check in again with Dr. Rey and learn that business is booming--he's got more patients, more staff and more potential changes coming in the future. We also meet the two new docs, Jason Diamond and Linda Li. Dr. Diamond is a hunky bachelor who's at a crossroads with his longtime girlfriend, who's also a physician. And Dr. Li and her anesthesiologist husband have a successful practice and a strong desire to start a family. Plus, we meet two patients who both want the same thing: a fresh start.

  • S02E02 Risk

    • March 7, 2005
    • E!

    The doctors know that risk is a huge part of what they do--in surgery, in business, in relationships--and this episode has plenty of it. Dr. Rey takes on a patient who is a wife, mother and former Los Angeles Police Department officer and who is looking to have her breast implants replaced and stomach tightened up. And Dr. Li--who will undergo a medical procedure herself this episode--faces the challenge of operating on a diabetic, knowing that her blood sugar levels could drop dramatically during the procedure. Want more? Head to the beach with Dr. Diamond and do some martial arts--and househunting--with Dr. Rey.

  • S02E03 Reconstruction

    • March 14, 2005
    • E!

    This episode is all about breasts--how much society focuses on them and how important they can be to a woman's feeling about herself. The show introduces two women as they approach reconstruction following cancer. Dr. Li's two patients--one a lively model, actress and two-time cancer survivor and the other a new bride who is going through reconstruction after having a tumor removed--are both inspiring stories of facing down cancer and getting on with life. As well, Dr. Li must undergo a second cervical exam of her own to determine whether her abnormal cells will prevent her from getting pregnant. This is an episode you won't want to miss.

  • S02E04 Mothers and Daughters

    • March 21, 2005
    • E!

    Welcome to the special ""family edition"" of the series. In this episode, a professional dancer--with the support of her best friend (who happens to be her mom) gets what she's always wanted: a smaller nose. The next mother-daughter team is also quite close, so much so the two are coming to see Dr. Rey to get breast implants for both of them at the same time. And over on the home front, Hayley's mom helps out with planning a birthday party.

  • S02E05 Psychiatrists with Knives

    • March 28, 2005
    • E!

    In this episode, we examine the many reasons people have for getting plastic surgery, whether to enhance their career or their self-esteem. Dr. Li treats a woman who is looking to makes some physical changes in response to some difficult personal changes she's recently gone through, including the end of her marriage. Dr. Diamond performs a facelift on a psychiatrist who wants to look younger, and then he schedules a visit with a couples' therapist to help evaluate his relationshiop with longtime girlfriend Dr. Jessica Combs. Think that's all? Think again. Find out what Hayley Rey tells her husband about his unrelenting desire to get a black belt.

  • S02E06 Only the Lonely

    • April 4, 2005
    • E!

    This is an episode unlike any other. In it we meet three very different patients who have something in common: loneliness. Dr. Li treats a wife and mother whose husband is off in Iraq and who hopes to surprise him with her new, improved look--but she must go through the procedure alone. Dr. Alter, whom we also get to know this episode, treats a Nigerian patient who has traveled to America alone seeking help for a complex medical situation. Dr. Diamond helps a recent divorcée get ready to look for love again. And where's Dr. Rey, you ask? You'll find that out and a whole lot more in this terrific episode.

  • S02E07 Age Ain't Nothin' but a Number

    • April 18, 2005
    • E!

    Aging gracefully doesn't mean you have to age that much--not with all this surgical talent at your disposal. Watch as some patients look to turn back the clock with a little help from the docs. Dr. Kotler returns to perform a facelift on the husband of one of his former patients. Dr. Diamond performs a facelift on a yoga instructor, who is looking to maintain both her inner and outer beauty. Plus, we work out with Dr. Li, watch Hayley help Dr. Rey with his upcoming tae kwon do tournament and hit the links with Dr. Diamond.

  • S02E08 Board-Certified Drastic Surgeons

    • April 25, 2005
    • E!

    This is an episode unlike any other, dealing with procedures that are a little less common than a nose job. First, we meet a 19-year-old West Virginia woman who travels to New York to get a labiaplasty from Dr. Alter in order to reduce the pain and irritation caused by the size of her labia. Then we meet a transsexual patient of Dr. Alter's who is in the last stages of transitioning from female to male. Finally, porn star Tabitha Stevens--who appeared on the show in the first season--invites us along as she gets her anus bleached. Yes, you read that right. Think we can't top her bottom? Then watch as Dr. Rey delivers some surgical strikes in a tae kwon do smackdown.

  • S02E09 It's a Business

    • May 2, 2005
    • E!

    Sure, some think plastic surgery is about vanity, but plenty of people recognize the business opportunities afforded by looking young and vibrant. In this episode, Dr. Rey treats a hairstylist who feels her huge success should be reflected in a slightly larger cup size. Then, a hip interior designer goes to Dr. Diamond for some facial redecorating: a cheek- and face-lift and chin implant. And finally, we meet a woman looking to replace her breast implants. However, she also may have a burning issue that Dr. Rey has to discuss with her. Plus, Dr. Li needs some more space--in her office, people--and Dr. Kanodia heads to London for some business, pleasure and Botox!

  • S02E10 Young Frankensteins

    • May 16, 2005
    • E!

    Think only the older generation gets plastic surgery? Guess again. In this exciting episode, Dr. Rey performs a pro bono breast reduction on a 17-year-old girl from South Central Los Angeles at the behest of her mother. Dr. Diamond performs surgery on a 19-year-old college student to repair her massively deviated septum. Meanwhile, Dr. Alter works to feminize the facial features of a male-to-female transsexual patient. And then we have fun as little Sydney Rey begins martial-arts training, and Dr. Diamond and his girlfriend take a romantic train trip.

  • S02E11 Big Changes

    • May 23, 2005
    • E!

    This episode has some major surprises. Dr. Li performs a difficult surgery on a budding fashionista. Dr. Rey meets with an aspiring model who has lost so much weight after a gastric bypass that she needs a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and more. And then, when we aren't in the operating room, we get to spend some quality time with the docs. We learn that Dr. Li has some exciting news, Dr. Diamond mulls over a big decision, and Dr. Rey spends some time with Hayley and the kids. But how much time?

  • S02E12 It Don't Mean a Thing if It Ain't Got That Bling

    • May 30, 2005
    • E!

    You won't believe this episode. Meet a real-life million-dollar babe, a stuntwoman who wants Dr. Kotler to repair the damage done to her nose. Then Dr. Li goes to work on a Beverly Hills socialite who's lost so much weight from a gastric bypass that she needs a little tummy tightening. And finally, Dr. Diamond does a little redecorating on the face of an interior designer looking to freshen things up. Who needs a vacation? The docs, that's who. And they head off in different directions--Northern California, the Swiss Alps, China--looking for a little rest and relaxation. But one doctor and his family face a challenge that shocks them--and will shock you.

  • S02E13 New Beginnings and New Horizons

    • June 6, 2005
    • E!

    So much happened this season--and in this episode. A law-enforcement officer and mother of three decides she wants to get some work done in anticipation of making the rank of detective. And Dr. Li performs an amazing set of procedures on a woman who gained and lost a huge amount of weight. And then things get personal. We see the ultrasound of Dr. Li's baby, find out the (good!) news regarding Hayley Rey's biopsy and find out where Dr. Diamond and his longtime love plan to take their relationship. But is this the end of the story for all these doctors? Don't bet on it.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Busy as a Li

    • November 28, 2005
    • E!

    In this episode, we meet a new doctor, new patients and experience some operating-room drama. Dr. Rey returns with a new 'do, some old family issues and a patient who hasn't exactly been telling him everything he'd like to know. Dr. Li is still working hard- even though she's seven months pregnant and worrying her husband. And we meet Dr. Paul Nassif and watch the emotional journey as he helps a woman achieve her dream. Oh, did we mention the trip to Vegas, the porn star and the implants?

  • S03E02 Baby Talk and Tummy Tucks

    • December 5, 2005
    • E!

    Meet two women looking to adjust their appearances after losing more than 100 pounds each. One dropped the weight through diet and exercise, the other through gastric bypass surgery. Babies are on the mind as Dr. Li and her husband discuss their child's future- and the costs associated with raising a little doctor. And Dr. Rey fights, first with a patient, then with his wife and feelings aren't the only things that get hurt.

  • S03E03 Boobs, Dogs and Snakes: Man's Best Friends

    • December 12, 2005
    • E!

    Three beautiful sisters decide to get breast augmentation from Dr. Rey at the same time. The results will have you seeing double. Or triple. Also, we meet the Omidi brothers, Michael and Julian, and watch as a fire-breathing snake enthusiast comes looking for liposuction. Find out what happens when Dr. Rey goes looking for a big dog.

  • S03E04 Buying the Fountain of Youth

    • December 19, 2005
    • E!

    Two new Doctors, Dr. Aiello and Dr. Manus join the show. Dr. Aiello treats two sisters who are looking to change their looks in order to boost their confidence, while Dr. Manus goes to work on adult-film star Tabitha Stevens, as she seeks to tweak her cheeks. There's a lot happening in this episode, including Tabitha getting shark hooks put into her back (no, this is not a surgical procedure) for a scene from an upcoming movie. And then to change things up, we see a fun luau at the pier.

  • S03E05 If It Ain't Fixed, Don't Break It

    • January 2, 2006
    • E!

    Love, marriage and labial tearing. This episode runs the gamut, as Dr. Alter, Dr. Diamond and Dr. Nassif hit the golf course to whack some balls and talk about love and life. Back in the office, Dr. Alter operates on a woman who has torn her labia and who talks throughout her surgery. Then we meet a transsexual who comes to Dr. Alter for breast implants. And we spend time with Dr. Nassif at a medical convention, track the progress of Dr. Diamond's upcoming nuptials. We meet the father of a very famous pop star, and then sit in for a very special game of poker.

  • S03E06 Labor of Love

    • January 9, 2006
    • E!

    Three women, three moms, three amazing stories. First, a mom with a heart condition comes to Dr. Li for new breasts, a new nose and a new outlook on life. Then we meet a mother who hopes liposuction from Dr. Alter will tighten up her tummy after having twins. Then, finally, as the time gets closer for Dr. Li's delivery, we watch as she and Dr. Fulcher prepare for life with their new baby.

  • S03E07 Model Madness

    • January 23, 2006
    • E!

    A sexy lingerie model and her friend, who go to Dr. Rey seeking breast augmentation. An actress wants Dr. Diamond to perform some cosmetic work. Not only do we get a peek at the lives and careers of these patients, but we also get to spy on the Reys as they go house hunting for an even bigger spread. After all that stress, we blow off some steam on the golf course with Dr. Diamond.

  • S03E08 From the Halls of Beverly Hills to the Shores of Mexico

    • January 30, 2006
    • E!

    Dr. Rey journeys to Mexico to perform reconstructive surgery on the neediest of cases and encounters the difficulties of getting things done. Then Dr. Matlock, who gives us an amazing tour of his home, meets with a sexy Brazilian dancer who wants to be even sexier by adding a bit to her backside. Finally, we catch up with Hayley Rey as she prepares for the big house move as well as the return of her traveling husband.

  • S03E09 Minor Alterations, Major Changes

    • February 6, 2006
    • E!

    Dr. Nassif meets with a recently divorced mom looking to fix her nose, which she damaged in a childhood bicycle accident. Then Dr. Alter consults with a man who has a rare condition affecting his penis, but the patient must first overcome his fear of needles. Finally, we attend a different kind of procedure, the circumcision of Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher's son, David and join in the celebration. Speaking of parties, Dr. Nassif and his wife are hosting a benefit for Face to Face, an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse, but will the good doctor be able to attend his own event?

  • S03E10 Singers, Surfers, Soul Mates and Sadness

    • February 13, 2006
    • E!

    We meet a 15-year-old aspiring singer who's ready for Dr. Nassif to give her a sleeker nose. Then, an active mom comes to Dr. Diamond with the hope that he can give her face a lift and remove some skin cancer. We also get to spend some quality time with Dr. Diamond as he prepares for his wedding by playing some golf. And we see Dr. Rey and his wife, Hayley, face some of the big challenges that come up as they share their lives with each other. Then things get an Itty Bitty bit upsetting as Dr. Nassif gets a couple of new pets.

  • S03E11 Action!

    • February 20, 2006
    • E!

    We meet a working mom who wants to bolster her bikini confidence with Dr. Li's help. The Drs. Omidi meet with a woman who wants a new outlook on life and also lets us know that she's a virgin. Then things heat up as Dr. Rey takes his daughter to martial arts practice, Hayley and a pal attempt to do some Pilates and finally we jete on over to ballet class to watch what makes at least one member of the Rey family happy. Plus, we hit the town with the Omidis and their lovely lady friends.

  • S03E12 Tattoos and Twins

    • February 27, 2006
    • E!

    Dr. Rey meets a tattooed body-piercing expert with a detached earlobe who comes to him looking for a little closure. Next, we meet identical twins who would like to Dr. Li to give them a new look, in tandem. Then we head home to see Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher with baby Max, and we spend some quality time with the Reys and their new dog.

  • S03E13 New Beginnings and New Horizons

    • March 6, 2006
    • E!

    We meet a topless dancer who comes to Dr. Aiello for a breast reduction as she prepares for a career change. Then, we meet a young war veteran who consults with Dr. Alter about getting surgery. And in a moving story, Hayley oversees the Reys' move into their new home while Dr. Rey prepares for a martial arts and marital challenge.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

  • S06E01 Slice of Life

    • September 8, 2008
    • E!

  • S06E02 Mother Truckers

    • September 15, 2008
    • E!

    Dr. Rey's mother-in-law returns, Dr. Kirby helps a woman become "kissable."

  • S06E03 Dancing With the Scars

    • September 22, 2008
    • E!

    The Diamonds prepare for the birth of their first child, the Reys learn they are expecting another baby

  • S06E04 Lovely Lady Bumps

    • September 29, 2008
    • E!

    The Diamonds' baby is born; a model undergoes cosmetic surgery; Dr. Rey tries to help a friend get into show business.

  • S06E05 Behind the Mask

    • October 13, 2008
    • E!

    Actress Tabitha Stevens seeks to reverse cosmetic work she's had through the years; Dr. Li adjusts to life as a stepmom; the Reys travel to Tampa.

  • S06E06 Trans-Parent

    • October 20, 2008
    • E!

    Dr. Rey tries to repair his relationship with his mother-in-law; two sisters want matching breasts; a transgender patient gets help.

  • S06E07 Blonde's Eye View

    • October 27, 2008
    • E!

  • S06E08 Buttocks Are a Girl's Best Friend

    • November 3, 2008
    • E!

Season 7

  • S07E01 Snip-a-dee-doo-dah

    • September 28, 2020
    • E!

    Dr. Killeen performs the biggest breast reduction of her career on a patient with size M breasts, a transgender model wants Dr. Lee to make her nose look more feminine, and former Pussycat Doll Jessi Peralta seeks Dr. Cat’s help to repair her torn labia.

  • S07E02 Facing Your Fears

    • October 5, 2020
    • E!

    Dr. Q is shocked to see a baseball-sized cyst on her patient’s face, a 31-year-old yoga instructor recently discovers she has the BRCA gene and goes to Dr. Killeen for a straight to implant double mastectomy, and a female make-up wants Dr. Lee to fix her gummy smile.

  • S07E03 The Lift That Keeps On Giving

    • October 12, 2020
    • E!

    Dr. Lee helps a 60-year-old woman look as young as she feels with a facelift, Dr. Cat gives a WAG her booty back, and Dr. Q restores her husband’s hair.

  • S07E04 Summer Body

    • October 19, 2020
    • E!

    Dr. Q takes on a risky two-part surgery on a man who underwent a massive weight loss, a woman with pectus excavatum comes to Dr. Kelly to mask her deformity and a patient consults with Dr. Cat about getting dimples added to her face.

  • S07E05 A Model Patient

    • October 26, 2020
    • E!

    Dr. Lee pieces back together her patient’s stretched out and torn earlobes, Dr. Cat helps a plus size model who wants her excess skin removed, and a southern belle hopes Dr. Q can help her stop sweating excessively due to her hyperhidrosis.

  • S07E06 Third Breasts the Charm

    • November 2, 2020
    • E!

    Dr. Kelly helps a mom of seven—including a set of quintuplets—who is in desperate need of a mommy makeover, Dr. Q meets a woman who has been living with a third breast since she was 14 years old, and a Madonna lookalike needs a non-surgical pick me up so she doesn’t have to start impersonating the Golden Girls.

  • S07E07 Tummy Tucks, Fat Freezing and Cysts, OH MY!

    • November 9, 2020
    • E!

    A woman with six cysts on the back of her head seeks Dr. Lee’s help to erase her past, Dr. Cat does the biggest tummy tuck of her career, and an Instagram influencer has Dr. Kelly freeze her fat.

  • S07E08 Hip, Nip Hooray

    • November 16, 2020
    • E!

    A woman seeks Dr. Kelly’s help to fix her hip dips so she can finally wear pants, Dr. Q gives a former cheerleader a mommy makeover so she can fit into her cheer leading outfit again, and Dr. Cat bonds with her patient over having more than two nipples.

Additional Specials